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  1. 1. The Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria70.550 km of Opportunities 2Investment Location Bavaria
  2. 2. Bavaria’s GDP of Euro 442,4 billion exceeds Bavaria offers foreign direct investors an that of 19 of the European Union’s 27 member superb infrastructure in transport, telecommu- states. Its per capita GDP of Euro 35.337 is nications and energy that ensures security of well above the German and EU averages. supplies and excellent access to international B ­ avaria is one of the world’s top markets in markets. Moreover, investors can draw on a terms of purchasing power. workforce with a high level of education and training as well as a special focus on research Bavaria’s superb location factors are regularly and technology with expenditure on research noted in international comparative studies and development at more than 3 percent of and the state’s metropolitan regions Munich GDP, a top level internationally. and Nuremberg are frequently assigned top rankings. Yet modern Bavaria has retained its endearing “soft” location factors such as a rich cultural From a state largely dominated by agriculture heritage and life, liveable traditions, manifold just 50 years ago, Bavaria has evolved into recreational opportunities, unspoilt nature “Europe’s Hightech Mecca” (Bill Gates) and and maximum levels of personal safety and an economic power with global presence. security. Record exports of Euro 160 billion underline Martin Zeil B ­ avaria’s international competitiveness. Cosmopolitan Bavaria Minister of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Bavaria: A modern, competitive economy Up to now companies from more than 98 coun- Technology tries worldwide have established business Alongside global players such as Allianz, State of Bavaria operations in Bavaria. From here they operate S ­ iemens, BMW, Audi, EADS, adidas, Puma profitably and successfully way beyond Ba- and MAN, Bavaria’s economy is characterised varia’s borders. by a dense network of small and medium-Welcome to Bavaria. sized industrial, trade and service enterprises. Investors can be sure to find a wide array of competitive suppliers, customers and busi- Welcome to Bavaria Why not turn to the team of Invest in BavariaWelcome to one of Europe’s leading ness partners. Bavaria commands a leading position in most for a thorough brief on and competent g ­ uidance to Bavaria’s opportunities for you andeconomies and business regions. your company. We look forward to you! future technologies, be it information and communications technology (ICT), biotech- nology and genetic engineering, or medical, energy and environmental technologies. High- tech enterprises enjoy an optimal setting in Bavaria. The services sector also plays a strong role in Bavaria’s economy. The state is Germany’s No 1 location for the insurance industry and Katja Hessel the No 2 banking centre. It is the leader in Vice-Minister of Economic tourism and the Munich and Nuremberg exhi- Affairs, Infrastructure, bition and conference centres are of interna- T ­ ransport and Technology tional significance. The high value added B2B State of Bavaria services sector is particularly well developed in Bavaria. › 2 3 Invest in Bavaria
  3. 3. 2.705kilometres connect Bavariawith its neighbours.Bavaria’s ideal location within the European economic region provides fast and easy access to With Invest in Bavaria the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport andall European markets. Companies located in Bavaria can reach close to 500 million consumers Technology furnishes international investors with a powerful partner that provides competent,and open up additional markets. unbureaucratic and free guidance and support with all aspects and through all phases of estab- lishing or expanding a business operation in Bavaria.Close ties: Bavaria and Eastern Europe Bavaria’s long-standing role as the node Having determined investors’ specific requirements and ideas, Invest in Bavaria develops tailored b ­ etween East and West has been further Bavaria has a long tradition of close economic suggestions for optimum sites and locations in Bavaria, including comprehensive data about heightened by the European Union’s extension and political relations with the countries of m ­ icro- and macroecononic location factors as well as organized, guided