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Business bavaria 12-2012_en

  1. 1. BUSINESS BAVARIA The Business Promotion Agency of the State of BavariaISSUE 12 | 2012 REA DER SUR SHI P WHAT‘S INSIDE VEY 5 MINUTES WITH ... Verena Röthlingshöfer, Managing Director of Page 2 IN FOCUS: TOYS – MADE IN BAVARIA Traditional Quality Page 3 BAVARIA IN YOUR BRIEFCASE Winter Holidays in Bavaria: Spend the Night in an Igloo Page 4THE DIGITAL CHILDREN‘S ROOMChristmas is gift season in Bavaria and retailers expect record reve- spokesperson, Kyra Mende. “In addition to cuddly toys and racing cars,nues. The toy industry in particular is to profit this year. there are more and more multimedia devices in almost every child’s room.Germans are buying more toys than ever before. By the end of the year, Especially classic toys that can be combined with smartphones or tablets,revenues will have soared to a record high of € 2.7 billion, according to the so-called iToys, are all the rage.”German Association of Toy and Game Retailers. Many Bavarian compan-ies are profiting from this 3% increase. The Federal State in the South is This is without doubt a development that raises many questions. Do thesetraditionally considered the heart of Germany’s toy industry. Brands such as iToys promote or prevent our children‘s creativity? Are digital toys here toZapf, Käthe Kruse, Haba, Bobby Car and Playmobil have featured on chil- stay or just a fad? The Toy Fair will seek answers to these questions in adren’s wishlists for many generations. feature billed “Toys 3.0 – The Next Generation!” The Fair will have 2,700Not surprisingly, Bavaria also hosts the world’s largest Toy Fair. From 30 exhibitors from 60 countries showcasing about one million products. AboutJanuary to 4 February 2013, the Nuremberg Fair will once again showcase 70% of companies attending will be from abroad – Belgium, China, France,innovations from all over the world. “There are two trends at the moment. Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan and the US.As well as classic toys, there is a clear move towards toys that are supple-mented with digital and electronic gaming features”, explains the Fair’s www.toyfair.deAT THE HEART OF THE MARKETS – COMPANIES SETTLING IN MIDDLE FRANCONIAOutstanding infrastructure, highly-qualified professionals plus the support company Lattonedil has also chosen Middle Franconia as a new base. Inof Invest in Bavaria and local authorities have convinced a growing num- November, the wall and roof panel specialist opened a production facilityber of companies to invest in Bavaria. Among them is the Belgian Joris in Dinkelsbühl to benefit from the geographical location and easy access toIde Group, who laid the foundations for their new German headquarters in Northern and Eastern European markets.Ansbach. In the spring of 2013, the production of steel products will starthere to allow them to better serve the Central European market. The ItalianPROVIDE FEEDBACK AND WIN!Every month we collate breaking news from Bavaria to keep you in- smartphone will always have a special Bavarian touch!formed about local trends. However, as our readers are from all over the We thank you for your loyal readership and wish you a relaxingworld, we know little about what you particularly like in our newsletter festive holiday and a successful start to the New Year.and where we can do better. We have therefore put together a brieffeedback survey and would be delighted if you took a few minutes of Your Business Bavaria Editorial team!your time to complete it. All participants will enter a draw to win one of Click here for a direct link to the survey – or visit100 Lederhosen phone covers. If you are one of our lucky winners, your W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 1
  2. 2. 5 MINUTES WITH ...VERENA RÖTHLINGSHÖFER,MANAGING DIRECTOR OF MYOMA BASED IN FÜRTHFor a year now, a group of people have been knitting away on behalf of ‘MyOma’. The team, currently 25 grandmothers and one grandfather,hand-make hats, scarves, gloves and other fashionable and warm woollen creations that are sold via the internet. Hand-made products area current trend especially during Christmas when demand rises – just like the number of grandmothers who want to knit for the companywhich is based in the Franconian town of Fürth. DO ONLY FRANCONIAN GRANNIES KNIT FOR CAN YOUR GRANNIES KNIT FROM HOME? YOU? Everyone is free to knit wherever he or she plea- They are still the majority. In Bavaria, particularly ses. We also have a large, cosy kitchen in Fürth here in Franconia, this old craft and tradition is where our grannies and our grandpa enjoy meet- rooted very deeply. However, we have inquiries ing for a coffee and knit away together. With this from all over Germany, even from Austria and approach, we also pursue a social aspect – after Switzerland. So in addition to Fürth, other MyOma all, MyOma also sets out to help older people branches could develop there. avoid loneliness and solitude. We have already forged a some friendships across our team. HOW DID YOUR GRANDPARENT TEAM COME TOGETHER? HOW DO YOU DISTRIBUTE THE INDIVIDUAL We placed ads in