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  • Several years ago, we started transforming ASI from being solely a testing and tracking company to enhancing our mission to helping our clients brands succeed in engaging more effectively with consumers.Understanding the execution was good but not enough. To understand how brands can succeed with consumers we needed a broader understanding of how advertising can engage with consumers and from the work we were doing, it was clear that the foundational work of shaping communication strategy and starting early was key to achieving greater communications and getting there faster!So, how can communications galvanize your brand? Brands grow when they help people in their lives. When they make people’s lives better and fulfill their aspirations and dreams. Solve a tension in your life. Brands grow when they resonate and the role of advertising is to move the brand closer to the path of needs. By creating familiarity and relevant associations.
  • Creating a brand and differentiating on product features is hardly a differentiator anymore. With the sophistication of technology and the ability of competitors to copy features it is increasingly difficult to maintain a sustained advantage. Product is a price of entry for sure. The product must deliver and perform well against consumer expectations built. But in this context, differentiating from competitors, is now much more about how you make the consumer feel. The emotional values of the consumer choice: what it says about you, what it solves for you, how it makes you feel. Who I am with what I choose.
  • Digital is no longer at the margins. Brands are out there in the marketplace being played with and shared by consumers with others. And digital communications have the benefit and challenge of content and context! Liquid and Linked from Coke – shaping the conversation for consumers by clearly defining what the brand stands for but unleashing it for them to own, play and create. Managing Paid, Owned, Earned. The Tweet is one message….if it does not resonate, it dies there….the RE-TWEET (what people do with the first level message) is what is important and what we need to focus on. Something that compelled people to take action and it has even more weight coming from a trusted friend….. Do and Learn….Digital also makes us more free to do things and learn and respond spontaneously. Our clients started exploring the digital world and created stand alone digital units but now this is being turned on its head! Digital is taking the lead in some high profile cases already. Our clients are exploring and getting ready. We encourage them to work with the full richness of digital.
  • But it is not about Digital alone, it is more about the convergence of all of this and how it works together for a shared ends. The management of the 3 screens and the integration of content and context. The next generation is really managing this convergence.
  • At the heart of this liquid and linked approach is the big idea! You can only set the brand free if you understand clearly what your brand can bring to consumers in the marketplace. What tension is solved? What human value or truth is being brought or answered? That is the heart of the big idea which has the capability to underpin any type of media or communication vehicle.
  • With the explosion of media and communication contacts comes the concept of receptivity. It is not about peppering consumers with a machine gun approach and hoping something hits or sticks. Answering the question: How does the brand help the consumer have a better life? We need to be there at the right moment when the consumer is open to hearing us, when the consumer needs information, needs our brand. If we try to connect at the wrong moment, we just annoy them. Understanding receptivity is key to success.
  • So how do communicationsbuild brand relationships?Let us start by thinking about how a brand sits in the mind of a consumer.This can be best articulated at an individual level by the concept of Brand Mind Cloud. This is the chaotic cluster of images, sounds, associations and colours that constitute the brand in the mind. Each person has a ‘different starting point’ of brand recollections – influenced by different information sources, so the task of impacting each person is different. Here is a depiction of my own personal milky bar mindcloud here, we don’t have time to go into it in too much detail but suffice to say in this case images and sounds related to the brands advertising are very prominent, if you look carefully you we see the child in me embedded somewhere tooFor communication to succeed, it must influence this set of associations by refreshing or changing them as appropriate.The task is clear and it applies equally to all forms of communications, digital or otherwise, how do we get the imagery & associations contained within the piece of marketing communication transferred across to the brand?
  • Emotions can be extreme
  • And they can be subtlethey can also be positive …and negative.
  • They are certainly easy to evoke……especially when you’re a child as in the examples I’ve been showing from Jill Greenberg’s End Times show where each child was given a lollypop, only to have it taken away againThese are their reactionsChildren are very raw emotionally, it’s either off or on. Subtlety is not impossible but is harder to find with kids, and that’s where neuroscience comes in
  • Yes, Emotions Rule – we all know this and we’ve seen it in the work we do. The richer a brand can build their emotional connections, the stronger the performance is in the markets. The importance of this is evident in that the research industry and academia is focusing on this area and it’s where much investment and progress is being made to understand its influence.
  • So, easy to evoke……But up until recently they have been harder to measure properly and validate for marketers.
