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Business bavaria 11-2012_en

  1. 1. BUSINESS BAVARIA The Business Promotion Agency of the State of BavariaISSUE 11 | 2012 WHAT‘S INSIDE 5 mINuTES WITH ... Christoph Kraller, Commercial Managing Director of Südostbayernbahn Page 2 IN FOCuS: BAVARIA AT mEDICA Trends in Medical Technology Bavaria’s regions: Page 3 We will outline the variety Bavaria offers in a new series. To coincide BAVARIA IN YOuR BRIEFCASE with the start of Advent, the series Start of the Skiing Season: From the Skiing begins with Middle Franconia where Museum to the Slopes visitors can again flock to Nuremberg‘s Page 4 famous Christkindlesmarkt from 30 Nov. to 24 Dec. For more information, see the special pages of this issue.mEDICINE – mADE IN BAVARIAAt MEDICA, the world’s leading medical technology trade fair, An impressive figure of 4,500 exhibitors from 75 countries will present them-numerous top Bavarian-based companies will present themselves selves across 17 halls at the fair. It is no surprise that the Free State isto an international audience in Düsseldorf from 14 to 17 November. strongly represented in this international team – the intensive and close co- operation between science and industry as well as an outstanding researchBavaria is considered one of the most renowned healthcare locations world- landscape offer ideal conditions for development, networking and successfulwide. Global players such as Siemens Medical Solutions, Beckman Coulter, business relations. At the MEDICA CONGRESS, which will be held in parallelBaxter, Fresenius Medical Care, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis Pharma and Ge- to the fair, visitors can also expect expertise from Bavaria. Among others,neral Electric all have their head offices in Bavaria. These big players are Professor Dr. Spannagl from Munich, the first Chairman of Instand, the So-among the medical technology and pharmaceutical companies with the high- ciety for the Promotion of Quality Assurance in Medical Laboratories, willest turnover worldwide. A number of medium-sized companies have also address quality assurance and management issues.set up offices in the Free State, as they value the industry structure that hasbeen established.MEDICA 2012 will showcase that the companies here in Bavaria cover all re- www.medica-tradefair.comlevant aspects of the industry including new developments and innovationsin information and communications technology and technical developmentsin medical equipment, physiotherapy, orthopaedics, laboratory technologyand diagnostics.FIRST-HAND CONSulTINg: BAVARIA’S NEW REpRESENTATIVES IN ROmANIA ANDTHE ukRAINEBavaria’s foreign representative offices feature two new faces: Sebastian has been working in the Ukraine as the German economic delegate andMetz took over the office in Romania and Alexander Markus the Ukraine representative of the Free State of Bavaria. Bavaria currently has officialbranch. Metz studied Economics and Business Administration in Bayreuth, agencies providing various support services in a total of 22 countries on fourTrier and Lyon (France), before completing his studies as Diplom-Volkswirt. continents, all helping companies plan their entry into the Bavaria market.After several positions across the AHK network, he was appointed Manag-ing Director of the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Romania.His predecessor Marko Walde has been re-deployed as Bavarian Repre-sentative to Vietnam.Bavaria’s representative in the Ukraine, Alexander Markus, studied at theUniversity of Hamburg and graduated with a Masters in Slavic Studies,Business Administration and Modern German Literature. He was employedin Eastern and Central Europe for several years, lastly as a member of the Sebastian Metz Alexander Markus Marko Walde Romania Ukraine Vietnamteam managing the German-Russian Foreign Chamber. Since August, he W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 1
  2. 2. 5 MINUTES WITh ...CHRISTOpH kRAllER, COmmERCIAl mANAgINg DIRECTOR OF SüDOSTBAYERN-BAHN (SOB) BASED IN müHlDORF / INN.For ten years now, the SOB has successfully serviced the rail network around Mühldorf, for both passengers and cargo, making it not justthe most successful regional network of Deutsche Bahn, but also the most punctual. We spoke to Christoph Kraller about the SOB’s recipefor success. and extends to personal contact with customers daily basis. On the secondary lines, we have a re- who complain. We live the motto “Happy staff latively balanced mix of commuters, students and make happy customers”. Not for nothing have our leisure travellers. train attendants and travel consultants been voted several times as the friendliest and most compe- hOW IMPOrTANT IS BAvArIA AS A lO- tent in Germany. CATION FOr yOU? Crucial! The Free State is a very good and impor- DOES ThIS SUCCESS COME AT A PrICE? tant supporter, with whom we have excellent co- By the end of 2012, we will have invested about operation. €200 million in our infrastructure. And if every- thing goes as planned, another €125 million will hOW OFTEN DO yOU rIDE SOB TrAINS be added in the coming years for a second track yOUrSElF? between Altmühldorf and Tüßling. We will also As often as possible. Unfortunately I have to com- open the ‘Rosenheim Hochschule’ stop at the end mute from Traunstein to