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Business bavaria 03-2013_en

  1. 1. BUSINESS BAVARIA The Business Promotion Agency of the State of BavariaISSUE 03 | 2013 WHAT‘S INSIDE 5 MINUTES WITH … Konrad Häusler, Managing Director of REC Deutschland GmbH Page 2 IN FOCUS: DIgITISATION Regions special: Digital Bavaria – Connected to the Future loweR BavaRia Page 3 In a series on the regions of Bavaria we provide information on the diversity Bavaria BAVARIA IN YOUR BRIEFCASE has to offer. In this issue, we present the Easter Fountains in Franconia government district of Lower Bavaria. ‘Up-and- Page 4 coming region’3 is a popular synonym for the attractive business and living space, which is framed by the culturally rich cities of Passau, Straubing and Landshut.BAVARIA’S DIgITAl FUTUREWith an initiative worth billions, Bavaria continues to advance digitisa- With its campaign, the state wants to foster digital business start-ups andtion throughout the state.Under the slogan “Digital Bavaria”, as much support digital businesses setting up shop in one billion euros are to be spent on the development of broadbandnetworks alone. According to Bavarian Minister of Economics, Martin The range of applications is broad. One of the supported projects deals withZeil, fast internet access is the “backbone of digitisation”. ‘networked mobility’, its research objective being the car of the future,where a computer brakes and steers autonomously. The state government is con-When presenting the programme, Zeil also stated that digitisation leads to sequently praised by the IT business association, BITKOM.“ The strategy issubstantial changes, both in business and society, so early planning was an important step for Bavaria as a business location, particularly in lightnecessary. In addition to broadband development, the Ministry has identified of Industry 4.0 issues”, states its national spokesperson, Martin Kinne. Theseven other key areas it intends to promote in co-operation with scientists global playerSiemens is also pleased.“Bavaria’s strength is to develop sec-and businesses. Twelve concrete flagship projects have been selected that tor-specific software”, comments Marion Horstmann, Chief Strategist of thethe State Government wants to support with a total of €250 million. Industry Sector at Siemens. Three fifths of the total revenue of the Munich- based group is generated by software products.The funded projects include IT security, development of applied research,digitisation of important business sectors, competence development and in-ternational networking and communication in the digital economy.WHERE TAlENT MEETSUnder the heading “Work in Bavaria” the Bavarian Ministry of EconomicAffairs has created a comprehensive internet information platform wherecompanies and specialists can find important background information onworking, living and staying in Bavaria. Informationon government program-mes such as “Study and stay in Bavaria”, a joint initiative of the BavarianMinister of Economics, Martin Zeil, and the Bavarian Minister of Science,Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, in co-operation with Bavarian Universities, is alsoavailable. W W. I n v E S T- I n - B A v A R I A . C O M PA G E 1
  2. 2. 5 MINUTES WITH …KONRAD HäUSlER, MANAgINg DIRECTOR OF REC DEUTSCHlAND gMBHEvery March the digital world meets at CeBIT in Hanover, the world’s largest high-tech fair. The country in focus for 2013 is Poland. RECGlobal’s head office for the German-language countries is in Ismaning, near Munich. The multinational group was founded in Poland andoffers innovative software services via a number of local sales offices in Europe and North America. WHAT ExACTly MAkES THIS AN OPTIMUM local business partner and contracts being subject REGION? to German law has really simplified co-operation Besides the proximity to our customers, Munich with our customers. offers good infrastructure with the internatio- nal airport, motorway connections and a highly HOW WEll HAS THE GERMAN BRANCH developed railway network. In addition, there BEEN INTEGRATED INTO REC GlOBAl? are many innovative high-tech companies in the REC Global has been in Munich since 2009 and Munich region, the Technical University and of this sales location has turned out to be very im- course, Munich hasa very high quality of life. Due portant for the entire group. Several major custo- to the innovations and high-tech products, Germa- mers in Germany and Austria have been won and ny and Bavaria in particular, enjoys quite a high long-term co-operation projects have emerged. reputation in the world, which is why Germany is The German branch is fully integrated into the a key market for REC Global. In addition, Bavaria