Expert Panel Session - SEO for Ecommerce - ionSearch 2012


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Expert Panel Session - SEO for Ecommerce - ionSearch 2012

  1. 1. ionSearch 2012 -Expert Panel SuiteSEO For EcommerceJonathan Alderson – SEO & Data Insight Manager, Twentysix -ModeratorJohn Hickling – Head of Ecommerce, BlueclawDaniel Bianchini – Senior SEO Consultant, SEOptimiseStu Owens – Head of SEO, Bloom Agency
  2. 2. ionSearch 2012Stu OwensBloom Agency
  3. 3. 18th April 20125 Killer SEO Tactics for Ecommerce iOnSearch
  4. 4. Stu Owens Head of Search, Bloom – 7 years in SEO & Digital – Client side and agency side – Ecommerce background – International SEO @samuistu SEO
  5. 5. 1. Page & Keyphrase Targeting2. Filling in the gaps3. Error Management4. Use your Data5. Connect with your Audience5 Killer SEO Tactics for Ecommerce
  6. 6. What are your verticals worth? Category Sub-category Product High traffic, low High traffic, medium Low traffic, high conversion conversion conversion1: Page & Keyphrase Targeting
  7. 7. Allow your products to be found, not searched for. ✔ ✗ Images from Distilled1: Page & Keyphrase Targeting
  8. 8. Brand – ‘Fufff’ Home Page Head – ‘widgets’ Category 1 Category 2 Sub- Sub Sub Sub Mid – ‘kitchen widgets’ Category 1.0 Category 1.1 Category 2.0 Category 2.1 Product Product Product Product Long Tail – ‘Sony LP67THX Widget’’1: Page & Keyphrase Targeting
  9. 9. 1. Identify what you have (brand, non-brand)2. Know what needs to be done3. Make it happen2: Filling in the Gaps
  10. 10. 3: Manage Page Attrition• Look for Errors: – Screaming Frog SEO Spider – GWT – Xenu• 404s, 302, 301s• Error fixing is essential for site & link stability3: Error Management
  11. 11. Out of Stock? Out of Luck! Oh dear indeed!• Products gather links naturally.• Don’t lose out on links!• 301 up to the category level – capture the link value• Alternatively, 302 if temporary.3. Error Management
  12. 12. Your customer data can tell you more than just sales!4: Use Your Data
  13. 13. • Data infographic! – Linkbait campaign – News / media links galore!4: Use Your Data
  14. 14. • Find the conversation – and engage! – Finding influential people (twazzup, twitter) – Appeal to their vanity – create dialogue – Blogger badges – with links FTW!5: Connect with your Audience
  15. 15. 18th April 20125 Killer SEO Tactics for Ecommerce iOnSearch
  16. 16. ionSearch 2012John HicklingBlueclaw
  17. 17. More than just first place Making your search listings more appealing to click
  18. 18. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews• Offsite reviews o Get star ratings on your listings o Monitor reviews and report the inappropriate/malicious o Reviewing you as a Retailer• Onsite reviews o Send follow up emails o Encourage social sharing of reviews o Reviewing the product• Incentivise customers to leave reviews
  19. 19. ReviewsResult:
  20. 20. Product Videos• Video recording now accessible to all• What to cover o Product Demonstration o Product Review o Unboxing o Instructional Videos• Show your passion
  21. 21. Video Sitemap• XML Document submitted via Webmaster Tools <urlset xmlns="" xmlns:video=""> <url> <loc></loc> <video:video> <video:thumbnail_loc></video:thumbnail_loc> <video:title>The Super Awesome Product 2012</video:title> <video:description>We demonstrate the new super awesome product and how it betters last years super awesome product </video:description> <video:player_loc allow_embed="no"></video:player_loc> <video:duration>120</video:duration> <video:uploader info="">John Hickling</video:uploader> </video:video> </url> </urlset>
  22. 22. Video SitemapResult:
  23. 23. Video SitemapBonus points - link the uploader field to Google plus
  24. 24. HTML Schema• Pass structured data to the search engines regarding your product catalogue.• Product data o Name, Desription o Price / Offers o Manufacturer / Model o Review Summary• Search Results / Categories o Number of Results o Breadcumbs
  25. 25. HTML SchemaResult:
  26. 26. More About HTML Schema... Jono Alderson 11:45 - 12:05 Main Auditorium
  27. 27. Google Shopping / Froogle / Merchant Centre / Google Content / Base• Can drive up to 15% of sales• Ensure prices and shipping costs are accurate and up to date!• Add tracking to URLs• The more data you provide the better o Especially EAN / UPC / MPN
  28. 28. Google Shopping / Froogle / Merchant Centre / Google Content / BaseResult:
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