11.05.21 reflections v5 (aim to win in 2012)


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11.05.21 reflections v5 (aim to win in 2012)

  1. 1. Aim to Win in 2012 Prepare Properly to Effectively Communicate your Brand during the London Summer Olympic Games and Euro 2012 Diego Pagura, Copy Testing Product Manager, Ipsos ASI Lys Hugessen, Vice President, Ipsos ASIREFLECTIONS Inspiration for Action
  2. 2. Page 2 Aim to Win in 2012 It is true that the emotional engagement with major sporting events, like the Olympics, can create a halo effect that can Viewer Attention to Commercials while watching TV % Total drive positive perceptions and motivations for sponsor brands and organizations. Why? The large, global attentive audiences Watched commercials 34 are excited about their teams’ prospects. And, for potential sponsors, Summer 2012 will be noteworthy, with Euro 2012 Switched channels during and the London Summer Olympic Games spanning much the commercial breaks 23 of the season. Stayed in the room in which the TV was located, but did something else while the 62 commercials were on Left the room in which the TV was located for any period of time while the 52 commercials were on Source: Ipsos ASI If 2010 is the barometer to understand the potential to With a short advertising window, when audience attentions engage audiences, 2012 should be a significant opportunity are focused on who is winning or losing, marketers need to for savvy marketers. invest wisely to ensure positive returns for their brands. And not just with TV. 2010 was also the year where both When faced with the decision to spend heavily on media, media silos and content merged, with fans actively following or on developing the best creative possible, we strongly their favorite teams or athletes online, or on their tablets recommend the latter. or smart phones. Because whichever way we look at the data, developing powerful creative is the best strategy: we observe that ‘creative’ explains 75+% of the variance in campaign success. And it is an investment that marketers can completely control. To ensure a better chance at winning gold, here are a few strategies to consider. 1. Discover your gold winning Big Idea 2. Choose your ad approach wisely But major sporting events, for those who host, participate, 3. Know your viewing audience and advertise, come with a considerable cost. The invest- ment is sizeable. While the media cost for a 30 second ad 4. Don’t forget your brand during the annual US Super Bowl alone is held up as the 5. Choose your media mix well extreme, marketers are guaranteed high levels of exposure, as watching the ads is as much a part of the big event as As with any campaign, start first by scoring the final touchdown. discovering your gold winning Big Idea. But the media costs for major sporting events other than As Ogilvy coined, “it takes a Big Idea to attract the attention the Super Bowl are still well above average, and cannot of consumers…, even during a sporting event. For an every- ” guarantee the same exposure, or even a benefit to the brand. day campaign, getting this Big Idea ‘right’ is challenging. And, with ~150 hours of advertising in the US alone during Add in the complexity of sponsoring an event like the Sum- the 2012 Summer Olympics, it could be tough for ads to be mer Olympics or Euro, where audiences cross geographies, guaranteed a return. and getting the Big Idea right feels like mission impossible. But it can be mission possible – if the starting point is big. Likelihood to Switch Channels Essential human motivations and values that we all share, While Watching a Television Show Percentage of Viewers who did not switch away from their primary show regardless of culture, should ultimately be ‘big. And many ’ cultures value major sporting events in a similar way. Explore Soaps 78 and discover the essential human truth that works for Reality TV 68 your brand. News 65 To guarantee you have the right Big Idea, you need to talk to Investigative 63 consumers. Contrary to popular belief, you can successfully Comedy 62 complete Big Idea research. Doing so will ensure you know Movie 58 just how to connect your brand to the sporting event at TV Magazine/ Entertainment 58 hand, so that consumers will do so too. Sports 55 Doing so will also ensure your advertising has a better History/ Documentary 52 chance of crossing geographies – one global unifying theme Music 43 Source: Ipsos ASI may not be enough, because it may not consider what is most relevant to the audience.Ipsos ASI – The Advertising Research Specialists
