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Investment Grade Options Presentation

  1. 1. OPTION ONE: 10,000 square meters land in the heart of the City of Fortaleza (prime high investment grade location) near many banks, restaurants, shopping malls and a highly saturated commercial area for an office building project. Price is R$30, 000,000 (or U$D 16,000,000*) + 5% property transfer tax and there might be slight room to negotiate. Maximum time for approvals, licensing and building permits should not exceed 5 months. Risk is at 5% 30% of land is for zoning purposes and the construction ration is 2.8 – 3.2 = 7,000* square meters X minimum 2.8 = 19,600 square meters which can be sold at min R$5,000 and maximum of 6,750 per square meter depending on desired quality and sales rate. At a minimum gross R$98,000,000 the construction cost would be at R$1,000 X 19,600 square meters = R$98,000,000 – R$19,600,000 =
  2. 2. R$78,400,000 from which 40% have to be subtracted for 10% margin of error, administration & project design & management, pre-launch to investors for short sales of 100% to be sold in 4 – 6 months, marketing and branding for a pre-tax total of R$47,200,000 – 10% tax = R$42,480,000 – cost of land = R$11,000,000. This signifies a 30% annual Return on Investment. In 12 months or less the entire process from land acquisition to project design, licensing and pre-launch of sales to investors should be concluded. Sales at R$6,500 x 1M² at pre-launch to investor would considerably extend this period to anywhere from 6 – 9 months and quality would of the project would have to be increased from a 6 point rating to at least 8½ which in turn would raise the cost of per square meter of construction to R$1500. Gross revenue for building and selling 19,600 square meters at R$6,500 is = R$127,400,000 and the net profit in a minimum 16 to a maximum 24 month period should be R$38.000.000. This translates into a 60% annual Return on Investment. Underground parking could bring more profit. Additional 4 floors of underground parking at 3,000 square meters would have R$1,500 per square meter cost but would only sell separately from the units for R$5,000 = R$23,000,000 of net profit in the same period increasing the total profit to R$61,000,000 or 100% annual Return on Investment. Also, exercising the right to perform owner/builder direct financing (project delivery guarantee needs to be incorporated) could bring 9% - 10% annual interest yield for a minimum financed period of five (5) years and maximum of twenty (15) years. *Value is based on Friday’s Exchange Rates at the closing bell. Please watch the daily fluctuations of FOREX.
  3. 3. *The 7,000 square meters could be increased with good public relations with the City Hall to approx. 8,500 or possibly two towers. OPTION TWO: This one is a very interesting option of low-income housing for police officers of The State of Ceará inside of Fortaleza City right next to the new Police Academy. There quite a few investment groups hovering over this investment and time is of essence. The purchase of the land price is R$2,200,000. Landscaping, project design and licensing = R$2,700,000 + R$2,500,000 for phase one of construction is necessary.
  4. 4. TOTAL = R$7,400,000 As soon as the land acquisition, project design & approval is complete financing by the Federal Bank Caixa Economica is guaranteed which will render immediate sales for 100% (risk is zero 0%) to be sold in 9 months or less. 250 houses at R$52,000 = R$13,000,000 150 apartments at R$62,000 = R$9,300,000 50 houses at R$72,000 = R$3,600,000 50 houses at R$87,000 = R$4,350,000 TOTAL = R$30,250,000 Project administration (25%), management (5%), (10%) error margin = 40% R$30,250,000 – 40% = R$18,000,000 – R$9,400,000 = R$8,600,000 This should be earned in a period of twelve (12) months or less.
  5. 5. This translates into 100% annual Return on Investment during a one (1) year period. OPTION THREE: This is a perfect for front beach residential//rental/retirement/tourism development at R$8Million. Beautiful asphalt access main road, within 30 minutes of the airport and a highly tourist saturated area with a golf development in construction within 6 miles up the coast. Initial construction, project design, licensing, marketing costs R$22,000,000 Risk is 7% - 10%. 80,000 square meters -30% zoning = 56,000 square meters for a ratio of 3.0 construction = A minimum of 150,000 square meters. 150,000 square meters to be sold at R$4,000 (sell fast high quality) = R$600Million – 150,000 square meters X R$1200 (high quality construction with beautiful leisure areas inside the development) per square meter cost = R$180M = R$420 Million – 50% (20% margin of error, administration, project management, sales commissions, etc) = R$210Million – R$12,000,000 = R$198M – 10% tax = R$179M with an initial investment of R$30,000,000 over a 4 year period amounts to an annual ROI of
  6. 6. 125%. If direct builder financing would be provided at a lower rate (7% - 8%) than the Brazilian markets (current minimum is 9, 75%) by avoiding Central Banks Regulations and re-routing this venture could mean up to 135% annual ROI. We deem, to the best of our knowledge, this information to be correct and up-to-date with the current markets. There are two other options that are very interesting. One of them is a very reputable developer with a front beach development (60 hectares) fully licensed and ready to construct of market units sales value of R$650Million right next to one of the few golf developments in construction in the State of Ceará. The owner is willing to give a 30% discount to pre-launch investor purchases and when that is at 50% completion he will launch the project to the public market 6 months after first investment is transferred over. Meaning: 6 months or less you