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  • 1. ionSearch 2012Alex CravenBloom
  • 2. Alex Craven @alexcraven @bloomagency 18th April 2012Ion Search SEO & the Brand
  • 3. SEO, Social & The Brand How to best use Facebook, Google+ & Twitter for SEOSEO & the Brand
  • 4. Primary ways we use these platforms toinfluence rankings:1. Build relationships with people we want to share our content2. As a technology that enables the sharing of our contentSEO & the Brand
  • 5. Creating content that people want to share bringsopportunity & responsibility1. Word of Mouth can be good and bad2. Interaction with content can need careful monitoring3. The content may be a potential customers first exposure to the brandSEO & the Brand
  • 6. Lots of link building activities are bad for the brand Using social media means a higher proportion of link building activity uses real content & interactionSEO & the Brand
  • 7. If SEO + Social = Successful Rankings & Success on Google = Successful Brand Then SEO = Part of brand communications and needs to be part of the brand planSEO & the Brand
  • 8. How many SEOs ask their client for theirbrand guidelines?How rigorous are the content approvalprocesses with our client?How many SEOs know what a brand is?SEO & the Brand
  • 9. Google is pushing SEO towards brand communicationsSEO & the Brand
  • 10. But what is a brand...?SEO & the Brand
  • 11. A brand is the emotional space between your ears John Hegarty BBHSEO & the Brand
  • 12. “The boffins had taken over they could bamboozle clients with all the technical jargon of this mind boggling new media. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed producer proved to be king. And these one-eyed men and they were all men were the kings of advertising.”SEO & the Brand
  • 13. “… Until, that is, someone said we need an idea.‘ Andthen the one eyed producers were found to be somewhat wanting” Via Roger Warner C&M
  • 14. Great link building is about great social shareable ideas Great advertising is about great social shareable ideas Great brands are about great social shareable ideas
  • 15. Alex Craven @alexcraven @bloomagency & the Brand