Mühldorf by car on a daily of 2012. These are just some of the improvements basis, due to the lack of a train connection. But I we continuously undertake. But these invest- love and enjoy travelling by train. Both my fatherWhAT ArE ThE STrENGThS OF yOUr rAIl- ments are important – both for us and the 11.3 and grandfather worked for rail operators.WAy OPErATION? million passengers we transport every year.Our recipe for success is quite simple. We are fle-xible, innovative and local. As a regional network hOW ExTENSIvE IS yOUr NETWOrK?operator we can offer one-stop transport services The network we operate has a length of 540 kilo-and infrastructure – thus providing our own little metres; however, our trains also run outside our‘railway’. That means we can react to problems ra- own network to Munich and Salzburg and annu-pidly without delays. In addition to that our highest ally travel over six million rail kilometres in total.priorities are our customers and employees. Thepersonal contact with our passengers and em- WhO TrAvElS WITh yOUr TrAINS?ployees is very important to us. It starts with cam- On our main route between Mühldorf and Munichpaigns such as free ski trains for our commuters the majority are commuters – over 13,000 on aNUMBErOF ThEMONThWhen it comes to Maths and German, Bavaria’s Primary School students respectively out of 600 points. This leads to a remarkable overall grade 1,regularly obtain top grades in performance tables. This tradition of suc- the best mark awarded in the German educational system.cess was maintained in the latest Primary School comparison of the Fe-deral States. According to this study, Bavarian year 4 pupils at Primary Special Needs Schools are Germany’s top of the class. They camefirst in reading, comprehension and mathematics with 515, 513 and 519W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 2
  3. 3. IN FOCUS: BAvArIA AT MEDICAmORE mOBIlE TECHNOlOgY AND BETTER ImAgES – mEgATRENDS IN mEDICAl TECHNOlOgYInvest in Bavaria on the medica Hall 3 | Stand E83 | Your Contact: Dr. Martin Wimbersky || Tel.:+49 89 2162-2209Bavaria is among the top locations for the medical industry worldwide. systems, operation monitoring devices and instruments measuring oxygen sa-Over 60% of Germany’s electro-medical equipment and 30% of the en- turation levels.tire medical technology production is based in the Federal State withthe strongest economy. About 20% of the staff employed in German progress in the World of Imagingmedical products work in Bavaria. The companies especially focus on Developments in medical imaging are progressing just as fast as in communi-medical technology and the export quota here is approximately 70%. cations technology. X-rays and other diagnostic visualisation forms have to be archived rapidly as well as securely and be available at a moment’s notice. TheWhat is their recipe for success? The industry finds ideal conditions in Bava- importance of modern imaging technology is continuously increasing – in theria: medical technology alone comprises about 250 medium-sized companies future, ever larger files will be used for diagnosis and will need to be retrievedwho closely co-operate with numerous universities and scientific institutions. in ever shorter periods of time.Together they develop important innovations right at the heart of the industry.Europäische Metropolregion Europäische Metropolregion Nürnberg (EMN), One of the largest health service providers worldwide is based in the Bavarianthe leading edge cluster, is considered one of the economically strongest and town of Erlangen. Siemens AG runs its Healthcare Sector from here in Middlescientifically most active medical technology clusters. The network develops Franconia. The Medical Valley cluster is therefore of considerable importancesuccessful healthcare solutions in conjunction with renowned partners from to the group and it is no coincidence that Professor Erich R. Reinhardt (memberbusiness, research, healthcare and politics. of the Siemens AG board and Head of the Medical Solutions division) is the first chair of the network. The company is considered the current world marketmedicine goes mobile leader in medical imaging. Worldwide, they employ about 51,000 employeesThere is no other sector progressing as rapidly as communications technology. for this purpose and generated a turnover of €12.5 billion last year. This isMobile IT is also all the rage in medical technology. New software, lighter and not surprising, given that in-vivo diagnostics at Siemens Healthcare cover themore powerful terminals are ideal for supporting patients at home or in hospi- entire spectrum of diagnostics and imaging. In addition, the group producestals. Mobile documentation and remote patient monitoring via health IT solu- and develops stationary and mobile systems, workstations and software fortions are among the most important new developments. Monitoring systems more efficient results. The product portfolio comprises special CT scannersto monitor patients in hospitals and in their homes are the next generation able to simultaneously scan the human body in several layers so substantiallytelemedicine solutions. These systems allow for more effective patient care reducing the scan time, and comprehensive solutions for analogue and digitaland administration by automatically