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Ipsos Gemius is the standard in online audience measurement across MENA. Introduced in 2010, Ipsos Gemius integrates offline research, site-centric measurement, pop-up surveying and user-centric measurement to provide media sellers, planners and buyers with online media planning data.

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Ipsos Online Audience Measurement

  1. 1. Ipsos GemiusOnline Audience Measurement
  2. 2. 2 2Background Information Ipsos Gemius is the standard in online audience measurement across MENA. Introduced in 2010, Ipsos Gemius integrates offline research, site-centric measurement, pop-up surveying and user-centric measurement to provide media sellers, planners and buyers with online media planning data.The benefits of Ipsos Gemius Ipsos Gemius provides advertisers with credible, transparent, comparable data about their online advertising opportunities – just as they receive from traditional media. The research study makes it possible to: identify web site usage patterns, determine duplicated audience of web sites and other useful planning metrics (e.g. affinity index, reach, etc.), determine the composition of web sites socio-demographic structure, position the web site in comparison to their competitors. By researching the usage of your web site and the socio-demographic profile of your web sites audience you will be able to: modify your web site content to better meet your audiences needs, determine how best to promote your web site, deliver credible data on your audience and your sites reach to advertisers. www.ipsos.com/mediact www.gemius.com
  3. 3. 3 3 Ipsos Gemius results allow for direct evaluation of promotional or brand awareness activities’ effects of a given online service. The efficiency of activities can be measured e.g. when traffic, average time spent per visitor on the given web site increase or when the number of executed page views grows. Consequently, an analysis of gemiusAudience results allow for optimization of marketing activities of particular Internet services. If you take part in the study, your web sites audience data will directly reach online advertisers. Ipsos mediaCT works with all media agencies, providing them with data for online media planning and buying.Research Methodology Ipsos Gemius Online Audience Measurement is a state-of-the art research that integrates offline research, site-centric measurement, pop-up surveying and user-centric measurement. The methodology integrates several research components to generate media planning data: gemiusTraffic – the site-centric measurement system (collects usage & traffic data). Pop up Surveys – pop-up surveys displayed to a random sample of Internet users visiting participating web sites (collects socio-demographic and/or product/lifestyle data). Offline Structural Research – independent research, conducted on a regular basis using offline methods (describes the demographics of the Internet user population). The site-centric data used by gemiusTraffic system collects traffic/usage data for all Internet users who visit participating web sites. Within this data, Ipsos Gemius also collects traffic/usage data for those Internet users who a) visited participating web sites, and b) filled out pop-up surveys (the “sample”). These pop-up surveys are emitted randomly to a sample of Internet users visiting participating web sites. The platform controls for www.ipsos.com/mediact www.gemius.com
  4. 4. 4 4 frequency of emission, non-repeat emission and emission distribution across time and audience. In order to estimate reach, Gemius eliminates the bias introduced by cookie deletion. This is done by isolating a sub-sample of Internet users who Gemius is certain did not delete their cookies in the reporting period. Once the sub-sample is isolated, the dataset is then behaviorally weighted to the Internet user population, to ensure that the sample is behaviorally representative (e.g. that the average Internet user in the sample generates the same number of page views on average as the average Internet user in the population. This process ensures that traffic estimates in Ipsos Gemius are accurate and consistent with site-centric tools. The sample is then weighted demographically to ensure demographic representativeness by applying structural weights from the offline structural study. The final result is media planning data based on a sample of thousands of respondents, describing all participating web sites in great detail. The key difference between the pop-up panel approach and the software approach lies in the web sites reported: the pop-up panel can only report participating web sites. The software panel can report all web sites (whether they choose to participate or not).Deliverables Ipsos Gemius will provide access to gemiusExplorer – dedicated analytic software for audience analysis as well as access to gemiusTraffic – online interface for site-centric data analysis. gemiusExplorer is specially developed analysis software. This offline (Windows) application provides users the ability to analyze web site’s Demo version of reach/frequency data for specific target groups as needed. It is Ipsos Gemius study possible to export data to Microsoft Excel for outside analysis as well. available at: Media planning data is updated and published once a month and http://www.gemius.com/pl/res reports data are available at a daily, weekly or monthly level. earch_audience_demo www.ipsos.com/mediact www.gemius.com