site and location tours to the East. Central and Eastern Europe, from Estonia to and visits. Bulgaria, from Hungary to the Ukraine. Grüß Gott India, Namaste Bavaria Invest in Bavaria finds your ideal business location. B ­ AYHOST, the Bavarian academic centre for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, An excellent example for trans-European links Bavarian and eastern European universi- knowledge transfer is the new Bavaria-India ties facilitating a vibrant exchange in tuition Centre at the University of Applied Sciences and research that can also be utilised by in Hof that provides insights into and links with­Bavarian businesses. Indian universities and useful contacts. › 4 5 Invest in Bavaria
  4. 4. 332air links connect Bavariawith the world – in all directions.Bavaria benefits from the state-of-the-art infrastructure and maximum mobility that guarantee Invest in Bavaria introduces Bavaria to the world and links Bavarian and international companies.speedy, reliable and safe movement of people, goods, data and information – by rail, road, air We present and inform about hightech location Bavaria at numerous national and internationaland water. A road network of 41,882 km, comprising motorways, federal and state highways and trade shows and are a first point of call for international companies.district trunk roads, provides excellent connectivity throughout the state. Bayern International, our partner organisation, offers Bavaria-based small and medium-sized enter­ rises access to new customers and markets through participation in Bavarian pavilions at pBavaria connects you to the world – on all Superbly positioned: international trade shows.routes, trunk lines and channels. Bavaria leads in satellite navigation. You can also access us around the world: 23 Bavarian representative offices in Europe, Asia,State-of-the-art information and communica- The role of leading-edge technologies such the Americas and Africa are at hand to field your queries and provide sound and comprehensivetions technology provide global connectivity as aviation, aerospace and satellite naviga- advice.and rapid exchange of data and information. tion as engines for innovation and growth wasBavaria’s broadband initiative ensures recognised and fostered in Bavaria at an early Invest in Bavaria – a global network.the availability of broadband internet access stage. As a result, Bavaria is now seen asthroughout the state. Europe’s leading hub for satellite navigation. The interplay of earth surveillance and com- munication creates countless opportunities to develop new products, applications and s ­ ervices in areas such as tourism, recreation ­ and logistics. › 6 7 Invest in Bavaria
  5. 5. 13.340patent applications are testimonyof a culture of innovation.Companies from 98 countries worldwide value Bavaria’s climate of innovation. Why not realiseyour ideas at a location with a track record of success.Pioneering Technologies from Bavaria In the Best of Companies Invest in Bavaria looks forward to integrate you into Bavaria’s international business network. We can provide targeted, sector specific access to relevant business gatherings and sectorBavaria always has been a hotbed of inven- BMW, Audi, Siemens or adidas are just a few events that deal with the technologies of tomorrow.tions and innovation. Many ingenious ideas, of the global players that originate from Bava-which shaped our modern world, came to light ria. In addition, international giants ranging Invest in Bavaria Bavaria. Rudolf Diesel developed his diesel from search engine specialist Google to phar-engine in Bavaria. Franconian inventors came maceutical major MSD Sharp & Dohme haveup with the revolutionary MP3 audio codec selected Bavaria as a location for major re-and screw-in studs, an indispensible feature of search and development facilities or as head-modern soccer boots and other sports shoes, quarters for their European operations.are also the result of Bavarian ingenuity. › 8 9 Invest in Bavaria
