The Gaping Hole in Your Demand Generation Strategy


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In the rush to digital, marketers have ignored a crucial channel that sales teams and customers need most: direct human interaction. Sales teams know that voice conversations close customers, and inbound phone calls close at a rate 10-15% higher than online leads. So why have marketers left voice conversations behind?

In order to master marketing automation in a multichannel world, we need to bring back human engagement. Join us to learn how others leverage inbound call automation to get more sales qualified leads. Join Eric and Drew to learn:

●The role of mobile in a multichannel marketing strategy
●How customer preferences are killing the traditional lead funnel system
●Why the inbound call channel is crucial for B2B sales and marketing teams
●How to integrate the power of talk into your digital world, and get more customers calling

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The Gaping Hole in Your Demand Generation Strategy

  1. 1. The  Gaping  Hole  in  Your   Demand  Gen  Strategy   In  partnership  with:                        Demand  Genera9on  Summit     Eric  Holmen   CMO,  Invoca   Drew  Thorne-­‐Thompsen   VP-­‐Business  Dev,  Invoca  
  2. 2. POLL   Do  you  have  a  markeCng  automaCon   process  as  part  of  your  demand  gen   strategy  today,  to  manage,  score,   nurture  and  route  leads?     Call  with  basic   informa9on  request  
  3. 3. Why  MarkeCng  AutomaCon?   Billions  of  commercial  emails  and   digital  touch  points   Call  w c asic      ...At  informa9on  brequest   low  ith  onversion  rates          …Became  unmanageable,  manually.     Crea9ng  the  need  for  marke9ng   automa9on  and  campaign   management  technology.  
  4. 4. Why  MarkeCng  AutomaCon?   Call  with  basic   informa9on  request   But  marke9ng  automa9on  is   missing  something……  
  5. 5. The  missing  link  in  MarkeCng  AutomaCon….   Direct  human  interacCon!   97% of B2B technology buyers want direct interactions with the provider during the research and purchase process Source:  Gartner  -­‐  Tech  Go-­‐To  Market  2013    
  6. 6. Let’s  Talk  Calls   Buyers  want  to  talk  to  sales  earlier  than  we  have  been  assuming.     Call  with  basic     informa9on  request   Calls  deliver  higher  win  rates,  higher  order  values,  and  faster  sales  cycles.       The  markeCng  metrics  of  inbound  phone  calls  remain  a  mystery,  while  digital   prospects  are  opCmized  at  every  step.   All  in  the  cloud:  call  scoring,  dynamic  numbers,  automaCon,  rouCng,  and   integraCons  with  CRM  and  MA  are  criCcal.     Sources:  Forrester  Analyst  Lori  Wizdo;  Google  Mobile  Playbook,  Invoca  
  7. 7. Online   Channels     Leads  Characterized  as:   -­‐Low  Value   -­‐High  Volume   Offline  &  Call   Channels     Leads  Characterized  as:   -­‐Medium  Volume   -­‐High  Value  
  8. 8. Online   Channels     Leads  Characterized  as:   -­‐Low  Value   -­‐High  Volume   Offline  &  Call   Channels     Leads  Characterized  as:   -­‐Medium  Volume   -­‐High  Value  
  9. 9. What  is  lead-­‐to-­‐revenue  management?   AYract   Capture   Nurture   Convert   $   Expand   The  managed  process  that  turns  leads  to  prospects  and  then  into  customers.  
  10. 10. Results are Better (J)   Using  your  best   esCmate,  what   percentage  of  your   B2B  sales  pipeline   (opportuniCes)  can  be   aYributed  to  leads   your  markeCng   funcCon  has   generated?   ….just not good enough (L) 44% 34% L2RM  AutomaCon  Pla_orm  Implemented   (N=136)   L2RM  AutomaCon  Pla_orm  Not  Implemented   (N=69)   Base:  MarkeCng  decision-­‐makers  at  B2B  companies  in  the  US  and  Western  Europe  with  100  or  more   employees;  Source:  Q4  2012  US  and  Europe  B2B  Technology  MarkeCng  TacCcs  And  Benchmarks   Online  Survey  
  11. 11. Results are Better (J)   How  important  are  the  following  sources  when  researching   and  evaluaCng  technologies  and  services  to  purchase?     Important   Very  Important   My  Primary  Source   Industry,  Trade,  or  Professional  Websites   Colleagues  within  your  organizaCon   In-­‐person  Events,  Trade  Shows,  or  Conferences   Vendor  Websites   Printed  PublicaCons  (including  magazines,  research   44% Higher  Value  sources  J   34% Peers  outside  your  organizaCon   Consultants  or  Systems  Integrators  (SI's)   Support  Forums,  Discussion  Forums   Vendor  salespople   Electronic  NewsleYers   Industry  Anaylst  Firms   Webinars,  Webcasts   Online  Videos   Virtual  Events,  Virtual  Tradeshows   Professional  Social  Networking  Sites  (not  including   LinkedIn   Blogs   Facebook   TwiYer   Lower  Value  sources  L  
  12. 12. Call  with  basic   informa9on  request   It’s  9me  to  revisit  some  old  assump9ons.  
