Crisis Management Workshop Presenation


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Crisis Management Workshop Presenation

  1. 1. Crisis Management SimulationGeorgia DimakiIrene Zissimatou WorkshopKalliopi Koutla Advertising and Public RelationsNatalia LabLymperopoulouNikoleta Panagiotou Dept. of Communication, Media and Culture Panteion Univercity (@cmc_panteion)
  2. 2. Crisis Management Team ChiefIrene Zissimatou – Minister of Finance CoordinatorLymperopoulou Natalia– Deputy Minister of Finance SecretaryKoutla Kalliopi Legal AssistantDimaki Georgia SpokespersonPangiotou Nikoleta – Spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance
  3. 3. Contact Information
  4. 4. Action Plan Press Release We informed the media about the first action of the Ministry of Finance.Tuesday, 5th of 1. An investigation was conducted June 2. The Ministry of Health and the General Chemical State Laboratory were informed in order to participate in the investigation of the matter at1:00 p.m hand.
  5. 5. Action Plan 1st Letter to Food Catering Specifications were asked about the company’s employees and facilities.Wednesday We provided the company with all the information about our actions (contact with G.C.S.L, Ministry of6th of June Health, establishment of a committee of experts.) 2:33 p.m.
  6. 6. Action Plan 2nd Letter to Food Catering We asked the company to provide us with a list of the employees at Food Catering and Columbia as well asWednesday the letters of recommendation required for their6th of June employment . 9:25 p.m.
  7. 7. Action Plan Press Release The press release presented: • The basic data exchanged between the Ministry ofWednesday Finance and f.d6th of June • The procedure that led to the hiring of Food Catering • Our constant communication with the medical staff 4:00 p.m. • Our request towards Food Catering for the immediate publication of the results of their investigation
  8. 8. Action Plan 1st Explanatory Letter to journalist, Mr. Tsigkrimanis Further information on the matter for the media’s convenience.Thursday 1. Apposition of the deciding factors which led to the 7th of hiring of Food Catering. June 2. Constant communication between the Ministry of Finance and Food Catering.4:32 p.m. 3. Imposition of sanctions, according to the law, if responsibilities are ascertained for the illness of Mr. Paul Binder. 4. Communication of the Ministry of Finance with the patient Mr. Paul Binder and the International Monetary Fund
  9. 9. Action Plan Letter of Response to Food Catering • Information about the Ministry of Finance’s contact Thursday with the responsible institutions in order to access7th of June the hotel’s cameras data. • Basic omissions of Food Catering, which delayed our6:06 p.m. investigation process, were pointed out. • Repeated request for the publication of the results of the company’s investigation.
  10. 10. Action Plan 2nd Explanatory Letter to journalist, Mr. Tsigkrimanis • We informed the media that the expected officialThursday, medical announcement would soon be released.7th of June • We referred the media to Food Catering for the list of their employees.10:22 p.m.
  11. 11. Action Plan Medical Announcement from Attikon Hospital • Patients’ information (name, age, time admitted in Friday, the hospital, etc.).8th of June • Medical findings of patients’ health by supervising physician ( Escherichia Coli bacteria). 3:25 p.m. • Significant improvement of Paul Binder’s health • Second patient, Johan Cloum, has a positive response to the medical treatment.
  12. 12. Action Plan Press Release Friday, The press release presented:8th of June 1. Our immediate response to the matter by conducting constant examinations. 4:41 p.m. 2. The recognition of the cause of the symptoms (Escherichia Coli bacteria). 3. The announcement of the arrival of the patients’ families with all expenses covered by the Ministry of Finance.
  13. 13. Action Plan Statements of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Finance Friday, • Communication via telephone with journalist from8th of June SKAI, Mr. J. Skoulos. • Reply about rumors that the food poisoning was a 7:52 p.m. result of a terrorist act • Answers on matters of security for the delegation of the International Monetary Fund to Greece
  14. 14. Action Plan Letter of Response to Food Catering • Confirmation of the facts announced on that day’s press Friday, release.8th of June • We underlined the necessity that both parties should heed their statements so as false facts will not be propagated by the media.11:46 p.m.
  15. 15. Stages of CrisisSpecial Crisis CrisisSituation • Tuesday, • Tuesday, • Friday, in 9.30 – 11.59 12.00 p.m. progress p.m.
  16. 16. Instructor, Mania Xenou, CEO Reliant CommunicationsWorshop Co-ordinator, Konstantinos Ioannidis,Phd (@kon_ioannidis)Head of Advertising and PR Lab, Assistant Professor, Betty Tsakarestou(@tsakarestou)
  17. 17. Thank you foryour time!