  • So it is about understanding people, their needs, their motivations and the context of their livesBecause Products and services are what we sell to the market, they do not define the market....They only exist because they meet a fundamental human needSome great examples here for cosmetics, beer and carsAnd understanding the nature of that need is what Cenysdiam is all about
  • De sequoia’s in advertising:Red Bull geeft je vleugelsIk koop bijna nooit dreftHeerlijk, helder Heineken Lóreal, becauseyourworthitOmo: Vuil worden is heel gewoon Via mondige consumenten – merken moeten het gesprek vormgeven Creëren van ownable merkgebied - de emotionele verbinding waar uw merk voor staatAlle media creative onderbouwen – ruim baan voor het merk Moet een specifiek gebied oproepen dat het merk mogelijk wil communicerenConsistentie in paid, owned en earned – gekoppeld aan uw merk DNA
  • Grote media inzet kan een slechte creatie nooit goed maken
  • Bespaart de helft van je tijd40% budget Optimalisatielooptsneller en aantalhertestendaalt- In 2008 Brand X spent 492 M$ in research budgetto qualify 3 ads for airing. It spent 12 months in research and had to retest on average 3 times to qualify an ad for each of it’s three campaigns.In 2009 Brand X spent only 287 M$ in research budgetusing early stage on each of its 3 new campaigns before full up production. It qualified its three ads first time, cutting down not only research costs but also time spent in ad research by half.Budget vermindert met 40%Bestedetijdaanonderzoekvermindert met 50%Retests per campagnenemenaf van gemiddeld 3 naar 0
  • Onderzoek de potentie van eencommunicatieplanGa op zoek en op naar de bestecreatieStemaf en optimaliseer de creatie
  • Wordt de connection met het merk gemaakt, welk idee doet dat het beste? Past het bij mijn ‘DNA”? Welke idee is het meest emotioneel? Op welke doelgroep werkt dit idee het beste? Kan ik het jarenlang, en verschillende manieren en via alle kanalen inzetten? Exploreren mogelijkheden van creatie
  • Hoe reageert de doelgroep? Wat is het potentieel? Waarom? Watzijnmogelijkheden? Hoe zou de creatieeruitkunnenzienThe methodology adopted is based on our award winning, integrated toolThe research design has an integrated approach, incorporating the best of both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive response to marketing questions
  • In our experience, the Right Big Idea for various brands share the following characteristics:They instantly connect to customers lives, needs, goals and values and address problems, frustrations and aspirations through having a truly piercing insight. But that insight also can leveraged meaningfully by the brand. Without the brand, you do not have a big idea.They can work across all media, not just TV and not just digital, and they can be sustained over timeBut they also rally the staff around the brand, empower them to be a part of something biggerBUILD, and in financial services they must also work for all lines of business and all products/ services – which can be a very big task. BUILD:We have done a lot of Big Idea research over the years, and one thing we have found is that only one in three Big Idea stimuli tested are the right Big Ideas for the Brand. In other words, two-thirds of stimuli need to be ruled out, or optimized. And we focus on continuing to cultivate, and optimize the ideas with the right customer feedback and the right stakeholder feedback so that they can truly deliver on the end promise.*AMONG NEARLY400BIG IDEA EXPLORATIONS TESTED TO DATEHere are some examples… 
  • Copy Evaluator for each big idea stimulus to reveal components which are meaningful or not to guide optimizationEmotional response captured through Emoti*Scape to dive deeply into how the idea makes them feelClosed ended evaluation of key questions that measure the success of the big idea stimulus with a focus on connection to the brandClosed ended diagnostics to help explain overall reactions and drivers of engagementExploration of spontaneous reactions from quant to identify key issues and guide moderator on areas of concern and interestExploration of each big idea stimulus: how it is perceived, key drivers of engagement and contagiousness.CollageIntroduce other stimuli … music, taglines, mood reels, videos to provide insight into creativusing visuals to help participants visually express themselves. Provides understanding of where and how far they travel with it.Guide respondents to intended big idea stimulus to ensure the big idea stimulus has been ‘done justice’ and potential is well explored.e execution and open new territory/understanding.
  • Hieronder ziet u nogmaals het idee. Zou u de woorden of zinnen in dit idee die voor u betekenisvol zijn of u aanspreken willen markeren? Streep vervolgens de woorden of zinnen door die voor u niet betekenisvol zijn of u niet aanspreken.
  • Find a hook to grab the attention of consumers beyond the communicated benefit. Strengthen the distinctiveness, specificity of product proposition. Give more explanation on the communicated benefit.
  • Kwalitatieve verdieping daardoor: Betrouwbare, representatieve en diepgaande resultaten door een combinatie van kwantitatieve en kwalitatieve resultatenBiedt learnings op zowel de communicatie inzicht en de communicatie ideeIdeeën kunnen meerdere malen ontwikkeld en verbeterd worden door de kwant-kwal aanpakActies en analyse zijn afgestemd op Big*Ideameasures (op basis van uitgebreide ervaring IpsosASI's in reclame-onderzoek)
  • And given this knowledge, we are leveraging new technology and evolving our tools for measuring and assessing the impact of emotions in communications from biometrics/neuroscience to new visual tools and assessment of personal values. We want to invite our clients to explore this and make sure you are making the best use of these emotional values to best expand and support your brands.
  • Ipsos partners with Innerscope Research to conduct biometric studies, in which they use their proprietary technology to collect 4 channels (or signals) of physical response…
  • which are combined into a summary measure of emotional engagement.
  • This technique results in a second by second measurement of the consumer’s engagement with a visual stimulus. This level of granularity can provide deep insight, but it is also true that biometric measurement must be done in person (the respondent has to be connected to the measurement device by a trained technician), in a central or pre-recruited location, and at this time is not easily combined with standard online survey research.
  • I can think of many of ads which make me cry, which is what the advertiser is intending – but someone else watching that same ad might feel manipulated – which is not exactly the emotional response they are going for.
  • A second point, even more important than this, is that “emotional response” itself is not a business result – so it doesn’t make sense that generating an emotional response be an advertising objective in and of itself.
  • And while it is true that not all emotions are accessible, and especially not at the moment they are being experience, ASI’s years of experience with our own tools for measuring emotional response in a survey shows that consumers can report their emotional response to an ad, or to a brand. We know that respondents can identify, articulate and differentiate many different emotional states.
  • The CEP®Test measures rely on consumer’s response to a series of scaled questions, half of which ask consumers to rate the information (cognitive) dimensions of the ad and the other half dealing with more emotional dimensions. The responses to the individual questions are input to an algorithm to calculate the overall perceived effect. The results from the algorithm are scaled from 0 to 200, with a mean of 100 (for Finished ads).