  6. 6. 19industry and technology clusters in Bavaria ensurethe optimal interplay of science and business.Companies located in Bavaria benefit from the structured collaboration between science,research and commerce, know-how transfer, interdisciplinary networks and the interplaybetween large and small and medium-sized enterprises. The state government´s Cluster Invest in Bavaria will be pleased to introduce you to relevant public administrators and tradeInitiative Bavaria encourages and supports these clustering moves. and business institutions in Bavaria and connect you with valuable contacts and networks. We are well connected with all Bavarian district authorities. In collaboration with partners like BayernNetworks utilise development potential Business + Science = Value Added Inter­national, Bayern Handwerk International and the Bavarian Research Foundation we can provide sector-specific data and intelligence about local markets and useful guidance. Just talk to us.Bavaria’s 19 state-wide clusters encompass The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, We know the contacts that matter to you.19 key industry sectors and technologies. Infrastructure, Transport and Technology seesThe Cluster Initiative Bavaria is two-pronged: the Cluster Initiative Bavaria as a key tool to Invest in Bavaria facilitates contacts.Firstly, it aims to expand and strengthen state- link science and business. This close exchangewide cluster networks of companies, univer- raises productivity, strengthens value addedsities, research institutions as well as B2B chains and allows the speedier translation ofservice providers and financial institutions. In research results into marketable products. Anaddition, a regional component is to support indicator of Bavaria’s prowess at innovationand strengthen the Bavarian regions’ ­ xisting e are some 12.969 patent registrations annually,development potential beyond ­ ectoral s ranging from solar power modules to adjust-boundaries. able saddle supports for mountain bikes. › 10 11 Invest in Bavaria
  7. 7. 322.537students obtain quality education andp­ rofessional skills at Bavarian universities.Successful businesses are always dependent on highly qualified, motivated personnel. Bavaria Invest in Bavaria’s services for investors go way beyond finding the optimal location in Bavaria.attaches key importance to education, training and research. The dual education and training In close collaboration with the federal employment office we can support you in the search forsystem for non-graduate professions combines theoretical and on-the-job training in a way that suitable personnel. The transfer-portal of Bavaria’s universities even allows the search across allcreates the optimal base for the start of professional life. academic institutions for suitable contacts and information from Bavaria’s knowledge institutions, according to your manpower, research and know-how requirements.Education and training in Bavaria: interna- Renowned research centres And should you see the need for specific training and education courses, just let us know.tional and diverse 12 Max-Planck-Institutes, 8 Fraunhofer-Soci- In collaboration with the chambers of industry and commerce it is even feasible to device new,Study, tuition and research take place at ety facilities and 2 major Helmholtz research tailored training programmes that meet your requirements.11 universities, 24 universities of applied sci- complexes are key indicators of Bavaria’s roleences and at 6 state art academies in Bavaria. as a leading global research centre. Invest in Bavaria opens doors.There is a special focus on the internationalorientation of degree courses. A total of 108different dual degree courses are availableat 9 Bavarian universities that involve jointcourses at a German and an internationaluniversity with graduation certificates fromboth. › 12 13 Invest in Bavaria
  8. 8. 7.029hectares of forest are designated naturer­ eserve areas in Bavaria.Under its hallmark white-blue skies, Bavaria offers a rich tapestry of history and culture: People feel at home and comfortable in Bavaria. Many well-known overseas investors endorseAlbrecht Dürer was from and active in Franconia, the Fugger in Augsburg, the Wittelsbach this and opt for long-term, sustainable investment projects in the state. Invest in Bavaria’s successdynasty illuminated all of Bavaria. It was here where Ludwig II built his fairy tale castles, stories testify to this: Research centres of both Google and Olympus, Linde’s group headquarters,where the painters of the “Der Blaue Reiter” expressionist movement found their themes and the GE Healthcare Commercial Center, Sandoz’s corporate HQ all found locations in Bavariamotifs, Bert Brecht his stories and Richard Wagner his inspiration. that