overall organisation. has many medium-sized companies within the software development sector for embedded and WHERE DO yOU SEE fUTURE GOAlS AND Ex- automotive systems as well asexcellent support PECTATIONS fOR THE REGION Of BAvARIA? from public organisations which substantially fa- As a result of the continuous shortage of spe-WHy DID yOU CHOSE BAvARIA? cilitates starting up a business in Bavaria. That is cialists in Germany, REC Global has good op-The roots of REC Global are within Siemens AG something that other countries should learn from. portunities to co-operate with other compa-and the focus of our business is on the German nies. We would like to support companies inmarket. Munich proved to be an optimum location DID BEING IN MUNICH lEAD TO NEW OP- mastering this challenge and thus effectivelyto achieve our goals across Germany and our de- PORTUNITIES fOR yOUR COMPANy? strengthen Bavaria as a business location.velopment sites in Poland, Slovakia and Croatia, as Our access to the German market became muchfast as possible. simpler once we had a base in Munich. Having a 31,176,908NUMBEROf THEMONTHHolidays, business or day trips – never before have so many people tra- Minister of Economics, Martin Zeil, on occasion of the annual tourismvelled to Bavaria. In 2012,Bavaria once again set a new visitor record press conference. Tourism in Bavaria therefore is both a booming sectorwith 31,176,908 arrivals, an increase of 4.7%. Overnight stays at 84,069,964 and a leading industry in the state. Especially foreign guests are inclrea-are an increase of 4.2% on the previous year. singly pleased with the destination Bavaria: the statistics show a plus of„When it comes to tourism in Bavaria, 2012 thus is the top year“, stated 8.5 percent (7,298,848) for foreign bookings.W W W. I n v E S T- I n - B A v A R I A . C O M PA G E 2
  3. 3. IN fOCUS: DIGITISATIONDIgITAl BAVARIA – CONNECTED TO THE FUTUREThe ‘Digital Bavaria’programme focuses on promoting data and in- at least branches in Bavaria. There are also many medium-sized IT securityternet security. In addition, companies and the Bavarian Ministry of companies such as validas, Secunet, Genova, Milkovski, Mixed Mod, Dall-Economic Affairs have identified network technology, power supply, meier Electronic oder Prozesswerk, the nuremberg-based certgate GmbHtransport and health as important future markets. and major security technology users like Allianz, O2 and Munich airport. The only specialist exhibition on IT security in the the German-speakingAn online banking customer from nördling was shocked to find that he had countries, the it-sa, is held annually in nuremberg. Security technologyfallen victim to cyber crime in mid-February. He had entered TAn numbers also plays an important role for companies such as Audi, BMW or MAn,on a fake website which looked just like his bank’s online presence. Seve- which are involved in the Embedded Systems sector.ral thousand euros were then stolen from his account. Data and internet security is at the heart of the recently presented ‘DigitalPhishing, where criminals use fake websites and emails to obtain the cre- Bavaria’programme. The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Applied anddentials of online banking customers, has been on the increasefor quite Integrated Security (AISEC) in Garching near Munich is to be expanded intoa whileaccording to consumer protection organisations and the Federal a research centre. “We are becoming increasingly reliant on informationCriminal Police Office (BKA). Likewise for spyware attacks on computers. and communication technologies functioning properly and not being mani-“Thenumber of unreported cases in this area cannot even be estimated”, pulated”, explains head of the institute, Claudia Eckert.reported Jürgen Maurer, vice-President of the Federal Office of CriminalInvestigations, at a recent police congress. According to the Federal Office, But Bavaria has not just been top in IT security. Information and communi-in 2011 approximately 60,000 cyber crime cases were counted in Germany. cation technology is one of the key industries in the State. About two fifthsFive years ago it was half that number. According to EU data, one million of the 75,500 national ICT enterprises, including many software developerspeople worldwide are victims of cyber crime on a dailybasis. Some compa- and IT service providers, are based in Bavaria.nies haveevenalready been blackmailed by hackers. The almost unique concentration of research institutes, manufacturersBut now the interception of personal data might soon become more diffi- and user industries, each with world leaders, makes Bavaria a hotspot ofcult. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is promoting the develop- the digital economy. To further increase the attractiveness of the location,ment of a secure computer keyboard which helps prevent phishing attacks. the state government invests in research on cyber physical systems, i.e.Data is encrypted directly where it is generated,i.e. at the keyboard, and systems where computational and physical processes and resources aretransmitted securely to the web server. The Bavarian companies Applied linked and coordinated via information technology and communicate viaSecurity and Imbus as well asthe Upper-Palatinate branch of ZF Friedrichs- global public networks.hafen AG are involved in thisresearch project. Another key focus of research is on the so called smart grids which helpIn addition, the Free State is supporting several other projects in this area, optimisepower supply across the grid. ‘Car-to-X’technology is also beingamong them a project which could significantly limit the misuse of credit promoted; driver assist and traffic management systems workingtogethercards. The Munich-based companies Giesecke & Devrient and validas to- to manage the traffic using data from all networked vehicles and theirgether with the Technical University of Munich have jointly developed a environment.test procedure that allows the integrity and security of smart cards to beverified. This will increase data security and reduce production costs. The area of eHealth has particularly large economic potential. After all, many health service sectors are more than a decade behind many otherBavaria is already the most important German IT security location and ranks industries when it comes to the use of IT solutions. Under the headingamong the leading locations at a European level. The southernmost Federal ‘Industry 4.0’, the State Government intends to invest significantly in theState has been home to numerous leading security technology companies development of self-configuring and flexible production plants.and research institutes for years. Companies such as Infineon, Giesecke & Minister Zeil is sure about one thing: “Digitisation is the innovation engineDevrient, Oracle, ARM, EADS/Cassidian, Rohde & Schwarz, Bosch Sicher- of the 21stCentury”.heitstechnik, IABG, TÜvSüd, ESG and Siemens have their head offices orW W W. I n v E S T- I n - B A v A R I A . C O M PA G E 3
  4. 4. BAVARIA IN yOUR BRIEfCASEMUlTI-COlOURED FOUNTAINS: TOWNS IN THE FRANCONIAN SWITzERlANDREgION DECORATE THEIR FOUNTAINS WITH COlOURED EggSExactly 100 years ago Engelhardsberg in the franconian Switzer- Egloffstein. Also famous are the Easter fountains in Betzenstein, Birkenreuth,land region is said to have displayed the first Easter fountain. The Schloss Greifenstein and Burg Pottenstein. The fountains are decorated everyreasons for this custom of decorating fountains remain unclear. Be- year on Palm Sunday or Good Friday for a period of two to three weeks, de-sides Christian influences it could be that the origin dates back to pending on weather conditions.times of water shortages in the franconian region.Until well into the 20th Century it was very challenging to supply the remote www.fraenkische-schweiz.comvalleys of the region with water. The region simply did not have a centralwater supply. The inhabitants built cisterns and containers to collect the pre-cious liquid. Aquifers in the Jurassic layers could usually only be found at thebottom of the valleys. From there the water had to be transported laboriouslyin butts to the mountain villages by ox cart.In some places wells a hundredmetres deep were dug to get to the groundwater. These wells were oftenprotected with a solidly built well house.Decorating the Easter fountains begins with cleaning the site or “sweepingthe well”, after which it is decorated.The clubs in the villages are responsib-lefor sweeping and decorating; the preparation of these coloured works of artoften takes several days.According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s largest Easter foun-tain can be found in Bieberbach near Egloffstein – with 11,108 hand paintedeggs. The small village lies on a Jurassic hill, between Gößweinstein and Easter FountainfAIRS AND EvENTS… IN MUNICH … BY AND WITH INVEST IN BAVARIAINTERNET WORlD 2013 INvEST IN BAvARIA AT THE EvENT“ ERfOlG- WORkSHOP „INvEST IN BAvARIA“ fOR19 – 20 MARCH 2013 REICH IN MITTElfRANkEN, POTENZIAlE NUT- RUSSIAN ENTREPRENEURS ON 18 MARCH 2013International Internet and ZEN – IDEEN vERWIRklICHEN“ ON 21 MARCH IN kAZAN | RUSSIAeCommerce Fair 2013 IN BAD WINDSHEIM | BAvARIA your contact: your contact: Svetlana Huber | Tel.: +49 89 24210-7505 Philipp Gleißner | Tel.: +498924210-7517 IN NUREMBERg INvEST IN BAvARIA AT TRANSPORT lOGISTIC INvEST IN BAvARIA AT THE lOCATION MARkE- INTERNATIONAl