CORPORATE PROFILEPacific Investments &Development Ltd.Since 1994, Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. hasdemonstrated...
NORTHEAST CALGARY COMMERCIAL LANDSPacific Investments &Development Ltd.•	 The Property has excellent freeway frontage ona ...
THE TRANSPORTATION/ LOGISTICS CORRIDORPacific Investments &Development Ltd.Surrounding the SubjectProperty is what is nowc...
Project size:	 				 Approximately 224.34 acresProposed Offering:				 $18,375,000.00 (Maximum Offering)						 Offering of 7...
At the center of Canada’s powerful energy industry,Calgary out competes other urban centers becausethe city offers a progr...
Major retailers like Wal-mart, Costco, RONA, ShoppersDrug Mart, Canadian Tire, Safeway, and Sears haveselected Calgary as ...
CALGARY & AREACompleted ProjectsYear sold/ % ROI per year,non-compoundedWest Scenic Acres ViewMarch 2000/ 27.4%Rocky Ridge...
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Pacific Calgary Opportunity Trust


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Pacific Calgary Opportunity Trust, an income trust created and managed by Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. are issuing mutual fund trust units in the “Northeast Calgary Commercial Lands Project.”

Located within the city limits of Calgary, AB in the heart of the NE commercial and industrial corridor, with 2.18km of Stoney Trail frontage
In 2014, Calgary Airport will have operational a second super long runway making the Calgary distribution and logistic centre important for not only the Energy Industry but for heavy cargo operators.
Trust units are also eligible for all registered accounts, such as RRSP,RIF,TFSA etc.

Distributed by Beringer Capital, contact Exempt Market Advisor Jan Cerny, or visit our website for more details

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Transcript of "Pacific Calgary Opportunity Trust"

  1. 1. Pacific Investments &Development Ltd.SUBJECT LANDS224.34 acresNSTONEYTRAIL84thStreetMETISTRAILBARLOWTRAILCALGARY INT’LAIRPORTAIRPORT TRAILOfferingPacific Calgary Opportunity Trust, an incometrust created and managed by PacificInvestments and Development Ltd. will beissuing mutual fund trust units in the “NortheastCalgary Commercial Lands Project.”The issuing of these units is in order to financethe purchase, planning and development ofa parcel of land totalling 224.34 acres. TheLand is located within the city limits of Calgary,Alberta in the heart of the NE commercial andindustrial corridor.The Land boasts 2.18 kilometers of Stoney Trailfrontage, and will be accessed by Airport Trail.Pacific Calgary Opportunity TRUST (PCOT)LIMITED PARTNERSHIP • RRSP ELIGIBLECorporate Office225 17th Ave S.ECalgary, Alberta, CanadaT2G 1H5View a complete history of our projects at:www.pacdev.comDistributed through:INVESTOR BRIEFINGNE CALGARY COMMERCIAL LANDS PROJECTFor further information or questions regarding this offering, pleasecontact your Beringer Capital Exempt Market Advisor.(AIRPORT TRAIL TUNNEL)
  2. 2. CORPORATE PROFILEPacific Investments &Development Ltd.Since 1994, Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. hasdemonstrated the consistent ability to discover and developproperties in markets with exceptional growth potential, in boththe domestic and international arenas. Pacific’s tenacious man-agement style and professional integrity has also contributedgreatly to a successful exit on 15 projects to date, averaging a32.0% return per year for investors over the past 15 years.At a time when Securities Regulation is extending its protectionfor investors to include land investment and developmententities, Pacific has quietly become a leading firm, vital to theindustry by setting the standard for professional purchasing andassembly of land for Canadian and International Investors athome and abroad. Initially investing in and developing profitablelands on the perimeter of the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada,Pacific has continued