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Ellen’s Life

Ellen’s Life



Celebration 12-12-09

Celebration 12-12-09



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  • Her Mother Laura and her father Edgar on their wedding day. Both had been married previously. Three siblings preceded Ellen and Helen’s birth. Walter and Evelyn Guyon were Laura’s children by her former husband. Then there was Harry an older brother, she and Helen, and last born Vernon
  • Actual photo of 1346 E Lindsay St, Stockton where Ellen lived as a teenager. Prior to that she lived at 518 S. Sierra Nevada
  • 1346 E. Lindsay St, Stockton.
  • They met at the Santa Cruz BeachBoardwalk. Dave and his buddy Charlie worked at one of the rides. Ellen’s parents would spend a week each summer in Santa Cruz. Story is Charlie liked Ellen, but Ellen liked Dave. Dave and Ellen began dating. We assume Dave drove to Stockton.
  • Graduated from Stockton High in 1938
  • Blue and White year book
  • Not sure what date this was taken. Possibly a graduation picture
  • Married to David Downing June 29, 1939. They eloped to Reno. Probably didn’t make her folks happy!
  • cement plant photo. Ellen must have had a thing for machinist type guys or as fate would have it she married another one 22 years later!
  • Ellen and Dave lived a ways out on Mission street when Irene was born. According to Helen it wasn’t a very nice place. Ellen and Dave and Helen and her husband Charlie moved into a bigger house on Laurel St.
  • The old Santa Cruz hospital which is now the Branciforte Plaza that houses an Italian restaurant and medical offices. My name is on a plack there.
  • Santa Cruz as it was in 1943
  • Taken in Walt and Gay’s greenhouse Mid forties
  • In 1946Laura would have been 60 years of age and Helen 26.
  • This cabin was north of Pinecrest a few miles. I remember Grandma and Grandpa Wyman teasing me that a ‘bare’ was behind me as I would climb the stairs to bed.
  • Golly we must have been having so much fun. Lucky kids we were.
  • Hellgrammites insured you would catch the best trout.
  • Unsure if Irene or Pam
  • Pinecrest Lake continued to be a family favorite. Miller’s cabin was a just few miles north of Pinecrest so day trips to the lake were common.
  • Ellen’s father Edgar reportedly spent lots of time in Chinatown doing a bit of gambling. Grandma Laura was always busy cleaning and cooking. He was a hard worker and Mom told me how much she loved spending time with him in the basement. She said he told me I was his favorite, but he probably told all of us that.
  • This is the house where I remember visiting my grandparents. It certainly wasn’t peach! I got this photo from Google earth reportedly taken 2002.There was a big kitchen and a small little room off the kitchen, the pantry I guess and a refrigerator that used ice. There was a piano in the parlor. There was a huge basement.
  • Upper left:Walt and Gay. Upper Right: Laura, Helen, Irene, Pam Evelyn, Edgar, Charlie and Wayne. Lower left: John, Charlotte ? ? Lower right Laura Charlotte and Gay.Niece Charlotte’s Wedding May 21, 1950
  • Ellen guessing mid forties
  • Waitress at a high end diner in Tracy. Worked hard and made good tips.We lived on Roosevelt Ave, which was close to the restraurant. She and Dave bought their first new car, a 49 Ford while we lived on Roosevelt and also our first TV., black and white of course.
  • Wayne and I look to be about 12 & 13 which would be about 1953
  • Pocahontas order
  • Her brother and sister-in-law’s 25th anniversary. I believe this is our living room of the Deborah house. Note flat beamed ceiling. Gay and Walt’s 25th Anniversary. October 1954
  • Worked at DVI in a clerical position(Approx 1953 – 56)
  • Not sure why they sold Tracy home and moved. I do know the marriage was on the rocks. They separated and Ellen moved to Felton in the summer of 57.
  • I was a senior
  • I believe Al and Mom had a great time here at Costello’s dancing the night away with a few cocktails.
  • Friends home in Ben Lomond, John and ??? She’s on the couch
  • Baby Dan was the first to come along in 1960. add later photo
  • Marriage license. Mom had told everyone they married in 59, but I know better. ;-)
  • Bruno’s 5 children Mike, Bruno, Jean, Vince, Julie
  • Dianne born in 1966.
  • Marcia was Ellen’s friend from at least the time I was born. I remember such good times with Marcia and her whole family. Mom and I would go to Marcia’s house in Santa Cruz. Marcia came from big family and all her sister’s and one brother were like siblings to Ellen.
  • Lived at 5 College Drive in the early 60’s.
  • Ellen would open the bar in the early a.m. and serve coffee and breakfast to patrons of the neighborhood.Al would come in later and they would work the lunch together, then Ellen would do the banking, go home and come back late at night to help Al close up. They worked hard.
  • Italy. They made a few trips to Italy. I remember Ellen tried to learn Italian before they visited Al’s family, although I don’t she was real successful.
  • Delaware house?
  • Al, Robert, Dianne’s first husband, Roxanne, Dan, Ellen and Irene
  • Ellen Dianne and Coop
  • Ellen in living room of Delaware Home
  • Worked there 8 years from 1974 to 1982. Was clerical support in the Adult protective unit and later the Adoptions unit
  • Retired August 26th 1982 at the age of 62
  • DeeDee and Bruno throw Ellen a surprise BD party
  • Who’s the guy?
  • Looks like mom is enjoying more than they are.
  • Roxanne is Dan’s Wife.
  • November 15, 1996, just prior to his 96th Birthday. Find his announcement
  • Need photo of mobile
  • Showing mom video
  • Oh, the short and the tall.
  • Takes twin sister Helen on a cruise
  • Scopazzi’s in Boulder Creek with the family. This was one of Ellen and Al’s favorite haunts
  • Enjoys bingo and weekly visits by Rachael playing the piano with tunes of yesteryear.
  • Ellen had a comfortable living environment and good caregivers.She enjoyed Rachael with her weekly piano playing of all the old tunes.
  • Find photo of Violet
  • Connor was a favorite visitor too
  • Add memorial card