  • Norm for Finished Ads: CP = 100, EP = 100, “Greater than Norm”: CP = 120, EP = 120Norm for Rough Ads: CP = 107, EP = 84, “Greater than Norm”: CP = 127, EP = 104
  • Norm for Finished Ads: CP = 100, EP = 100, “Greater than Norm”: CP = 120, EP = 120Norm for Rough Ads: CP = 107, EP = 84, “Greater than Norm”: CP = 127, EP = 104
  • Our research demonstrates we can differentiate ADS using these emotional tools.Our data shows that Emotive Power is strongly correlated with Positive Emotions on ASI’s EMO map, closely enough that we can be confident in using EMO to explain the nature of the emotional response reflected in EP.There is some correlation between Cognitive Power & Emotive Power, but it is not a strong one. They measure different things, but they are not completely independent.As we might expect, there is less correlation between Cognitive Power and Positive EMO, but it is not zero. Consumers respond emotionally to informational content, and even Cognitively driven ads have some Emotional content.
  • Grofweg 2 vormen van re-tranVnl viewsOf view& conversatiesLaatste is rijkerEn we ziendat cases met hoge emotive power vaak die laatsterijkerevorm van re trans vertonen
  • Brands open up a two way connection to consumers through apersonally relevant branded story
  • Branded experiences consumers will activate in real life to enhance their own experience...Nike put a sensor in shoes in partnership with Apple and its Nike+ platform and all of a sudden activities can show up on your phone, on your laptop, in online conversation with friends and fellow runners.
  • Provide useful brand content that helps on a regular/daily basis that keeps consumers coming back
  • Participatie in campagnesbiedtconsumenten de mogelijkheidom…Meer tijdaan je campagne te besteden: het verlengt de levensduurna de exposureMeer na te denken over hoe je product nogbeterkanwordenEenbetergevoel te krijgenbij je merkErzelfbeter van te wordenDitpubliek te beoordelenEn meer te delen met anderen…Dezeacties van de consumentzelfkunnen de stappenzijnnaarmeer behavioral and attitudinal brand shifts. Every time possible we will monitor what people do (observation).Otherwisewe’llbelookingforwardintended actions & adapt participation cues to digital execution AND context : Rate / like / comment…
  • Encourage consumers to share their positive experience of the brand with their friends on line
  • the strength of a big idea qual and quant tested early by Ipsos, and now getting tremendous buzz in market …Contrex, Nestlé’s mineral water brand in France, has launched a new multichannel ad campaign with Ipsos ASI that tops popularity charts. Using Big Idea – our qual/quant approach that involves the client, the ad agency and Ipsos – the project aimed to identify THE big idea that would be unrolled across all communication platforms to reposition the brandNumber of views: 11,616,239 French version; 1,727,271 English version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEH4Yum4nN4&feature=player_embeddedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bGJSEEx2pXc
  • Belang van emoties, aansluiten op emobehoeften, vroegbeginnenemosnaar te vinden,emozorgtvoor sharingPrachtigomdaarmeeaan de slag te gaan, maar hoe breng je ‘t in de praktijk? Als je baas eersteen plan vraagt, akkoordom budget wil, eenprognose van de effectiviteit van je plannenwilzienDan raaktieookeensnaar, want je kuntnogzomooieemotievolleideeënbedenken, het moetwelbekendgemaaktworden, overgebrachtworden en datkost geld en datvraagtom media…
  • Hoe werkenzesamenHoe weet je wat paid echtoplevert?Hoe zorg je dat je meerhaaltuit owned & earned
  • The difference between Brand X and Brand Z appears to be focused around HCP. Heavy Users tend to rely more on this source of information and it also is a more important driver of brand perceptions.
  • Famous quote from Niels Bohr – famous quantum physicist, refering to the Uncertainty Principle where a particle will be at the same place in time or Vice Versa. As we all know in an increasingly complex and networked world it becomes harder and harder to make long term predictions! =====================================================The quote comes from a question and answer period during a seminar in Copenhagen where Danish Physicist Niels Bohr laid out the fundemental nature of quantum physics for the public. Included was the description of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which basically says that you can't predict where a particle will be at a specific place in time, or vice versa. The question that triggered the answer was: What do you predict the influence of Quantum Physics will have on the world in the future?" and Niels Bohr said, somewhat tongue in cheek due to the prominence of the principle, that "it is exceedingly difficult to make predictions, particularly about the future" (because we can't even know what the state of our situation is NOW, much less in the future). The uncertainty principle states that the more precisely you measure one quantity, the less precisely you can know another associated quantity. The quantities sometimes come in set pairs that can’t both be completely measured.What Heisenberg found was that the observation of a system in quantum mechanics disturbs the system enough that you can’t know everything about the system. The more precisely you measure the position of a particle, for example, the less it’s possible to precisely measure the particle’s momentum.
