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Business bavaria 9-2012_en

  1. 1. BUSINESS BAVARIA The Business Promotion Agency of the State of BavariaISSUE 09 | 2012 WHAT‘S INSIDE 5 MINUTES WITH ... Dr. Christian Geltinger, Bavaria‘s Representative in Japan Page 2 IN FOCUS: AEROSPACE The Industry is Happy to Stop Over in Bavaria Page 3 BAVARIA IN YOUR BRIEFCASE Bayreuth‘s Opera House gets World Cultural Heritage Status Page 4 © MTUILA – BAVARIAN HIGH FLYERS AT THE AIR SHOWFrom 11-16 September a number of Bavar- the fact that companies and institutions from from Bavaria is also eagerly awaited in Berlin.ian companies from the aviation industry will industry and research work particularly closely The ‘Bauhaus Luftfahrt’ association founded bybe at the International Aerospace Exhibition together here. The leading engine manufacturer three Bavarian pioneer companies, EADS, Lieb-(ILA), one of the world’s largest fairs of its MTU Aero Engines develops new engine systems, herr-Aerospace and MTU Aero Engines, focuseskind. which are being presented at the ILA, together on the development of innovative ideas for the with senior partners such as Pratt & Whitney, future of aviation. The 30 scientists forming theMore than 1000 national and international exhibi- General Electric and Volvo Aero. The goals for team work as an international ‘think tank’ andtors are expected at the Berlin Expo Center, where innovation include reducing engine noise, mak- will present their visions to the public in Berlin.Bavaria will showcase its specific expertise and ing them more fuel-efficient and environmentallypotential as one of most important locations for friendly. The group’s success speaks for itself: in aviation and space industry worldwide. A the military arena, MTU accounts for nearly allthird of all specialists employed in this industry the aircraft engines used by the German Fed-nationwide work in Bavaria. From the construc- eral Armed Forces. As the world leader in thetion of modern military aircraft, helicopters and helicopter market, the international Eurocopterengines to the development of new operating company from the Bavarian city of Donauwörth isand mission control systems for spacecraft and also represented at the fair. The Eurocopter groupsatellites, Bavaria is an important growth engine employs approximately 15,600 staff and is con-for innovations in aerospace across all segments. sidered to be the world‘s largest manufacturerBavaria is characterised as a prime location by of civil and military helicopters. An expert teamSHOWCASE FOR ENERGY TRANSITION: BIOFUEL FROM STRAWBavaria strengthens its position as a key location for the energy transi- and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The plant attion. The Lower Bavarian town of Straubing was selected to host Germany’s the Bavarian ‘BioCampus Straubing’ is very close to the Danube, so the rawlargest demonstration facility for the production of environmentally-friendly materials necessary for production, such as wheat and corn straw, are avail-cellulose ethanol. Using the sunliquid® technology, the plant annually con- able in the immediate vicinity.verts 4,500 tons of wheat straw into 1,000 tons of biofuel. The project,valued at Euro 28 million, is sponsored by the Bavarian State government W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 1
  2. 2. 5 MINUTES WITH ...DR. CHRISTIAN GELTINGER, BAVARIA’S EXECUTIVE REPRESENTATIVE IN JAPANDr. Christian Geltinger manages the oldest Representative Office of the State of Bavaria in Japan. He is the main contact for 250 Japanesecompanies that already have offices in Bavaria and for all the businesses intending to establish a base in the Free State. The Oktoberfestwhich starts once again in September is also becoming increasingly popular in Japan. Dr. Geltinger has the pleasure of opening numerousJapanese-Bavarian Oktoberfest events during the course of a year. that it arouses interest in Bavarian beer brands beer in suits. Last year, I once opened a festival which is reflected in rising demand from Japa- as King Ludwig II, after all Neuschwanstein is nese importers. As the Bavarian representative, well known by virtually all the Japanese.  I am usually the patron of such events so I can use them to promote Bavaria as a business lo- IS BAVARIAN BEER SERVED AT THE JAPA- cation as well.  NESE OKTOBERFESTS? Japanese people love German beer. At the Ok- HOW MANY OKTOBERFESTS HAVE YOU toberfest events there is a large selection of BEEN OBLIGED TO OPEN IN JAPAN THIS Bavarian beers; sometimes other German and YEAR?  local Japanese beers are also available. Fol- I don‘t consider it an obligation, I had the pleasure lowing a partnership with Munich Airport, this of opening three in July. The opening ceremony year the beer brewed at the airport was served entails a short speech and a first “Prosit der at the Nagoya festival for the first time. Gemütlichkeit”. A proper barrel tapping ceremo-HOW MANY OKTOBERFESTS ARE THERE ny is currently only performed at the Oktoberfest HOW DID THE OKTOBERFEST MAKE ITSIN JAPAN?  in Tokyo, which is organized by a German.  