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Austria: Machinery, Electronics, Mechatronics
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Austria: Machinery, Electronics, Mechatronics


Mechanical engineering (machine manufacturing) and electronics are the two most important …

Mechanical engineering (machine manufacturing) and electronics are the two most important
industrial sectors in Austria. More than one quarter of all industrial employees work in these
branches. Mechatronics links these two business segments, transforming Austria into one of
the leading providers of special machinery.

Published in Education , Business , Technology
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  • 1. www.investinaustria.atMachinery/Electronics/MechatronicsvbAustria*Austria’s Leading Industrial Sectors:Machinery, Electronics, Mechatronics*
  • 2. 2DynamicBusiness LocationsThe Austrian business location standsout in international comparison. Com-panies profit from a good business en-vironment, qualified employees and amodern infrastructure.Austria ranks among the most prosperous and innovative countries in the European Union,and has more effectively coped with the economically turbulent period prevailing since 2008than most other European nations. The business location scores points thanks to its moderninfrastructure, top-notch technologies, well-educated and highly-motivated employees, andalso offers a high reliability of energy supplies in addition to political, social and economicstability. Moreover, Austria is the ideal base for ensuring market access to the dynamic mar-kets of South East and Eastern Europe.Austria can look back at a longstanding tradition in the field of mechanical engineering. Pro-ducers from all over the world rely on the special know-how Austria offers. The export ratio inthe electronics industry is 75 percent. New educational facilities offering courses of study inthe future-oriented mechatronics sector are continually being opened. Austria’s skilledemployees rank, in any case, among the best in the world – not least due to its internationallyrenowned dual education system. In spite of this good starting position, we are continuallyworking on creating even better conditions on behalf of companies. In this spirit we wouldlike to welcome you to Austria.Reinhold MitterlehnerFederal Minister of Economy,Family and YouthEditorial: Owner&Publisher: Austrian Business Agency; Editor-in-Chief: Renè Siegl; Associate Editors: Maria Hirzinger, KarinSchwind-Derdak, Clifford Stevens; Print: Digital Druck Donau; Status: July 2012Content2 Content3 Austria’s Leading Industries4 World Class Research and Education5 Mechanical Engineering: Tops in Austria6 Electronics: Innovative Core Industry8 Mechatronics at the Forefront9 SMEs Exploit Advantages
  • 3. 333.514.413.613.213.1Machinery und metal goods 1Chemical Ind. 2Electrical- und electronics 3Gas und heat 4Vehicles 5Production sold in 2011, EUR billionTop 5 IndustriesQuelle: Statistis Austria, April 2012Austria’s Leading IndustriesMachine manufacturing, electronics and the innovativemechatronics sector have achieved major successes in theworld marketplace.The ALMA project is being implemented in the world’s driest desert. The Atacama Desert inNorthern Chile is located at an attitude of 5000 meters. The temperature difference betweenday and night is 45 degrees Celsius. The most modern observatory in the world was estab-lished in this extreme environment as part of a joint project between the USA, Europe andJapan. It encompasses 64 mobile parabol antennas with a diameter of twelve meters. Theelectronics for the project come from a young and innovative company from Austria, namelythe electronics and automation specialist PMS. Thus once again Austria is showing its colorsin one of the most successful industries in the country.Mechanical engineering (machine manufacturing) and electronics are the two of the mostimportant industrial sectors in Austria. More than one quarter of all industrial employees workin these branches. Outstanding know-how in the field of mechatronics has transformed Aus-tria into one of the leading providers of special purpose machines in Europe.Attractive business location factorsAustria offers ideal conditions for multinational companies as well as small enterprises. Highproductivity and low taxes make the business location attractive. After all, according to the EUCommission, Austria scores points with the third highest productivity in the EU. Companiespay a corporate income tax of 25 percent – but nothing else. In addition, it is important tomention the geographical location between West and East. Ideal market access, an outstand-ing infrastructure and not least highly qualified employees are the ingredients required forsuccess on the world market.
