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Sobreity Check Widget, deterrent for drivers-under-influence (DUI). …

Sobreity Check Widget, deterrent for drivers-under-influence (DUI).

Currently in the works, being perfected in the labs.

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Name of Innovation:Category (Home/ College/ City): CityCollege Name: BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad CampusCity: HyderabadIndividual/Team Name: [Veni Vidi Vici] Ishan Aggarwal Dhruv Rishi Dev Deepanshu Dialani
  • 2. Explain your idea in one simple sentence.A sobriety check-widget, the ,makes sure that theignition of the car is switched ON only if Blood-Alcohol level ofthe person behind the wheel is under prescribed limits whichwill be done using Infrared Spectroscopy and fingerprintscanning.
  • 3. Explain your idea in detail with a visualrepresentation. The person enters the car. As soon as he turns the key to the ignition, the device asks him to place his hand on the biometric scanner. Now the device checks the Blood-Alcohol Content through Near Infrared Spectroscopy. If the BAC level is within prescribed limits then, he is permitted to drive otherwise ignition is switched off.
  • 4. Explain your idea in detail with a visualrepresentation.If the person consumes alcohol after hestarts driving, the device will againcheck BAC level through a pre-definedalarm as set by the person himself.
  • 5. If given the opportunity, how will you bringthis idea alive? What resources would youneed to make it happen?• The working of our product depends mainly on Infrared spectroscopic analysis of the Blood-alcohol level of the driver We have already pitched the Idea to our professors and received a positive response and permission to use the Labs.• We will require the latest technologies and access to labs in the field of Biometrics as well as spectroscopy to make this project into a viable technical Product.• We will contact various Car Manufacturers directly so that a car comes with pre-installed
  • 6. What was the thinking behind this idea?What led you to it?Drinking won’t stop. At least, the Accidents will!• is a better option than “Random breath test“ because it can be conducted more involuntarily as well as more regularly.• This setup is more holistic as it makes the person undergo the Blood-alcohol level test before the driver starts the automobile.• Our experience in using and understanding biometrics and keen interest in spectroscopy helped us formulate and complete the transition from just an idea to a workable model.
  • 7. What will motivate the public to use thissolution? SAFETY.This will be the primary motivation for the public to buy ourproduct. Nearly, one third of the crash deaths involve an alcoholimpaired driver. So with our product, there would be no room fordriver negligence in case of alcohol consumption. Alcohol “This device will help prevent accidents.” Related 32% Other Driving Deaths 68% 0% 0% US traffic report, 2009
  • 8. What mediums do you have in mind topromote your innovation? Car Manufacturers Social Social Groups Media & NGO’s Pub Owners
  • 9. Thank You