Cell Tower Treasure


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Cell Tower Treasure

In the United States alone there are over a third of a million cell phone tower related investment opportunities for the asking. Cell tower treasure awaits you when you do a little research in order to buy cell tower leases. Phone companies pay well with leases that commonly include escalator clauses for use of hilltop land, building tops, or ordinary land on which to build cell towers. Cell tower treasure lies in picking up attractive leases, purchasing land and rehabbing property for resale of land and lease, and in finding leases for pre-arranged buyers.

Cell Phone Towers

The cell phone network depends upon strategically placed relay stations called mobile phone masts or base receiver stations. These are located sufficiently close to each other so that one does not lose signal when moving from one area to another. Phone companies own a small percentage of these relay stations and lease land, building tops, etc. for the rest. Cell phone towers are everywhere. Drive around and look up. Go online to sites like www.AntennaSearch.com. Find the cell phone towers near you. They may be the source of cell tower treasure.

What Does the Owner Want or Need?

Profit in the form of cell tower treasure comes from buying, holding, and selling cell towers. Many owners of property and cell tower leases are perfectly happy with their situation and will want an exorbitant price if you want to acquire their property and cell tower lease. Other property owners may have problems that make them amenable to selling property, cell tower property, lease only, or some other arrangement. When you have found who owns the cell towers in your city talk to them and find out what they want and need. If you already have a buyer in your back pocket you can work to negotiate a deal that will alleviate the current owner’s problems, provide an asset for a new owner’s investment portfolio, and put cash in your pocket, cell tower treasure, that is.

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Cell Tower Treasure

  1. 1. Cell Tower TreasureBy www.Options-Trading-Education.com
  2. 2. In the United States alonethere are over a third of amillion cell phone towerrelated investmentopportunities for the asking.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  3. 3. Cell tower treasure awaits youwhen you do a little researchin order to buy cell towerleases.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  4. 4. Phone companies pay wellwith leases that commonlyinclude escalator clauses foruse of hilltop land,http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  5. 5. building tops, or ordinary landon which to build cell towers.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  6. 6. Cell tower treasure lies inpicking up attractiveleases, purchasing land andhttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  7. 7. rehabbing property for resaleof land and lease, and infinding leases for pre-arranged buyers.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  8. 8. Cell Phone Towershttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  9. 9. The cell phone networkdepends upon strategicallyplaced relay stations calledmobile phone masts or basereceiver stations.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  10. 10. These are located sufficientlyclose to each other so thatone does not lose signal whenmoving from one area toanother.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  11. 11. Phone companies own a smallpercentage of these relaystations and leaseland, building tops, etc. for therest.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  12. 12. Cell phone towers areeverywhere. Drive around andlook up. Go online to sites likewww.AntennaSearch.com.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  13. 13. Find the cell phone towersnear you. They may be thesource of cell tower treasure.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  14. 14. What Does the Owner Wantor Need?http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  15. 15. Profit in the form of cell towertreasure comes frombuying, holding, and sellingcell towers.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  16. 16. Many owners of property andcell tower leases are perfectlyhappy with their situation andhttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  17. 17. will want an exorbitant price ifyou want to acquire theirproperty and cell tower lease.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  18. 18. Other property owners mayhave problems that makethem amenable to sellingproperty, cell towerproperty, lease only, or someother arrangement.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  19. 19. When you have found whoowns the cell towers in yourcity talk to them and find outwhat they want and need.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  20. 20. If you already have a buyer inyour back pocket you canwork to negotiate a deal thatwill alleviatehttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  21. 21. the current owner’sproblems, provide an asset fora new owner’s investmentportfolio,http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  22. 22. and put cash in yourpocket, cell towertreasure, that is.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  23. 23. Investing in DurableTechnologieshttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  24. 24. An attractive feature ofinvesting in cell towers is thatthe technology is not likely togo away.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  25. 25. Cellular phones have becomepart and parcel of everydaylife. With the need forhundreds ofhttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  26. 26. thousands of cell towers it isunlikely that phonecompanies will attempt topurchase their own towersites.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  27. 27. Thus it is likely that the celltowers that you are looking atwill provide an income streaminto the far distant future.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  28. 28. Cell tower treasure derivesfrom the fact that cell towersare a durable technology.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  29. 29. Not only do leases pay wellbut they typically pay a littlemore every year.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  30. 30. Finding Solutions in WhichEveryone Winshttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  31. 31. The owner of a cell towerlease will only sell if he isdesperate or if the offer is bigenough.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  32. 32. The eventual owner of a celltower lease will only purchaseif the price is sufficiently lowhttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  33. 33. and he can expect areasonable rate of return onhis investment.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  34. 34. You will only do the work offinding, acquiring, rehabbing,and selling cell phone sitepropertyhttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  35. 35. and the cell phone towerlease if you can expect areasonable return for yourtime, effort, and capitalinvested.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  36. 36. Thus cell tower treasurederives from finding the rightproperty with the rightconditions, having a buyerready,http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  37. 37. and thinking creatively inorder to create a situationthat is a winner for allinvolved.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  38. 38. For help in learning the ropesof the cell phone towerleasing business and learninghttp://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  39. 39. how to gain cell tower gold inthe process take the shortcourse offered by Cell TowerGold.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  40. 40. If you would like moreinformation about thisamazing and uniqueopportunity, please join ourmailing list.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  41. 41. e will be sending moreinformation over the next fewweeks in our newsletter.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  42. 42. Go tohttp://www.profitableinvestingtips.com/ to sign up for themailing list.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  43. 43. For more insights and usefulinformation about this greatinvestment idea, keepfollowing our articles onwww.Options-Trading-Education.com.http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/
  44. 44. http://www.options-trading-education.com/7107/cell-tower-treasure/