  • 4. 4World Class Researchand EducationBusiness and scientific communities work hand in handAustria’s educational system is one of the best anywhere.Approximately two-thirds of adult Austrians have complet-ed a secondary or higher education degree (OECD), one ofthe world’s best track records. Austria is not only rankedfirst in the availability of highly-qualified employees, butthird in terms of employee motivation (World Competitive-ness Yearbook 2012).Dual education system. One of Austria’s specialties is thedual education system, a combination of theoretical andpractical training practiced in apprenticeship programs andhigher vocational schools. Curriculum and key courses ofinstruction are tailored to the needs of the business com-munity. Companies such as Magna and Siemens profes-sionally train apprentices and also offer the opportunity tocomplete an internship. It comes as no surprise that Austriais always ranked among the top five in world championshipcompetitions in the field of mechatronics.Research institutes supply know-howInternationally recognized research and development insti-tutes specializing in the fields of mechanical engineering,mechatronics and electrical engineering are located in thecities of Vienna, Linz and Graz. More than 60 universityinstitutes and a series of research companies provide theentire spectrum of required services which companiesexpect in a thriving research environment, ranging fromscientific know-how to the finished product. Some 13,500graduates of science and engineering study programs areavailable to companies each year.“The educational level inAustria is very high.Austria provides all thepreconditions requiredwhich enable us to offerhigh technical standardsand reliability“.Research / EducationVienna University of Technology→ University of Technology→ www.tugraz.atJohannes Keppler University→ Reserach Centers→→ www.profactor.atLinz Center of Mechatronics→ www.lcm.atvoestalpine mechatronics→ www.vatron.comUpper Austrian Research GmbH(UAR)→ www.uar.atUniversity of Innsbruck→ 02→ www.campus02.atThe University of Applied Sciences,FH Campus Wien→ Joanneum University ofApplied Sciences→ www.fh-joanneum.atUniversity of Applied Sciences UpperAustria, Wels Campus→ www.fh-wels.atCarinthia University of Applies Sci-ences→ Technikum Wien→ www.technikum-wien.atVorarlberg University of Applied Sci-ences→ of Applied Sciences Wr.Neustadt→ information at:→
  • 5. 5Machinery/Electronics/Mechatronics45962275845834720550500302300297AndritzLiebherrPalfingerEngelGE JenbacherBoschPlasser & TheurerSFKChristoph GroupTGW Logistics GroupNet sales revenues2011 (EUR m)Top companies in the machine industrySource: Goldener Trend, 2012Mechanical Engineering:Tops in AustriaThe mechanical and plant engineering: R&D intense andexport orientedNine speeds for the environment. In 2012 Chrysler iscommencing production of a nine speed transmission atthe Kokomo Transmission Plant in Indiana, USA. The vehi-cles can increasingly cruise around at an ideal and thusenergy-saving speed range and thus further reduce fuelconsumption. The machines needed to produce the ex-tremely precise valve control components and other alumi-num parts comprising a total of 450,000 per year are“Made in Austria” by Anger Machining based in UpperAustria.Close to one quarter of Austria‘s entire industrial productionis in the fields of machinery, plant engineering and metalproducts. The production value of this sector comprisesabout 23 percent of the entire material goods production inAustria, demonstrating its power by achieving an elevenpercent annual growth rate.The approximately 1,900 companies primarily manufacturefor the global market. For example, large sectors featuringhigh export growth include plastic, construction and agricul-tural machinery. The mechanical engineering sector is oneof the most active industries, with annual R&D expendi-tures of EUR 483 million.Core strengths Special and custom machinery Boiler constructionClusters and competence centersAustrian Center of Competence for Tribilogy→ www.ac2t.atMaterialcluster→ www.materialcluster.atAutomobile Cluster→ www. automobil-cluster.atKnetMET Industrial Competence Networkfor Metallurgical and Environmental Pro-cess Development→ Competence Center for Mechatron-ics and Automation→ www.vatron.comLight Metals Competence Center Ranshofen(LKR)→ www.lkr.atOther institutions at:→
