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Business bavaria 10-2012_en

  1. 1. BUSINESS BAVARIA The Business Promotion Agency of the State of BavariaISSUE 10 | 2012 WHAT‘S INSIDE 5 MINUTES WITH ... Harald Rueß, Managing Director of fortiss, the innovative centre for software-intensive systems at the TU Munich Page 2 IN FOCUS: HAUS DER FORSCHUNG Tap into the Funds Page 3 BAVARIA IN YOUR BRIEFCASE The Mountains are Calling – Hiking Season in Bavaria Page 4GREEN BAVARIANEW FUNDING PROGRAMME IN THE ENERGY SECTORThe newly created BayINVENT energy research programme means value. In 2012 alone, a total of € 15 million is available from the Ministry. InBavarian companies can now request funding for innovative projects the two year budget for 2013/14, the Free State is providing € 180 million forin the energy sector. The state government also provides substantial energy research and new energy to companies doing research in this area. One focus of funding is on energy-efficient production processes. InterestedThe energy revolution is one of the greatest challenges society will be fac- companies can expect rapid approval when filing an application. However,ing in the coming years. Bavarian companies are already pioneers when it the Free State has already substantially supported innovative companiescomes to developing new technologies to successfully tackle this mammoth within the energy technologies sector. One example is Wackersdorfer Suntecproject. In order to retain this advantage, Bavaria’s Ministry of Economic BHKW GmbH – the Upper Palatinate company is currently developing a newAffairs launched BayINVENT this year in August. This new energy research graphite heat exchanger which increases the efficiency of biomass plantsand technology programme now allows local companies to apply directly for while reducing particulate emissions.funding for innovative projects in the energy sector. core element of the new programme is the support of industrial research.For an innovative project, a company can receive up to 50% of the projectIMPROVED GENERATORS:BAVARIA INVESTS IN NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGYBavaria’s role within renewable energies continues to expand. The govern- will be converted into electrical energy using so-called dielectric elasto-ment is promoting the “DEGREEN” project of the Fraunhofer Institute for mers (DEs). The research project is a component of the “Bayerische AllianzSilicate Research (ISC), based in Würzburg, to the tune of € 8 million. The für Energieforschung und -technologie“ framework. The decentralised andresearch project entails using innovative materials to develop new genera- more effective method of generating electricity will protect the landscapetors to generate electricity from wind and hydro power. Mechanical energy and rivers in particular.W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 1
  2. 2. 5 MINUTES WITH ...HARALD RUESS, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF FORTISS,THE INNOVATIVE CENTRE FOR SOFTWARE-INTENSIVE SYSTEMS AT THE TU MUNICHfortiss, the innovative centre for software-intensive systems at the Technical University of Munich was founded in 2008. The institute willpresent current projects under the motto “Schaufenster Forschung“ on 16 October. We talked to Managing Director, Harald Rueß. Munich recognised the need for such an insti- or the automotive industry were set up and de- tute many years ago and promoted it along with veloped here in the 60’s and 70’s, it now seems to his colleagues, Professors Knoll and Krcmar. be time to make yet another leap of faith. I’m think- The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs sup- ing in particular of the possibilities of autonomous ports fortisss as part of the BayernFIT initiative service robots and software-controlled, decentral- with the clear goal of accelerating the speed of ised energy. But I also envisage entirely new forms innovation of information and communication of cooperation and markets, as they are only made technology in Bavaria. possible through modern software technology. The proverbial ‘Laptops on the Lederhosen’ alone will WHICH AREAS OF RESEARCH DO YOU CUR- not suffice on the way towards a digital society. RENTLY SPECIALISE IN? The most interesting topic for all of us is software in HOW IMPORTANT IS THE INTERACTION BE- all its facets and its application in all areas of work TWEEN MAN AND MACHINE TO YOU? and life – both in key industries such as automo- Is this a serious question? Can you imagine a tive, medicine, logistics and automation technology world with just machines? Or man without ma-WHAT EXACTLY DOES A RESEARCH AND as well as in people’s daily lives. How does one chines for that matter? Here is an example ofTRANSFER INSTITUTE FOR SOFTWARE-IN- develop and operate high-quality, reliable and se- interaction: as part of a European research pro-TENSIVE SYSTEMS DO? cure software? What new functions, services, value gramme we create jobs where men and robotsfortiss is a spin-off of the Technical University chains and business models can be implemented work together with the robot in a supporting roleof Munich with the goal of transferring basic re- using state-of-the-art software technology? designed to make production more efficient andsearch results and software prototypes into indus- Currently, about 40% of the productivity increases in flexible without long downtimes. There is no