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  1. 1. The Spiritual Science of Everyday Life www.spiritualscience.co.uk
  2. 2. – Unit 12 – A New Conversation♣ Concentration, contemplation and meditation♣ The ages of you and I♣ A wisdom of the elders
  3. 3. Playing The Game – sense bound to sense freeThe Game is concentration, contemplation and meditation The intention now is to explore our own being through our stream of intuitive thinking
  4. 4. Sense perception In our earliest years it was easier to observe the “kissing gate” of sense perception and thinking as two separate processes. ThinkingAs we grow older, senseperception and thinking become imperceptibly integrated. The realm of our enduring “I” flows through the stream of intuitive thinking but is not perceptible by ordinary sense perception.
  5. 5. Recap from Unit 5... These senses help infuse our imagination with Feeling. To lift our „dreamy‟ feelings into a wakeful, clear imagination that we remember is to help prepare our…………………………. super-sense of Imagination . We are most „asleep‟ and unconscious in our Will. We feel its pulse but remain asleep to its force. Through these senses we can strengthen our Will activity to behold the essence of something, remain at one with its inner being and help prepare……. our super-sense of Inspiration . When developing our super-senses we arrive at a stage when we „let go‟. We wait in our content- less soul for that which is living in our Thinking to approach us. These senses help prepare…….. our super-sense of Intuition .
  6. 6. With our whole being, infused with our transformed senses, we may perceive something more beyond our senses through sense-free intuitive thinking. (See Unit 5)So, we strengthen – “a thinking that takes place after sense perception but before the solidity of words formulates a thought.” How to observe my thinking whilst I‟m doing it? (See Unit 2 Notes) I need a „motif‟ – some thing thate.g. can help me „view‟ my thinking – but one that won‟t at once necessarily „make sense‟. IN LIGHT LIVES STREAMING WISDOM
  7. 7. Play - ♣The GameObject of the Game: To concentrate, contemplate and meditate.
  8. 8. Part 1 - contemplation Seek a mood of remembrance with a♣ Preparation - find a place and a quiet lightness of being for the âme time to sit quietly with least of the Game. Feel the alertness ofprospect of distraction – the mood being we have when something is on you seek is one of contemplative the „tip of the tongue‟ without the remembrance. intensity. A mood of remembrance flows not from „brain thinking‟ but rather from the heart, as if something is seeking expression. Settle into the motif and take it into memory. Let distracting thoughts be ♣ Choose some thing, a motif, assigned to a bubble and let that to think about bubble float away from your attention. Using the same motif every time intensifies the effectiveness of The Game but can make it feel more difficult at first – we have to work beyond the „sugar rush‟ of an early experience. An example – IN LIGHT LIVES STREAMING WISDOM
  9. 9. ♣ Delicately describe Let the whole motif appear as if on a large screen. Distinguish essential from inessential. Let each word or part of the motif move forward on the screen and let your attention fall on that part as though the rest of the motif is in the background or periphery. Does the whole or any part of it appeal to your senses? What „sound‟ does it make? Attend to each part. E.g. listen to each syllable, vowel and consonant, of the word, “WISDOM”.Part 2 - meditation ♣Exactly imagine Imagine all your musings now transforming into just one part or word of the motif. It‟s not about „filling‟ it with content but of infusing it with your feeling for its essence. Hold that in memory. Attend to how this one part holds all parts, like one part of a hologram. Don‟t leap for meaning.
  10. 10. The one „part‟ itself now fades and ♣ Beholding we seek to behold only its essence, the residue of what is left. If you think everything has evaporated along with the „part‟, you might want to return to the previous stages with a lightness of being or simply stay where you are for a while. Retain gentle, robust attention. We don‟t seek to conceptualise its essence – simply behold it. Now let go of this hold. We wait for♣ Being involved its touch. Wait to be involved. Our thinking is living in a non-physical, spiritual stream, and so the space appears empty. Only in silence can we hear. Awake with open âme, our thinking lives in the stillness. A thought, echo, image, now or later, may emerge but we let The Game weave back into our daily lives.
  11. 11. The further we pursue SOS the path of The Game the more we should take care andS nurture a moral approach to our work S – qualities of soul that can be cultivated through reaching for the „lifebelts‟ as O described in the Unit Notes. See how some of the Games in the SOS SOS SOS programme help tie S SSS S Sthese into a life raft of SOS SOS SOS O O O “Supplementary S SS S S S Exercises” O O O for the soul.
  12. 12. We have the capacity and capability Why should to explore this path. we? We‟ve traced through Units 4-9 an alliance between our physical and soul-spiritual development. In the ancient times of humanity this continued through to our elderly years.The age andhorizon atwhich this The wisdomalliance ceaseshas gradually x of the elders.been dropping. See The How Old Do You Think You Are Game
  13. 13. Sense awareness filling our Humanity is „getting „dream‟ younger not older‟ consciousness in long ages past 7893-5733BC >> Ancient Indian ...................................... 50‟s wisdoms of 2970-747BC >> karma and reincarnation Sentient Soul of .............. 42- the Egyptian- 747BC -1413AD>> Chaldean epoch 35 IntellectualMind Soul of feeling the Graeco-Latin epoch ............................................. 35- 1413-3573AD >> thinking 28 Consciousness/ ....................................................................... 26?Spiritual Soul of the present .................................................................. 21 epoch 3573AD >> >> 6th cultural epoch ............................................. ? 5067AD >> >> 7th cultural epoch
  14. 14. “Slip slidin awaySlip slidin awayYou know the nearer your destinationThe more youre slip slidin away”Paul Simon A capability unrecognised goes unused and the energies that could have been used to develop it are either redirected to some other pursuit, left in a state of uncertainty or wither on the vine like a ripe grape unpicked.