small weekly papers looking for KNITTING ORDERS? grannies who knit and 50 grandmothers contacted We are in direct contact with our grannies and ac- us. So we organised a get-together where each cordingly distribute the orders to those who haveHOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA TO granny had to knit a hat. Step by step, we built the time and capacity. Then, the grannies eitherSTART “MYOMA”? our knitting team which incidentally also includes come to our kitchen or we send them a packageWatching TV, I came across a feature on older a male representative. containing the yarn and relevant knitting instruc-ladies and grandmothers who met to have coffee tions for the desired product.and knit. This was when I realised that there were ARE ALL YOUR CREATIONS HAND-MADE?probably many grannies who were often home Our hats, scarves or phone covers are made DOES THE CUSTOMER KNOW WHICHalone, knitting for themselves or family members. completely by hand and consist of high-quality GRANNY OR GRANDPA KNITTED THEIR HAT?Grannies who welcome topping up their pensions yarn such as merino, cotton or alpaca. We do not Yes. We‘ve developed a highly personalised ap-as well. This holds incredibly high potential. use any machines and thus do not mass-produce proach. We have brief profiles on the internet for cheap goods. With a MyOma creation you have a every granny and our grandpa. And every custom-SO YOU FOUNDED THE LIEBLINGSOMA GMBH? unique product that lasts for a very long time and er delivery includes an autograph.Yes. Together with my brother Jörg and Jan Dzulko, keeps you warm. We also accept special ordersa good friend. and create modern fashion items as well. 3.52NUMBEROF THEMONTHWith 3.52 start-ups per 10,000 inhabitants, Munich shows more Only the City-States Berlin and Hamburg have a higher ratio. How-entrepreneurial spirit than Hamburg (3.18), Berlin (2.67) or even the ever, compared to Munich, these two metropolises show a weakerRhine-Main region (3.22) in the Information, Communication and performance. The German Association for Information Technology,Digital Technology sector. Moreover, Bavaria is the territorial State Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) examined start-upswith the highest number of company start-ups in this field. With 1.81 between 2008 and 2011 for the study.start-ups per 10,000 inhabitants, the State is at the top nationwide.W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 2
  3. 3. IN FOCUS: BAVARIA’S TOY INDUSTRYPERSUASIVE QUALITY AND A GLUT OF GREAT IDEASBavaria is known for Lederhosen and laptops, beer gardens and Of course there are suitable play worlds such as castles or airplanes that themountains, lakes and castles. But also when it comes to toys, Bavaria children can assemble themselves. The label’s name and characteristic blueis famous world-wide for its successful toy manufacturers who win logo were designed by artist and graphic designer Rainer Willingstorfer. Everyover the hearts of children and persuade parents with quality and in- children’s room in Germany probably has at least one Playmobil figure, vehicle,novations. farm or pirate ship.Many of the well-known German toy manufacturers come from Bavaria and Sigikid – The Stuff of Children’s Dreamscan boast a long history. The traditional companies contribute significantly to The origins of this toy manufacturer date back as far as 1856 when Heinrichthe variety of products offered at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. “They account for Scharrer from Nuremberg created a business for mirrors, glass beads and toysabout 30% of German exhibitors”, confirms Kyra Mende, spokesperson for the made from pearl in the Upper Franconian town of Bayreuth, 100 km from hisToy Fair. She stresses: “Especially in Bavaria and particularly in Franconia, it home town. Sigrid Gottstein took over the company in 1968, specialising in thecan still be felt today that toy production is firmly connected with the region production of high-quality children’s toys. She created her own product lineand that some companies even play a major role worldwide in the premier called ‘Sigikid’ – a combination of her first name ‘Sigi’ and the word ‘kid’. Sincedivision of toy manufacturers.” then, the Bavarian toy manufacturer from Mistelbach has made countless chil- dren happy with colourful toy clocks, baby comforters, cot mobiles, stuffedSO, IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, HERE IS A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF toys, dolls, baby and children’s fashion lines as well as bags.BAVARIAN TOY SPECIALISTS: BIG – Plastics in MotionHaba – Wood for Inventors The BIG toy factory in Fürth is among the leading manufacturers of high-qualityThe Habermaaß GmbH from Bad Rodach sees itself as the ‘inventor for chil- plastic toys worldwide. Their famous ‘Bobby Car’, which was developed to helpdren’ and with a broad product portfolio, ranging from wooden and textile toys small children learn to walk, is of particular note. The toy car has a centredto decorating ideas and accessories, offers a wide selection for babies and seat so children can sit as if on a motorcycle and move the car with leg paddlechildren. The company was founded in 1938 by Eugen Habermaaß and Anton movements. The company logo, the BIG buffalo, symbolises strength, robust-Engel and is still family-owed. The high-quality goods are popular with children ness and durability – which is exactly what distinguishes the toys from thisand their parents. After all, Haba stands for quality and tradition – which is Bavarian company.increasingly important for responsible consumers. Käthe Kruse – Dolls from Grandma’s DaysBruder – An Eye for Detail Not much has changed – the ‘Käthe Kruse Manufaktur‘ in DonauwörthBruder predominantly produces toy vehicles in Germany – in Fürth Burg- still produces dolls by hand just as they did 100 years ago.   