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JCI Accreditation - International Standards of Excellence for Primary Care

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  • Can my enterprise afford this kind of quality journey, for the time being, does it make sense? Because of voluntariness of the process, the journey can be tailored according possibilities, priorities, resources available, local legal ties and so forth. The key point is the systemic approach provided by the JCI accreditation program; this means that the whole organization is considered; different stakeholders points of view are considered; environmental connections and links (like prior and after admission care services) are considered. JCI accreditation programs look like a road map towards continuous improvement. Standards describe what an HC provider is expected to to; following and implementing the steps of the road map is all what needs to be done for improvement.
  • John Sweeney, Director, Healthcare Informed

    1. 1. JCI Accreditation – International Standards of Excellence for Primary CareJohn Sweeney, Director HCI © Joint Commission InternationalPartner, Ireland
    2. 2. 1910© Joint Commission International
    3. 3. Ernest Codman1. Each hospital should have a medical staff.2. The members of the medical staff should be chosen based on graduation from medical school, competency, and character.3. There should be regular staff meetings to review cases. © Joint Commission International
    4. 4. Ernest Codman4. Medical records should be written and filed for all cases.5. Each hospital should have a clinical laboratory and radiology section. © Joint Commission International
    5. 5. Ernest Codman Waldorf Astoria New York 89 of 692 Burned Unable to demonstrate Quality of Care No framework for what that is …. © Joint Commission International 50 years….
    6. 6. Today© Joint Commission International
    7. 7. Building Control Authority Environmental Protection Agency Radiological Protection Institute of IrelandHealth & Safety Authority of Ireland Food Safety Authority of Ireland (EHOs)Pharmaceutical Society ofIreland Health Services Executive CORU - Health and Social Care Professionals HIQA - InfectionControl Mental Health Commission National Disability Authority Clinical Indemnity Scheme Irish MedicalCouncil An Bord Altranais Opticians Board Dental Council Irish Medicines Board Irish Blood TransfusionService Royal College of Physicians in Ireland Faculty of Occupational Medicine Faculty of PaediatricsFaculty of Public Health Medicine Institute of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Royal College ofSurgeons in Ireland Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Radiologists Irish College of Anaesthetists IrishCollege of General Practitioners in Ireland Irish College of Psychiatrists Irish College ofOphthalmologists Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists National Treatment Private HealthInsurance Purchase Fund Joint Assessment Group (GI )HIQA Pre-Hospital Emergency Care CouncilFire Officers Excellence Ireland National Standards Authority of Ireland Joint Commission International © Joint Commission InternationalCHKS Accreditation Centre for the Development of Nursing Policy and Practice, University of LeedsIrish National Accreditation Board Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) Academy of Medical LaboratoryScience National Council for the Professional Development of Nursing and Midwifery NERA - NationalEmployment Rights Authority
    8. 8. 2006 – 75% Gaps?© Joint Commission International
    9. 9. Accreditation – A Definition Voluntary Process Centers of Excellence Framework for Clinical Care + Demonstrable Evidence of Quality (VHI) Not for all – NH – 3 of 700+ © Joint Commission International 9
    10. 10. JCI The Joint Commission • Leading accrediting body for health Health Care Informed (HCI) care institutions in the US • Founded in 1951• Quality, Risk and Regulation • >19,000 accredited institutions• Ireland and Australia• Team of 20 MD including R&D• Compliance– HIQA, IMB, ISO, ACHS Transforming• Founded in 2005 patient safety and quality of care JCI © Joint Commission International • JCI is the international arm of the Joint Commission • Framework for Centers of Excellence • Work with health care orgs, NGOs, and governments • 400+ JCI accredited organizations – 85 Countries • Ireland 1999 10
    11. 11. JC Accreditation Mayo Clinic - Cleveland Clinic – John Hopkins - Mount Sinai Medical Center – Mass. Gen Hospital Ireland (22 +) – Mater Private, Hermitage Clinic, Blackrock, Bon Secours, Galway Clinic, St Vincent’s UH, VHI Homecare, Ambulance Services, LTC…. Primary Care – Spain, Brazil, UAE, Singapore © Joint Commission International
    12. 12. Primary Care AccreditationCommunity Involvement and IntegrationManagement of the Processes of CarePatient and Family RightsAssessment of PatientsCare of PatientsPatient and Family Education © Joint Commission InternationalManagement Structure and Leadership 12
    13. 13. Primary Care AccreditationManagement of InformationFacility Management and SafetyStaff Qualifications and EducationSurveillance, Prevention, and Control of InfectionQuality Improvement and Patient SafetyAdverse Event Identification, Analysis, and © Joint Commission InternationalPrevention 13
    14. 14. 14© Joint Commission International
    15. 15. International Patient Safety Goals1. Identify Patients Correctly2. Improve Effective Communications3. Improve the Safety of High-Alert, High Risk Medications4. Eliminate Wrong-side, Wrong-patient, Wrong- procedure Surgery © Joint Commission International5. Reduce the Risk of Health Care-acquired Infections6. Reduce the Risk of Patient Harm Resulting from Falls
    16. 16. Measures for Improvement Clinical Measure: associated with the delivery of health care; may be diagnosis or procedure specific Health Status Measure: addresses the functional well- being of specific populations Patient Satisfaction Measure: focus on the delivery of clinical care from the patient’s, family’s or caregiver’s perspective Financial/Administrative Measures: addresses organisational structure, utilization rates, operations or financial management © Joint Commission International
    17. 17. Tracer Evaluation An effective way to assess a healthcareorganization’s performance of care and the services provided as viewed or experienced by the patient. © Joint Commission International
    18. 18. JCI Network Communication - Newsletters Education and Support Network Meetings Leadership Seminar – Patient Safety Information Exchange Quality Initiatives © Joint Commission International Promotion
    19. 19. What does it Accomplish? Improves Patient Care – Peer Review Continuous – Centres of Excellence Increase efficiency/reduce costs Improve the management of business services Enhance staff recruitment and retention Public Confidence - Reputation © Joint Commission International Other Stakeholders - Reputation
    20. 20. Does it Work?“A better way of structuring how weprovide care and run our business” Nicky Jermyn, CEO St Vincent’s University Hospital © Joint Commission International
    21. 21. Tomorrow ..© Joint Commission International