earn 30%. Investment minimum is at R$25Million. The second option is a developer struggling with a front beach development of 90units and only 12 were pre-sold, we might be able to negotiate a 35% discount in order to purchase the remainder of the units and immediately put them back on the market at a regular price. The development has little to no marketing. We can make the marketing happen with ease, actually I would say that our product to client to investor to buyer ration is lacking properties in our portfolio at this time but steadily growing. The demand is much higher than the building companies can move for any sector of the market and especially local residential market where there is a deficit of 560,000 units. Therefore builders, construction company owners and land + project owners of off-market opportunities request LOIs. We have contact with all the building companies and land owners. We have full accessory services on standby. Here is an example of sold property: - We can provide some of the negotiations papers Other options available: - Four of the Six 1, 5 hectare lots sold (past 4 months)
  7. 7. - long term, ultra high ROIs, signed off by Jack Nicolas References: Gary Palmer (Independent Investor) 1.) Craig O'Connor - We are his Trustee here in Fortaleza, Brazil. We are taking care of matters for him such as: a) Due diligence and clearing the title for any debts, liens, lawsuits or any otherwise compromising legal action b) Obtaining a permanent retirement residence visa c) Import of personal items for relocation purposes such as furniture, vehicles and etc. d) Financial operations such as transfer of funds, currency exchange, making payments for utilities, house maintenance and repairs and etc.... Contact information: 1-732-766-2810 / 1-732-317-2049 2.) David Maslin - Investor purchased four pre-construction off-plan apartments units upon our investment advice. +(44)1902757155 / +(44)7872612930 3.) David Hayter - Purchased off-plan pre-construction penthouse unit, is planning to purchase a few other properties with us. 1-609-910-1264
  8. 8. -Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We would like to invite you to join us at Invest in Brazil Club and share the wealth of knowledge in the Brazilian Markets. Whether you are part of Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Skype Community or any other networks we are sure that you will enjoy this Club! Business guide to Brazil - Please send feedback, join us for advice, tips, discussions and post articles/comments. Welcome to the Invest in Brazil Club with over 1100+ loyal members like you. Please join us at: This is a free, consultative business guide to Brazil, live and frequently updated. New developments, current news and investment opportunities are our strong point and the principle topics. Its focus is the real estate market as well as alternative energy and foreign trade (import/export) in the Northeast Brazil, State of Ceara, City of Fortaleza but we cover other parts of Brazil and other sectors of the market as well. Examples of properties / investments: We are here to build a bridge between culture, language, mentality and legal barriers so you could have a hassle free and painless experience. Our “on the ground experience”,
  9. 9. strong local connections / relationships, market secrets knowledge & off-market properties / investments are your / our key to success. Here are the types of properties and the services we offer; Properties: a.) Investment Excursions, Field Trips with professional photography and filming of your experience. 1. Front beach villas, vacation, retirement, rental and residential. 2. Front beach land for residential or development as investments. 3. Front beach resort and hotels. 4. Front beach Water Park and pousadas. 5. Pre-approved projects ready to execute with land. 6. Land for alternative energy (wind hydro and solar) and biodiesel plantations. 7. Homes, hotels, pousadas (inns) and apartments condos in the large coastal cities. 8. Luxury properties. 9. Farm land. 10. Land for sustainable forestation. 11. Commercial space, land for commercial buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls. 12. Wind power projects with land or land for wind power stations. 13. Biodiesel farm plantation and/or land for such to implement. 14. Mineral ore mines. 15. Sugar Refinery Mills. 16. Ethanol Refinery. 17. Private Islands We also provide full A-Z accessory services for investors, and buyers such as: A.) Personal Investment & Sightseeing Excursions with professional photography and filming. 1.) Land acquisition, architectural development and approvals. 2.) Complete construction cost calculations and analysis, construction, engineering, and building permit. 3.) Sales & Marketing Strategy. 4.) Resale 5.) CPF cards and Permanent Residence Program. 6.) Tax consulting, accounting, and lawyers & attorneys. 7.) Governmental Contacts & Elite Society local contacts. 8.) Pre- Launch to investors & strategy. 9.) Exit Strategy. 10.) Relocation Services. 11.) Due Diligence, complete analysis of legal documents such as titles and deeds.
  10. 10. 12.) Title Insurance. 13.) Opportunities for joint ventures with other investors. 14.) Financial transactions and strategy. 15.) Off Market Opportunities. 16.) Market Research, Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies 17.) Product Sourcing for Export 18.) Wealth Management 19.) Asset Protection 20.) Full Tax-Haven Services Warmest Regards from The Land of the Sun, A Chicagoan in Northeast Brazil, Mr. Martin Gajewski Jr. Offshore Investment Consultant & Glenda B. M. Chagas Comes from a Family Real Estate tradition of 25+ years. International Property Broker brazilrealestate user name on skype free pc-pc global telephone system download at 55-85-8811-0900 55-85-3264-8155 1-708-354-9688