External Communications Portfolio of Irene Aristova


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The portfolio of projects performed for external audience in TELCO and EDU companies.

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External Communications Portfolio of Irene Aristova

  1. 1. Portfolio of Communications ProjectsIrene AristovaCommunications Manager
  2. 2. Core Competencies• Public Relations• Media Relations• Event Management• Corporate Affairs• Product PR• Internal Communications• CSR and Charity• Social Media and Digital PR• Marketing Communications• Customer Care• Speechwriting• Agency Relations• Telecommunications• Education
  3. 3. Selected Highlights in External Communications3• Supervised communications and events during London Olympics and Paralympics asa team member of MegaFon (LSE:MFON) and provided media coverage of more than160 publications and 27K visitors of MegaFon image zones in London.• Organised the work of the press-office from scratch for the largest VimpelCom(NYSE:VIP) branch in Central Russia, which increased brand awareness by 75% andhelped eliminate the myth that VimpelCom was an expensive operator in the public eye.• Served as a Senior PR Manager of Central Russia in VimpelCom and supervised theteam of 16 PR specialists, providing the media coverage of 1K publications in 2011and achieving leadership figures in pilot social network project of presenting the brandin social networks of Central Russia.• Supervised realisation and implementation of CSR, social and charity projects inRussia and CIS on behalf of MegaFon and VimpelCom companies, including socialpolicies, reports, blood donation and orphanage events, environmental campaignswith participation of media and bloggers.• Supervised all VimpelCom high profile activities and media relations in Central Russia,providing the growth of company’s key message penetration by 44.4% in 2011.• Collaborated with leading Russian and international PR and CSR agencies,specialising in event management, media relations, corporate affairs, including Ogilvy,AXIS, BBDO, GMR Marketing, CROS, Public Area, Citigate Dewe Rogerson, WeberShandwick.
  4. 4. 4Contents4Media relationsProjects in Social MediaCrisis CommunicationsProducts and Services LaunchesChanges CommunicationsCSR & CharitySpecial EventsAnnual ReportsWebsites Supports
  5. 5. Media RelationsGoals and Activities:• Building strong and effective relationships with journalists.• Providing proactive communications with mass-media.• Organisation and facilitation of press-events, including conferences,tours and visits, briefings etc.Projects and Achievements:• Successfully built the press-office structure from scratch, whichincreased brand awareness by 75%.• Reached the highest numbers in Media Satisfaction Index researchfor VimpelCom (NYSE:VIP).• Supervised the team of 16 specialists of Central Russia, providing themedia coverage of more than 1K publications in 2011.• Provided the growth of Vimpelcom’s (NYSE:VIP) key messagepenetration index by 44,4% in 2011.• Facilitated press events in Central Russia on different occasions:annual results, openings of call centres, data centres, signingagreements with governmental institutes, gadgets’ tests.• Supervised the creation of a niche tariff for mass media “PressClub” to provide loyalty and publicity.• Supervised the work of Press Club for journalists and bloggers.• Provided communications with mass media for the two largestTELCO companies in Russia both listed on stock exchanges.*Recognized and awarded as the “Most Effective PR Manager of the MegaFon(LSE:MFON) Team” in November 2012.
  6. 6. Projects In Social MediaGoals and Activities:• Building strong and effective relationships with bloggers.• Organisation and facilitation of special events with bloggers’participation.• Facilitation of accounts in social networks.• Customer care in social networks.Projects and Achievements:• Supervised communications activities around partnershipwith the “Bloggers Against Rubbish” project in CentralRussia, providing media coverage of 99 publications and 77blogposts.• Managed a complex social media project trial involvingRussian social networks and forums across 16 cities in theCentral region to present the company in new media.This experience included the launch of the first Youtubechannel for Central region (http://bit.ly/11Htlgh) and theFacebook community (http://on.fb.me/11HtuAk) with221,521 “likes” and 5,526 people “talking about this” aswell as the launch of customer care project in Twitter(http://bit.ly/15DciD0) with 17,453 followers.• Supervised the shooting process for more than 20 videosfor Youtube.
  7. 7. Crisis CommunicationsGoals and Activities:• To deliver communications during environmental disasters ortechnical accidents.• Communications with external media during consumer scandals andlawsuits.Projects and Achievements:• Facilitated internal and external communications during the SmokeDisaster in Central Russia in 2010: provided information, reports,organised charity program to help those, who lost their houses andmobile connection.• Facilitated internal and external communications during the FloodDisaster in Southern Russia in 2012: provided information, reports,organised charity program to help those, who lost their houses andmobile connection.• Provided communications during economic crisis in 2009 whenVimpelCom (NYSE:VIP) raised the prices for the mobile Internet andvoice.• Provided communications, organised events and answered mediarequests during technical problems and accidents for mobileoperators in Central Russia.
