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Invite2Watch For Investors
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Invite2Watch For Investors


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Invite2Watch …

A sharing platform strictly for upcoming filmmakers.
Helping filmmakers gather their crowd.

Published in: Investor Relations

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  • 1. INVITE2WATCH™ FILM SHARING STORY Invite2Watch™ is a sharing platform for upcoming filmmakers that distributes films to focused crowds. The digital revolution has increased the number of films in the market. Most of which, get lost in the YouTube smorgasbord of videos. Invite2Watch™ helps filmmakers get films to their audience. . Invite2watch™ does not buy or license content. Instead, Invite2Watch™ offers filmmakers with an Invite2Watch™ branded sharing product that they use to circulate films to relevant customers, groups, organizations or peers. Making it easy to watch and share films with your crowd.
  • 2. INVITE2WATCH™ PROBLEM Every year, unsung filmmakers create excellent movies that the general public never sees. The decreasing cost of film production, more affordable cameras and post-production software makes it easier to create films. Filmmakers struggle to successfully distribute films using Youtube or Vimeo. Its difficult for noteworthy films to emerge thru the clutter of video sharing sites. User Generated Content Films & Trailers Music Videos Films get bottlenecked
  • 3. INVITE2WATCH™ SOLUTION Invite2Watch™ is a film sharing platform designated to upcoming filmmakers. The network lets filmmakers promote, premier and pilot films to focused crowds. The linchpin for film distribution integrates content discovery, social aspects and simultaneous watching to identify audiences with shared viewing preferences. INVITE2WATCH™ DASHBOARD 1 7 Don’t Bite The Apple Pukaw Late Bloomer 3 6 SARAH COHEN LEBRON JAMES (Friend) (Following) Chicago, IL Andy SUGGESTIONS 1 1 HISTORY + Product demo available upon request 5 Lisa Josh BUY PEOPLE 1 3 UPLOAD
  • 4. INVITE2WATCH™ USAGE EXAMPLES Watch Together A parent watches a film at home. While watching, sends her daughter in college an Invite2Watch™. Daughter activates invite and they begin simultaneously watching together in real-time. Content Discovery Teenager watches a film about salsa dancing. Invite2Watch™ notifies her that 13 people she knows have also watched the same film. Shocked to discover that her eldest Uncle likes salsa. She then, reviews her Uncle’s Invite2Watch™ profile to see other films he likes. Piloting Television producer wants to pilot a new miniseries. Producer sends a target audience, an Invite2Watch™ for a sponsored private screening. Viewers watch together, post comments and write organized reviews about the show. Producer gages interest from consumer viewing data. Premiering Filmmaker schedules a day/time to debut a new film to tastemakers and followers. Invited guest log-in to Invite2Watch™ in watch film together in real-time. Afterwards, filmmaker hosts a Q&A with the viewing audience.
  • 5. INVITE2WATCH™ MARKET Producers and consumers of online video. (Producers + Consumers = PROSUMERS) PRODUCERS Filmmakers Producers Creators Broadcasters Educators Marketers CONSUMERS PROSUMERS $9 Billion Independent Film Market + IBIS Global Research Report, Feb 2014 Social media users Movie Lovers Couch Potatoes Daters Students Focus Groups
  • 6. INVITE2WATCH™ COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Invite2Watch™ challenges the dominance of YouTube, as a niche platform for upcoming filmmakers. Serving as a development league for filmmakers to identify audiences and gain notoriety The call-to-action organically drives the consumption of films online or offline. PROMOTE PREIMER PILOT FILM SHARING ONLY
  • 7. INVITE2WATCH™ BUSINESS MODEL Invite2Watch™ generates revenue from a ‘freemium’ model where a basic account comes at no charge, but advanced accounts scale up in price and services accordingly. The highly evolved marketing platform enables direct permission based advertising. Invite2Watch™ captures fees from processing transactions for pay-per-view films. Lastly, distribution deals are brokered by Invite2Watch™ for emerging filmmakers. FREEMIUM ADVERTISING TRANSACTION FEES BROKERING
  • 8. INVITE2WATCH™ TEAM Tommy Johnson Founder/CEO Trusted advisor for live streaming technology IPTV thought leader Forbes rising leader Marcus Williams Board of Advisors Chief Sales Officer Former VP of Sales for Fortune 100 Telecom company Rik Willard Accounting and finance background Mario Armstrong Strong relationships in media industry Pioneer in digital media production Digital lifestyle expert on NBC Today Show Marie-Jose Montpeit Leading social TV researcher at MIT + pending recruitment for Chief Technology Officer
  • 9. INVITE2WATCH™ ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1. Customer Interest + Filmmakers, Production Studios and Advertisers have expressed interest in utilizing Invite2Watch™. 2. Prototype + A functional protoype has been developed for private demonstration. 3. Developers + A team of Microsoft developers are set to begin product development upon completion of early seed financing. 4. Trademark + A registered trademark has been granted for Invite2Watch™ . 5. Board of Advisors + Assembled influential advisors experienced in media, advertising and research.
  • 10. INVITE2WATCH™ . OFFERING Invite2Watch Inc. is a privately owned company registered in Delaware. After self funding, Invite2Watch™ is seeking $500,000 in seed capital to bring film sharing to mankind. We are offering a trusted collective community the opportunity to purchase Invite2Watch™ stock to fuel product development. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION BUSINESS OPERATIONS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT + enables 18 months of operations
  • 11. INVITE2WATCH™ CONTACT Tommy Johnson tommy@ + More info available upon request
  • 12. INVITE2WATCH™ FAQs 1. How does Invite2Watch™ differ from YouTube, Vimeo or Vine? YouTube Vimeo Vine Invite2Watch Smorgasbord of user Professional quality Mobile sharing for Film sharing to generated content (UGC) content sharing short looping UGC target audiences. for public sharing. for Creators by Creators. video clips. 2. What is the addressable market size for upcoming filmmakers? $9 Billion (IBIS Global Research Report, Feb 2014) . 3. What’s the filmmaker acquisition strategy? Tastemakers( (bloggers) Production Studios Film Schools Adverstising Word of Mouth + Invite2Watch™ targets the abovementioned sources for customer acquisition 4. What are the potential returns for the $500k seed capital? Early Seed investors may earn double-digit returns at the Series A finance round. 5. What does long-term success look like for Invite2Watch™? 2OM Filmmakers Distributing films to target audiences
  • 13. INVITE2WATCH™ MILESTONE Targets 1 • Secure $500,000 in early seed funding to enable 18 months of operation. 2 • Complete product development (6-9weeks) • File for IP protection • On board a Chief Technology Officer 3 • Launch i2W for desktop & tablet usage • Acquire 2500 filmmakers • Establish a community of film reviewers 4 • Secure $5,000,000 in Series A financing to improve the platform capabilites. • Expand operations and marketing efforts in the US and Europe market. 5 • Acquire 1,500,000 filmmakers • Be acquired by Lionsgate, Wienstein Co., Comcast or Google