to deliver industry-leading returns for investors by expanding its focus toinclude opportune properties in the Central American country of Panama, and in recent years, theoil-driven city of Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta.Pacific currently has five active projects in these jurisdictions, and is in the process of acquiring newcommercial and industrial-use projects in Alberta, as the province is poised for significant urbaninfrastructure growth in the coming decade.THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS EXPERIENCEDENNIS J. DOHERTY (pictured)Founder and PresidentDennis J. Doherty, has guided Pacific Investments and Develop-ment Ltd. with both experience and integrity over the past 19years. Prior to starting Pacific Investments, Mr. Doherty spent 8years with a multi-million dollar land acquisition and developmentcorporation. Mr. Doherty developed and marketed residential,commercial and industrial property worldwide, with an emphasison properties in Canada, the United States and Asia.ROBB HONSBERGER JEFF PETRICKDevelopment Director Communications Director LAURA PEDERSON Administration MANAGEMENTPacific Investments &Development Ltd.DENNIS J. DOHERTY
  3. 3. NORTHEAST CALGARY COMMERCIAL LANDSPacific Investments &Development Ltd.• The Property has excellent freeway frontage ona Major Municipal Ring Road (Stoney Trail), and islocated with direct connectivity to the primary East/West route to the Calgary International Airport andthe Airport Industrial lands. The “Airport Tunnel” islabeled with an A on the map shown above.• Infrastructure for services is nearby for future servicingto an urban standard.• Close proximity to the entrance of a future 600+ acreBusiness/ Light Industrial Commercial Park currentlyin planning by a major developer. This project willbe just across the City of Calgary boundary in theMunicipal District of Rocky View. (See grey outlineto the East of the subject property on the Mapprovided, labeled with as B )• The adjacent overpass connecting Stoney Trail toAirport Trail has been completed, and in its currentconfiguration, Stoney Trail traffic can exit Westboundonto Airport Trail NE (see Map label C )• The Eastbound overpass exit from Stoney Trail ontoAirport Trail East is already roughed-in by AlbertaInfrastructure.• The Subject Property is currently zoned SFUD (SpecialPurpose Future Urban Development) by the City ofCalgary.• NE Calgary and the hamlets of Balzac-Conrich-Delcour in Rocky View County are undergoing asignificant boom in Transportation/ Logistics land-useprojects. (Detailed in “Why North-East Calgary?”)PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTSPROPERTY OVERVIEWThis 224.34 acre property is located on Stoney Trail in North East Calgary at the intersection of Airport Trail (96 AveNE). These future commercial and industrial lands are strategically located on two of Calgary’s major commercialtransportation routes with excellent access to Calgary’s International Airport, as well as access to all quadrants ofthe City via the Stoney Trail ring road.The property boasts 7,314 ft of frontage along the east side of Stoney Trail, providing outstanding commercialexposure for future end-users. The property will, in the near future, become strategic to the Airport IndustrialCorridor via the new Airport tunnel, and the eventual completion of Airport Trail. The property will be sandwichedbetween the Airport lands to the west and the future 600+ acre Business Park that will be constructed directly tothe east of our project.SUBJECT LANDS224.34 acresLEGENDCALGARY INT’LAIRPORTFUTURE MAJORCOMMERCIALDEVELOPMENTACAIRPORT TRAILAIRPORT TUNNELCOUNTRY HILLS BLVDAIRPORT TRAIL80TH AVE NEMETISTRAILSTONEYTRAILDEERFOOTTRAILArterial Roadway Const.Airport Tunnel ProjectCalgary City LimitsB84THSTREETNE