  • 6. 6Global Market Leadersfrom AustriaLeading-edge firms with special know-howGlobal market leaders (1st, 2nd or 3rd in the world) or No. 1 in EuropeAndritz: Plant engineering → www.andritz.comAVL: Power machinery and aggregates → www.avl.comBeda-Lutz Werke: Metal goods → www.benda-lutz.comBertsch: Environmental technology → www.bertsch.atBinder + Co: Construction machines → www.binder-co.atBOEHLERIT: Hard metal → www.boehlerit.comBWT: Apparatus engineering → www.bwt.atConstantia Teich: Packaging materials→ www.constantia-teich.comDoppelmayr: Lifts → www.doppelmayr.atDoubrava: Steel and shipbuilding → www.doubrava.atEbner Industrieöfen: Industrial furnaces → www.ebner.ccEMCO MAIER: Machine tools → www.emco-world.comENGEL Machines for the plastics industry → www.engelglobal.comEVVA: Locks, fittings → www.evva.atFried.v.Neuman: Sheet metal and metal goods → www.neuman.atFröling: Steam and heating boilers → www.froeling.comGeislinger: Drive engineering → www.geislinger.comGREENoneTEC: Environmental technology → www.greenonetec.comGreiner Extrusion: Machines for the plastics industry→ www.greiner-extrusion.comHaas Waffelmaschinen: Waffle machines → www.haas.comHB-Brditschka: Jewellry → www.lorena.atHerz Armaturen: Fittings → www.herz.euHOERBIGER VENTILWERKE: Valves → www.hoerbiger.comHTM Sport: Sheet metal and metal goods → www.tyrolia.comiSi: Automobile component supplier → www.isi-automotive.comKnill – Mosdorfer Verzinkerei: Steel → www.knillgruppe.comLisec: Construction and mining machines → www.lisec.comMiba: Automobile component supplier → www.miba.comM-U-T: Environmental technology → www.m-u-t.atOchsner Wärmepumpen: Heat pumps → www.ochsner.depewag: Screws, chains, springs → www.pewag.atPlasser & Theurer: Locomotive and railway installations→ www.plassertheurer.atPollmann: Automobile component supplier → www.pollmann.atPolytechnik: Environmental technology → www.polytechnik.comPöttinger: Agricultural equipment → www.poettinger.atREFORM-Werke Bauer: Agricultural machinery → www.reform.atRöhren- und Pumpenwerk Bauer: Pipes and pumps→ www.bauer-vo.comRosenbauer: Firefighting equipment → www.rosenbauer.comSCHOELLER-BLECKMANN Oilfield Technology → www.sbo.atSchukra Berndorf: Automobile component supplier→ www.schukra.comSilhouette: Medical and optical equipment→ www.silhouette-international.comStarlinger: Textile machines → www.starlinger.comSwarovski-Optik: Medical, optical equipment→ www.swarovskioptik.atTeufelberger: Steel cables → www.teufelberger.comThöni: Environmental technology → www.thoeni.coTWG Mechanics: Storage technology → www.tgw-group.comUnger Stahlbau: Steel → www.ungersteel.comVAE Eisenbahnsysteme: Railway systems→ Dentalwerk Bürmoos: Medical and optical equipment→ www.wh.comWaagner-Biro Stahlbau: Steel construction→ www.waagner-biro.comWild: Medical and optical equipment → www.wild.atWindhager: Steam and heating boilers → www.windhager.comZizala: Automobile component supplier → www.zkw.atSource: Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, 2012
  • 7. 7Machinery/Electronics/MechatronicsElectronics:Innovative Core IndustryGreen intelligence ensures growthA quantum leap in production technology: In October2011 the German chip manufacturer Infineon succeeded inproducing the first prototype of a thin wafer with a diame-ter of 300 millimeters. Two and one half times the numberof chips can be mounted on these larger wafers. The de-velopment location for this innovation is in Austria’s federalprovince of Carinthia. Infineon continues to expand re-search conducted in Austria: in June 2012 another researchbuilding for 500 employees was opened.Export ratio of 75 per cent. The electrical and electronicsindustry is the second largest industrial employer in Austria,with close to 60,000 employees. The production value ofthis sector was close to EUR 12.8 billion in 2011. Morethan two-thirds of the products are exported. The branch isa pioneer in developing flexible working time models.Many companies, from Alcatel and Hewlett Packard toSiemens and Sony, already take advantage of the numer-ous competitive advantages offered by Austria as a busi-ness location, and have set up their international R&Dcompetence centers as well as production plants to manu-facture quality products in Austria.Green intelligence is the recipe for growth: intelligentenergy systems, smart mobility and mobile communica-tions were the top growth drivers in the year 2011. Theenergy technology segment expanded by 16 percent, andsales of components were up by an impressive 47 percent.High R&D expenditures. The main reason for the remark-able success of the electronics industry is the dispropor-tionately high research expenditures of the sector. Theelectrical and electronics industry accounts for about one-third of all Austrian industrial R&D investments.Core strengths Railway supply industry Semiconductor technology Power engineeringClustersECHEM - Applied Electrochemistry→ www.echem.atCompetence Center for Automobile andIndustrial Electronics (AI)→ www.k-ai.atec3 - Electronic CommerceCompetence Center→ www.ec3.atCompetence Center for Light Systems→ www.k-licht.atKERP – Competence Center of UsedElectronic Device Recycling andSustainable Product Development→ www.kerp.atMicro Electronic Cluster→ www.me2c.atAutomobile Cluster→ www.automobil-cluster.atMobility Cluster Vienna→ www.clusterwien.atCompetence Center forOptoelectronics→ institutions at:→