  • Let eMotions rule the waves

    1. 1. Let eMotion Rule The Waves Synovate Herfst_5truik @IpsosSynovate© 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and #EMO12 may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    2. 2. SynovateOnze sprekers vandaag Herfst_5truik @IpsosSynovate #EMO12
    3. 3. Kick-off Reinier Heutink Director @Heutink
    4. 4. KOESTERENVandaag praten over…. Sterke merkcommunicatie Ons perspectief op de moderne uitdagingen Scherpe inzichten in emotionele resonantie – die merkimpact genereren 3
    5. 5. TREND #1Prestatie is nauwelijks nogeen differentiatorHoe een merk “je laat voelen”is het spel van vandaag
    6. 6. TREND #2Digitaal verplaatst zich vande marge naar het centrum Context/Content Consument in controle “Liquid & Linked” Paid, Owned and Earned Het is de re-tweet! Luisteren/Reageren Experimenten managen
    7. 7. TREND #3De sleutel is “Convergentie” Media silo’s vervagen Integratie media, creative en touchpoint Verschillende doelstellingen voor holistische interactie
    8. 8. TREND #4Groeiende druk voorhet Big Idea Met de positieversterking van de consument – merken moeten de conversaties vormen Ownable merk terrein creëren – wat is de emotionele connectie waar je merk voor staat? Alle mediacreaties ondersteunen – het merk loslaten
    9. 9. TREND #5Ontvankelijkheid: Er zijnwanneer en waar zij zijn…. Zullen je boodschap en activatie engagen, luisteren en in zich opnemen Willen je of hebben je nodig – wens te interacteren, informatie vinden, zoeken hulp en respect, niet irriteren
    10. 10. Emoties zijn belangrijker danooitOnderzoekers en marketeersworstelen met het bepalenen begrijpen van emotiesDoor creatie meer te koesterenkunnen merken sterkerresoneren
    11. 11. Welcome to the New Normal
    12. 12. Emoties doen er toe! Roderik Sorbi Client Service Director Ipsos ASI @Sorbi
    13. 13. Complexe set van interacties van beelden, geluid, kleuren enassociaties 12
    14. 14. Emoties kunnen extreem zijn..... Emoties kunnen extreem zijn 13
    15. 15. ….En subtielSubtiel en ingetogen 14
    16. 16. Emoties zijn makkelijk op te roepen... Makkelijk op te roepen! 15
    17. 17. (en iets minder subtiel) Gedrag uitlokken 16
    18. 18. Aankoopintentie % 59% Zeker 46% 42% 35% 26% 28% 10% Aantal emotionele relevantie statementsSource: Ipsos ASI R&D Dec , 2007, N.A.: 75+ brands across 15+ categories, Emoti*Vator Associations 17
    19. 19. Het bepaalt RELEVANTIEVertelt ons welke informatie BEKLIJFT… …En welke wordt GENEGEERD Bepaalt ATTENTIE, versterkt HERINNERING en leren En BEÏNVLOEDT GEDRAG
    20. 20. …maar lastiger te valideren Maar zijn lastig te valideren…?! 19
    21. 21. “How a brand makes me feel” Madeleine de Bree Director Qualitative & Censydiam @MadeleinedeBree
    22. 22. 22
    23. 23. "In the factory wemake cosmetics;in the drugstore wesell hope.“ Charles Revson 1906 – 1975 25
    24. 24. Merkengroeien als ze resoneren met diepe motivaties.En de rol van communicatie is hetmerk te bewegen richting de consument z’n reis van behoeftes en aspiraties.
    25. 25. Geen markt zonder mensen “…Er is geen markt van lippenstiften of mascara, maar er is een markt voor aantrekkelijkheid, jeugdigheid, status en elegantie” “…Er is geen automarkt of een fietsmarkt, maar er is een markt voor vrijheid, onafhankelijkheid, voor status en comfort” “…Er is geen biermarkt, maar er is een markt voor sociale binding, voor ontspanning, voor connoisseurschap” 27
    26. 26. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    27. 27. 29
    28. 28. Het hebben van een kompas helpt om in hetlandschap van behoeften en aspiraties te navigeren  Gebaseerd op de principes van psychologie en sociologie.
    29. 29. Beer liberates tensions Provides happiness and fun “LETTING GO" “ACTIVE FREEDOM"of competence/superiority Beer helps to connect Beer gives feelings “CONVIVIALITY" with others “SOCIAL SUCCESS" “RELAXATION" “CONNOISSEUR” “THIRST QUENCHING" Beer gives a control over tensions and Reassurance 31
    32. 32. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    33. 33. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    34. 34. Does it fit with BRANDmy motivations BODY OF What qualities BRAND What am I Functional (more does this brand looking for? Characteristics conscious, have? rational)How should it For whom is this reflect upon Social Identity me? brand? SOUL OF What benefits BRANDHow will it help Emotional (less optimize life? Benefits does the brand have for me? conscious, moreWhat should it What should the emotional, Personality instinctive, stand for? brand stand for? symbolic) 36
    35. 35. What benefitsHow will it help Emotional does the brand optimize life? Benefits have for me? 37
    36. 36. Hoe check je vroegtijdig de persoonlijke resonantie? Mirjam Hooghuis Senior Research Executive Ipsos ASI @MirjamHooghuis
    37. 37. Early stage…van ideeën naar campagnes
    38. 38. Early stage testing Plan Create Qualify Monitor In-marketOntwikkeling Mogelijkheden Optimalisatie van campagne strategie voor creatie de creatie evaluatie
    39. 39. De sequoia’s van advertising...
