Visualizing Hidden Information at a Folger Coffee Plant


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Addressing the Challenges Associated with Integrating OEM Equipment into Production and Plant Operations

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Visualizing Hidden Information at a Folger Coffee Plant

  1. 1. Complete series available OnDemand Welcome to today’s presentation: Visualizing Hidden A Practitioner Approach To Driving Economic Profit in Continuous Improvement: Information Packaging Line Productivity Food Plant Manufacturing Packaging Featured Speaker: Featured Speaker: Featured Speaker: Mathieu Loranger, Eng Mike Ruffner, Jim Whalen, Featured Speaker: Food Distribution Company Rich Products Eric Allen Senior Technical Manager at The JM OnDemand OnDemand OnDemand Smucker CompanyFood safety and temperature Asset Reliability — Getting Real About Real- Learn Secrets of Enterprise Get Behind The Scenesintegrity in food distribution Manufacturing Intelligence Time Cost Managementfacilities At Frito LayFeatured Speaker: Featured Speaker: Featured Speaker: Featured Speaker:Mark Grimes Lars Johansen, Ed Michel, Rudy Westervelt (retired), Chr. Hansen Frito-Lay Kroger OnDemand OnDemand OnDemand OnDemand
  2. 2. Visualizing Hidden Information Presented by Eric Allen - Senior Technical Manager at The JM Smucker Company Hosted by Tom Giunta – Invensys Niels Andersen – InvensysSlide 2
  3. 3. Niels Andersen, Invensys Business Value Solutions Industry Pressures for Manufacturers of Branded Food ProductsSlide 3
  4. 4. Asset Performance Growth/Cost Strategy Asset strategy Supply Chain OptimizationSlide 4
  5. 5. Value ChainSupplier + Make + Logistics + Retail Cost Cost Cost Cost The Folger CoffeeSource Make Deliver Sell Company Flexible Transportation Lot size (EOQ) Lead Time Consistency Product Variety Raw Ingr. WIP FG Inventory FG Inventory FG InventoryA B C D E F G H AA BB CC DD EE FF GG HH A B C D E F G HBusiness Processes
  6. 6. Eric Allen Senior Technical Manager at JM Smucker Co. Folger Coffee Plant Case StudySlide 6
  7. 7. Importance of Data-Driven Manufacturing• As the level of automation increases and number of operators decrease, need equipment to be easy to diagnose and track trends• As information is made more obvious, the operation can make better assessments of any situation• When operators can solve basic problems, more advanced resources can focus attention on more complex issues and improvements
  8. 8. What is an OEM?• Original Equipment Manufacturer• Many manufacturing plants buy production equipment from machine builders• Depending on the equipment, the vendor may make lots of machines that are exactly the same, or may custom-build every machine to the customer’s requirements
  9. 9. Issues with OEM equipment• Adherence to corporate/plant standards• OEM focus often on cost of purchase at expense of ease of troubleshooting• Different definitions of success• Controls decisions often not considered up front by Purchasing.
  10. 10. An Example• OEM Tray Erector purchased to enable new corrugate tray design• Purchasing specified Allen-Bradley controls and Category 3 safety interlocks• No electrical design review until after machine was built
  11. 11. Operator Controls • Start • Stop • Manual/Auto • Glue On/Off • Safety reset • Lighted status indicators • E-stop
  12. 12. Settings HMI • 2 parameters per screen • Function key navigation • Mounted over 6 feet high
  13. 13. Start-up issuesWhy won’t the machine start?
  14. 14. Immediate Changes at InstallAdded ethernet module for communicationBuilt diagnostic screen on nearby Wonderware terminal
  15. 15. Factory DiagnosticsHMI Diagnostics
  16. 16. Production informationIssuesStopsProduction countsStop causes
  17. 17. Stop CausesDefine running/producing
  18. 18. Identify logic for each stop conditionSometimes stops are combinations of logic
  19. 19. Safety Circuit ExampleCategory 3 redundancyNine guard doors, two E-StopsWired to safety relayWires to 3rd set of contacts cut off by OEMReset required for operation to re-enableRedundant contactors in series for power
  20. 20. Very safe - but hard to troubleshoot Reset Circuit Input Circuit 1 Redundant Inputs Relays and Contactors One input to PLC to turn on Safety Status Light