  3. 3. Page 3 Aim to Win in 2012 Average Effectiveness of World Cup 2010 Impact of Country Morale (Success of Athletes) Global Campaigns in 5 Countries on Advertising Performance Reach Response 140 130 123 116 Reach (Branded Recognition) 110 Response (Positive Feelings) 101 78 82 75 Average Index Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Visibility Brand Link Positive Feelings Source: Ipsos World Cup 2010 Study towards the brand ˾ Low Morale ˾ Neutral Morale ˾ High Morale When deciding upon what type of ad Source: Ipsos World Cup 2010 Study approach to use, Choose Wisely Celebrities continue to benefit and hinder breakthrough. To Your Big Idea is just one ingredient in the development of be effective, the celebrity needs to be relevant to the event great creative. Given the media expenditure, and the amount as well as to the brand. During the 2010 World Cup, ads of clutter, it is also critical to find the right executional that featured well-known football /soccer celebrities broke approach – one that will have impact rather than fade into through and were associated to the advertised brand: there the background. Various tactics like event-themed adver­ was seamless integration of the celebrity with the brand tising, leveraging “Ring Rights” if you have them, (official together with a relevant football /soccer scenario. Olympic Sponsor status) national pride, or the use of celeb- rities, might make sense at the starting line. But each one World Cup ads comes with its own potential pitfalls. Speaking the same language, and developing an event- themed ad can help drive higher sponsorship awareness. But ensure that your brand benefits. In an environment where all advertising could be event-themed, it will be difficult to stand out as unique. Furthermore, it is challenging to Brazil – Samsung Germany – Nutella communicate both a sponsorship and a branded message. Consumers may remember your ad, but not what you said. Performance of Event Themed Ads versus Others during the 2010 World Cup 126 113 107 100 83 79 Spain – Cruzcampo Average Index During the 2011 Super Bowl, where many different types of celebrities were showcased, Visibility Brand Link Positive Feelings the opposite held true. Many towards the brand celebrity ads failed to break- ˾ Not Event themed ˾ Event themed through in the same way that Source: Ipsos World Cup 2010 Study Super Bowl 2011 – Snickers ads that featured less expen- sive talent did (like dogs and babies). But many of the celeb- Also, our data shows, “Ring Rights” are not a guarantee of rities used were neither relevant to (American) football, nor higher ad recall. Remember, great creative is. were they showcased in a scenario that was relevant to the The use of patriotism and national pride to engage audiences game, meaning consumers had to work too hard to under- can also be a double-edged sword. While it can positively stand what was going on. impact overall ad performance, you must pay close atten- tion to the morale or spirit of the countries you are adver­ tising in during the event: ask yourself, are their athletes winning or losing? Advertising effectiveness is clearly affected by the overall morale of the viewing country, and there is only ever one winner.Ipsos ASI – The Advertising Research Specialists
  4. 4. Page 4 Aim to Win in 2012 Regardless of what you decide, our experience shows that Our 2010 World Cup study demonstrated that male viewers when you spend time and effort in testing a variety of were more positive towards World Cup ads than female approaches at the earliest stages of development, to under- viewers, suggesting that within that context, ads were equally stand what is going to work best, you are more likely to relevant to each of the two genders. find a gold winning creative idea quickly. You can easily take risks that consumers will reward you for, and learn before Average Advertising Effectiveness investing in finished film. of World Cup Ads by Gender 124 118 117 109 ˾ Females ˾ Males Impact of Early Stage Testing Average Index by Gender on Air-able Copy Rates 82 77 Likelihood of ads to be aired when originally tested 100% at the earliest stages of development 90% 80% 84% 70% 76% Visibility Brand Link Increase in 60% Positive Feelings Source: Ipsos World Cup 2010 Study 50% 40% 52% 30% In contrast, our most recent Super Bowl study conducted 