    40. 40. Hoe Early StageTestingméér oplevert incommunicatie
    41. 41. Creatie: het goud van een succesvolle campagne De kwaliteit van de creatie bepaalt voor 75% het succes van de campagne (Ipsos Database) Creatieve krachtMud doesn’t turn genereert een into gold. hoger effectief bereik dan media uitgaven (Ipsos-ASI finding)
    42. 42. Early stage Ipsos ASI onderzoek: verhoogt de reclameherkenning… Zonder Met early stage onderzoek Ipsos-ASI Early Stage onderzoek 124 101 Gemiddelde Reclame Reclame herkenning herkenning Zonder Met Early Stage Investigation Bron: Ipsos Database
    43. 43. …en verbetert de impact op de merk KPI’s.... Zonder Met early stage onderzoek Ipsos-ASI Early Stage onderzoek 134 Gemiddelde Merk 87 KPI’s Merk KPI’s Zonder Met Early Stage Investigation Bron: Ipsos Database
    44. 44. …en maximaliseert de kosten- en timing-efficiency Zonder Met early stage onderzoek Ipsos-ASI Early Stage onderzoek €€€€€ €€€ Aantal Aantal hertesten: 3 hertesten: 0
    45. 45. Het tuingereedschap…. Plan Create Qualify Onderzoek de Ga op zoek naar de Optimaliseer de potentie van een best passende creatie en stem hetcommunicatieplan creatie mediaplan af Videoboard, Idea board storyboard, Bijna finale uitingen (text) animatic
    46. 46. Big*Idea
    47. 47. Succesvolle Big ideas moeten.. …blijven ‘hangen’ bij Engage consumenten ….bij merk passen en het merk Connect moet er van profiteren ….duurzaam zijn, het ‘DNA’ Activate worden van het merk en in alle media kunnen worden ingezet
    48. 48. Vragen over communicatie-ideeën: Welke communicatie- Zou dit ideeWelk communicatie- strategie heeft de vooral werkenidee past het beste sterkste emotionele onderbij mijn merk? impact op mijn gebruikers, of doelgroep? niet-gebruikers? Is het idee rijk genoeg om lang mee te gaan? Welke ‘haakjes’ moet ik gebruiken in de creatie?
    49. 49. Methode: een integrale kwanti-kwali-studie Fase 1 Fase 2 kwantitatief online kwalitatief onderzoek onderzoek
    50. 50. De opbouw van Big Ideas Messcherp inzicht Rol van het merk Handtekening merk Een inspirerend,  Natuurlijke connectie  Een ‘oneliner’ universeel principe tussen het merk en de Insight.  Dit kan de pay-off of Een uitgekleed idee signatuur worden van zonder merkassociatie  Een antwoord of het merk emotie die past bij het ‘Consumenten-taal’ merk, en relevant is  Heeft positieve impact op het merk 53
    51. 51. The Big Idea – voorbeeldMesscherp inzicht Rol van het merk Handtekening merk De beste dingen Met MasterCard kunt u Sommige dingen zijn in het leven zijn ten volle genieten van onbetaalbaar, voor al het gratis: liefde, wat voor u belangrijk is. andere is er MasterCard. gezondheid, familie, vrienden, plezier! Maar het is ook waar dat geld het leven makkelijker maakt. 54
    52. 52. The Big Idea – voorbeeld Messcherp inzicht Rol van het merk Handtekening merkIk ben jong van Ondersteun de Evian, Live Younggeest, en dat zie je jeugdigheid van jeaan mijn lifestyle. lichaam met Evian.Ik wil me jong blijvenVoelen, in hart ennieren, elke dag, water ook gebeurt. 55
    53. 53. The Big Idea – voorbeeld Messcherp inzicht Rol van het merk Handtekening merkVuil worden is onderdeel Met OMO kan je vuil OMO, vuil worden is heelvan het leven. Het is worden, want OMO weet gewoon, OMO wast doorleuk. raad met vlekken. en door schoon. 56
    54. 54. Successvolle Big Ideas hebben het volgende gemeen: Legt Slechts 1 op de 3 Big Pakt Ideas wordt BIG verbinding problemen, met de geboren frustraties consument en aspiraties Is in alle aan media inzetbaar Succesvolle Big Big Idea Ideas kunnen toepasbaar zijn op meerdere producten en Is duurzaam diensten Enthousias- meert medewerkers .
    55. 55. Opbouw vragenlijst en gespreksgids Fase 1: Kwantitatief Fase 2: Kwalitatief Spontane reacties Spontane reacties Concept Evaluator Exploratie, potentieel Emotionele reactie Visuele expressie Connectie met het merk Andere stimuli, mogelijkheden voor de creatie
    56. 56. Concept Evaluator: zinvolle en positieve componenten onthullen 59
    57. 57. Kwantitatief meten van emotionele reacties:Emoti*Scape Click to add text here 60
    58. 58. Emoti*ScapeTM: kwantitatief meten van emotionele reacties: Passive Apathetic At peace Lonely Shy Gratitude Tired EntertainedSad/Depressed Bored Cool/Calm Warm Fuzzy Curious/Interested Surprised Happy Confused Trust Negative Disappointed Worried Inspired Positive Aloof Love Embarrassed/Ashamed/Guilt Harmony Attraction Appreciated Intimidated Upset Free Turned-on Irritated Skeptical Dislike Hatred Confidence Proud Exploited Angry Active Motivated
    59. 59. Voorbeeld: idee 2 ontvangt meer positieve en actieve emotiesIdee 1Idee 2 3% 3% 20% 20% 26% 37% 6% 11% 8% 5% 13% 21% 2% 9% None of these emotions 1% 8% 33% 23% 62
    60. 60. Duidelijke deliverables die makkelijk ‘shareable’ zijn Idee 1 Idee 2 (Nog) geen Big Idea Potentieel Big Idea ENGAGEPotential to CONNECT ACTIVATE 63