  21. 21. Then one night…Four hours down for safety faultElectrical resource determined E-stop was problem, based on wiringActual problem was door switchCould easily happen again
  22. 22. Need safety circuit to runWhich part of the circuit is not working?
  23. 23. Just as safe - but more data 13 safety inputs to PLC, still redundant circuits
  24. 24. Check door 2 - then what’s next?
  25. 25. Safety circuit is ready
  26. 26. Glue PatternNo way to visualize12 timer settingsJust “numbers”
  27. 27. Lessons Learned• Operator Effectiveness is Dramatically Impacted by Choice of Interface• Focus HMI on Issues that Impact Losses• OEM- Specify Hardware Very Clearly• OEM- Pick your battles, you may not get value from OEM doing certain design vs. doing at plant• Look at every issue as an opportunity to be prevented in the future.
  28. 28. Operators liked the informationso much - they requested aseparate Wonderware stationjust for the tray erector so theydidn’t have to walk back andforth.
  29. 29. What’s next
  30. 30. Niels Andersen, Invensys Business Value Solutions SummarySlide 35
  31. 31. Value Analysis Solution focus Demand (Forecast) Supply Chain Cash (Working Capital) Inventory Decision Support Supply (Operations) Plan Adherence Real Time Costing Asset Utilization Workflow Dashboard Intelligence Alert Maintenance Compliance Productivity Availability Cycle Time Execution Controls Schedule Tracking Quality Safety Energy Yield Tools and Technology© Invensys00/00/00 Sli de 36
  32. 32. Wonderware capabilities Asset Performance Real-Time Equipment Quality Collaboration Platform Effectiveness Management Workflow • Integration & • OEE Calculations • Understanding Process, People, Information • Downtime Variance Systems Framework Tracking • Spec’s SOP’s • Process • Root Cause • Data Collection Historian Escalations, Analysis • SPC Approvals • HMI • Reporting and • Sample Plans Visualization performance Event/KPI • HACCP Support Triggering • Portal trackingSlide 37
  33. 33. Invensys Business Value Solutions (BVS) Understand .. • your true business potential of your current assets • how to measure, empower and improve your performance BVS offers … • consulting services • guidance on where to invest in solutions to get the optimum performance • unique methodologies for calculating financial performance in real-timeSlide 38
  34. 34. Q&ASlide 39
  35. 35. A special thank you to our presenter Eric Allen The JM Smucker Company, Folger Coffee division, Kansas City, MO Tel. 816-346-1700 Cell. 913-558-0004 @EricAllenKC
  36. 36. Where do you go from here? Complete series available OnDemand your local Wonderware distributor: -> About Us > Contact Sales Tom Giunta +1 (856) 986-1289 | Niels Andersen, Invensys Business Value Solutions +1 (949) 636 4991 |
  37. 37. Speaker Bio – Eric Allen Current Position: Senior Technical Manager at JM Smucker Company’s Folger Coffee facility in Kansas City, MO Over 20 years experience in a variety of engineering and operational management positions with Folger Coffee, including a number of new equipment start-ups, data collection and controls integration efforts, leadership of performance improvement efforts, and managing day to day operations of production departments. Summary of Experience/Knowledge: Eric has managed capital projects of up to $10 million as well as annual operating budgets of $10 million. He has led organizational change, implementing self-directed teams in a union factory, leading a number of plant pillars in Total Productive Maintenance, as well as delivering results through the systemic use of automated data-driven metrics. In-depth technical knowledge in packaging machinery design and troubleshooting, making numerous technical contributions, utilizing expertise in Control Loop Tuning, Web Control Theory, programming of Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, and set-up of virtual computers. Specialties Experienced pillar owner for Autonomous Maintenance, Focused Improvement, Education and Training, Leadership, Initiative Management Statistical Process Control, Control Loop Health, Web Handling, Front End Engineering, