Wind Energy Market in Finland


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Attractive feed-in tarif. Renewable sources. 1000 new turbines by 2020. Forecast to wind power capacity in Finland.

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  • feed-in tariff of 83.5 €/MWh, valid for 12 yearsProjects implemented before 2015 will receive a guaranteed fee of 105.3 €/MWh for a maximum of 3 yearsTariffs are applicable for units bigger than 500 kVA
  • Means increase of renewable energy up to 38 TWhA majorshare of growth – 6 TWh – is windpower
  • Finland is an underserved but fast-growing new market for wind power Goodwindconditionsthroughout the yearExistinginstalledcapacity of 200 MWProductiontarget for 2025 set at 9 TWh (National Climate and Energy Strategy 2013)Many international companies plan to supply technology and develop projects
  • Near the top of almost all international comparisons of economic, social, environmental, educational, business and technological performance Heart of a northern European market of around 80 million consumers, long-established connections with Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countriesAn open, transparent, stable and business-friendly economy with strong links between business sectors and universities A highly skilled and efficient workforce – with lower labour costs than in the other Nordic countriesHigh-quality transport and communications networksProfessional Finns speak excellent Finnish and usually at least one other foreign language as well.Finland ranked 2nd in global innovation hotspotsOne of the highest R&D spending per capitaFinland ranked #1 in IPR protection (IPRI 2012)
  • Wind Energy Market in Finland

    1. 1. Wind Energy Possibilities? Think Finland!
    2. 2. Join the Finnish wind power markets! Motivation: Attractive feed-in tariff Potential: Wind project pipeline of 8900MW, of which less than 10% at post EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) stage Competition: Several international & domestic companies have already entered the market to develop parks and supply wind turbines Demand: Wind power services such as construction and O&M. Investors & financiers When: 2013 (current installed capacity expected to be doubled in 2013)
    3. 3. Attractive feed-in tariff for wind energy Market based guaranteed price  a steady income for the wind power producer  Producer is paid a tariff, which is the difference between the target price and the spot market price (last 3 months average)  Incentive to produce power during hours when power is more expensive than in average 0 20 40 60 80 100 1 51 101 151 201 251 301 351 pvä (2008) €/MWh Paid tariff Source: Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    4. 4. 38% of energy from renewable sources by 2020 Finland committed to increase the use of renewable energy from 28,5% to 38% by 2020 (total national energy consumption) Source: Ministry of Employment and the Economy
    5. 5. 1000 new wind turbines by 2020 Attractive feed-in tariff of 83.5 €/MWh Project portfolio of 7800 MW Larger international renewable energy producers. Construction, operation & maintenance and other service companies. Finland is untapped, but fast-growing new market for wind power Why 1 Why 2 Why 3 Opportunities for:
    6. 6. Forecast: total installed wind power capacity (MW) Min. Prob. Max. Source: Finnish Wind Power Association 2020 target 2500 MW = 6,0 TWh
    7. 7. Business opportunities for operations and maintenance service providers  Major turbine manufacturers are present on the market  Built capacity increases from 300 MW to 460 MW (2013)  Local know-how in service & maintenance but room for more  Growing market opportunity for 3rd party services 2014 onwards Photo courtesy of Finnish Wind Power Association
    8. 8. For more information: Invest in Finland/Cleantech Finnish Wind Power Association Wind energy statistics in Finland (VTT) 17/07/20138
    9. 9. Why Finland? Entry to the East Creative solutions Stable Society Competent professionals
    10. 10. Invest in Finland services for international companies  Data collection & analysis  Opportunity analysis  Guidance on entry alternatives  Networking  Location management  Setting up a business