    61. 61. Betrouwbaar, representatief en diepgaand 64
    62. 62. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    63. 63. Emotioneleovertuigingskracht in merkcommunicatie Roderik Sorbi Client Service Director Ipsos ASI @Sorbi
    64. 64. 67
    65. 65. VisualResponse Measure 68
    66. 66. Heart Response Fight or FlightAutonomic Innerscope BiometricNervous Monitoring SystemTM Arousal &System Skin Conductance Excitement International Patent Pending: PCT/US2007/019383 69
    67. 67. Autonomic Innerscope Biometric Nervous System Monitoring SystemTM Combined Emotional Response Engagement International Patent Pending: PCT/US2007/019383© Innerscope Research Inc. 2011 70
    68. 68. 1Het enigeneuroscienceonderzoeksbureaudat de kritische 2recensie van deARF heeftdoorstaan Time in secondshttp://transfer.innerscope.com/Eviancasestudy_minisite/open_me_in_internet_explorer.html
    69. 69. …. En op te sturen 72
    70. 70. 73
    71. 71. 74
    72. 72. 75
    73. 73. 76
    74. 74. 77
    75. 75. 78
    76. 76. Insight uit neurologisch onderzoek Emoties beïnvloeden het beslissingsproces – en is niet af te zonderen van rationeel denken zoals vroeger werd gedacht
    77. 77. “Rationele”feiten kunnen ook emotionele response genereren 80
    78. 78. Swirl in hetkopje…. …damp van de koffie 81
    79. 79. 82
    80. 80. 83
    81. 81. 84
    82. 82. 85
    83. 83. 86
    84. 84. Emotionele response is niet een eindresultaat 87
    85. 85. 8888
    86. 86. 89
    87. 87. 90
    88. 88. 91
    89. 89. Hoe kunnenwe de intensiteitvan emotionele response kwantificeren?
    90. 90. Mensen zijn in staat hunemotionele response ook zelf te rapporteren… 93
    91. 91. Cognitive Emotive PowerVisualiseert de intensiteit van een campagne. Gebaseerd op wat consumenten zeggen. Input vragen geven beeld van de perceptie over: Emotive Power – ….de mate van emotionele inhoud van de creatie, incl. de gepercipieerde “stemming” of “stijl” als ook de engagement of plezier van de creatie Cognitive Power – ….de hoeveelheid relevante informatie die door de creatie wordt gecommuniceerd en die beïnvloed is door aspecten zoals geloofwaardigheid en nieuwswaarde 94
    92. 92. Dr. Robert Heath Autoriteit rol van emoties in communicatie “The hidden power of advertising” “The Secret of Television’s Success: Emotional Content or Rational Information?” Best Paper Prize Journal of Advertising Research 50th Anniversary Special Edition“Seducing the Subconscious: The Psychology of Emotional Influence in Advertising”
    93. 93. 96
    94. 94. 97
    95. 95. Korte termijn sales effect Cognitive Power > Norm * COPY EFFECT INDEX BEREIK RESPONSE 107 Persuasion Impact: 117 126 Emotive Power > Norm * COPY EFFECT INDEX BEREIK RESPONSE 134 109 Persuasion Impact: 123 98
    96. 96. Lange termijn Equity effect Cognitive Power > Norm * EQUITY EFFECT INDEX BEREIK RESPONSE 107 Equity Impact: 125 131 Emotive Power > Norm * EQUITY EFFECT INDEX BEREIK RESPONSE 163 109 Equity Impact: 147 99
    97. 97. De CEP®Test Emotive and/or Cognitive Power Strong Both emotive and emotive cognitive BRAND ‘X’ Emotive Power Finished-TV-NORM Print - NORM Display-NORM Digital average PILOT average Strong Neither cognitiveBase: (150) Cognitive Power 100
    98. 98. CEP® Test (Females) 200 180 160 140 120Emotive Power TM 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Cognitive PowerTM 101
    99. 99. Very High Emotional Engagement High Emotional Engagement Emotional Engagement Low Emotional Engagement Visual Emotional Engagement Threshold unknowable Biometric Average Emotive Power “Emotional score Engagement”Response level* High 169 Medium 103 Measure Low 36-57 Ipsos ASI R&D studies
    100. 100. Emotive Power™ correleert sterk met depositieve emoties van deEmoti*scape™ kaart 103
    101. 101. Check of je idee of executiede potentie heeft het merk tebewegen in de gewenste richting
    102. 102. Create Monitor & MaximizePlan Qualify
    103. 103. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    104. 104. Wat een campagneconversatiewaardig maakt Stephan van Velthoven Insights Director Ipsos ASI @Stephanvv
    105. 105. Digitaal steeds meer centraal Context/Content Consument in controle “Liquid & Linked” Paid, Owned and Earned Het is de re-tweet! Luisteren/Reageren Experimenten managen
    106. 106. Word Of Mouth is effectiefOnze database toont aan:WOM kan heel effectief zijnDe uitdaging ispositieve, kwalitatieve buzz tecreëren en te onderhoudenHet meest vertrouwd doorandere consumenten in hetkoopproces 109
    107. 107. Elke ad kan viral worden… Geen product of categorie is meer viral dan een ander. Elke ad kan viral worden als het de goede kwaliteiten heeft 110
    108. 108. Content die emoties los maakt, wordt gedeeld 111
    109. 109. We kunnen vooraf de sharing potentie voorspellen& ook vertellen hoe je het verder kunt stimuleren consumers watch, and talk about, what resonates with them!