passing on relevant data to nurses and mammography. The group’s portfolio also covers transportable x-ray systemsphysicians. for ward admission and magnetic resonance systems, which support the plan- ning and delivery of therapies.When Computers talk to Computers, Everything must be SecureCinterion Wireless Modules, an international company based in Munich, is In addition to the companies listed and numerous other Bavarian top perfor-considered a pioneer in the machine-to-machine (M2M) industry and has been mers, the business promotion agency Invest in Bavaria is also represented ata market leader in M2M for over 15 years. The company develops modules MEDICA. The staff at the fair will let anyone interested know all about Bavariawhich are used to securely transfer sensitive data between medical instru- as a business location.ments via high-quality channels such as GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS. www.medica-tradefair.comWorld Class Diagnosis Expert‘Schiller – The Art of Diagnostics’ has specialised in medical IT solutions, pa-tient monitoring instruments, external defibrillators and electrocardiographs.The company, based in Ottobrunn in the southern part of the Munich district,was founded in 1974, today employs 700 staff and has an export ratio of75%. Schiller’s product portfolio also includes real-time information transferW W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 3
  4. 4. BAVARIA IN yOUr BrIEFCASESTART OF THE SkIINg SEASON – SkIINg A pART OF THE Allgäu’S CulTuRAl HERITAgE suited for children and beginners and many runs are floodlit at night. Experienced and professional skiers also have various options here. The bi- national skiing region of Oberstdorf / Kleinwalsertal offers a total of 124 ki- lometres of alpine slopes distributed across five areas. The Allgäu’s highest cable car provides the connection to the Nebelhorn skiing resort which of- fers perfectly groomed slopes in winter and Germany’s longest ski run with a length of 7.5 kilometres, while snowboarders will find Germany‘s largest half-pipe here.Fischen in the Allgäu has just 3,033 inhabitants; the small village,surrounded by majestic peaks like the Nebelhorn and rubihorn, is Another resort offering variety for skiers and boarders is the Fellhorn / Kanzel-about six kilometres away from the Bavarian winter sports centre wand skiing area. In addition to various slopes, the “Crystal Ground Fun Park“ atof Oberstdorf. Kanzelwand valley is a paradise for mogul lovers. At the Fellhornbahn’s midd- le station, a fun park for children and beginners helps inexperienced skiers toRight on the main street, you can find the “Geschwenderhaus” – a farmhouse get started.built in the 17th century. The historical architectural monument hosts one ofonly 13 skiing museums of the International Ski Federation FIS across Europe. The Söllereck offers four ski lifts and 12 kilometres of groomed runs from mildExhibits include wooden ski jump skis from 1925, when the village still had to moderate difficulty as well as the Söllereckbahn. Skiers will find somethingits own ski jump – a fact today’s visitors are reminded of by a model of the 52 to suit every taste here as well. The Kleinwalsertal region attracts guests withmetre record, set by Toni Brutscher in 1949. 25 kilometres of slopes. Here they can find gentle as well as challenging runsAlso on display are antique ice skates, Indian snow shoes and a reconstruc- embedded in an impressive landscape. The Walmendingerhorn on the othertion of the world’s oldest skis, which are estimated to be over 4,000 years old. hand is every freerider’s dream and will also please fans of deep snow. But hurry – it probably won’t be a secret for much longer!Of course, people do not only come to Fischen to become acquainted withthe history and see old winter sports equipment, but for the powder snow and wonderful winter landscapes. Fischen is known to offer familyfriendly skiing: the wide slopes and gentle descents make the region ideallyFAIrS & EvENTS... IN muNICH ... IN NuREmBERghyBrIDICA ElECTrONICA hEIM+hANDWErK SPS-IPC-DrIvES13 – 16 NOv. 2012 13 – 16 NOv. 2012 28 NOv. – 2 DEz. 2012 27 – 29 NOv. 2012International trade fair for the develop- International trade fair for components, International trade fair for building, International trade fair for electricment and manufacture of hybrid compo- systems, applications furnishing, living automation systems and componentsnents and lightweight hybrid solutions… BY AND WITH INVEST IN BAVARIAINvEST IN BAvArIA INvITES yOU TO ThE MANAGING DIrECTOrS INvEST IN BAvArIA AT ThE UPPEr AUSTrIAN ExPOrT DAyMEETING OF INDIAN ENTErPrISES AND BrANChES IN BAvArIA 19 NOv. 2012 lINz, AUSTrIA06 DEC. 2012 MUNICh, BAvArIAYour Contact: Tel.: +49 89 24210-7513 Your Contact: Tel.: +49 89 2162-2582Susanne Schierok Bernd Buchenberger bernd.buchenberger@invest-in-bavaria.comYOuR kEY TO OuR STATE puBlISHER BuSINESS BAVARIAInvest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of DR. JOHANN NIGGL COORDINATION: ALEXANDRA SCHMIDHUBEREconomic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International. PRINzREGENTENSTR. 28 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT: WWW.TEXTBAU.COM 80538 MUNICH | GERMANY TRANSLATION: WWW.TRANSLATE-ME.INFOImAgE SOuRCES: P. 1: © | P. 3: © TEL.: +49 89 24210-7500 ART DIRECTION | INTERNET: ALEX PODOLAYP. 4: © ARochau/ | P. 5: © BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH/ FAX: +49 89 24210-7557 DESIGN: | P. 6: © Ewald Fröch/ WELCOME@INVEST-IN-BAVARIA.COMW W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 4
