Datacentre Stronghold in Finland


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Inexpensive green energy and free cooling. Extensive power grid. Strategic location and key customers. Google in Hamina, Finland.

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  • Free cooling potential – up to 365 days / year – decreasing total energy consumption and investments remarkably.
  • Reliable power grid – FingridEurope’s lowest energy pricing and free coolingSafe geological location and solid ground, no natural hazards Strategic position to serve Europe and Russia Finnish transparent legislation forms a secure basis for investmentsNational and EU investment incentivesState-of-the-art fiber network guarantees reliable networks. New investments are underway and newer still planned.International Fiber network operators make sure there is a healthy competition is ongoingTeliasoneraElisa / FinnetDNAFUNET (Universities and research institutes )Domestic Fiber network operatorsTDC WholesaleAinaComFinnet Group (FNE-Finland Oy)Corenet (VR Group)Capacity up to 50 Gbit/s domestic and 200+ Gbit/s internationalAdopting the IPv6 protocol
  • The ICT and mobile industries make sure there is a steady stream of IT professionals graduating and working in the Finnish IT sectorMobile gaming:Finland is one of the leading countries in game industry and which is on a strong path of growth.Over the coming years, the business volume of the industry will increase about 50 percent each year– Angry Birds – Rovio– Alan Wake – Remedy– Habbo Hotel – Sulake– FlatOut – Bugbear– HayDay, Gunshine – Supercell– Shadow Cities – Grey AreaTotally 50+ companies, over 80% revenue generated outside Finland
  • Near the top of almost all international comparisons of economic, social, environmental, educational, business and technological performance Heart of a northern European market of around 80 million consumers, long-established connections with Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countriesAn open, transparent, stable and business-friendly economy with strong links between business sectors and universities A highly skilled and efficient workforce – with lower labour costs than in the other Nordic countriesHigh-quality transport and communications networksProfessional Finns speak excellent Finnish and usually at least one other foreign language as well.Ranked 1st in WEFNetworked Readiness Index (2013)the capacity to leverage ICT for growth and well-beingEurope`s leading Mobile Cluster (Gartner)Finland ranked 2nd in global innovation hotspots- one of the highest R&D spending per capita- Finland ranked #1 in IPR protection (IPRI 2012)
  • Datacentre Stronghold in Finland

    1. 1. The Finnish Datacenter Stronghold
    2. 2. Motivation: Cool and stable bedrock Potential: State of the art fiber and electricity networks Competition: Not enough to make a difference in the above Demand: The world is your oyster When: Ongoing Data centre opportunities in Finland
    3. 3. Inexpensive green energy and free cooling
    4. 4. Electricity Prices (Eurostat) Finland Price for Italy is provisional No price data for Austria Source: Eurostat Electricity prices for industrial consumers, 2011 (in EUR/kWh) Without taxes and levies Non recoverable taxes and levies
    5. 5. State of the art fiber and electricity networks Extensive, reliable power grid Solid fiber network connections ensures flow of information
    6. 6. Solid granite bedrock – no fear of major natural hazards Source: Seismicity Map of Finland 1900 to 2013
    7. 7. Strategic location and key customers
    8. 8. Great cities to enter in R&D purposes Capital area, Helsinki  Mobile software, UX  Game industry  Nanotechnology  RF communication Tampere  Mobile software & platform development  Game industry  Camera, imaging and picture manipulation Oulu  Security research  NFC, RF communication  Embedded systems Salo – Turku  Hardware design  Lean manufacturing development Note: Many locations outside larger centers are eligible for European Regional Development Funds (ERDF). HelsinkiSalo, Turku Tampere Oulu
    9. 9. Skilled personnel available Key areas of expertise  User interfaces  Touch screens  Service design  Symbian, MeeGo, Android, iPhone  Location based solutions  RFID based solutions  TETRA networks (Terrestrial Trunked Radio)  Mobile gaming  Mobile analytics Some vertical areas of leading edge expertise:  Energy metering  Power and heat production and distribution  Environmental monitoring  Oil and gas transportation monitoring solutions  Logistics solutions. A world class pool of Scientists and Engineers Wages index: Finland 100, Sweden 115, USA 170
    10. 10. Case Google: Re-inventing the paper Mill  Large volumes of cheap electricity  Green energy  Water for cooling purposes  Large areas of land for privacy and security  The distance to other Google data centers  Tax incentives  Solid infrastructure with a green renewable energy production on site  Waterfront site, free cooling 365 days a year  Security and space for future expansion  Existing 24/7 service infrastructure Google’s criteria for data center location The criteria was met by Finnish paper mill in Hamina
    11. 11. For more information about datacentre activity in Finland: Invest in Finland/datacentres Tivit (Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Field of ICT) Case: Google Case: TelecityGroup Case: Yandex
    12. 12. Why Finland? Entry to the East Creative solutions Stable Society Competent professionals
    13. 13. Invest in Finland services for international companies  Data collection & analysis  Opportunity analysis  Guidance on entry alternatives  Networking  Location management  Setting up a business