    110. 110. Re-transmission… ReachVergroot het bereikwaarvoor je hebt Brand Levert meer potentiebetaald Impact voor sterkere brand impact door C2C bereik (Social Proof) Re-transmission is veel breder dan viraliteit alleen en belangrijker dan alleen online views. Key is getting people to engage! 113
    111. 111. 114
    112. 112. Engaging ervaringen leiden naar echte merkimpact 1. Salience Stimulating mental Sales and/or Brand Equity emotional Benefit personal Image connection 2. Advocacy Stimulating (active) Etc. participatio n Reach & Reception 3. Stimulating “engaging experiences” re-transmission amplify reach, reception, connection and brand benefit (social conversations) 115
    113. 113. 116
    114. 114. Live | Test:meten van digitale campagnes via surveys én online gedrag Live|Test biedt een realistisch beeld van de (potentiële) impact van een digitale campagne. Flexibel & ModulairRealistische Toonaangevende context methodes gekoppeld aan Natuurlijke web analytics ervaring voor de consument 117
    115. 115. Live | Test: hoe werkt het? De consument surft op het internet zoals hij dat altijd doet - Natuurlijke ervaring Tijdens het browsen, toont Live|Test de gewenste ad aan de consument. - Realistische context Na de blootstelling, meten we via de survey de KPI’s & diagnostics, maar ook passief het online gedrag - Echte effecten 118
    116. 116. #1 Persoonlijke connectie 119
    117. 117. Branded experiences brengen je eigen ervaring naar hoger peil http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/ 120
    118. 118. Personal Resonance is wat het merk voor mensen doet.En dat zegt meer dan likeability… 0.68 0.27 Likeability Personal Resonance Sterkte van de relatie met volgende aankoop (R value) 121
    119. 119. Creëer een persoonlijke connectie Deze reclame gaat over dingen waar ik echt om geef index 186 Deze reclame gaat over dingen waar ik echt van geniet index 174 Gemiddelde van de pilot van Live|Test 900 respondenten 122 best in class 150 respondenten
    120. 120. #2 Participatie 123
    121. 121. Relevante en waardevolle content zorgt dat consumententerugkomen en participeren 124
    122. 122. Lay’s Maak de Smaak laat mensen massaal participeren enhet succes co-creëren We hadden ingeschat dat er online ongeveer 1 miljoen Battles gespeeld zouden worden. Het zijn er bijna 6 miljoen geworden!’ Barbara van Verseveld Marketing Directeur Lay’s 125 Campagne geëvalueerd door Ipsos Synovate
    123. 123. Engaging digital ads zorgen voor participatie... Best in class index 127 Participatiescore Gemiddelde van de pilot van Live|Test 900 respondenten 126 best in class 150 respondenten
    124. 124. De reclame zet vooral aan om meer productinformatie en Wereclame te gaanelicits some desire to see other also see the ad bekijken... advertising AND to seek out more information 1 PARTICIPATIONIpsos ASI | digitalIpsos ASI Version 1 | Public Base:150 Gemiddelde van de pilot van Live|Test 900 respondenten 127 best in class 150 respondenten
    125. 125. Via webgedrag en bijbehorende motivaties uitzoeken hoe hetnog beter kan… Motivaties om Targeted websites niet te clicken: te weinig onderscheid: ‘Iedereen biedt dit aan, of je nu klantUnieke clicks bent of niet’ Zeer beperkt Beneden gemiddeldSearch terms Inzicht in de gebruikte search terms in 1 Google1 Motivaties voor - (input voor SEO/SEA) sitebezoek: checken ofUnieke sites bezocht aanbod echt beter is dan de Inzicht in aantallen concurrentiewww.laposte.fr bezochte sites  lengte van 4 per persoon overeenkomstwww.laposte.net 3  betalings-www.lapostemobile.fr voorwaarden 128
    126. 126. #3 Zorg dat consumenten gaan delen 129
    127. 127. Als ze het experiment leuk vinden, delen ze hetRetransmission potential score Gemiddeld in de pilot: 17,4% Best in class: 36.6% 130
    128. 128. re-transmission can be expected,sharing worden verwacht; Er kan veel on- en offline most likely through but wenietsee evidence of “broadcast sharing” potential do alleen 1-op-1 maar ook sharing aan velen… 32 How re-transmission is likely to occur: 36% V. 17% BENCHMARKSI | digitalsion 1 | Public Gemiddelde van de pilot van Live|Test 900 respondenten 131 best in class 150 respondenten
    129. 129. Palmarès Ipsos ASI 2012 WINNER Digital 132
    130. 130. 133
    131. 131. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    132. 132. Engaging digital ads hebben merk impact « For people like me » «makes me feel good about this brand » 43% « makes me think this brand is different from other brands » 19% 54%38% « makes me think 27% about this brand in 43% 51% a new way » 22% 32% Pilots best in class 32% Pilots average 19% TV norm Gemiddelde van de pilot van Live|Test 900 respondenten 16% 135 best in class 150 respondenten
    133. 133. Wie wil je bereiken met wat voor participatie?
    134. 134. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    135. 135. “ … brands can encourage re-transmission and word-of-mouth advocacy of theirmessages to connect with those who are less committed.Communications and campaigns that achieve this are the ones that will go beyondmarket share defence and help brands grow and acquire new customers. ” Phil Shaw, Head of Digital, Ipsos ASI in ‘Leveraging the social media paradox’ 138
    136. 136. The best way to predict the future, is to create it.