Ellen’s Life Ellen’s Life Presentation Transcript

  • Ellen’s Life
    August 20, 1920 – November 16, 2009
  • Born August 20, 1920 along with twin sister Helen
    Born to Laura and Edgar Wyman in Stockton, California August 20, 1920 along with twin sister Helen.
  • Twin Helen and Ellen approx 18 months old with mother Laura
    Early 1942
  • Helen, Vernon, Ellen
    Guessing 1930. Look like they could be in their Easter garb
  • Helen and Ellen 1938?
  • 1346 E Lindsay St, Stockton in the 30’s
  • 1346 E. Lindsay street house 2002
  • Lindsay street house as of 2002
  • Ellen Met David Downing Irene’s Father in 1937 or 38
    They met at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Dave and his buddy Charlie worked at one of the rides. Ellen’s parents would spend a week each summer in Santa Cruz. Story is Charlie liked Ellen, but Ellen liked Dave. Dave and Ellen began dating. We assume Dave drove to Stockton.
    David on the Santa Cruz Wharf
  • Attended Stockton High 1934-1938
  • High School yearbook
  • Graduation picture ?
  • Married to Dave June 29, 1939Eloped to Reno
  • Cement Plant Davenport
    David worked here as a machinist after High School until he joined the navy. If memory serves me right Al was a machinist in his early days. Guess she had a thing for them.
  • Ellen and Dave lived in Santa Cruz
  • Irene wasborn 8-3-40 at Santa Cruz Hospital
    Had Her only child, Irene August 3rd of 1940.
  • Irene , 6 months old with David on the steps of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. This would have been the Spring of 1941.
    Dave and irene
  • Ellen and Irene in yard at Water Street house in Santa Cruz where twin Helen and husband Charlie lived.
    Ellen and Irene on Bike
  • Family
    Early Forties
  • 1943
    Santa Cruz
  • This photo was taken in Walt and Gay’s greenhouse. Walt was her older brother. Ellen is pictured here with her mother Laura, older sister Evelyn, Walt and his wife Gaither, but we all called her Gay and their daughter Charlotte and the family cocker spaniel, Cuddles. Walt and Gay grew beautiful begonias and fuchsias. I was always in awe when I was in their back yard. Also I remember huge camellia bushes in the front of the house.
    Moved to Tracy
  • She would go to San Diego to see him when he was in boot camp or on a leave.
    Ellen and David
  • Miller’s Cabin at Cow Creek
    Twin sister Helen and her mother Laura in 1946
  • Helen & older sister Evelyn
    Helen and Evelyn on porch of Miller’s cabin at Cow Creek.
  • Helen, Irene and Wayne 1946 Cow Creek. Golly we must have been having so much fun. Lucky kids we were.
    Helen, Irene and Wayne
  • Charlie and Edgar catching Hellgrammites. Irene looking on.
    Cow Creek
  • Charlie, Helen, Laura, Evelyn, Wayne and Irene. Could be sitting on a rock at Pinecrest lake
    Mid Forties to Mid fifties
  • Pinecrest lakE
  • Edgar and Laura
    I remember Edgar had a shop in the basement. He worked with sheet metal and made ‘roof safes’. I was totally fascinated by his work.
  • Lindsay Street home In Stockton
  • Niece Charlotte’s Wedding 1950
  • Ellen
  • Waitress late 40’s early 50’s
    Worked as a waitress in Tracy
  • This would be in the early 50’s
    Wayne, Walt, Irene, Ellen, Gay, Laura, Dave, Helen
    • Sierra camping
    • Yellowstone road trip
    • Lassen National Park
    • Yosemite
    • Trips to Santa Cruz
    Ellen and Dave’s Summer Vacations
  • Ellen and younger brother Vernon on vacation…Although they look a bit dressed up to be in the woods.
    Ellen and brother Vernon
  • The Daughters of Pocahontas was authorized by the Improved Order of the Red Men in 1885 in Elmira, New York. Among the principal objectives of the DOP were to embody love and respect for the American flag; preserve the American way of life; keep alive American Indian traditions; and provide organized charity for the needy. (Schmidt, Alvin. Fraternal Organizations. p. 261)
    Ellen joins Pocahontas
  • Gay and Walt’s 25th Anniversary
    October 1954
  • Ellen worked at Deuel Vocational Institution a few miles northeast of Tracy. They housed adult and juvenile offenders and if the count was short she would have to stay at work until resolved.