unite commercial benefits and quality of life. Invest in Bavaria benefits from a strong overseas presence, where we market business locationSwimming, Hiking, Enjoying Nature Nature: valuable and valued Bavaria. We attend and take part in international trade shows and their conferences, look after Bavaria: A holiday destination that cares forAs diverse as its culture is Bavaria’s landscape: visiting foreign journalists, stage investor seminars and visit companies in home countries. the environmentmountains and lowlands, moors and heaths, lakesand rivers, the Bavarian Forest, which endan- No surprise that Bavaria is Germany’s favour- Invest in Bavaria links businesses and living spaces.gered species like the reclusive lynx, wood grouse ite holiday destination. In 2010 alone 77,9 mil-and wildcat have reclaimed as their habitat. lion overnight visitors stayed in Bavarian hotels, guesthouses and camping sites. Care for the environment is paramount. Bavaria has ­ 18 ­ ature reserves that cultivate biodiversity n and are ideal reservoirs for rest and recreation. › 14 15 Invest in Bavaria
  9. 9. 23 Switzerland America USA ( W est Coast / SF ) Vietnamglobal offices and our Munich head office look Ralf Bopp c/o German Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland Brazil Martin Langewellpott Dr. Lucie E. Merkle State of Bavaria –  United States Office Marko Walde c/o AHK 5th Floor, Somerset Chancellor Courtforward to handle your enquiries. Tödistrasse 60 c/o German-Brazilian Chamber West Coast Division 21– 23 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street CH-8002 - Zurich of Industry and Commerce 388 Market Street, suite 1050 District 1 Tel: +41-44-283-6150 Rua Verbo Divino 1488 San Francisco, CA 94111 Ho Chi Minh City 04719-904 São Paulo Tel.: +1 415 362-1001 Tel.: +84 8 38239775Invest in Bavaria – the business promotion agency of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Tel.: +55 11 5187-5100 C zech Republic bayern@ahkbrasil.comTransport and Technology and of Bayern International GmbH. Bernard Bauer United A rab Emirates c/o German-Czech Chamber of Canada Asia Dr. Dalia Abu Samra-RohtePersonal contacts in 23 countries Industry and Commerce Daniel Curio c/o German Industry and Václavské nám. 40 State of Bavaria – Québec Office China Commerce Office Abu Dhabi 110 00 Prague 1 1501, Ave. McGill Collège, Manuel Rimkus Abu Dhabi Mall, East TowerIt is easy to get in touch with us through our 23 offices around the globe – from Moscow to San Francisco, from Tokyo to Tel.: +420 2 24221200 Suite 2060 State of Bavaria – 1st Floor, Office No. 104Bangalore. We are there to field your enquiries, facilitate contacts, meet you at relevant trade shows or visit you at your Montréal, (Québec) H3A 3M8 Shandong Office Abu Dhabicompany base. Just give us a call or drop us a line. Tel.: +1 514 985-6520 Rm. 1116, Hisense Tower Tel.: +971 2 6455200 T urkey 17 Dong Hai Xi Road Marc Landau 266071 Qingdao c/o German-Turkish Chamber of Me xico Shandong Province Industry and Commerce Christian Weber Tel.: +86 532 86671796 Africa Yeniköy Cad. No. 88 c/o German Mexican Chamber 34457 Tarabya-Istanbul of ­ ommerce and Industry C South africa Tel.: +90 212 363-0500 German Centre India Matthias BoddenbergHeadoffice Israel Austria Romania Av. Santa Fé 170, Piso 1 John Kottayil c/o Southern African-GermanDr. Johann Niggl Godel Rosenberg Thomas Gindele c/o Sebastian Metz Oficina 4 –10 State of Bavaria – India Office Chamber of CommercePrinzregentenstr. 28 c/o goro international c/o German Chamber of German-Romanian Chamber of Ukraine Col. Lomas de Santa Fé Prestige Meridian 2 and Industry80538 Munich consulting services ltd. Commerce in Austria ­ ndustry and Commerce I Karin Rau 01210 México D.F. 12th floor, Unit 1201 47 Oxford RoadTel.: +49 89 2162-2642 David Hamelech St 15a Schwarzenbergplatz 5 Top 3/1 Str. Clucerului 35, et. 2 c/o Association of German Cham- Tel.: +52 55 1500-5905 30, MG Road 2193 Forest Herzliya 46661 1030 Vienna 011363 Bucuresti bers of Industry and Commerce Bangalore – 560001 Johannesburg Tel.: +972 (9) 9579091 Tel.: +43 1 545 14 17-32 Tel.: +40 21 2079165 Wul. Puschkinska 34 Tel.: +91 80 4096-5025 Tel.: +27 11 486-2775 USA (E ast Coast / N Y ) 01004 Kiew Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle Croatia Poland Russia Tel.: +380 44 2345595Bulgaria State of Bavaria –  Japan Dr. Peter Presber Michael Kern Fedor