    137. 137. Hoe creëer je optimalemerkimpact door maximale engagement? Stephan van Velthoven Insights Director Ipsos ASI @Stephanvv
    138. 138. Emoties … 141
    139. 139. Wat is belangrijker: creatie of media? 142
    140. 140. 143
    141. 141. Het goede nieuws… a tool 144
    142. 142. 145
    143. 143. Vroeg beginnen: we weten dat het werkt… Monitor Create and Maximize Big Ideas Many early stage A few near In market Media ideas or creative finished creative evaluationReceptivity Plan Qualify 146
    144. 144. Het gaat om receptivity: daar zijn waar en wanneer consumenten… engaged willen worden: wanneer ze willen luisteren, je boodschap oppakken en hierop actie ondernemen met het merk willen interacteren, informatie en advies zoeken, etc.De juiste plek & het juistemoment zorgt voor respect,geen irritatie 147
    145. 145. We weten over receptivity… met o.a. projecten voor Google 148
    146. 146. The media environment will continue to become more complexand more fragmented.This has the potential to overwhelm both brand managersand the consumers interacting with them. Gerry Hahlo, Ipsos ASI, ‘Is it worth the money you save?’ 149
    147. 147. Convergentie is key Mediasilo’s verdwijnen Integratie van media & creatie Verschillende doelen voor holistische interactie
    148. 148. We leggen niet de focus op mediabereik van paid media… 151
    149. 149. Maar op wat is bijgebleven van alle touch points…Qualified RecallRating 152
    150. 150. 153 Rated 8 -10 Rated 1 - 4 Rated 5 - 7Qualified recall zorgt voor meer variatie tussen touch points ent e Ev Liv a em Cin C CG M/ WO R /P ws Ne y pla Dis re Sto In- ts ve r Ad et ern Int ites W ebs Co e rs Fly il Ma t Dir v en dE or e ons Sp r ste Qualified Recall Rating: Po re Sto e s id t In nsi Hoe specifiek is de Tra ide uts tO nsi Tra e rs os t herinnering? lr P Sm a rd lbo B il Lr g er pap ws Ne zi ne ga Ma dio Ra TV 100 80 60 40 20 0
    151. 151. We tonen hoe jouw merk per touch point is bijgebleven tenopzichte van de concurrentie… 154
    152. 152. Hoe klanten anders omgaan met touch points dan niet-klantenen dus ook een andere aanpak vragen… De rol van earned zoals die van WOM is vaak groter onder klanten Recall drivers 155
    153. 153. Om de impact op merken te bepalen,vragen we NIET naar geclaimde effecten 156
    154. 154. We modelleren de invloed van elke touch point op de merk KPI’s Brand Awareness Paid media touch-points1 Brand Consideration2  Owned touch-points Brand Associations Desire/Equity Earned touch-points Purchase3 Usage Different touch points… drive different targets… to produce different outcomes 157
    155. 155. Door recall & impact te combineren, zien we de touch points diesterk zijn en potentieel hebben Put more behind these Continue to spend touch points or make on these touch points. creative more memorable Pool out! Brand Impact Reconsider strategic Spend budget elsewhere, reasons for current and/or review creative execution of these for current weaknesses touch points Recall Touch-Point 158
    156. 156. En omdat je niet alle marketingopties zelf kan testen… … bepalen we ook de brand impact van de touch points die concurrenten gebruiken* * zonder dat ze het weten 159
    157. 157. Zodat je ziet hoeveel elk touch point oplevert, wat gerichte input geeft om verder te groeien Average WoM is important Conversations with among Heavy Users friends/familyImpact op Brand Equity (voor de categorie) Continue with TV Require Require Better Better Recommendations Execution Execution Television In store circular/flyers Discussions Inside advertising on signs Sponsorship Direct mail Average Website Outdoor Consider Using Person in store Online search These Less Free samples Blogs Online Advertising Emails sent -3.5 Recall van touch points 160
    158. 158. Hoe kunnen what-if scenario’s je helpen omje impact in de toekomst te plannen?
    159. 159. MediaPlanner*360: input voor toekomstige plannen ?? 2012 2013 ? Impact van paid, owned & earned media in de categorie  Kan kanalen evalueren die een merk (nog) niet heeft gebruikt  Heeft een simulatietool 162
    160. 160. Met simulatietool what-if analyses en insights 163
    161. 161. En da’s wel handig als... je budget drastisch wordt gewijzigd
    162. 162. En da’s wel handig als... tussentijds andere doelen belangrijker worden
    163. 163. En da’s wel handig als... je meer moet/wilt gaan doen met owned/earned media
    165. 165. Maak de cirkel rond Monitor Create and Maximize Big Ideas(media agnostic) Many early stage A few near In market Media ideas or creative finished creative evaluation Receptivity Plan QualifyAre Fundamentals Sound? Are Outcomes There?Resonance with Brand Role Social Value SalesConsumer Journey Distinctiveness, Advocacy, Brand EquityComprehension, engagement, credibility and fit story-telling capability Re-TransmissionRelevance of idea/execution 169
    166. 166. © 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.
    167. 167. Emoties zijn belangrijker danooitOnderzoekers en marketeersworstelen met het bepalenen begrijpen van emotiesDoor creatie meer te koesterenkunnen merken sterkerresoneren 171
    168. 168. “Dont bunt. Aim outof the ballpark. Aim for thecompany of immortals.” David Ogilvy 172
    169. 169. Let eMotion Rule The Waves© 2012 Ipsos BV. All rights reserved. Contains Ipsos Synovates Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be disclosed or reproduced without the prior written consent of Ipsos Synovate.