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By Zohar Sharon Cheif Knowledge officer Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

By Zohar Sharon Cheif Knowledge officer Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality



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knowledge Manaement knowledge Manaement Presentation Transcript

  • Getting Municipal Employees to play with you Zohar Sharon Chief Knowledge management, Tel-aviv-Yafo Municipality [email_address] MAJOR CITIES OF EUROPE CONFERENCE PRATO 2011
  • What I’m going to present… How do you apply Knowledge Management and e-gov knowhow to improve municipal effectiveness and efficiency
  • Tel-Aviv-Yafo In Numbers How do you apply Knowledge Management and e-gov knowhow to improve municipal effectiveness and efficiency
  • Summer Party Hot Spot Tel Aviv has been named one of the top 10 hottest summer party spots for 2011 by, a hotel price comparison search engine.   The Israeli city described as "home to some of the hottest nightclubs in the Middle East".
  • Shared Information and Knowledge If organizations expect growth and recovery from the recent economic recession, they need to get the most out of their existing Human Resources. Applying a culture of shared information and knowledge and equipped with advanced software tools, municipal employees will lead the success of their municipality.
  • Knowledge Management processes Knowledge Management processes are about motivating employees in the organization to preserve and share Professional Knowledge by using advanced technological tools that lead a change in the Organizational Culture.
  • A philosophical moment If you keep doing what you always have done, you will keep getting the same results you always get
  • Can we leverage employee knowhow into the development of new and better citizen services? Only if we can understand the world from the employee perspective: What's in it for me?
  • Please meet Aharon Aharon is in charge of the municipal call center knowledge management and works for many years for the municipality. The municipal call center receives each month about 50,000 service calls. Call center employees provide service using an internal knowledge website managing and documenting their work.
  • In the process of knowledge management municipal employees built over 1,200 call scripts providing answers to most municipal activities
    • Every script call includes:
    • Questions to ask the citizen
    • Person responsible for the issue
    • How to deal with the issue
    • Where to find more information
    • Contact information
    • What is the service level standard time
  • “ Surprise the expert" with a prize at the end of each month for the winner Increasing employee motivation to apply their knowledge, expand and improve the site answers pool If an employee does not find an answer in the system or finds a wrong answer he gets a “star” from his manager. By the end of the month the employee with the most stars gets a voucher for a dinner for two.
  • Dozens of Internal Organizational Knowledge websites sprung documenting municipal information and knowledge
  • The Main Focus are Municipal Service Centers
  • We designated dozens of Knowledge Champions, at different municipal entities
  • What is documented by employees in the municipal knowledge management process?
    • All municipal committees’ meeting protocols
    • Municipal procedures
    • Municipal Forms
    • Rules
    • Municipal Regulations
    • Work plans
    • Working Guidelines
    • Budget
    • Tenders and contracts
    • Execution Reports
    • Statistical information
    • Events pictures
    • Databases
    • Municipal Movies
    • Guides
    • FAQ pool
    • Dictionary of Concepts
    • Contact information
    • How to do various work areas
    • Tips of employees
    • New ideas of workers
    • Investigations and insights
    • Who does what
    • Online Training
    • Work Processes
    • Templates for different forms
    • Project Workspace
    • Multidisciplinary Workspaces
    • Call scenarios
    • Municipal Events
  • Municipal Knowledge Management Rule of Thumb
    • “ Everything is open for the employees” (except things needed to be classified).
    • Opposed to the approach: “everything is closed to employees (except things needed to be open).
  • Create a culture of sharing Employee and manager participation in planning information sites and main portal services, is essential. Create a culture of sharing, integration and use of prior employee knowledge, focus on issues rather that units/departments .
  • Building a knowledge management infrastructure that allows the development of information and customer services
  • Knowledge Champions make publicly available most of the Information created via the process
  • With the help of the Knowledge Champions we developed dozens of citizen’s E-Services
  • Existing e-Services Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Online forms: report suspicion of building without a permit, request to receive a tax assessment Request to receive general information about the need to pay betterment tax Systems: track a building license application Track a building permit application Enter data into a engineering coordination system Check building rights Locate a block and parcel Payments Municipal taxes, water bills, parking tickets, enforcement citations, education, signage, demolition of dangerous structures, sanitation, fire fighting Business licensing Systems: track a business license application Parking Online forms : request a parking sticker Submit an inquiry pertaining to a parking ticket Customer Service and Information Online forms : submit an inquiry to different municipal departments Systems: online municipal hotline system (106) Submit an inquiry and track its status Information: check the days on which trash and yard waste are collected Online manuals: a manual for new homeowners in the city Education Systems: kindergarten, School registration