  4. 4. THE TRANSPORTATION/ LOGISTICS CORRIDORPacific Investments &Development Ltd.Surrounding the SubjectProperty is what is nowcalled the Balzac - Conrich- Delacour (BCD) Corridorwithin Rocky View County,where commercial/ industrialgrowth in the Calgary regionis the strongest.Our Subject Property notonly features servicingoptions from within the Cityof Calgary, but also is locatedwithin reach of the growingnetwork of municipal servicesinfrastructure (shown at right)Rocky View County hasinvested in to service growthalong the County’s borderwith the City.An excellent example of thescale of investment goinginto this region is the new CNRailway Yards near Conrich(shown on map at right) whichis built upon one of six Class1 railroads in North America.Armstrong and AssociatesInc. published a list of theTop 25 Global Logisticscompanies by revenue in theGlobal Logistics & SupplyChain Strategy magazine. Allof the top 8 companies havea Calgary presence and areexpanding operations in theregion. They are:• DHLSupplyChain&GlobalForwarding• Kuehne + Nagel• DB Schenker Logistics• UPS Supply ChainSolutions• Panalpina, Inc.• C.H. Robinson Worldwide,Inc.• Agility• CEVA Logisticsmajor commercial/ industrial growth is in progress wherethe City of Calgary and Rocky VIew County meetRocky View County map showing existing municipal services infrastructure inthe areas adjacent to our subject lands.Other Notable Transportation &Logistics related companies that areoperating in Calgary:• Wal-Mart• Canadian Tire• Sears• Costco Canada• Assured Logistic (3PL forAmazon)• Mullen Group Ltd• Palliser Lumber• Lafarge Canada Inc.• Vanfax (Division of BelronCanada)• DB Schenker• CF Managing Movement• XTL Transport• Cargill• CPR• FedEx• UPS• Purolator• Agrium Inc.SUBJECT LANDS224.34 acresFUTURE MAJORCOMMERCIALDEVELOPMENTHAMLET OF CONRICH(680 ACRE) CN RAILLOGISTICS YARDOPENS 2014HAMLET OFDELACOURTOWN OFBALZACSTONEYTRAILCOUNTRY HILLS BLVDAIRPORT TRAILDEERFOOTTRAILMCKNIGHT BLVDSources: Rocky View County Planning Services;CN RAIL Master Site Development Plan.
  5. 5. Project size: Approximately 224.34 acresProposed Offering: $18,375,000.00 (Maximum Offering) Offering of 735 unit blocks @ $25,000.00 per unit block. $25,000.00 (minimum investment) • Please note that Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. will receive an additional 183 units as a vested interest. (Approx. 20%)Payment Terms: The subscription price of $25,000.00 will be due on completion and signing of the “Subscription Agreement”.Closing Dates: The initial closing will take place on or about September 15, 2013 (or one or more such earlier or later dates as may be approved by the general partner), all subscription funds will be returned to the subscribers without interest or deduction if the closing of the offering not occur by December 15, 2013. Purchase Options: Cash units, self-directed RRSP, or TFSA units through Canadian Western Trust or Olympia Trust payable prior to closing with subscription. Cheques to be made payable to “McLeod Law LLP in trust”Anticipated Holding Period: 3 - 5 years, may be longer. Please review Offering Memorandum.PARTICIPATIONPacific Investments and Development Ltd.’s Pacific Calgary Opportunity Trust (PCOT) will provide investors with anopportunity to participate in Calgary‘s commercial/ industrial real estate market at a time when substantial growthis anticipated. Interested Investors will be sent a complete Offering Memorandum and subscription agreement for their review.For further information, or if you have questions regarding this offering, please contact your Pacific Investments andDevelopment Ltd. contact or your Beringer Capital Exempt Market Advisor.There are a limited number of units available in this offering. Units will be allocated on a “first paid” basis. All unitsin this trust will be RRSP and TFSA eligible.This summary does not constitute an offering of securities. Investment decision should be based on the Confidential Offering Memorandumof the Pacific Calgary Opportunity Trust. Please review the Offering Memorandum thoroughly before making any investment decision.OFFERING SUMMARYPacific Investments &Development Ltd.