  • 8. 883707070696866626260Austria 1Germany 2Sweden 3Ireland 4Denmark 5Norway 6Italy 7France 8Great Britain 9USA 10(% of direct investments/after3 years)Companies have come and stayedSource: OECDMechatronics at the ForefrontFuture-oriented branch for intelligent productsThe mechatronics branch – a fusion of machine construc-tion, electronics and information technology – is a pulsatinghigh-growth sector. Mechatronics is considered to be oneof the most important innovation drivers, encompassingsome 6,900 companies in Austria (2011). 341 firms in theMechatronics Cluster Upper Austria alone generate reve-nue of more than EUR 11 billion, employing a work force of57,330 people.Tops in Europe. Regardless of whether it involves medicaldevices, tools, wood processing machines or the automo-tive sector, Austria has developed an outstanding know-how in the production of custom and special purpose ma-chinery. One key reason is the intensive cooperation whichhas evolved between the scientific and business communi-ties in the field of mechatronics: approximately 200 to 300R&D specialists are available to companies. The mechatron-ics study program offered by Johannes Kepler University inLinz is the most popular course of studies at the Faculty forNatural Sciences and Engineering.Clusters and competence centersMechatronics Cluster Upper Austria→ www.mechatronik-cluster.atCluster Mechatronics Tyrol→ www.standort-tirol.atTechnoGate→ www.technogate.atIndustrial Competence Center forMechatronics and Automation→ www.ikma-linz.atLinz Center of Mechatronics→ www.lcm.atVResearch Center for Tribotronicsand Technical Logistics→ www.v-research.atMechatronics Development Center of theMahle Group→ www.mahle.atMaterials Center Leoben→ www.mcl.atOther institutions at:→“One of our future priorities will continue to be ensur-ing the qualifications of employees. They representour potential. The training center in Linz instructs50 – 60 trainees on an ongoing basis, above all in thefields of mechatronics and electronics“.
  • 9. 9SMEs Exploit AdvantagesMultinationals such as Infineon, Voith and Liebherr bundle theirknow-how in AustriaIn addition to numerous multinational companies, Austria is an ideal business location forsmall and mid-sized companies such as Felder, Durst, Mendel or Ratgeber.ElectronicsInfineon: Chips “Made in Villach” are used around the worldInfineon Austria, subsidiary of the Infineon Group, operates in the field of automotive andindustrial electronics. An international team researches, develops and produces microchips.The production of microchips takes place in Villach, where the company’s Competence Cen-ter for Power Semiconductors is based. Research and development centers are located inVillach, Graz, Klagenfurt and Linz. Infineon continues to invest heavily in its Austrian subsidi-ary. On balance, investments will total EUR 250 million in 2012. Infineon is ranked fourthamong companies carrying out R&D in Austria, investing about 16 percent of its revenue inR&D.→ www.infineon.atPhilips: Global competence centerFor the Dutch electronics group Philip, Austria is an important high-tech business locationwith competence centers of global importance. In addition to the Philips headquarters for itsHealthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting segments, Vienna is also home to the High TechCampus Vienna, which includes a developmental center and production facilities. One of thecompany’s five global competence and development centers for its Consumer Lifestyle busi-ness is located in Klagenfurt. It develops product innovations for the world market in thefields of body care, hair care, household appliances, health and wellness. Philips employs awork force of 640 people in Austria.→ engineeringVoith: R&D competenceThree divisions of the German Voith Group are represented at the St. Pölten facility in LowerAustria: Voith Paper (paper technology), Voith Turbo (drive systems) and Voith Siemens HydroPower Generation (power plant technology). The competence center for electrical drive com-ponents and system solutions for cardboard and packaging paper machinery is located inAustria, with responsibility for research and development, product development, construction,sales, marketing and controlling. In addition, the St. Pölten facility is the production center forpaper rolls. A large percentage of the rollers used by Voith Paper in its paper machines aroundthe world are manufactured in St. Pölten.→→