20% shortly after the 2011 game demonstrated significant differ- 10% (n=2116) (n=152) (n=62) ences, on average, between male and female viewers – only 0% one or two worked for both. Non Screened Screened in Early Screened and Stage test Scored Average or Strong in Source: Ipsos ASI Global Database Early Stage test Appealed more to Males Appealed to Both Snickers/Loggers Snickers/Betty White (2010) Male CEI: 130 Male CEI: 132 Really Know Your Viewing Audience Female CEI: 46 Female CEI: 179 Beyond the Big Idea it is also important to know who is Appealed more to Females Appealing to Males watching what, and where. Doritos/Pug Events that were once the domain of young males, like the Male CEI: 1 Super Bowl and World Cup, are now attracting a greater Female CEI: 229 pro­ortion of female viewers. And females continue to p Appealing to Females dominate Olympic viewership. So, while both genders can respond similarly to advertising, they often don’t, and sometimes that makes perfect sense. In our 2010 study the Betty White Snickers ad was a Proportion of Viewers of Super Bowl great example of creative that and Olympics by Gender worked for both male and Super Bowl Viewers by Gender Olympic Viewers by Gender female viewers, as it com- bined a universal and relevant Super Bowl 2010 – Snickers consumer insight (you are not yourself when you are hungry) with a relevant scenario (touch football) and celebrity (Betty White). Females Males Females Males 46% 54% 56% 44% In 2011, the Snickers ad, set in a logging camp, featuring the celebrities Richard Lewis and Roseanne, did not repeat that broadly appealing success. It was, in fact, one of the few ads that appealed more to males than to females, who must Source: The Nielsen Company have appreciated the slap stick comedy more, because they found it more humorous and less irritating. And the Doritos ad that tied for first on the US Today Ad Meter? It was seen as hum­ orous by both males and females, but only females appreciated it fully: perhaps Super Bowl 2011 – Doritos males didn’t want to be seen as the guy trapped under the door.Ipsos ASI – The Advertising Research Specialists
  5. 5. Page 5 Aim to Win in 2012 It is not just gender that is important. While marketers And Choose Your Media Mix Well continually target younger audiences, sporting events, espe- Great creative is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle, cially the Olympics, are more likely to be watched by older but it is only the first step. Getting the media mix right is audiences – audiences that still hold considerable buying power. critical too. Consumers will continue to merge their use of Executional devices need to be considered carefully. media to be fully informed whenever, wherever. It stands Likelihood of Watching the Olympics to reason that good multimedia campaigns will drive the and Super Bowl by Age Group highest recall and response. 182 But don’t forget, TV presence is the key driver of campaign recall: don’t underestimate it when faced with emerging Age Group Viewership Index media hype. TV continues to be the best medium to get 115 mass reach in a short timeframe – important during events 106 like the Olympics or Euro. You just don’t have the same 80 80 amount of time to build reach for your campaign. And, the 43 best media package will not generate ad recall for a weak ad...even if it is Olympic or Euro themed. 12 to 17 18 to 49 55+ Campaign Recall by Media 53 Source: The Nielsen Company ˾ 2010 Olympics ˾ Super Bowl XLIV By knowing your audience intimately, you can ensure the Recall, % 23 message is relevant to who is watching, when (and how). 20 17 17 11 9 Don’t forget the brand Marketers that start the ad development journey with Big TV Billboard Radio Newspaper Store POS Magazine Online Idea testing understand intimately how to showcase their Source: Ipsos ASI North America Ad*Graph Database brand, in a way that is meaningful for viewers. For those that may not know, the investment to advertise during major Recognizing that TV creative is key, non-TV media can con- sporting events could come at the expense of the brand, tribute to greater overall reach. When you add touchpoints although it really shouldn’t. And, this is not good brand to a campaign, you reach more consumers, reinforcing your building practice. branded message. Ability of Super Bowl ads to Impact Advertised Brand Impact of using Multiple Mediums 32 on Campaign Reach Potential Fits the way I feel about the Brand 