  13. 13. QuesCons  worth  asking   •  Would  you  know  a  qualified  phone  call   from  an  unqualified  one?   •  Can  you  differenCate  between   customers  needing  support  and  buyers   looking  for  informaCon  as  a  call  is   coming  in?   •  Do  you  know  which  keywords,  media,   and  purchase  paths  are  delivering  the   best  inbound  phone  calls?  
  14. 14. Call  with  basic   informa9on  request   How  do  calls  fit  into  a  2014  demand  gen   strategy?  
  15. 15. Four  EssenCal  Parts:   Call  Tracking  and  AnalyCcs   ProgrammaCc  MarkeCng  AutomaCon   IntegraCons  and  SynchronizaCons   Expanded  Channel  DistribuCon:  Get  More.  
  16. 16. Four  Components  of  Value   ATTRIBUTION:  Call  tracking  and  analyCcs     Knowing  precisely  where  calls  come  from  –  which  exact  keyword,  ad,   channel,  and  content  –  and  knowing  who  the  buyer  is  in  their   purchase  path.  More  than  call  tracking  –  markeCng  analyCcs.      
  17. 17. OpCmizing  to  death…literally   Largest  tech  company  in  their  category,  heavy  users.       BEFORE  INVOCA   •  Tracking  tens  of  thousands  of  keywords  and  long-­‐tail   keywords,  with  phone  number  in  ad.   •   ‘Pruning’  keywords  when  they  don’t  perform.   AFTER  INVOCA   ü Revisited  old  pruned  keywords.   ü Found  some  where  MORE  valuable  because  they   were  generaCng  inbound  calls,  but  disappearing   from  search.   ü Returned  an  immediate  pipeline  to  sales.    
  18. 18. How  it  works:  Pre-­‐call   Filing  trademarks   Buyer  searches  a  keyword.   Google  search  ad  appears  with  a   unique  Invoca  number  populated   directly  into  the  ad.     Call  
  19. 19. Four  Components  of  Value    INTELLIGENCE:  ProgrammaCc  markeCng  automaCon     Once  a  call  starts  heading  into  the  funnel  over  Invoca,  we  derive   and  apply  data,  run  data-­‐dips,  score  the  call,  and  determine   opCmal  rouCng  rules.  Amer  the  call,  we  run  re-­‐targeCng  online   based  on  the  call  disposiCon  –  true  mulC-­‐channel  real-­‐Cme   automaCon.  
  20. 20. How  it  works:  In-­‐call   milliseconds   for  the  complete  tech  process.   Real-­‐Cme  scoring  integraCon  and  rouCng  inbound  calls   Sync  Integra9ons  with:   •   •  Tealium   •  Marketo   •  Ensighten   •  Eloqua   •  MarkeCng  Tech   •  Scoring   •  Detailed  Data   •  AddiConal   QualificaCon   Rou9ng  to  the  right  des9na9on   How  it  works:  Post-­‐call   Marketer  has  visibility  into  the  enCre  process  to  make  informed  decisions  how  best  to  opCmize  their   markeCng/adverCsing  spend  to  drive  more,  beYer  inbound  calls.  
  21. 21. Who  gets  the  call?   Real-­‐Cme  filtering  and  rouCng  to  match  the  right  callers  with  the  right  recipients     BEFORE  INVOCA   •  All  calls  transferred  to  main  switchboard   •  Delays  while  caller  listens  to  menu  opCons   •  Unqualified  callers  waste  Cme  of  sales  team   AFTER  INVOCA   ü Callers  are  filtered  for  quality  and  intent   ü Calls  are  handled  differently  depending  on   hours,  geographical  locaCon,  user  profile   ü Best  callers  speak  to  sales,  faster    
  22. 22. Four  Components  of  Value   INTEGRATIONS:  CRM,  MA  &  AnalyCcs       Integrated  naCvely,  off-­‐the-­‐shelf  APIs,  and  custom  APIs,  Invoca  delivers   two-­‐way  integraCons  with  the  widest  set  of  markeCng  automaCon,  CRM,   and  markeCng  technology  partners  to  complete  our  customers  true  mulC-­‐ channel  markeCng.    
  23. 23. Beyond  keyword  tracking…   Completely  opCmize  your  MarkeCng  AutomaCon  with  custom  parameters  to  follow  your   users  across  their  enCre  journey     BEFORE  INVOCA   AFTER  INVOCA   •  •  •  All  calls  transferred  to  main  switchboard   Delays  while  caller  listens  to  menu  opCons   Unqualified  callers  waste  Cme  of  sales  team   ü Callers  are  filtered  for  quality  and  intent   ü Calls  are  handled  differently  depending  on   hours,  geographical  locaCon,  user  profile   ü Best  callers  speak  to  sales,  faster    
  24. 24. Four  Components  of  Value   EXPANSION:  Channel  DistribuCon       Over  60,000  publishers  already  on  the  pla_orm  creaCng   quality  inbound  calls  for  adverCsers.  We  connect  the   adverCser  to  the  distribuCon  partners.  
  25. 25. POLL   Does  your  sales  team  speak  with   prospecCve  buyers  on  the  phone  at   some  point  during  every  sales   process?       Call  with  basic   informa9on  request  
  26. 26. One  in  five  calls  is  high-­‐quality.  AdverCsers  need  to  know  which  ones.   %  of  calls  from  search  for  a  typical  business   Accidental  call   8   Call  with  basic   informa9on  request   Call  with  basic   informaCon  request   52   19   21   Short  sales  call   Source:  BIA/Kelsey  2012   High-­‐quality  sales   call  by  a  new  lead  
  27. 27. Fitng  Inbound  Calls  into  your  Strategy   Drive  high  win  opportuniCes  through:   ü  Search  result  lisCngs   ü  Website  CTAs   ü  Sales  presentaCons  and  collateral   or  855-­‐780-­‐8636  
  28. 28. Get  a  demo:   hYp://   855-­‐780-­‐8636   Call  with  basic   informa9on  request