WAY TO JAPAN IN THE FIRST PLACE?I know of at least 15 ‘Oktoberfest events’ this It probably began over 10 years ago in Yoko-year alone, the first in April and a ‘Super Okto- IS THERE A FAIRGROUND WITH TENTS hama. In Tokyo the event at Hibiya Park is theberfest’ in the large Tokyo Dome Arena in De- AND RIDES LIKE IN MUNICH? OR DO THE most established and is a firm annual socialcember to end the year. In addition, there are JAPANESE CELEBRATE IN LARGE HALLS? event.probably quite a number of smaller parties or The festivals are often held outdoors in largeprivate celebrations in hotels under this motto. parks with beer and food stands arranged in a JAPANESE ARE CONSIDERED TO BE VERYThe number of ‘Oktoberfests’ in Japan increas- circle and a smaller tent with a stage for live RESERVED AND ATTACH GREAT IMPOR-es from year to year.  music directly in front. Fortunately, the bands TANCE TO PROPER ETIQUETTE - CAN THAT are often from Bavaria. There are no amuse- BE CONNECTED WITH THE OKTOBERFEST?HOW IMPORTANT ARE THE EVENTS AS AN ment rides as currently few places have enough In Japan many things are linked to “nommuni-ECONOMIC FACTOR FOR BAVARIA?  space . That combination therefore remains the cation“, which comes from the Japanese verbAbove all, the Oktoberfest or other beer festi- privilege of the original in Munich.  ‘nomu’ (to drink) and ‘communication’. After thevals in Japan promote tourism and the image of first few sips and accompanying music, the at-Bavaria as place of living traditions and vitality. DO YOU WEAR TRADITIONAL COSTUMES mosphere is as exuberant as at Munich’s Okto-As Bavarian beer brewed by the large Munich OR SUITS AND TIES AT THE JAPANESE OK- berfest. In such situations, the Japanese easilybreweries is primarily served at the festivals, TOBERFEST EVENTS? turn into Bavarians. their export business is promoted to a small Of course I wear a traditional costume, al-extent as well. What matters most though, is though many guests drink their first after-work 446.4 BILLIONNUMBEROF THEMONTHBavaria is once again setting unique international standards. According manufactured in the Federal State manufactured in a single year. In anto the latest figures from the Office for Statistics, the state‘s gross domes- international context, this corresponds to the economic strength of Sauditic product (GDP) has reached Euro 446.4 billion. This represents the eco- Arabia, although Bavaria has only approximately 12.5 million inhabitants,nomic value of all goods and services destined for end consumption and compared to the 26.5 million of the desert state.W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 2
  3. 3. IN FOCUS: AEROSPACE IN BAVARIALAND IN BAVARIA, TAKE-OFF WORLDWIDE © bavAIRia e. V.As a renowned high-tech location, the Free State of Bavaria is one As an example, the Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR - Ger-of the world’s leading locations for future technologies in aerospace. man Aerospace Centre) in Oberpfaffenhofen, a member of the bavAIRiaThe development and manufacture of new aviation and space appli- cluster, bases its research on the goals of the ‘Vision 2020’ Europeancations and systems has a long tradition. More than 400 companies strategy paper. These include reducing costs and accident rates of airin this sector with over 36,000 employees are based in Bavaria. Every traffic and increasing air traffic in general.year, they generate about Euro 7 billion across all industry segmentsin research, development, manufacturing and maintenance. There are already a number of co-operation projects within the cluster. For instance, the Galileo Test Range Berchtesgaden (GATE), whose develop-A look at the big names based in Bavaria soon explains these impressive ment environment is used to test the Galileo European satellite navigationnumbers. Some of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers system, has already cooperated with the Fraunhofer Institute for Materialsuch as EADS Defence and Security have their main offices here, sup- Flow and Logistics (IML) in Prien / Chiemsee and the DLR. The researchplemented by suppliers such as Diehl Aerospace, Premium Aerotec and environment is part of the networking strategy: the DLR alone is in chargeLiebherr, and companies from important niche markets such as FAG Aero- of eight research institutes, such as the Institute for Robotics and Me-space, EME, ESG and IABG. chatronics as well as the German Space Control Centre which oversees many space missions. Also the Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics inIn Bavaria, companies benefit from the numerous funding programmes Garching and the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research in Würzburgoffered by the Free State to support the aerospace industry. To further are just some of the many Bavarian institutes providing important re-strengthen this important future industry, Bavaria founded the Aerospace search for the industry.cluster bavAIRia e.V. as part of its cluster initiative in 2006. This is a net-work for all the key players in this industry and is closely linked with the The bavAIRia cluster does not just support the industry and advise policymajor stakeholders in the value chain. As well as benefiting customers, makers, it also creates networks and co-operation projects, organizes in-suppliers and companies, small and medium enterprises particularly profit formation meetings on current and important aviation issues and is re-from the cluster’s contacts and capabilities. sponsible for national