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Relfections big idea

  1. 1. Another rock or a real gem?How to uncover yourbrand’s big idea.Leah McTiernan, Ipsos ASI
  2. 2. Page 2 Another rock or a real gem? How to uncover your brand’s big idea. Another rock or a real gem? How Indexed to Total: Top Two Box. ... to uncover your brand’s big idea. Brand marketers are looking to stake a claim – Insight & Role of Brand searching to find that special territory they can Integrated in 119 occupy and claim that is unique to their brand and Consumers Minds their brand alone. Identifying that territory and Insight & ensuring it has a credible connection with the brand Role of Brand is the mission of big idea research. To be effective, NOT Integrated in 70 big ideas must be: Consumers Minds • emotionally engaging 0 50 100 150 • ownable Advantage / Differentiation • impactful • campaignable Indexed to Total: Top Box. … this idea is First, let’s acknowledge that big idea development is tough. There are examples of very successful big Insight & ideas in the marketplace (dare we utter the words Role of Brand ‘real beauty’) but there are far more examples of Integrated in 133 Consumers Minds not-so-big ideas that never reached that pinnacle of success. In our experience many good ideas are Insight & actually hampered by missteps in the development Role of Brand NOT Integrated in 71 process. Consumers Minds Based on Ipsos ASI’s extensive research of brands and advertising, here are five steps to uncovering 0 50 100 150 your brand’s big idea: Ownable for the brand 1. To engage consumers, show that 3. To motivate consumers, you truly understand them. tout something compelling Of course, the goal is to create emotionally engaging that makes you unique. and contagious ads. To do this you need a piercing insight that connects with consumers instantly: Consumers want to know why they should consider revealing to them that you understand something your product or service over another. And while about them that they thought you didn’t know. engagement and ownability are critical to the development of brand impact, it is the ability of the big idea to differentiate the brand that ensures the 2. Make sure you can credibly ‘own’ greatest success. Too often, consumers have this the space you want occupy. reaction: “Their bottled water is just like the next Qualitatively, in our research, we’ve heard it explained guy’s, but what makes them different or unique? this way in a study for a beverage ad: ”All of that You have to show they’re not the same. We couldn’t ” can happen without this beverage. I thought it was agree more. And, the good news for more estab- for something that would teach and nurture, not lished brands in established categories is that staking for a beverage. If consumers cannot interpret the ” out a territory can actually bring ‘new’ news – giving connection between the insight and your brand, no you fresh things to say – and can carve out a space matter how much they appreciate the thought, your that leaves your brand emotionally differentiated. idea simply won’t take root. Without the connec- tion, the idea cannot take shape in their minds and 4. Those little taglines your brand cannot own it. And, of course, be realis- make a big difference. tic. When the connection is not made, the insight can feel too grandiose for the brand. One consumer The brand sign-off is small but mighty and plays a puts it this way: “It’s beautifully written, but it makes key role in bringing the big idea to life. In big idea this beverage sound like a miracle thing. How does development, it is important to understand the it make your senses ‘in tune’? How does it do this underlying perceptions that a brand logo or brand to you?” The fact is your brand needs to play more icon might have, and whether those perceptions are than a sponsoring moment. If consumers cannot positive or whether there are hurdles that must be interpret the connection between the idea and your overcome. The brand sign-off is described qualita- brand, no matter how much they appreciate or relate tively by consumers as the ’wrap up, and as some- ’ to the message, it just won’t work. thing that helps them ’remember it.’Ipsos ASI – the Advertising Research Specialists
  3. 3. Page 3 Another rock or a real gem? How to uncover your brand’s big idea. 5. Contrary to popular belief, visuals Indexed to Control Concept: Top Box. just make execution more difficult. While images can contribute to a consumer’s per- Control 100 ception of clarity, believability and relevance, this Control + can have a detrimental impact on understanding Images 99 whether the big idea has potential or not. Ultimately consumers react to the images themselves and 0 25 50 75 100 not to the actual words on the page: they do not Competitive Advantage / consider the big idea holistically. As a result, they Differentiation ground themselves in the images and cannot ’imag- ine’ what an idea could become without them. This results in lack of clarity for the brand team, agen- Control 100 cies, and research teams as to what images are and Control + are not an executional imperative moving forward. Images 93 The net result is that images can make a weaker big idea test more strongly. In the words of one con- 0 25 50 75 100 sumer: “The pictures guide it. They bring you to a Ownability of Idea happy point so you feel different about what you’re looking at. Conversely, the wrong images can ” weaken a potentially strong big idea: “I wouldn’t be Control 100 as interested. I look at the pictures first and these Control + pictures aren’t me. ” Images 90 As you’ll see below, consumers are no more accept- 0 25 50 75 100 ing of big ideas that have visuals than they are of those that don’t. This is a unique way to think about the category Indexed to Control Concept: Top Box. When you’re developing your big idea stimulus keep it ‘raw.’ If you say or show too much you actually Control 100 limit yourself. Stripped down big ideas allow con- sumers to explore and dream for you – ultimately Control + Images 99 delivering guided creative freedom as opposed to executional imperatives. 0 25 50 75 100 Purchase Intent Conclusion As media environments become more fragmented, more complex, and the number of touchpoints that Control 100 consumers are exposed to increase exponentially – Control + the path to brand communication success is to Images 92 discover one platform that can engage consumers and create lasting brand affinity. That platform is the 0 25 50 75 100 big idea – a compelling truth that guides communi- Change in Opinion about the Brand cation across all media and harnesses a unique power to propel your brand. A big idea is not an ad. An effective finished ad, working on its own, should create a short term response, impacting an increase in sales volume and on brand equity. A big idea is far more than this; it is the backbone of all your brand communications. It isn’t always easy to uncover – but when you do find that gem your brand will shine – guided by strong, consistent, compelling creative across all media – for years to come.Ipsos ASI – the Advertising Research Specialists
  4. 4. Page 4 Another rock or a real gem? How to uncover your brand’s big idea. Appendix Research Methodology This research was designed to understand what elements contribute to the consumer understand- ing and acceptance of big ideas, so that we, as researchers, could provide effective insight, recom- mendations and executional imperatives. Big Ideas for five packaged goods brands were selected for testing: all five were for commonly known brands to ensure reasonable levels of aware- ness. Each was executed in 5 variations. Variation 1 – Control [contained Piercing Insight, Role of Brand, Brand Sign-Off] Variation 2 – No Piercing Insight Variation 3 – No Role of the Brand Variation 4 – No Brand Sign-Off Variation 5 – Control with Images Online interviews were conducted with a nationally representative sample of female grocery shoppers (minimum 50% had kids) who were non rejecters of the brands being researched. One hundred respon- dents viewed and evaluated each of the five rota- tions; all respondents saw only one variation of each big idea for a total of 500 evaluations for each vari- ation. Variations and big ideas were randomized to control for order bias. In addition to the quantitative research, we con- ducted three qualitative focus groups with target consumers (one for each category tested) to probe the specific role of each of the elements based on the results of the quantitative.Ipsos ASI – the Advertising Research Specialists
  5. 5. About Ipsos ASIIpsos ASI offers marketers state-of-the-art advertising research built on more than 40 years of experience usingmeasures predictive of in-market performance. We offer a full-range of solutions across all media – at any stage inthe creative process – from equity assessment to strategic development, advertising testing, and tracking. Ourresearch is backed by a dedicated team of advertising research specialists whose mission is to deliver the answersthat will add value to your business anywhere in the world.About IpsosIpsos ASI is a member of the Ipsos Group, a leading global survey-based research company. Ipsos member companiesoffer expertise in advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media, and public affairs research, as well as forecasting,modeling, and consulting. With offices in 55 countries, the Paris-based company was founded in 1975.For general information, contact us via email at:info@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on North America:naminfo@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on Latin America:lataminfo@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on Europe:europeinfo@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on