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  1. 1. The Spiritual Science of Everyday Life www.spiritualscience.co.uk
  2. 2. -Unit 9 – Monday‟s Child is Fair of Face?Adolescence and the unfolding of ourInspirational Body stream.Planetary Soul Qualities andThe Contrast Wheel
  3. 3. With the unfolding of our Formative Body stream, CHOLERICtemperament emerges. And our memory can begin to SANGUINEconnect our experiences into a storyline, which helps PHLEGMATIC shape our personality. MELANCHOLIC
  4. 4. With the unfolding of our Inspirational Body stream, This stream has been flowing soul qualities emerge that since birth but now its add contrast to our individual qualities emerge temperament – expressed in a fairly turbulent phase,through biological, cognitive full of eddies and whirlpools. and behavioural changes
  5. 5. The interweaving wisdom of the ancient myteries developed an awareness of the immense spiritual illumination of the Sun Consciousness – reminders of realities that had once been experienced directly. The Moon initiate experienced a reflection of spiritual light illuminating spiritual consciousnesswithin entire orbits of permeating spheres of influence – physically expressed in the planets. These spiritual, „astral‟ influences breath into our Inspirational Body as it unfolds.
  6. 6. What Monday‟s Moon has in reflection…Of appearance, procreation, sexuality;of the influence of other planets
  7. 7. Tuesday Mars will voice in expression…Of the uncontainable oneness of being..Outwardly as speech and to understand..Yearning to express (can be superficial and aggressive.)
  8. 8. Wednesday, Mercury‟s wit is quickening…Making connections and linking inner thoughts…Movement and mobility…
  9. 9. Thursday‟s Jupiterian thinking…Clarity of thinking..(Jupiterian clarity + Mercurian wit + Martian urgency =enthusiasm?
  10. 10. What Friday‟s Venus loves and protects…The common core of love and reverence in all real striving..The loving feeling of adolescence emerging with Moon forces..Imbuing our thinking and speech..the care of another..
  11. 11. Saturday‟s Saturn will never forget…Closely associated with memory and independence of being..(Saturnian memory + Jupiterian clarity = “Aha!”)
  12. 12. Sunday‟s Sunbrings alltogetherAnd shines onall whateverthe weather…
  13. 13. Our karmic balance of soul qualities are much more mobile than temperament
  14. 14. Play - ♣ The Day Today Game ♣ The Contrast Wheel GameObject of the Games: To relate each planetary sphere of influence to you or someone you know. To explore how these qualities of soul add contrast to our character, to the extent to which you feel they are active in you at particular times.
  15. 15. Our karmic balance of soul qualities are much more mobile than temperamentThat which Can bewas once regained forattainable only our modern dayafter death or consciousnessthrough the ritual of ancient throughmysteries – the core of our being intuitive remembranceilluminated by the spiritual Sun –
  16. 16. enduring “I” intuition soul judgingmemoryFormative body stream past Inspirational body stream deep future yearning senses physical body