  6. 6. At the center of Canada’s powerful energy industry,Calgary out competes other urban centers becausethe city offers a progressive business atmosphere andless stringent regulations to attract corporations.Investment in a property within the city limits thathas a wide variety of future Commercial uses, fromRetail to Light Industrial, is a sound investment thathas been supported by a wide variety of publishedeconomic information as 2012 came to a close.According to industry-led reports, Calgary’s realestate investment market witnessed a remarkablerebound in 2012. The Conference Board of Canadaforecasts Calgary to lead the country in economicdevelopment with an average annual growth rate of4.1 per cent for 2013 through 2016. Multi-residentialand office buildings are anticipated to be the assetssought most by investors, while developers will focuson adding much needed space to the retail market.Alberta’s strong retail sales in 2012, a key indicatorof the best growth in Canada, combined withaggressive U.S. retailers entering the market, meantthat Calgary’s retail leasing market remained almostfully occupied throughout 2012 with only 2.3 percent vacancy.• Conference Board of Canada forecasted a realGDP growth rate in Calgary of 3.8 per cent in 2012and forecasts 3.7 per cent for 2013-16 (Autumn2012)• Calgary has the highest 10 year average annualreal GDP growth rate at 2.9 per cent (2002-2011)WHY CALGARY?Pacific Investments &Development Ltd.Calgary is Western Canada’s Business Centre• There are 136 Calgary-based companies on the FP500list; ten are among the top 50 in Canada• Calgary has experienced a 58.9 per cent growth inhead offices over past ten years (2002-2011), and hasthe highest concentration of head offices per capita inCanada, at 10.7 per 100,000 population• Calgary also has the highest total growth in non-residential building permits in Canada over the past 10years (2002-2011), at a rate of 243.6 per cent (graph)looking to the futureWhile Calgary does currently have a few major commercialprojects that are in progress or just completed, the nextwave of development-ready commercial land is much lesscertain. Recent restrictive changes to land developmentpolicies at the City of Calgary brought the future supplyinto doubt, as the development community strugglesto adjust to the concept that major annexations of landinto Calgary are not planned for the near or intermediatefutures.With that in mind, there is obviously increased value toappropriating commercial lands already within Calgarythat are already ear-marked for commercial development,especially lands that can be serviced to supply to thedevelopment-ready market in the 2015 to 2020 period.Sources: Statistics Canada, Conference Board of Canada; the AvisonYoung 2013 Forecast; and, the Calgary Economic DevelopmentBoard’s “Calgary Advantage” presentation.Strong construction activity243.6%148.7%74.8%60.5%52.2%15.2%Calgary Edmonton Toronto Vancouver Montreal Ottawa10 year non-residential buildingpermit total growth(2002-2011)Canadian CMAs
  7. 7. Major retailers like Wal-mart, Costco, RONA, ShoppersDrug Mart, Canadian Tire, Safeway, and Sears haveselected Calgary as an integral part of their WesternDistribution Strategy.Last year, Target completed its distribution centre nearAirdrie. This is just the beginning of a major shift inthe development of North-East Calgary, including thehamlets of Balzac, Conrich & Delacour in the MD of RockyView. The Calgary Region is poised to become WesternCanada’s transportation and logistics hub for imports/exports destined for the domestic and internationalmarkets.Road transport• The Region is intersected by Highway 1 (TransCanada) – the world’s longest highway, and the 6,000km CANAMEX Corridor (Highway 2) - a free tradecorridor that extends from Alaska to Mexico.• This network minimizes the travel time to customersin western Canada, and is one of the main reasonswhy courier companies like FedEx, UPS, and Purolatorhave large hubs located at the Calgary InternationalAirport (YYC).Rail transport (NEW CN RAIL FACILITY)• The Calgary Region is a major rail freight hub. Railservice is provided by both of Canada’s majorrailways (CP & CN Rail), offering cargo access tomarkets in North America and abroad through thePorts of Vancouver and Prince Rupert. CPR and CN’scombined regional container traffic is approximately,“330,000 20-foot equivalent units annually.”