17 REACH GAIN +9 +6 +5 +5 OVER TV ONLY 18 66 63 62 62 57 34 53 Makes me feel good about the brand 26 22 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 ˾ Ipsos ASI AII Ad Norm ˾ 2011 Super Bowl Average ˾ 2010 Super Bowl Average Source: Ipsos ASI Super Bowl Studies Just keep it simple: know what your brand stands for in the TV only @ TV only @ TV @ 1000 TV @ 1000 TV @ 1000 TV @ 1000 context of the event, ensure you know how to showcase 1000 TRPs 1500 TRPs TRPs + Radio TRPs + TRPs + TRPs + @ 1500 TRPs Magazine @ Newspaper Outdoor @ it in a broadly relevant way. And test early to be able to 300 TRPs @ 850 TRPs 2000 TRPs leverage the opportunity ahead. APPROX 100 150 150 150 150 150 COST INDEX Source: Ipsos ASI North America Ad*Graph NormsIpsos ASI – The Advertising Research Specialists
  6. 6. Page 6 Aim to Win in 2012 It is best to use a consistent creative approach across media Putting it all together (grounded in your Big Idea) with synergistic messages. Other­ When advertising in and around major sporting events, just wise you will clutter or confuse. as with the athletes competing, proper preparation will help And, not only does a multimedia presence contribute to greater you win gold for your brand. Value your brand from the start: overall reach, it contributes to a greater branded response uncover your brand’s Big Idea that is truly grounded in – better return on investment. essential human motivations. Then weigh the risks and rewards of your creative approach, in the context of your Impact of using Multiple Mediums on Brand Response viewing audience, before you cross the starting line. Average Brand Imagery (T3B%) Remember to start testing early and to never forget the 73 78 brand. And, when finalizing your media plan, keep in 67 mind that audiences will be merging their use of multiple 58 mediums to stay connected. Choose the right message for each medium to guarantee a winning campaign. None 1 Medium 2 Media 3+ Media Source: Ipsos ASI Database And, we also recommend you consider the use synergistic TV ad pools. It not only improves your chances of break- through, it helps to prevent the wearout associated with this type of broadcast environment, where continuous viewing of one ad can result in high ad exposure and fatigue. Finally, recent events have demonstrated that different events score more with different mediums. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, US viewers were most likely to watch skiing on TV. Most Viewed Olympic Sports in the US through 2/15/2010 Rank Sport Average # of Viewers 1 Freestyle Skiing 26,928,346 2 Downhill Skiing 26,689,344 3 Luge 26,157,455 4 Snowboarding 25,469,008 5 Figure Skating 25,448,801 6 Speed Skating 22,557,801 Source: The Nielsen Company But, it was hockey that dominated the online environment, creating the most buzz volume. Most Buzzed About Olympic Sports Proportion of Online Messages by Sport 30.6 Buzz Volume, % 17.6 10.0 8.6 8.2 5.4 Hockey Luge Figure Skating Curling Speedskating Snowboard Source: The Nielsen Company. February 9 –18, 2010 Effective campaigns assign a strategic objective to each element in the media mix – so plan first and early, before you execute.Ipsos ASI – The Advertising Research Specialists
  7. 7. About Ipsos ASIIpsos ASI offers marketers state-of-the-art advertising research built on more than 40 years of experience using measurespredictive of in-market performance. We offer a full-range of solutions across all media – at any stage in the creativeprocess – from equity assessment to strategic development, advertising testing, and tracking. Our research is backed bya dedicated team of advertising research specialists whose mission is to deliver the answers that will add value to yourbusiness anywhere in the world.About IpsosIpsos ASI is a member of the Ipsos Group, a leading global survey-based research company. Ipsos member companies offerexpertise in advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media, and public affairs research, as well as forecasting, modeling,and consulting. With offices in 66 countries, the Paris-based company was founded in 1975.For general information, contact us via email at:info@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on North America:naminfo@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on Latin America:lataminfo@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on Europe:europeinfo@ipsos-asi.comFor regional information on Asia-Pacific:asiainfo@ipsos-asi.com