Put An End To Bullying
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Put An End To Bullying






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    Put An End To Bullying Put An End To Bullying Presentation Transcript

    • Bullying: Time to Put It To A End Ioana Aprodu Course Code: ASM2Oa Module:18
    • Story of a Bully: The Bully
      • Hey, my name is Scott. I am in the fifth grade. I love going to school, not because I like to learn because I don’t but it’s better than hearing my parents argue, and my girlfriend Amy is there. Also, I feel like a king, I even have a server his name is David. He does anything for me because he knows that I’ll hurt him. Sometimes I still hurt him for fun, and I make fun of him because I want more people to feel what happen to me in grade 2. I only have server because more than one will draw attention to me. I know that it’s wrong but I’ve been treated like this and I believe that more people should pay. My girlfriend Amy doesn’t know how I treat David; if she would she would dump me. I care about her, and that’s why I’m hiding this from her. School, is the only place I get respected, home I get yelled at and nothing I do is right. I love being in charge of smaller kids, and they fear me, that makes me feel powerful. Anyways, that’s my story do what you want with it, but I’m not changing no matter what.
    • Story of a Bully: The Victim
      • Hello, my name is David. I am in the fourth grade, and I am very scared to go to school. It’s because I don’t have friends, or because I am of afraid of learning, and it’s not even because I hate school but it’s because of a boy name Scott. He has been on my case since I moved here three months ago. He takes my money, he calls me a nerd, he hits me and he puts my head in the toilet. I can’t tell anyone because he said he would hurt me even more if anyone knew. My parents always ask why I have bruise's on my legs and why my hair is wet, but I also tell them a lie. I don’t mean to lie but they can’t know, Scott is much bigger than me and it’s important I keep him happy. I love having sick days, and holidays because there is no Scott. My grades are starting to slip because I don’t focus in class. All I ever focus on in school is Scott, and what he will do to me today. I wish I ever moved here.
    • Story of a Bully: The Bystander
      • Hi, my name is Lucy. I am in the third grade, and I am very confused. I just saw something that scares me and I don’t know what to do. I saw my sister’s boyfriend Scott beat up and yell at my sister’s best friend’s brother David. I really liked Scott, he was a very nice boy, but after I saw what he did to David, I got to thinking. I mean, I can’t tell anyone because my sister will be hurt, but if I don’t tell anyone then Scott might really hurt David. My sister would never forgive me for ruining her relationship with Scott, and giving him in big trouble. But I really think about David, the poor boy who shouldn’t be treated like this. He might get very hurt if I do anything, how I could let that happen. Wait, what if I tell on Scott and then he hurts me? Ms. Friendly has taught us all about bullying what we should if we see something, but I’m scared. Mom and dad, have told me always to do the right thing, but if I tell I’m hurting my sister and Scott, but if I don’t tell than I’m hurting David. What am I going to do?
    • Story of a Bully: Conclusion
      • Hello again! It's Lucy; it's been about three months since the whole Scott and David thing. I told my parents and sister what I saw. They were all very proud of me and my sister told me it was the right thing to do. Scott got suspended from school for about 5 months and my sister talked to him and made him see what a wrong thing it was. She changed him in a good way, and he apologize to David, and they are friends. David was very thankful that I had the courage to tell someone. He is a very nice guy. He is doing a lot better, his grades are up and he even has a girlfriend. That would be me, and I know I did the right thing. And I hope that everyone learns something from what I did. That is to stand up for what's right. Also, that when the bully has someone in their life that they love, they can change and it makes school a better place.
    • Fast Facts About Bullying
      • In younger children's playground bullying normally involves pushing, shoving, name calling teasing and isolation.  
      • In teen bullying may start to include sexual harassment, gang attacks, dating violence and isolation  
      • In adult bullying there may become assaults, marital violence, child abuse, workplace harassment, and senior abuse
      • If kids aren’t taught the difference between right and wrong, and are bullies as kids, they are most likely to be bullies as adults. That can result to very bad things.
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