• CP is headquartered in Calgary, and its mainline runsthrough the Calgary Region (East/West). CP openeda new intermodal facility in 1996.• In addition to CN’s current yard and intermodalterminal, it is investing $200-million dollars in a 680acre rail logistics park northeast of Calgary, near thehamlet of Conrich, and is expected to open in 2014.This development is just a few minutes from ourSubject Property.Air transport (YYC EXPANSION)• As one of Canada’s busiest airports, the CalgaryInternational Airport ( is amajor cargo hub, and is one of only three airports inCanada with direct flights to both Asia and Europe.With its extensive passenger and cargo connectionsto Canada, the U.S. and abroad, YYC contributes $6billion in GDP to the regional economy. As an exampleof their growth, UPS opened a $30 million, 145,000square foot, cargo distribution facility in 2010.• The$2billionAirportDevelopmentPlan(ADP)includesa new International Facility (in service October 2015)and a new 14,000 foot runway (in service May 2014).connected to the pacific rim• 40% of imports through Vancouver, Canada’s busiestport, are distributed through the Calgary Region.CN also operates direct Prince Rupert - Calgaryintermodal services as of June 2012.WHY NORTH-EAST CALGARY?Pacific Investments &Development Ltd.PARTICIPATE in the rise of a majortransportation & logistics hubSources: The Calgary Region Economic Partnership(; the Calgary Economic Develop-ment Board’s “Calgary Advantage” presentation.Calgary is just “24 hours” by Overland Transportationfrom REACHING a COMMERCIAL Market of 50 Million people.
  8. 8. CALGARY & AREACompleted ProjectsYear sold/ % ROI per year,non-compoundedWest Scenic Acres ViewMarch 2000/ 27.4%Rocky Ridge View Phase IJune 2000/ 35.98 %Rocky Ridge View Phase IIDecember 2001/ 23.3%Royal Oak ViewNovember 2002/ 23.31%Harvest Hills ViewFebruary 2003/ 28.56%Panorama Hills Phase IIIAugust 2004/ 32.85%Coventry Meadows Ph IJanuary 2007/ 24%Coventry Meadows Ph IIJanuary 2007/ 21%Rocky Ridge Business ParkDec 2005/ 36%Coventry RidgeJanuary 2007/ 32%Chaparral Dunes Ph IJanuary 2007/ 45%Chaparral Dunes Ph IIJanuary 2007/ 99%Coventry Ridge Phase IIJanuary 2007/ 25%Auburn Park Phase IDecember 2004/ 21%Active ProjectsCoventry CrossingBusiness LandsPurchased 2002/ 93.51 AcresFORT MCMURRAYActive ProjectsSaprae Creek EstatesCurrent Project, purchased Jan2010, 110 acres for develop-ment as residential propertywithin The Pacific NorthAmerica Income Fund.PANAMACompleted ProjectsArraijan Villas ProjectMarch 2013/ 6.9% (weighted avg.)Active ProjectsPanama Highland Golf Est. Phase IPurchase Date: July 2007Panama Highland Golf Est. Phase IIPurchase Date: February 2008OUR TRACK RECORDPacific Investments &Development Ltd.and a proven ability to obtain land use designation, continues to provideopportunity for above average returns for investors.Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. have been active in TWENTYresidential and commercial projects since inception.  The following is abrief summary of all twenty projects that are all in various stages of thecompletion or planning and development process. We have divided theprojects into two categories, Completed and Active projects. Please notethe ROI PER YEAR of the completed projects.Average ProjectDuration:Average ProjectReturn:Average ProjectReturn, per year:(non-compounded)Pacific Investments and Development Ltd. was incorporated in Canada in June of 1994. Pacific has managed over$250,000,000 in real estate holdings within Alberta and abroad, representing more than 1,000 land investors. Pacific’s commitment to acquiring properties with superior growth potential, coupled with strong managementFIFTEEN COMPLETED PROJECTS:5.6 years163%32.0%Prairie Creek Business ParkCurrent Project, purchased Dec.1, 2011, 980.51 acres for develop-ment as commercial/ industrialproperty within The PacificAlberta Income Fund.