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John Crawford, Healthcare Industry Leader Europe, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences
'Redefining Value in Healthcare'

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John Crawford, IBM

  1. 1. IBM Healthcare & Life SciencesJohn Crawford, Healthcare Industry Leader, Europe © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM’s involvement in Healthcare  Buyer of healthcare services in the US – 450,000 lives; $1.5B in investment – Partner to promote innovation and value  Change agent – Founder of Patient-Centred Primary Care Collaborative – Healthcare standards - IHE, HL7, Continua etc. – National level reform and eHealth – IBM Research and whole systems thinking – Over 600 patents  Solution provider across the continuum – Payers / Providers / Life Sciences / Medical Devices – Infrastructure build and optimization – Safe and secure transaction processing – Big Data, information management and analytics – Horizontal systems integration – Solutions that intersect business and technology © 2012 IBM Corporation2
  3. 3. Healthcare system transformation is full swing Expectations for better Escalating incidence quality, outcomes and and cost of chronic value disease Changing Industry demographics and Advances in technologies and challenges lifestyles treatments and opportunities Globalization of Increased competition health care and new entrants Critical resource shortagesSource: IBM HCLS, IBM GBS Institute for Business Value © 2012 IBM Corporation 3
  4. 4. Current business models within healthcare are derived froma historical approach to providing medical care Core Principles of Tomorrow’s Current System Healthcare System• Over-emphasis on expensive treatments • Focus is on value, coordinated around the and incremental improvement patient and integrated into communities• Myopic focus on capacity for acute care • Emphasis is on proactive care to meet health needs• Use of volume-based reimbursement models • Payment is based upon value and outcomes• Patients are responsible for coordinating their own care • Care is standardized according to evidence-based guidelines• Care varies by venue and clinician • We measure quality and make rapid• Quality is determined by the provider changes to improve it • Knowledge is translated into practice © 2012 IBM Corporation4
  5. 5. To redefine value and success in healthcare, we need tobuild sustainable, collaborative and equitable services BUILD SUSTAINABLE COLLABORATE TO HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS IMPROVE CARE AND Build an efficient, flexible OUTCOMES system that proactively Improve the quality and manages cost and efficiency of care, engaging regulatory requirements, the service user to and enables greater EVIDENCE AND PATIENT personalise their healthcare transparency and CENTRIC HEALTHCARE experience, based on their accountability. preferences INCREASE ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE Reduce disparities in access and influence individuals to become advocates for their own health. © 2012 IBM Corporation5
  6. 6. Our payer and provider clients are adopting five emergingcare models Increasing clinical risk and severity  20+ PCPs Evolution of Care Delivery (20% of total) care Accountable 5 care model1 organizations Increasing provider integration Speciality Episodes of care Convergence of Payer Pro-active primary 2 PCMH and Provider care provision 4 3 Movement to the 1 Clinical service factories Individual Healthy, Early Complex Acute at-risk chronic chronic episodic Source: McKinsey Center for U.S. Health System Reform © 2012 IBM Corporation6
  7. 7. Service users are empowered and expect flawlessinteractions with health service care providers “Listen to me”  More than half “Know me” of “connected” service users state  Personalize “Serve me” internet and social offerings media interactions  Personalize  Top area for influence decisions experience health system  Personalize innovation – self services service, convenience and ease of access © 2012 IBM Corporation7
  8. 8. Redefining value requires new competencies  Collaboration and partnering  Information proficiency  Personalization of health  Talent creation and retention  Technology enablement © 2012 IBM Corporation8
  9. 9. Our vision and commitment for IT-enabled changeTHESIS: The industry is moving towards evidence-based medicine, change management and informedpolicy making to drive healthcare transformation and yield lower costs and improved outcomes Evidence Evidence Generation Delivery Coordinated care and Incentives Evidence + Improved Incentives Outcomes9 © 2012 IBM Corporation9
  10. 10. We apply our systems and solution focus to help reformhealthcare systems and transform healthcare providers He alth Personalized Access Healthcare and Value Ec on Retrospective Reporting om to Predictive Analytics ic V Quality alu Collaboration and Automation eO utc Integration / Compliance, Resilience, om Interoperability Privacy, and Security Sustainability es Structured and Unstructured Data Generation and Aggregation Health Integration Framework Dynamic Infrastructure © 2012 IBM Corporation10
  11. 11. © 2012 IBM Corporation11