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Iowa Prevention Seminar


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  • - When Administrator Steve Larson came on in May of 2010 he changed ABD’s mission to read ----
    - Our office strives to maintain a unique balance between regulation, distribution, generating revenue, all while providing opportunities for growth for business’ and promoting social responsibility through education.
  • I realize that the majority of you are not working on the retail side of selling alcohol but we wanted to show you some of the tools available to our retailers that may benefit you as well. I have heard feedback from several of you that you are the “go to” resource in your agencies or local communities on alcohol related issues. Our website is a great resource & we want to take some time to go show you some items that may benefit you when doing research, conducting surveys, or learning about what is going on at the Division.
    On the right in the News will be current press releases, publications or items that have been added to the website.
    Events: Are upcoming holidays or changes to the order schedule, we also post outreach events here
    - It’s a good idea to visit the homepage periodically to see what new items have been added
  • Launched last fall this section of the website is solely dedicated to providing educational information.
    & links to outside resources - statistics, data, non-profit groups & programs
  • Adding new materials & always looking for new topics to add. The next wave of materials will be centered towards high school aged youth.
  • - This is something I am getting more and more requests for, a list of speakers that speak on alcohol related issues some with a religious component.
    - There bio’s are included as well as contact information on how to get reach them. In addition if you have had a speaker at one of your events that had a unique/profound message I would really like to hear about them so I could add them to our website with their permission. This helps others when looking for a speaker to fit the perfect niche for an event they are arranging.
  • Brief overview of what is available on this section of the website. (will go into further detail on the next 3 slides)
  • Weekly publication – pulls together alcohol and tobacco related news stories related to Iowa, National and International. We always include an education piece under inside shots – we can post information about upcoming events or training sessions in your areas if you contact me. This publication is emailed out to over 800 subscribers each Friday.
    - At the bottom of this email there is also upcoming events that will be taking place at the Division - like commisison meetings with a link to the agenda.
  • This is a free quarterly publication that includes a legally speaking article which features a current issue the upcoming November topic covers charity beer wine and auction permits. As well as a letter from our Administrator or Deputy administrator on current initiatives, an eye on Iowa article that features a bar or restaurant located in Iowa, & meet the staff. Digital copies are posted on the website & you can always contact our office for additional copies.
  • All presentations including this one will be uploaded to the website if you would like to refer back or have us come speak at your events on a similar topic.
  • This is where press regarding the launch of new programs such as the online alcohol training program would go.
    - Check back periodically to see new updates on what is going on at the Division.
  • Link over to website – show the e-licensing login page & link to laws and requirements
  • * Need to link over to the website and walk through the search process*
  • During session this section is updated weekly with a downloadable PDF of what is currently happening with ABD related legislation.
  • This section may be of benefit if you are looking at sales by county data, some of your grants and surveys ask for this information. Please note this information only includes spirits data.
  • Here is where you can order age to purchase calendars and posters
    Compliance reports
    Updates on the Smoke Free Air Act (SFAA)
    Enforcement – including area maps of what counties our 4 tobacco investigators cover & the local law enforcement they partner with
  • Online training takes about 45 minutes to complete – previously local law enforcement was teaching training classes in locations where there was enough interest, these classes were often cancelled due to weather, scheduling conflicts or lack of attendance.
    -The IPLEDGE portal has the capability for store owners to search a specific name to see if they have received certification prior to being hired or interviewed.
    Since going online October 15, 2010 approx 8,000 users have signed up and taken the test for certification with a favorable pass rate.
  • - Iowa Program for Alcohol Compliance Training – this program will be going online this winter - final timeline has yet to be set.
    Training is still voluntary it is not mandated by the state, per legislation the training is less than two hours to complete and is offered free of charge.
    There is a test at the end of the training with certification upon passing the exam much like the tobacco site, although slightly longer than the tobacco test.