  5. 5. BAVARIA‘S REgIONS: MIDDlE FrANCONIAThe State of Bavaria offers a great variety of regions and traditions. This shows itself in the number of the state’s government districts – thereare seven of them! Each one with its very own profile, featuring individual customs, historic cities, outstanding personalities and high-techindustries. With this issue, we want to start a series of portraits that depict these Bavarian regions; today we begin with Middle Franconia.The term Middle Franconia should not be mistaken for Mediocre Franconia – and the Powtech8 - International Trade Fair for Mechanical Processing Tech-on the contrary: with Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen and Ansbach, the region nologies and Instrumentation (Europe’s most important trade show in thatis among Germany’s top 10 economic locations with the highest density of sector). The University of Nuremberg is one of the few Universities of Ex-engineers nationwide. This is reflected in surveys held among entrepreneurs – cellence in Germany, and the European Metropolitan Region of Nurembergwhen it comes to satisfaction with a location, Middle Franconia takes position hosts the ‘Medical Valley’ cluster which was awarded the title of ‘leadingtwo in the federal ranking. edge cluster’ by the Federal Government – quite a match to the traditionalAs an international fair venue, Nuremberg hosts leading fairs such as the attractions of Middle Franconia, world-wide famous for its ChristkindlesmarktInternational Toy Fair, the BioFach (the biggest Organic Trade Fair worldwide) and the Rostbratwurst. research and innovation economic Key Data >> 4 colleges, including the University of Excellence Nuremberg >> Annual GDP over € 50 billion >> Energy cluster Nuremberg – Network Energy Region Nuremberg >> More than 100,000 small and >> 35 percent of all German patent applications in the field of medical diagnostics medium-sized companies >> Industry network Automation Valley with more than 100 companies >> Average purchasing power about 10 >> Competence initiative New Materials (KINEMA) percent above national average >> Cluster rail technology, logistics, raw materials, medical technology, energy technology. >> Research factory Nuremberg >> Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS >> Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB >> Fraunhofer-work group for Supply Chain Services SCS >> European Center for Power Electronics ECPE >> European Application Center for polymer optical Fibers >> Center for Automotive Power Electronics and Mechatronics zKLM >> Max Planck Institute for the Science of LightW W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 5
  6. 6. attractions in Middle Franconia Living in Middle Franconia >> Romantic Franconia: composite of major historical monuments and natural sites >> No. 2 in the German city ranking for >> Nuremberg Christmas market, the world‘s most famous Christmas market in the world quality of life (2007). >> Germanic National Museum, Nuremberg >> Throughout Bavaria the highest foreign >> Nuremberg Old Town Festival overnight visitor ratio >> International Open Air rock-im-park, Nuremberg >> Unique natural landscapes, Franconian >> Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the most important medieval towns featuring Lakelands, Franconian Alps, Altmühltal. half-timbered houses. >> Roman settlement, Weißenburg >> Cloister games, Feuchtwangen >> Amusement park Playmobil Funpark, zirndorf >> Bergkirchweih in Erlangen (church fair) infrastructure >> International Airport in Nuremberg >> Highway connections to the major economic regions of Germany and Europe: Paris-Prague, London-Brussels-Vienna-Budapest, Stockholm, zurich, Milan, Warsaw-Berlin, Rome >> Rail hub in the EuroCity network and ICE- high-speed network of the Deutsche Bahn. >> Harbor Nuremberg: Accessibility from 13 countries by ship. >> Most modern cargo transport centre in southern Germany. Unique to Middle Franconia >> Top 4 high-tech-region in Germany >> Top 10 of the German business locations >> Germany’s highest density of engineers >> Top 2 in the nationwide ranking of company satisfaction with the location. >> International trade fair location Nuremberg with more than 100 events per year, including international trade fairs such as the International Toy Fair, the BioFach (world‘s largest fair for organic produce), and Powtech, Europe‘s most important trade fair for analysis and process technology, and much more. Top industries Middle Franconia in numbers >> Information and communication technology >> Area: 7,245 km2 >> Medical technology >> Population: about 1.7 million >> Sports and consumer goods (e. g., PUMA /Adidas) >> Regional structure: 5 urban districts (Nuremberg, Fürth, >> Logistics and transport technology Erlangen, Ansbach, Schwabach), 7 rural districts >> Energy technology >> Automation, control technology and engineering, optics >> New media >> Manufacturing systems engineering >> Innovative services (engineering and business management consulting, market research,..)W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 6