  8. 8. Products and Services LaunchesGoals and Activities:• Provide PR activities during products and serviceslaunch.• Provide products and services testing among thejournalists and bloggers.Projects and Achievements:• Organised press-events during the launches.• Organised press-tours for journalists, gadgets’ testingand contests.• Provided contests and try&buy activities forcustomers in social networks.• Organised BTL activities and fleshmobes to promoteproducts and services in Central Russia.• Organised participation in exhibitions to promote theservices of the companies.
  9. 9. Changes CommunicationsGoals and Activities:• To provide communications during re-branding to internal andexternal audience.• To provide communications during management changes andto reduce the possible negative feedback.• To provide communications, reduce the possible negativefeedback and to provide understanding during merges andacquisitions.Projects and Achievements:• Communications during merges and acquisitions inVimpelCom (NYSE:VIP) in 2009 to increase awareness ofthe business processes and the outcomes.• Communications during the MegaFon (LSE:MFON) IPOprocess in order employees how exactly that influences theirjobs in particular and how things in the company will change.• Internal communications and contests during the VimpelComre-branding and its feedback in 2009.
  10. 10. CSR & CharityGoals and Activities:• To deliver companies’ charity and social policies.• Managed educational projects.• To promote CSR policy and present sustainability reports.• Organisation of charity and social events for internal and external audience.Projects and Achievements:• Implemented the program which encouraged senior students to workwith new students to help them succeed and assimilate social and studylifestyles.• Managed the end-to-end project to release the GRI-compliant corporatesocial report: http://bit.ly/MegaCSR• Promoted the “Billion in Small Change” charity program through socialnetworks and among the employees, which helped to rise $160M within ayear to help sick children.• Supervised the issue of the first MegaFon (LSE:MFON) brochure withrecommendations for customers with disabilities.• Organised two blood donation events with participation of 1K ofCompany’s employees in Moscow.• Supervised the creation of educational video (http://bit.ly/SafeVimp) as apart of communication program for children and parents “Safe Internet”.• Facilitated social projects which were subsequently adopted by branches ofthe Central Russia division including the ‘Tree of Wishes’ charity programfor 1K orphans.• Facilitated CSR educational round tables – “Safe Internet”, “MobileLiteracy” and “Mobile Etiquette” with participation of more than 50journalists, VIPs and bloggers.
  11. 11. Special EventsGoals and Activities:• To organise special high-profile events for the companies.• To provide exceptional external communications and to think outside the box.Projects and Achievements:• Effectively managed on-site communications during the 2012 London Olympics andParalympics program. As a result, more than 160 publications were initiated in massmedia, over 100 blog posts and videos were published on Facebook, Twitter,LiveJournal and YouTube. Broadcasted the Opening and Closing ceremonies inTwitter. Contributed to the attraction of 26K visitors to image-building MegaFon zonesin Olympic London.• Organised the hospitality program for the Russian junior Paralympic boccia team,MegaFon employees and VIP guests including arrangement of accommodation, visasand catering, visits to competitions, provision of daily newsletters and administrationof the hospitality website.• Prepared a profile raising video for CNBC channel about the Company(http://bit.ly/MegaVid1) and the follow up video (http://bit.ly/MegaVid2) during theWorld Economic Forum 2013.• Facilitated and managed the implementation of a communication program acrossCentral Russia to celebrate the 10 years anniversary of VimpelCom operations,providing media coverage of more than 300 publications and fleshmobs(http://bit.ly/10YearsVK).• Implemented the ‘HR brand Number 1 in Russia’ program, promoting theCompany’s call-centres as the prestigious and safe place to work in.• Planned and organised the annual International “Week of Science” conference formore than 500 participants from Russia and Eastern Asia.• Managed inbound international visits of students and professors from SwedishUniversity of Gävle and MPs from Tajikistan. Led the development of adaptationprogram for overseas students, monitoring its results and outcomes.
  12. 12. Annual ReportsGoals and Activities:• To organise press-events to present annual results and achievements.• To provide press materials for the events, including press-releases andfact sheets, and preparing the final presentation for the speaker.Projects and Achievements:• Effectively organised press-events and on-line translations withparticipation of more than 25 journalists at a time.• Organised press trips to company’s headquarters for journalists duringthe annual results announcements.• Prepared annual presentations for the speakers, C-level management.• Prepared press-releases, fact sheets, Q&As.• Was a team member in the project of preparation of companies’annual reports.
  13. 13. Websites SupportsGoals and Activities:• To provide content for companies corporate websites.Projects and Achievements:• Launched the CSR section of MegaFon’s (LSE:MFON) corporatewebsite.• Prepared the content for the English version of MegaFon’s(LSE:MFON) corporate website.• Launched the website for potential students in MESI, the Top 10Russian Universities.• Supervised the content of the first and only student’s website forMESI, the Top 10 Russian Universities.• Prepared the news digest for VimpelCom (NYSE:VIP) website.
  14. 14. Thank you!iaristova@gmail.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/iaristova0487 609 318