    Both the tobacco and online training tools are designed so that the user cannot skip through sections of content and take the test, there is no fast forward option. The user can sign on and off and it will pick back up where they left off but entire sections are not able to be skipped.
    The test questions are pulled at random from a bank of questions so each user’s test may differ from one to another.
  • Launched last April – allows stores to create a policy specific to their location for both on and off premises locations. There is certain information that is included into the policy that is state mandated such as hours of sale. There are also sections that can be implemented by each store – example ID carding practices are not state mandated – must card anyone that appears to be under a certain age the store can set the age. The supervisor or manager can then review with each employee when they are hired & on an annual basis & sign and date it acknowledging they have read and understand what is expected of them. Compliance numbers are being added to this tool as well – these numbers only include checks preformed with EUDL monies there will be a map for those that passed and those that failed the compiance check with location information. (the name of the clerk checked will not be published).
  • & this or just social networking in general & go into some of the new things we are doing with technology?
  • Transcript

    • 1. I O W A A L C O H O L I C B E V E R A G E S D I V I S I O N Iowa Prevention Conference November 2, 2011
    • 2. Today’s Discussion Items  Brief historical overview of ABD  Tools and resources available   Training resources  Social networking  Contact information  Questions & Comments
    • 3. ABD’s Mission The Division’s Mission: To serve Iowans through the responsible regulation and profitable distribution of alcohol while providing opportunities for industry development and promoting health through education.
    • 4. Historical Highlights  1963 On Premise Liquor by the drink allowed  1973 Alcohol sales are allowed on Sunday  1985 Iowa’s wine monopoly was privatized  1987 State owned liquor outlets replaced with privately owned stores  2000 Authority for tobacco enforcement was given to ABD  2010 High Alcohol Content Beer is defined and removed from the State wholesaling system to private beer wholesalers  2011 Home delivery of alcohol rules set, Convenience store sales allowed without a separate premises
    • 5. What does a Control State Mean?  Iowa became a control state in 1934 when prohibition ended. The Twenty-First amendment gave states the authority to create new regulatory and enforcement systems for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The idea was to balance people’s desire for legal alcohol sales with the government’s interest in protecting public health and safety. The Division is responsible for the enforcement of state and federal laws and regulations regarding the sale and use of alcohol and tobacco products.
    • 6. Map of Control States
    • 7. Three-Tier System Iowa’s Alcoholic beverages industry operates under a three-tier system: manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer. It is then purchased by the customer. This system maximizes revenue for state and local programs while minimizing the cost of industry regulation. All liquor, wine and beer purchases must be made through the three-tier system. MANUFACTURER Distiller Vintner • Brewer WHOLESALER Spirits Wine • Beer RETAILER On-Premises Off-Premises
    • 8. Homepage
    • 9. IowaABD - Education
    • 10. Downloadable Materials
    • 11. Speakers Bank
    • 12. Partnership Form
    • 13. Publications
    • 14. Division Dish
    • 15. Iowa Liquor Quarterly
    • 16. Presentations
    • 17. Press Releases
    • 18. Iowa Alcohol Laws
    • 19. Licensing Process
    • 20. License Search
    • 21. eLicensing
    • 22. eLicensing Search
    • 23. eLicensing Search Screen 2
    • 24. eLicensing Search
    • 25. License Classifications
    • 26. e-Regulation
    • 27. Hearing Notification
    • 28. Cases & Hearings
    • 29. Legislative Update
    • 30. Sales Analysis
    • 31. Annual Report
    • 32. Tobacco
    • 33. IPLEDGE Tobacco Training
    • 34. IPACT Alcohol Training Coming Soon
    • 35. IALERT E-Policy Tool
    • 36. Social Networking - Facebook
    • 37. Social Networking - Facebook
    • 38.  Mobile Tagging Get the free mobile app at
    • 39. Contact Information  Shannon Pogones – Education & Outreach 515/281-3426  Tonya Dusold – Communications Director 515/281-7420