  • Digital municipality is a municipality that best uses advanced communication technology, sharing information, communication and networking with different groups (residents, business owners, employees, government and NGO’s) which operates transparently, effectively, and using the right cost-benefit considerations. Towards TLV Municipality Program
  • Envisioning the Future - digital TLV Municipality
    • Allow citizens a choice of convenient service channels with preference
    • for the digital and remote operation.
    • Meet the needs for information of users and groups by the municipal Internet Website combining mobile and stationary services.
    • Enable the provision of all services by digital means.
    • Allow its customers to participate in a democratic dialogue on social issues by the municipal internet website and by other means.
    • Create electronic working relationships with various levels of
    • government, public and private sector organizations to create uniformity
    • in providing public services to its customers.
    • Maintain customer privacy and ensure secure transfer of information .
  • Main activities included
    • Establishing direct contact with residents
    • Providing tools that let people influence
    • Receiving ongoing services such as information, payments, license status and so on.
    • Establishing a digital connection for contracts with contractors.
    • Digital connection between various government agencies to provide a single point of customer service.
    Citizens Business Government
    • The municipality will provide the Distribution of information between management and employees and give employees better monitoring and management tools.
    • The municipality will allow digital connections between various units and systems and work processes for the flow of information and maintaining a unified database.
    Employees Municipality
  • Channels Twitter service Facebook service Digital mail Information counters Online transactions Cell phone services Innovation lab Make an appointment Chat with a customer service rep
  • Our Service concept E-Mail SMS Chat SmartPhones Facebook Mail correspondence Fax Self Services Phone Web Site Customer Interactions Support Systems Technology Infrastructure Customer ID | Forms | Digital Signature | GIS | Payments | Search | Mailing | Safe | Multimedia | Mobile | Content Management Infrastructure Integration ESB | Batches | Async transfer | Sync transfer | Distribution Information Security Infrastructural firewall | Logical firewall | XML gateway | Anti Virus | Bleaching | Anti Spam | reverse proxy | Certificates Customer ID - CRM Customer Mapping - Near online BI Operations Processes Property tax | Water | Parking | Education | Fees and Services Fees | Archives | Business Licensing | Engineering coordination | GIS | Welfare | Bookkeeping | Suppliers | Assets | Engineering | Traffic | Veterinary | Call Center | Public Requests | HR | Events | Spokesman | ... Portal Inbound - Outbound Communication
  • 10 Stage knowledge management process Tel Aviv Municipality - I 1. Get Legitimacy – Top Down: Establish a steering committee headed by the municipality’s deputy director and representatives from main municipal departments. 2. Get top management “buy in” - Harnessing the executive mangers’ forum to the process. 3. Get Resources coordinated - Draft a knowledge management work plan (process wise and technology wise), institutionalize legitimacy and “buy in” approval by the municipal management. 4. Well, someone has to do the work: Establish a knowledge Management team. 5. Well, you also need the tools to do the task: Build a technological infrastructure
  • 10 Stage knowledge management process Tel Aviv Municipality -II Criteria Projects likely to succeed. Issues at the heart of city “work”. Projects involving multiple municipal units or projects which will serve as a model for a similar process in in the municipality. Organizational units which have a responsible body interested in adopting a knowledge management project. Projects which can be executed (visible results) within 6 months. 6 . Know before hand how you are going to make decisions: Establish criteria for choosing among different knowledge management projects
  • 7. Get bottom up “buy in” where it counts : employee knowledge ( this is a strategic decision! ) - Build wide knowledge sites before building the main internal portal. 9. Build standardized patterns which support process and decision, in order to allow a free flow of knowledge, faster site set up and creating municipal insights. 10. Build the municipal main internal portal and deploy marketing activities. 8. Appoint “knowledge champion/curator/facilitator” in the relevant departments who will lead the process and launch each new site, before going on line, to the executive director forum and other relevant unit forum. 10 Stage knowledge management process Tel Aviv Municipality - III
  • Municipal knowledge management enables optimal use of knowledge and employee’ experience for the betterment of services for citizens. Organizational infrastructure enables to better manage the internal knowledge and information and to uniformly distribute it to its customers. TLV Digital Municipality plan will make the best use of Knowledge management infrastructures established for developing Innovative services to customers. Conclusion
  • תודה רבה ! Thank you very much! Muchas Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! K öszönöm S zépen ! Muito Obrigado! Grazie Mille! Vielen Dank! Большое спасибо ! SEE YOU IN TEL-AVIV