needtrial practice as fast as possible. fortiss thereby Europe are directly attributed to software systems, to write mysterious programme code, the robotsserves in particular as a link between basic aca- whereas 80% of innovations in the key automotive, are simply programmed via gestures.demic research on software-based systems and medicine, logistics and automation industries aretheir implementation with local technology lead- software-based.ers – thus filling a much lamented gap. “Blick in die Zukunft“ – fortiss WHAT ROLE DOES BAVARIA AS THE LOCATION Open House Day,WHO HAD THE IDEA TO FOUND AN INSTI- PLAY? 16 October 2012, 11 am – 6 pmTUTE LIKE FORTISSS? AND WHY? The Munich region is one the most important high- ideas often have a long incubation period. tech locations worldwide and we intend to keepProfessor Broy of the Technical University of it that way. Just as key industries like aerospace € 1,000,000,000NUMBEROF THEMONTHOver the next five years, the Bavarian government will invest one billion nance up to 80% of the investment. “Entrepreneurs can simply documenteuros in climate and energy projects. The local LfA Förderbank Bayern the minimum saving by producing written confirmation from a third partyrecently launched a new support programme for SMEs: Bavarian en- expert, for example the equipment manufacturer“ explains Dr. Otto Bei-terprises have been able to borrow up to a million euros at favourable erl, chairman of the LfA board. Entrepreneurs can call the LfA for adviceinterest rates to reduce their energy consumption effectively. Companies on the freephone number 0800 21 24 24 0.can appropriate the money to buy efficient machines, systems for heat https://experten.lfa.derecovery or energy-saving lighting systems. The loan can be used to fi-W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 2
  3. 3. IN FOCUS: HAUS DER FORSCHUNGTHE BEST WAY TO ACCESS PUBLIC FUNDINGThe European Union, Federal and Local Government provide billions ‘Haus der Forschung’ is a component of the ‘Aufbruch Bayern’ future pro-of euros worth of support for research companies and universities. gramme initiated by the state government. At the inauguration of the instituteBut at European level especially, the application procedure is rather in 2010, Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer called it “a strong signal forchallenging. In 2010, the state government has thus set up the ‘Haus Bavaria as a research location and Nuremberg as an economic and scienceder Forschung’ (House of Research) to help Bavarian companies ac- metropolis”. The organisation provides important stimuli for the Bavarian inno-cess the funds available in Brussels and Berlin. vation and technological policy. “With the ‘Haus der Forschung’ we will be ableSince then, large amounts of funding have flowed from Brussels to to acquire targeted research funding from the federal government and the EUBavaria. for our companies and universities and this will make us even more successful in the future”, promised Seehofer.Germany has much more than your average number of different funding pro-grammes for research companies. With such variety and complexity, it is no In fact, thanks to the organisation, many Bavarian companies and universitiessurprise that experts are in great demand able to guide you through this maze. have already successfully applied to Brussels and Berlin for funding. AlongHowever, a solution is also offered by the Bavarian Minister of Economics, with the Bavarian research foundation and the ITZB as agencies for a numberMartin Zeil and Science Minister, Wolfgang Heubisch, who brought the ‘Haus of support programmes, the organisation is one of the most important Bavariander Forschung’ to life in 2010. Since then, consultants in Nuremberg and Mu- institutes for the allocation of state resources in science and technology.nich have supported companies as well as colleges and universities with ap- Support for entrepreneurs is streamlined and timely. “We check applicationsplications for research grants. As the contact points for science and business, at the draft stage and can thus contribute to their success at an early stage“,the organisation also helps to strengthen the technology transfer. comments a project manager at the ITZB.The ‘Haus der Forschung’ is a cooperation of four partners under one roof – the The organisation has advised more than 1000 companies since it was set up,Bavarian research alliance (BayFOR), the Bavarian research foundation, Bayern most of whom have been able to successfully access funding. Bavarian econo-Innovativ and the Innovations- und Technologiezentrum Bayern (ITZB) collabo- mists are therefore highly appreciative of the institute, not least because ap-rate at the Gewerbemuseumsplatz in Nuremberg and in Munich’s Prinzregent- plying for EU funding is often quite a challenge. The organisation simplifies andenstraße. They provide CEOs and scientists with simple yet comprehensive accelerates the process. An employee commented that they manage a quickadvice on funding options and help them navigate EU funding applications. turnaround with funds being paid within a few weeks of the application.There are 100+ and 40+ highly skilled staff based at the Nuremberg and Mu-nich offices respectively. Analysis shows that universities apply primarily for EU funds, while companies are more interested in federal and local funding programmes. The organisa-By 2015, the Free State