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Aerospace in bavaria_english

  1. 1. Invest in Bavaria – the agency that pulls the stringsSTRONG LEADERS – STRONG VISIONS Invest in Bavaria is the single-stop business promotion agency of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs to handle all projects by The Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria international investors to set up new or expand existing businesses inThe non-profit association Bauhaus Luftfahrt is an internationally Bavaria. Our aim is to guide and support companies to make the mostoriented think tank. It was created in November 2005 by the three of Bavaria’s excellent location factors and benefits. Our internationalaerospace companies EADS, Liebherr-Aerospace and MTU Aero team has access to technology networks and personal contacts toEngines as well as the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs. In research institutes and enterprises. Therefore, we are able to provideJanuary 2012, IABG became the latest member of the institution. essential information on business support, links to networks andThe team of around 35 scientists deals with the future of mobility possible collaboration partners, tailored proposals for selection of ain general and with the future of air travel in particular. The goal of location and other information on the State of Bavaria and its locationthe research work is to consider the complex system of aviation from factors. Of course, our services are confidential and free of charge. Getdifferent points of view. In every project the technical, economic, in touch with us!social and ecological aspects are considered comprehensively.( Contact Invest in BavariaSTRONG INFRASTRUCTURE – STRONG AIRPORTS Bernd Buchenberger Manager Aerospace | Satellite Navigation Prinzregentenstr. 28Throughout the last decades the Bavarian Government has been 80538 Munich | Germanydeveloping and constantly improving the international airports Tel.: +49 89 2162-2582in Munich and Nuremberg. With 216 regular destinations in 61 Fax: +49 89 2162-3582countries Munich Airport has become Germany’s second largest bernd.buchenberger@invest-in-bavaria.comairport and was awarded the World Airport Award 2012 for CentralEurope’s best airport. Invest in Bavaria www.invest-in-bavaria.comSpecial purpose airports like Oberpfaffenhofen and multi-functional Editorairports like Manching play a leading role in the Bavarian R&Denvironment. They bundle a high degree of expertise and enable the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bavaria –conduct of complex research tests. An abundance of regional airportssecure great infrastructure for general aviation throughout Bavaria. Infrastructure, Transport and Technology Invest in Bavaria Europe’s Leading Dr. Johann Niggl Prinzregentenstr. 28 Aerospace Region 80538 Munich | Germany Tel.: +49 89 2162-2642 Fax: +49 89 2162-2803 images: EADS, DLR, jupiterimages Invest in Bavaria is jointly operated by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International GmbH Edition August 2012
  2. 2. STRONG BAVARIA – STRONG COMMITMENT STRONG NETWORKS – STRONG CLUSTERS STRONG RESEARCH – STRONG INSTITUTIONSBavaria is one of the leading high-tech regions in Europe and the In 2006 the State Government’s cluster initiative set up the Bavarian The German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen operatesaerospace sector has always been a major focus of the Bavarian State Aerospace Cluster bavAIRia e.V., a network for all players involved in the eight scientific institutes and facilities, e.g. the Institute for RoboticsGovernment. Manufacturing of systems and subsystems in aviation, aerospace sector. Situated right next to the German Aerospace Center and Mechatronics or the German Space Operations Center (GSOC)space, defence and security, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) as well (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich bavAIRia is well connected to from which many manned and unmanned space missions are moni-as top quality engineering services enjoy a long tradition in Bavaria. many potential customers, suppliers and partners across the aerospace tored. A new Center for Lightweight Construction Technology (ZLP) isBavaria is one of just a few regions worldwide with the entire value supply chain in Bavaria and beyond. Especially small and medium-sized located in Augsburg. DLR’s Flight Facility in Oberpfaffenhofen is Eu-added chain from basic research, industrial research and development, companies benefit from its services. rope’s largest operator of research aircrafts for atmospheric researchvia prototyping and manufacturing to maintenance, repair, and overhaul. and earth observation. ( Aerospace is one of the leading innovation motors of the BavarianThe Bavarian State Government regards innovation friendly policies and economy. Bavaria looks back on decades of successful history leading The Max-Planck Institutes for Astrophysics and for Extraterrestrialan excellent infrastructure as key conditions for prosperous economic up to its position as one of Europe’s top Aerospace regions today. Physics in Garching and the Fraunhofer Institutes for Silicate Re-development. Research funds and various support programs are offered Highly skilled people are working in this branch, making up about a search in Würzburg, for Integrated Circuits in Nuremberg and forto companies located in Bavaria. The strategy program of the Bavarian third of those employed in this field in Germany as a whole. Bavaria Building Physics in Holzkirchen represent just some of the BavarianMinistry of Economic Affairs to further strengthen the aerospace is distinguished by globally active Aerospace systems companies, a institutes for fundamental research and applied sciences.industry proves once again that the State of Bavaria is the driving force large complement of small and medium-sized suppliers and a unique ( and this sector – in Germany and in Europe. concentration of research institutions and universities of international repute. In addition, it offers initiatives specifically designed to The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is an intergovernmental support start-up companies. An excellent financial and transportation science and technology organisation in astronomy to enable impor-STRONG INDUSTRY – STRONG COMPANIES infrastructure rounds off the profile of Bavaria’s range of relevant tant scientific discoveries in space. Its headquarters are located in capabilities. The main task of bavAIRia e.V. is to stimulate aerospace Garching near Munich carrying out the technical development pro- innovation, technology development and growth by networking grams. ( leading OEMs such as EADS Defence and Security, Eurocopter processes between industry, research, development institutions andand MTU aero engines are headquartered in Bavaria. Tier 1 suppliers policy makers. Bavaria is proud of its modern and competitive educational environ-such as Diehl Aerospace, Premium Aerotec and Liebherr have already ment with eight universities offering state-of-the-art study courseschosen Bavaria as one of their main business sites. In addition, a bavAIRia’s strong commitment and international orientation traverses related to the aerospace sector. A recent educational initiative is thesubstantial number of niche suppliers, who are market leaders in their national borders and enables international business and cluster coop- faculty Munich Aerospace, which was founded in 2010. The aim isrespective fields, such as FAG Aerospace, EME, ESG, IABG, Leistritz erations in Europe, America and Asia. It regularly welcomes foreign to further concentrate aerospace research efforts in the Munich areaand Telair characterize the aerospace cluster in Bavaria. delegations or supports Bavarian delegations abroad. The cluster also and to this effect a close co-operation between the Technical Univer- takes part in international aerospace fairs, uniting Bavarian companies sity Munich, the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich,Annually around 7 billion € in revenues are generated in the and expertise under a common roof. ( DLR and Bauhaus Luftfahrt has been set up.manufacturing aerospace sector. Overall, more than 60.000 employees ( working in around 550 companies in Bavaria - including airlines and As aerospace touches a variety of high tech sectors, companies in thisairports. field are most likely to benefit from other Bavarian cluster networks, Furthermore, the Bavarian International Campus for Aerospace and too. To get an overview please visit Security is an international innovation hub for science and business. The aim is to enable researchers and companies from around the world to work together at the high technology site situated in Munich. The partners are EADS and IABG along with the Technical University of Munich, the Bundeswehr University Munich, the Munich University of Applied Sciences and Bauhaus Luftfahrt, with DLR as an additional partner.