  • 10. 10Rosenbauer: A renowned brandRosenbauer is present everywhere and anywhere where fires arise. The Austrian company isone of the world’s largest manufacturers of fire extinguishing systems and pumps. Rosen-bauer, ranked number two globally, delivers fire-service vehicles across the globe, includingfire-fighting vehicles and equipment for Saudi Arabia or for the U.S. Army. One well-knownexample of Rosenbauer’s product portfolio is the Panther, the most technologically advancedfire-fighting vehicle one can purchase on the world marketplace. → www.rosenbauer.atAndritz: The global playerThe Andritz Group in Graz is the largest machine construction company in Austria. The prod-uct line of this global player is quite extensive, encompassing plants, systems and servicesfor hydropower plants, the pulp and paper industry, the steel industry and other specializedindustries. Recently, Andritz grabbed a large piece of the pie of large contracts such as thehuge Belo Monte hydropower plant in Brazil, projects of the utility company AES Gener inChile and the new Beyhan-1 hydropower station in Turkey. → www.andritz.comMechatronicsKeba: Specialist for automationThe automatic cash machine on the corner may have been produced by Keba, the Austrianautomation specialist. The company’s specialties are industrial, banking and service automa-tion, as well as control systems, electronics, information technology and mechatronics. Itskey customers are financial institutions, service and lottery companies. For example, all lot-tery outlets are equipped with terminals provided by Keba. Keba invests about 20 per cent ofits annual revenues in research and development, with a work force of 760 people.→ www.keba.atCelestica: 3D UltrasoundThe Canadian Celestica Group has been operating in Austria since 2010 with its developmentspecialist AlliedPanels, which focuses on the field of “imaging diagnostics” – ultrasound, X-ray, computer tomography and mammography devices. The Healthcare Centre of Excellencefor Europe whose specialty is 3D ultrasound technology is also located in Austria.→ www.celestica.comLiebherr: Good climate when travelingWith its heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, Liebherr Transportation Systemsensures a pleasant environment for passengers, whether on streetcars or on high-speedtrains. Liebherr Transportation Systems, located in Lower Austria, specializes in climate con-trol projects for railway vehicles such as streetcars, subway cars, public transportation sys-tems, double-deck and high speed trains, integrating its broad-based experience in the aero-nautics and rail traffic segments. The multinational German company Liebherr maintains fiveproduction locations in Austria.→
  • 11. 11Systematic Approach to ServiceABA – Invest in Austria offers consulting services free ofcharge to international investors in AustriaABA – Invest in Austria, a government-owned and operated consulting firm, is the first pointof contact for international investors aiming to set up a company in Austria. It offers you ser-vices ranging from issues such as subsidies and market opportunities to taxation law. 25qualified professionals offer you comprehensive and unbureaucratic know-how, completelyfree of charge. Experienced business location consultants personally attend to your needs, providing allthe necessary contacts you require in Austria. Contact us at the beginning of your expan-sion project so that you will be given optimal support. ABA – Invest in Austria supplies you with both general information and specific detailsabout Austria as a business location, sectors, technologies and market developments aswell as the political and economic framework. In selecting a suitable business location, ABA – Invest in Austria advises you on labor andtax issues, component suppliers, market opportunities, incentives, real estate prices andmany other issues. ABA – Invest in Austria also provides assistance in dealing with formalities such as incen-tive applications or site approvals. The employees of ABA – Invest in Austria support you,cooperating with the respective regional investment promotion agencies. Even after completion of the project, ABA – Invest in Austria remains at your disposal asa service center for expansion investments. Take advantage of the international network set up by ABA – Invest in Austria and theclose cooperation with the Austrian Trade Commission offices managed by the AustrianFederal Economic Chamber.
  • 12. 12ABA – Invest in AustriaOpernring 3A-1010 ViennaTel.: +43-1-588 58-0Fax: +43-1-586 86 59E-Mail: