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How to Be a Day Trader

by on Nov 23, 2013


http://profitabletradingtips.com/stock-trading/how-to-be-a-day-trader ...


How to Be a Day Trader

How to be a day trader starts with learning the ropes and then practicing what you have learned. Learn the basics of day trading with an online class. Then search out a trading program that includes a course for beginners. Find a broker through whom you can trade and make sure that you pick online trading software compatible with the broker’s program. How to be a day trader and do it successfully requires knowledge, patience practice, and hard work. When you have your account with the broker and have your software set up on your trading station you will need to learn the fundamentals of technical analysis. This is the means by which day traders can predict price movement of stocks, options, commodities, or futures. Practicing technical analysis on your trade station in simulation trading is not the last step in how to become a day trader but it is an important one. Don’t start trading real money until you can win consistently in the simulation world.

A Little Advice Helps

In learning how to become a day trader you may need a little advice and counsel from time to time. This is available in online sessions from traders who have been in the markets for decades. There are online coaching sessions available in which you will be connected to a “chat room” where you can talk to the coach, and hear his discussions with other traders, Oftentimes the most instructive moments in training for how to become a day trader occur during trading, what teachers call “teachable moments.” Strategies in trading and so called “tricks of the trade” will be clearer during trading situations than when reading dry text on a computer screen or trying to puzzle through an onscreen example. When the trader has successfully internalized the principles of how to trade and the practical aspects of how to be a day trader in the simulation world it will be time to move into the world of live trading. However, a thought or two about what to trade will be in order before “going live.” To avoid trying to outguess the market the trader will want to pick a stock, index, or commodity with which he is familiar, both in its fundamental and its technical aspects in order to improve the odds for success from the very start.



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