KhorokhordinDr. Mitko Vassilev United States Office Dr. Christian Geltinger c/o German-Croatian Chamber of c/o German-Polish Chamber of c/o Association of German Chambers Hungary 560 Lexington Avenue, 17th Floor State of Bavaria – Japan Officec/o German-Bulgarian Chamber Industry and Commerce Industry and Commerce of Industry and Commerce Gabriel A. Brennauer New York, NY 10022 Hollands Millsof Industry and Commerce Zamenhoffova 2 ul. Miodowa 14 Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft c/o German-Hungarian Chamber Tel.: +1 212 317-0588 Mori Tower RoP 801F.J. Curie Str. 25 A 10000 Zagreb 00-246 Warsaw 1. Kasatschi per., 7 of ­ ndustry and Commerce I 5-11-1, Toranomon1113 Sofia Tel.: +385 1 6311-600 Tel.: +48 22 5310-500 119017 Moscow Lövöház u. 30 Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001Tel.: +359 2 8163010 Tel.: +7 495 23449-86 1024 Budapest Tel.: Tel.: +36 1 345-7637 › 16 17 Invest in Bavaria
  10. 10. IMPRINTNOT ESThis publication forms part of the public relations activities undertaken by the government of the state of Bavaria. Any use of this publication bypolitical parties or their supporters to canvas for votes during the period commencing five months before an election shall be prohibited. Theterm “election” pertains to local, state, national and Europe-wide elections. The prohibition applies in particular to the distribution of this publi-cation at political events or its display on parties’ stands. Also prohibited is the inclusion or affixing of any party information or symbols in or onthis publication. Nor may this publication be relayed to other parties engaging in political activities. This publication may not be used in any wayto imply that the state government supports any particular political grouping. The prohibition also applies to those periods in which an electionis not pending. Political parties are permitted to use this publication to inform their members. The greatest possible diligence was exercised inthe compilation of this publication. No liability is, however, assumed for the accuracy and completeness of the contents of this publication.PUBLISHER:Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and TechnologyInvest in BavariaDr. Johann NigglAddress:Prinzregentenstr. 2880538 MunichTel.: +49 89 2162-2642Fax: +49 89 2162-2803info@invest-in-bavaria.comwww.invest-in-bavaria.comInvest in Bavaria is the Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technologyand Bayern International GmbHSources:Cover: Bavarian State Agency for Statistics and Data Processing | pages 2/3: Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transportand Technology; figures: as of 2010/2011 | pages 4/5: Bavarian State Office for Surveying and Geo-information | pages 6/7: Flughafen NürnbergGmbH, Flughafen München GmbH, Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG  | pages 8/9: German Patent and Trade Mark Office | pages 10/11: BavarianMinistry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology | pages 12/13: Bavarian Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs  | pa-ges 14/15: Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and ForestryPhotographic rights:Cover: vineyard – garteneidechse /  | pages 4/5: BMW Welt – Alexander Mandl/; ICE – Max Lautenschläger/DB AG | pa-ges 6/7: aircraft Jupiter; satellite – EADS | pages 8/9: dandelion – misterQM/; car on street – AUDI AG; BMW Concept GranCoupÈ, Design Sketch Exterior (05/2010) – Till Jenninger/BMW AG | pages 10/11: gear-wheels – Invest in Bavaria; Bavarian flag – Invest in Bava-ria | pages 12/13: blackboard – Getty; student – Jupiter; Fraunhofer Institut – Fraunhofer IIS; glass flasks – Alex Tino Friedel/ATF Pictures; womanwith laptop – Jupiter | pages 14/15: lake with trees – Invest in Bavaria; vineyard – Hendrik Holler/; treetop walkway – Invest in Bava- ­ria | pages 16/17: Munich panorama – Fremden­ erkehrsamt München; Taj Mahal – DeVIce/; Golden Gate Bridge – Stas Volik/ Getty | vback cover: map – Invest in Bavaria
  11. 11. Ge r ma n y B avar iaPublisherBavarian Ministryof Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and TechnologyInvest in BavariaPrinzregentenstr. 2880538 MunichTel.: +49 89 2162-2642Fax: +49 89 2162-28 03info@invest-in-bavaria.dewww.invest-in-bavaria.comInvest in Bavaria is the Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs,Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International GmbH