fAIR fOR lOGISTICS, MOBIlITy,EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW TING EvENT “HIGH-TECH lOCATION BAvARIA” IT AND SUPPly CHAIN MANAGEMENT19 – 21 MARCH 2013 ON 14 MARCH 2013 IN IZMIR | TURkEy 4 – 7 JUNE 2013 IN MUNICH | BAvARIAInternational Trade Fair of the Paint HAllE B 5 | STAND 319/418 GET TOGETHER lOCATION MARkETING ANDand Coatings Industry your contact: NETWORkING EvENT ON SENSOR + TEST IN Maciej Czauderna | Tel.: +49 89 24210-7519 NUREMBERG fROM 14 – 16 MAy 2013 your contact for both meetings: Meike Jäckel | Tel.: +49 89 24210-7512 meike.jaeckel@invest-in-bavaria.comYOUR KEY TO OUR STATE PUBlISHER BUSINESS BAVARIAInvest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of DR. JOHAnn nIGGL COORDInATIOn: ALEXAnDRA SCHMIDHUBEREconomic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International. PRInZREGEnTEnSTR. 28 EDITORIAL DEPARTMEnT: WWW.TEXTBAU.COM 80538 MUnICH | GERMAny TRAnSLATIOn: WWW.TRAnSLATE-ME.InFOIMAgE SOURCES: S. 1: © | S. 3: © Susann Städter/Photocase TEL.: +49 89 24210-7500 ART DIRECTIOn | InTERnET: ALEX PODOLAyS. 5: © Roland Amschlinger | S. 6: © FAX: +49 89 24210-7557 DESIGn: WWW.TREIB-STOFF.COM WELCOME@InvEST-In-BAvARIA.COMW W W. I n v E S T- I n - B A v A R I A . C O M PA G E 4
  5. 5. SPECIAl: lOWER BAvARIAPeople in lower Bavaria, the region around landshut, are proud of their homeland and known for their open-mindedness. A popular mix,which can also be enjoyed at the landshuter Hochzeit – one of the world’s most famous history plays only held every four years, next in 2013.Also world ranking are the cultural festival “Europäische Wochen” in Passau, ports of Passau, Kehlheim, Deggendorf and Straubing are key infrastructurethe Gäubodenfest in Straubing, the Gothic old town of Landshut and the idyl- hubs suitable for oversized and heavy haulage. However, there is still enoughlic baroque city of Passau. Tradition and modern trends play a major role in room for the region’s original beauty: the Bavarian Forest national park is theglass technologytoo; with their glass industry the Lower Bavarians set high only remaining virgin forest area in Germany.standards in the region of the Bavarian Forest around Zwiesel. The Danube Research and innovation economy key figures >> University of Passau, Universities of Applied SciencesLandshut, Deggendorf >> 42% share of employment in the >> Competence centre Regenerating raw materials manufacturing industry >> Technology transfer centres in Teisnach, Freyung and Ruhstorf >> Export quota about 50% >> Regional cluster for lightweight construction technologies, micro-system >> Above average economic growth technology,bionics, regenerating raw materialsas well as forest and wood >> Above average number of trainees in >> numerous corporate networks specialised technical trades as well as workers with advanced training qualification in technical areasW W W. I n v E S T- I n - B A v A R I A . C O M PA G E 5
  6. 6. sights in lower Bavaria liveable lower Bavaria >> national park Bavarian forest, only remaining virgin forest area of Germany >> Tourism and recreation region with >> Cultural festival Europäische Wochen, Passau many leisure options >> Gäubodenfest, Straubing >> year-round holiday destination with >> Landshuter Hochzeit snow-sure winter sports areas in the >> Landshut‘s gothic old town Bavarian Forest >> Idyllic baroque city of Passau >> Spa Triangle Bad Füssing / Bad >> Donaudurchbruch, Weltenburg monastery near Kelheim Griesbach / Bad Birnbach as well as >> Baroque monastery Metten the Danube Spa towns of Bad Abbach >> “Hundertwasserturm“ in Abensberg, designed by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Bad Gögging >> Europe‘s largest golf site infrastructure >> International transit motorways and connection to the ICE network >> Danube ports Kelheim, Straubing, Deggendorf and Passau for mass and heavy load transports >> Connection to the Rhine Main Danube waterway >> Cargo transportation centre Straubing >> Proximity to Munich international airport and 4 regional airports Usps of lower Bavaria >> Logistics and transport hub to Austria, the Czech Republic, neighbouring states, Eastern Europe >> Comparatively low wage level, low prices for industrial property, whilst close to Munich and nuremberg Top sectors lower Bavaria in figures >> Automotive >> Area: 10,330 km2 >> Electronic and information technology >> Inhabitants:about 1.2 million >> Metal construction and mechanical engineering >> Regional structure: 3 cities (Landshut, Passau, Straubing), >> Renewable raw materials and energy 9 districts >> Glass technology and industry >> Construction and civil engineering >> Optics and high-frequency engineeringW W W. I n v E S T- I n - B A v A R I A . C O M PA G E 6