    Going to work was precarious sometimes because of the dense tulle fog.
    Worked at DVI
  • Lockheed
    Moved to Santa Clara
  • Moved to Felton 1957
  • Met Al in 1957
    I believe Al and Mom had a great time here at Costello’s dancing the night away with a few cocktails.
  • Al and Ellen
    Good times at their Ben Lomond friend’s home
  • Grandson Dan born March 1960
    Fun with grandchildren
  • Married Al October 15, 1960
    Married October 15, 1960 in Carson City, Nevada
  • Young Bicocca grandchildren
    Bicocca Family 1985
  • More grandchildren
  • Granddaughter Dianne arrives September 1966
    Another grandchild..Dianne
  • Dianne and Ellen
  • Friend Marcia bilgri
    Bimbo 365 Club in San Francisco
  • Ellen and al move to San Francisco in the early 60’s
  • Hawaii vacation. Ellen looks happier than Al about it.
  • Owned and Worked at Molloy’s
  • Has Passport….Ready to go to Italy
  • Travels to Italy
  • Italy, Dinner with family 1968
  • Family dinner…..Italy
  • Moved to Santa Cruz bought the home on Delaware
  • Downtown Santa Cruz
  • Bicocca gatherings at Delaware home. In the 80’s
  • Bicocca grandchildren
  • Delaware House Ellen stuffing the turkey
  • One of many family dinners at the Bicocca’s Delaware home
    Family dinner
  • Dianne, Al, Ellen & Irene…late 70’s
  • Ellen, Dianne and Coop
    Another dinner
  • Ellen in living room of Delaware home
    Delaware living room
  • Worked for Santa Cruz County
  • Retired 8-26-82
  • Dianne’s first wedding
    Birthday celebration for Ellen and Irene
    Gathering at Dianne and Larry’s
    Family fun
  • Ellen takes a dip in Vernon’s pool
  • Eleanor’s Retirement 1994?
  • 75th surprise birthday party 1995
  • Great granddaughters
  • Robin, ??? and Julie
  • Ah the gifts
    Time to open gifts
  • Great Granddaughters enjoy the gift opening…. Well maybe not.
    Great granddaughters enjoy the gift opening
  • Great Grandson Nick playing pool
    Great Grandson Nick playing pool
  • Vernon, Margaret, Dee Dee and Bruno
    More guests
  • Dianne, Roxanne, and Ellen
    More guests
  • Fun at DeeDee and Bruno’s
  • DeeDee and Ellen
  • Al Passes away November 15, 1996 just prior to his 96th birthday.
    Ellen had a wonderful 38 years with Al. They worked hard and played hard. She had many new ventures and loving relationships through Al. She stayed on in the Delaware house until 1999 when she sold it and moved to Sorrento Oaks.
  • Eleanor visit. Helen, Ellen, Eleanor and Vernon 1998
  • Sells house, buys mobile at Sorrento Oaks.
  • Nick and ashley graduations
  • Nick’s High School Graduation
  • Ellen, Jennie, Annette, Gino
  • Cora, Gino, Jennie
  • Takes her twin sister Helen on an Alaskan Cruise
    Alaska cruise
  • On board, sailing to Alaska 1998
  • Alaska here we come 1998
  • 80th BD celebration 2000
  • Irene, Jenna, Ellen, Roaxanne and Julianne
  • Bob gives a big BD hug
    Gena, Marian, Ellen and Bob
    Joy and Linda
    83rd Birthday 2003
    Gena and Marian
  • Ellen’s 84th Birthday 2004
    Dianne, Irene and Ellen
  • Granddaughter Julianne Graduates from Medford High 2007
  • The 4 B’s Bruno Jr, Bruno, Bruno and Ben
  • Julie, Dominic, Ashley, Ryan, Michelle, Rich
  • Matthew, Barbara, Vince and Vincent
  • Thanksgiving 2003
  • Moves to Paradise villa 2005
  • Ellen’s Room
    Living room at the Villa
    Rachael at the piano
    Outside Ellen’s room
  • Some of the 40 plus staff at Paradise Villa who became mom’s family.
  • Nancy still going strong. Was always concerned about Ellen’s well being.
    Violet age 99..Roommate prior to Nancy. She shared the same sense of humor as Ellen.
    Paradise villa roommates
  • A.J., Ryan, Katie and Kristin visit
    Family visits
  • Daughter Irene and Coop
  • Dee Dee made frequent visits and sometimes brought her grandson Connor. Ellen always enjoyed the little ones.
  • Ellen was always happy to see Annie Bones
  • Birthdays with Twin sister
    Birthdays with twin sister Helen in 07, 08 and 09
  • Alaina just 8 days old when she first meets her Great Great grandmother
    Five Generations
    Great, Great Granddaughter
  • Rest in Peace Nov 16, 2009