will have invested €20 million in the project. “When tion’s reach extends from start-ups to successful SMEs. So far, projects init comes to accessing EU funds, we want to be number one in Germany,” an- medical technology, information technology and automotive engineering havenounced Katja Hessel, Secretary of State at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic been supported. Innovations in the electrical mobility sector have particularlyAffairs, during the institute’s first anniversary celebration in October 2011. good chances of attracting funding. Another focus of support is the upcomingMarkus Lötzsch, Managing Director of the IHK Nuremberg sang the praises energy revolution (see page 1).of the organisation as “a step towards joining forces and making access toconsulting and funding programmes as simple as possible for Bavarian enter-“W W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 3
  4. 4. BAVARIA IN YOUR BRIEFCASETHE MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING – HIKING SEASON IN BAVARIA COMMENCES the Große Arber (1456 m) are the highest summits of the Bavarian Forest. Also of interest are the upland moors with their moorland lakes such as the Latschensee, as well as the former alpine meadows, the so-called Schachten. For those who like it a bit higher, steeper and more alpine, ideal conditions can be found in the Ammergauer Alps or the Werdenfelser and the Berchtes- gadener Land. Rugged cliffs and enchanting valleys make the Allgäu one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany. From Füssen via Oberstdorf, Bindalm - Klausbach Valley Kempten to Lindau at Lake Constance there are routes to offer something for every taste, such as the high Heilbronner Weg in Oberstdorf. With a totalWorld-wide, Bavaria is known as hikers paradise with a unique ap- length of 3027 meters it is the oldest and most well-known walking trail ofpeal. The low mountain ranges in Upper, Middle and Lower Fran- the Northern Limestone Alps, but you should have mountain experience andconia; the huge Bavarian Forest covering the Upper Palatinate and be sure footed as well as comfortable with heights.Lower Bavaria; the charming Allgäu in Swabia or the Alps and theZugspitze in Upper Bavaria, all make for incredibly versatile hiking. There are many options around Oberstdorf for complete beginners. Not forn the mountains, people enjoy the fresh air and the peace, comfort and good nothing will Germany’s highest municipality be the German Hiking Capital infood in rustic alpine huts. Hiking is not just a sport, but an integral part of 2013. A walkway network of over 200 kilometres, three climbing routes andBavarian culture. There‘s the nature paradise of the Franconian Jura between the unique 400 summit panorama at the Nebelhorn will quicken the pulse ofNuremberg, Bamberg, Bayreuth and Amberg. With their bizarre rock towers beginners and experienced hikers alike.rising out of dense forests Franconian Switzerland and the Hersbrucker Alb So Bavaria offers not only urban delights, but idyllic experiences in a hikingare very popular among climbers worldwide, but equally valued by hikers. format as well – past peaks, lakes and lush meadows. Whether in Franconia, the Upper Palatinate, Swabia, or Lower and Upper Bavaria – the BavarianTowards the east lies Germany’s first national park (founded in 1970) with a mountains are calling!total size of 24,250 hectares. Together with the immediately adjacent Czech www.frankenjura.comSumava national park, the Bavarian Forest forms the largest contiguous for- www.nationalpark-bayerischer-wald.deest area in Central Europe. The Lusen (1,373 m), Große Rachel (1,453 m) and www.oberstdorf.deFAIRS & EVENTS… BY AND WITH INVEST IN BAVARIA … IN MUNICH … IN NUREMBERGINVEST IN BAVARIA AT THE BAVARIAN- INVEST IN BAVARIA ON THE MAINTAIN IENATURKISH FORUM FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY TRI-STATE INVESTORS SUMMIT 16 – 18 OCT. 2012 01 – 04 NOV. 2012IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY 22 OCT. 2012 NEW YORK, USA International Trade Fair for International Trade Fair on Ideas –15 NOV. 2012 IN ISTANBUL, TURKEY Your contact: Industrial Maintenance Inventions – New Products Veronika Gosling IN BAVARIA AT THE CONGRESS Tel.: +49 89 24210-7501“BAVARIA - HOME TO THE AUTOMOTIVE ECARTEC MUNICH 2012INDUSTRY. DEVELOPMENT AND BUSINESS INVEST IN BAVARIA AT THE 23 – 25 OCT. 2012OPPORTUNITIES FOR TURKISH AUTOMO- CONFERENCE “MARKET ENTRY International Fair for Electric-TIVE SUPPLIERS“ OF RUSSIAN COMPANIES IN and Hybrid-Mobility GERMANY“ 25 OCT. 2012 contact for both events: IN YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIAMeike Jäckel Your contact:Tel.: +49 89 24210-7512 Svetlana Huber | Tel.:  +49 89 svetlana.huber@invest-in-bavaria.comYOUR KEY TO OUR STATE PUBLISHER BUSINESS BAVARIAInvest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of DR. JOHANN NIGGL COORDINATION: ALEXANDRA SCHMIDHUBEREconomic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International. PRINZREGENTENSTR. 28 EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT: WWW.TEXTBAU.COM 80538 MUNICH | GERMANY TRANSLATION: WWW.TRANSLATE-ME.INFOIMAGE SOURCES: P. 1: © | P. 3: © lio / TEL.: +49 89 24210-7500 ART DIRECTION | INTERNET: ALEX PODOLAYP. 4: © Nationalparkverwaltung Bayerischer Wald FAX: +49 89 24210-7557 DESIGN: WWW.TREIB-STOFF.COM INFO@INVEST-IN-BAVARIA.COMW W W. I N V E S T- I N - B A V A R I A . C O M PA G E 4