Unpacking the sales funnel


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Understanding the sales funnel is perhaps the most important part of B2B success. Learn how the different parts of the sales funnel interact with your team.

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  • Intro: Bio Jeff - Jeff Read Bio of Stacy -
  • Great for hollywood – but is not the same today!!!!Jeff:I would add a D – depending on where they are in their process… emphasis on THEIR PROCESS…
  • Look they are gone- sales is long termChanges- In my role/ Product and Field Marketing: Sales is always asking me for the Silver bullets – My response is sameThere aren’t any --- is about the prospect…what do they want? What are they looking to Fix/Solve or Avoid ??
  • Jeff - Not sure if it’s a word…but it sure has changed the GAME…for Buyers / Sellers / Marketers….Stacy in your business…you see Buyer Changing….
  • Jeff : many time I have been on calls where sales even avoids a questions…. Truth = Value ---- Value to the prospect and their business or Value to the Sales REP1. Movement to the next steps means the deal is real to a certain point….
  • Sales and Marketing 2 depts today.Needs to be one - Turf division – mind share division Talked about but not enough action is taken
  • Again ---today has changed….so Fluidity along the pipeline or [ today process ] can easily move through ay of these stages.Across many industries Challenges Are the same…The key is knowingWhere is the prospect??? What stage ---- what do we need to do to move them??? Tech: Leadscore – Alerts – process – plan – must be in placeReal time visibility into your pipeline…Where is the 3% today --- what is the 60% - how are you dealing with them.
  • ContentCorrect Names2 separate funnels
  • Jeff: I think of Mahan Khalsa “Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play” : Transforming the Buyer/Seller RelationshipAgain with all of the Changes we talked about earlier…today… sales reps who have moved from the left to the right Have been the most successful ---- yet what we are talking about today is the next step USING tools marketers can TELL the reps where they ( the prospects are in the cycle ) by their Actions ( behaviors ). The Rep merely needs toask the right questions to truly Understand where the Buyer is in there process: Today’s Marketers need to not only take advantage of the tools but develop content specifically designed for all categoriesListed here on the right…. Together The Tool + Content will bring us here….to the 2nd part of the funnel ( next slide )
  • The 2nd as I mentioned
  • What % loosing What % winning…
  • Unpacking the sales funnel

    1. 1. The Sales FunnelGoing under the hood and looking atthe engine that drives your businessPresented by Act-On Software & Invigra
    2. 2. Today’s PresentersMr. Jeffrey LintonProduct & Field MarketingAct-On Software@jeffreylintonJeff.Linton@Act-On.comMr. Stacy GentilePresidentInvigra@StacyGentilestacy@invigrasales.com
    3. 3. Picture of Alec Baldwin fromGlenn Gary Glennross (ABC)This methodology makes great movies but not so great in sales reality
    4. 4. No More Silver BulletsSales is about sweat equity and you better buckle in for the long-haul.
    5. 5. CHANG • Frugalnomics• Buyers Have Changed– Skilled at hiding, gaming– Skilled at searching out what they need– Getting you involved at last step• New Technologies• Same Old Sales People• The Funnel Has Changed
    6. 6. Too Many Disconnects• Sales people asking the wrong or no questions• Buyers asking the wrong or no questions• Sales managers asking the wrong or no questionsAction Step: Search Out“Truthful” Conversations
    7. 7. PRIOR TO HAVINGA RELEVANT CONVERSATIONThese things must be in place• Good Product / Service / People• Sales Infrastructure– CRM– Marketing Automation / Lead Scoring Tools– Content Marketing• Defined Market• Defined Sales /Marketing Process• Defined Key Performance Indicators / Metrics
    8. 8. “REVENUE” DEPT.Combine the Sales & Marketing depts. Into 1 department
    9. 9. 30%60%7%3%Want nothing to do with youIndifferentWilling to listenActively Buying
    10. 10. TheFUNNEL
    11. 11. Selling vs. BuyingTypical Sell Cycle• Prospect• Needs Analysis• Propose / Quote• Close• CloseTypical Buy Cycle• -------Top Of Funnel------• Listen• Interest• Value• ------Middle Of Funnel------• Explore• Decide• Ability• ------Bottom Of Funnel------• Cost Justification• Best Vendor (competitive select)• Buy
    12. 12. TheFUNNEL
    13. 13. Funnel Autopsy• Interest• Value• Product Fit• Decision• Ability• Cost Justification• Competition
    14. 14. DASHBOARDS
    15. 15. Talking SalesQ&A
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