campaigns. In addition, bavAIRia is in charge of the Bavarian earth observation initiative - Global Monitoring for EnvironmentThe objective of the cluster is to maintain the competitiveness of the avia- and Security (GMES) and the NEREUS Office, a network of European spacetion and space industry in the Free State. With a total of 173 members, regions. Companies looking for customers and cooperation partners in Ba-including the GATE Research Centre in Berchtesgaden, the Fraunhofer In- varia look to bavAIRia, which then brokers profitable contacts. Bavarianstitute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen and the global player General expertise is in international demand in the aerospace sector. Co-operationElectric, the cluster succeeds in creating innovations across all industry projects already extend far beyond European borders to China, Russia,segments. The networking of research establishments, institutes and en- India, the USA and Canada. Turkey and Brazil are also very interested interprises as well as industry, research and development is the prerequi- the success of Bavaria as a base when it comes to for this success. predict significant increases for air traffic in the future. Interna-tional companies, academic institutions and the industry have alreadybegun to conquer this future market.W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 3
  4. 4. BAVARIA IN YOUR BRIEFCASEBAYREUTH’S OPERA HOUSE -THE SEVENTH WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE SITE FOR BAVARIA Bayreuth’ Opera House is already the seventh UNESCO world cultural heritage site in Bavaria: the Residence and the Hofgarten Würzburg, the Wieskirche in Steingaden, the old town of Bamberg with the Prince-Bishop‘s Residence, the Upper German-Raetian Limes, the old town of Regensburg with the Stadtam- hof as well as the prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps with the Rosenin- sel at Lake Starnberg also rank among the cultural heritage sites of mankind. The Margravial couple Frederic and Wilhelmine of Brandenburg Kulmbach commissioned the theatre director and architect Giuseppe Galli Bibiena to build the Opera House in Bayreuth. Built between 1746 to 1750, the building is on a par with the opera houses in Vienna, Dresden, Paris or Venice for sizeRegensburg, Würzburg and Bamberg already have it. They rank and splendour. The loge structure is made entirely of wood and the operaamong the esteemed group of cities and sites appointed world cul- house boasts a painted canvas. The stuccoes, carvings and paintings whichtural heritage status by UNESCO in Paris. But now there is another decorate the interior make it unique worldwide.representative from Bavaria which has been distinguished with thishigh, cultural and historical honour: the Margrave Opera House in The magnificent building and works of art can be seen in more detail untilBayreuth. October, after which the Opera House will be closed for about five years and fundamentally renovated with a budget of Euro 19 million. The Opera HouseThe Margrave Opera House is thus stepping out of the shadows of Richard will resume hosting performances by April 2017.Wagner’s Festspielhaus in Bayreuth. The UNESCO jury praised the construc-tion as a “unique monument of European festival and music culture of the Margrave Opera HouseBaroque age”. It was after all, one of the most important architectural testi- Opernstraße 14 | 95444 Bayreuth monies of absolutist society in the 18th century and has remained unchanged Phone: +49 921 / 759 69-22 | Opening hours: daily, 9 am to 6 pmin his original form and shape. There was probably no other place where theopera culture of this era was so vivid and tangible. & EVENTS… IN MUNICH … IN NUREMBERG … BY AND WITH INVEST IN BAVARIASTRATEGIES IN CHILLVENTA INVEST IN BAVARIA AT THE WORLD MEDTECH FORUMLIGHT EUROPE 09 – 11 OCT. 2012 ILA AIR SHOW 11 – 13 SEP. 2012 26 SEP. 2012 11:30 AM,18 – 20 SEP. 2012 International Trade Fair for Refrigera- IN BERLIN | EXPOCENTER AIRPORT HALL - SWISS LOUNGEExhibition and Conference for the tion, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and JOINT EXHIBITION BOOTH OF Specialized lecture “CardiovascularLighting and LED Industry Heat Pumps BAVAIRIA – HALL 6/6223 Technologies - Looking for an outstand- ing MedTech site? ‘Made in Bavaria’ as OEM base for global applications”EXPO REAL 2012 ... IN AUGSBURG Prof. Dr. Armin Bolz, CEO, Corscience8 – 10 OCT. 2012International Trade Fair for Commer- RENEXPO 2012 Your contact for both events:cial Property and Investment 27 – 30 SEP. 2012 Mr. Bernd Buchenberger International Energy Trade Fair Phone: +49 89 2162-2582 | and Conferences KEY TO OUR STATE PUBLISHER BUSINESS BAVARIAInvest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of DR. JOHANN NIGGL COORDINATION: ALEXANDRA SCHMIDHUBEREconomic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International. PRINZREGENTENSTR. 28 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT: WWW.TEXTBAU.COM 80538 MUNICH | GERMANY TRANSLATION: WWW.TRANSLATE-ME.INFOIMAGE SOURCES: P. 1: © MTU | P. 2: © Dr. Geltinger, Invest in Bavaria TEL.: +49 89 24210-7500 ART DIRECTION | INTERNET: ALEX PODOLAYP. 3: © bavAIRia e. V. | S. 4: © FAX: +49 89 24210-7557 DESIGN: WWW.TREIB-STOFF.COM INFO@INVEST-IN-BAVARIA.COMW W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 4