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Time to Buy Macy's …

Time to Buy Macy's


Retailers usually depend on the holiday season to boost sales and bolster profits. However, the New York based retailer, Macy’s, (M) has increased its earnings quarter by quarter for just less than four years! With the holiday season approaching it may be time to buy Macy’s stock before block buster earnings drive the price even higher. Like many stocks Macy’s took a substantial hit in the market crash at the start of the Great Recession. In reality the time to buy Macy’s was when it fell below $7 a share in March of 2009. Since that time the 162 year old retailer has paid quarterly dividends without fail and has steadily boosted its stock price to the current $50 a share. Although the stock has grown nicely while much of the economy is still in the doldrums, is it time to buy Macy’s now or has that time passed? Part of fundamental analysis of stocks is simply to use history as a guide and the ability to grow quarter by quarter in a very competitive market niche. This speaks to the ability of Macy’s to grow its stock along with its business.

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