The latefarrnbach to be precise. These vehicles are characterised by their high atten- Käthe Kruse who founded the factory (1911), began to make dolls fortion to detail on a 1:16 scale. No other manufacturer offers comparable prod- her daughters as early as 1904, simply because she didn’t like the com-ucts at this scale. Numerous vehicles were awarded the ‘spiel gut’ quality mercially available models. The bodies of Käthe Kruse’s dolls are madeapproval seal. The company has a local and international customer base. of cloth and hand-stuffed with deer or reindeer hair. In addition to these coveted collector’s items, the product range has been extended by Kruse’sPlaymobil – A Children’s Classic daughter and successor Hanne Adler-Kruse, ensuring that the traditionPlaymobil figures have invaded children’s rooms from the town of Zirndorf. The and quality of the hand-made dolls has remained the same. There is evencore element is a 7.5 cm plastic plaything. The hands, arms, legs and head a Käthe Kruse doll museum in Donauwörth.can be moved, and tools and everyday objects can be attached to the figures.W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 3
  4. 4. BAVARIA IN YOUR BRIEFCASEWINTER HOLIDAYS IN BAVARIA: ESKIMO ADVENTURE IN THE MOUNTAINS However, when guests dress for dinner, tuxedos or evening gowns are not an option. For the high-alpine dinner at 2,000 metres, your apparel should be warm and suitable for winter conditions. “It can get very cold outside after sunset”, explains IgluLodge’s Matthias Lenz. “However, the temperature inside the igloos is constant between -5 and +5°C.” Those with energy to spare after dinner can stretch their legs in the jacuzzi (+40°C) or have fun with the Iglu Lodge game collection. Guests sleep on a snow bed with special thermal insulation and in expedition sleeping bags (designed for up to -40°C). Also available are twin sleeping bags and rein-Igloo Hotels – The new Alpine Trend deer skins made in Finland for extra cosiness and sweet dreams.At first glance, everything looks completely normal. The rooms have tables, Only one question remains: how old do guests have to be to enjoy this icychairs and beds. Hotel guests meet at the bar, in the restaurant or the jacuzzi. pleasure? “Everyone, from 10 who feels fit and loves nature is more thanHowever, the difference is that all the walls are white and literally ice-cold. welcome to join us here”, explains Lenz. So there is nothing else standing inIt‘s what you‘d expect when they‘re made of ice and snow and the hotel is in the way of a unique Eskimo adventure at the Nebelhorn. You can also enjoythe middle of the mountains, 2,000 metres above sea level. The ‘IgluLodge’ the experience at the Zugspitze, where they have a whole Igloo village. Soat the Nebelhorn near Oberstdorf offers particularly cool pleasures. wrap up nice and warm and experience the world of Eskimos and ice crystals for yourself.Families, couples, friends or work colleagues can all enjoy the icy Eskimoadventure. The so called ‘Schlaf-Iglus‘, (Bed Igloos) are 2.8 metres high with www.iglu-dorf.coma diameter of 4 metres. The Igloo Bar and Igloo Restaurant are each 7 metres www.iglu-lodge.dein diameter, offering enough space to feel cosy and to spend the night in a www.oberstdorf.deworld of sparkling ice crystals.FAIRS & EVENTS… IN MUNICH … IN NUREMBERG … BY AND WITH INVEST IN BAVARIABAU 2013 TOY FAIR INVEST IN BAVARIA AT ARAB HEALTH14 – 19 JAN. 2013 30 JAN. – 04 FEB. 2013 28 – 31 JAN. 2013 IN DUBAI,The World‘s Leading Trade Fair for International Toy Fair UNITED ARAB EMIRATESArchitecture, Materials, Systems Your Contact: Dr. Martin WimberskyOPTI 2013 Phone: +49 89 2162-220925 – 27 JAN. 2013 martin.wimbersky@invest-in-bavaria.comThe International Trade Show forOptics & Design KEY TO OUR STATE PUBLISHER BUSINESS BAVARIAInvest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of DR. JOHANN NIGGL COORDINATION: ALEXANDRA SCHMIDHUBEREconomic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International. PRINZREGENTENSTR. 28 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT: WWW.TEXTBAU.COM 80538 MUNICH | GERMANY TRANSLATION: WWW.TRANSLATE-ME.INFOIMAGE SOURCES: P. 1: © | P. 4: © myOma TEL.: +49 89 24210-7500 ART DIRECTION | INTERNET: ALEX PODOLAYP. 3: © | P. 4: © IgluLodge FAX: +49 89 24210-7557 DESIGN: WWW.TREIB-STOFF.COM WELCOME@INVEST-IN-BAVARIA.COMW W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 4