  5. 5. 5 5 Ipsos Gemius data includes the following indicators: USAGE ANALYSIS / MEDIA PLANNING Reach among Total Internet UsersREACH / FREQUENCY / Audience Composition COMPOSITION Page View Composition Visit Composition Affinity Index Average Visit Frequency (Real User) Page View Frequency (Real User) Page Views per Unique Visit Number of Visitors (Real Users) USAGE Number of Unique Visits Number of Page Views Audience Share (Real Users) Visit Share Page View Share SHARE Surfing Time Share Number of Surfing Sessions Average Session Time per User Combined (Duplicated) Audience Audience Duplication Total Visiting Time Average Time per User (Real User) TIME Average Page View Duration Average Visit Duration It is also important to note that Ipsos Gemius can report usage and demographic data for entire websites as well as groups of websites and their sub-sections/sub-pages. This means that media planners and media sellers can prepare media plans based on audience measurement that matches publisher’s rate card structures. All indicators in Ipsos Gemius can be filtered according to custom- defined target groups. www.ipsos.com/mediact www.gemius.com
  6. 6. 6 6About Gemius – www.gemius.com Gemius - an international research agency, the leader and forerunner in the field of research of the internet and on the internet in Europe. The Company offers professional research solutions, analytical and advisory services, from site-centric and user-centric studies to technologically advanced tools for studying internet user behaviour on chosen websites (gemiusTraffic), internet user socio-demographic profiles (gemiusProfile), the quality of WWW page usage (gemiusUsability) and the effectiveness of internet advertising campaigns (gemiusEffect). Gemius also conducts research related to subjects submitted by customers (gemiusAdHoc). Gemius sets the standard for online audience and internet application measurement (gemiusAudience) in almost half of all European countries. Gemius, established in Poland in 1999, is active in over 20 countries in Europe and the Middle East.About Ipsos Founded in Paris, France, in 1975, Ipsos is the only independent, publicly-listed research company that is controlled and managed by research professionals. Ipsos is a leading global research company focusing on 6 specialized divisions: Advertising Research Specialist, Social research and corporate reputation specialists, Customer and employee satisfaction research specialists, Media Content and Technology Research Specialists and Innovations and Brand Research Specialists, Observer - each one providing specialized research solutions to the clients. With offices in 67 countries, Ipsos conducts research in more than 100 countries. Working both on a global scale and in local markets, our expert teams give our clients the benefit of high value- added business solutions including qualitative, forecasting, modeling, market knowledge and consumer insights. www.ipsos.com/mediact www.gemius.com
  7. 7. 7 7Ipsos MENA Started in 1988 in Lebanon, today, Ipsos is one of the leading research companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, operating in most of the major Arab countries with full fledged offices in 10 countries but having field set up and affiliate offices in the entire MENA regionIpsos MediaCT Ipsos MediaCT is the global leader in research‐based solutions that connect media, content and technology. As the amount of digital content explodes across multiple platforms, traditional media now represent only one of many ways in which consumers can receive news, sports, entertainment and information. Ipsos MediaCT brings together expertise in: Media audience measurement (both traditional and digital), content development & testing, customer acquisition & retention, market sizing and segmentation, and forecasting & prediction. www.ipsos.com/mediact www.gemius.com
  8. 8. 8 8 Ipsos Contacts Ipsos Morocco Contacts: Jean-Francois Meyer Ipsos UAE and Oman Contacts: Jean-francois.meyer@ipsos.com Tarek Sheikhshabab – tarek.sheikhshabab@ipsos.com Essedik Boumajid- Joud Nawar – joud.nawar@ipsos.com Essedik.boumajid@ipsos.com Ziad Issa – ziad.issa@ipsos.com Al Thuraya Tower 1, 8th Floor, Dubai Media City 277 Boulevard Bir Anzarane 20000 Casablanca Postal: 71283, Dubai Tel +971-4- 4408980 Fax +971-4-4408981/2 Tel +212-522-231930 Fax +212-522-231947 Ipsos Egypt Contacts: Aiman El Kaissouni - aiman.elkaissouni@ipsos.com 35 A Saray Al Maadi Tower, 4th Floor, Cornish El Nile, Maadi Postal: 1284 Maadi, Egypt Tel +20 - 2 - 25286815 020 - 12 - 2488820/1 Fax +20 - 2 - 25286809 Regional Contact: Elie Aoun – elie.aoun@ipsos.com Ipsos Bahrain and Qatar Contacts: Joud Nawar – joud.nawar@ipsos.com Elie Nawar - elie.nawar@ipsos.com Tel +974 440 10600 For further information, contact your local Ipsos office, details at: www.ipsos.com/mediact Ipsos KSA Joseph El Helou - joseph.helou@ipsos.com Yamamah Bldg., Tahlia Street, Jeddah 21332 Postal: 122200, Jeddah Tel +966-2-6655284 Fax +966-2-6654781 Ipsos Lebanon, Syria Contacts: Ziad Issa - ziad.issa@ipsos.com Christian Saab – christian.saab@ipsos.com Riyad Khatib – riyad.khatib@ipsos.com Ipsos Bldg, Dekwaneh Postal: 55103, Sin El Fil Tel +961-1-494136 Fax +961-1-502643 Ipsos Jordan Contacts: Mohammed Jarrar mohammed.jarrar@ipsos.com Tabba Group Commercial Complex- 4th Floor, Amman, Jordan Postal: 11183, Amman Tel: +962-6-5697193 Fax +962-6-5697196 Ipsos Kuwait Contacts: Bilal AlMourad bilal.almourad@ipsos.com Hawally, Beirut Street. Postal: 22417 Safat 13085, Kuwait Tel: +965 22 626 025/4/1 Fax: +965 2 226 019 www.ipsos.com/mediact www.gemius.com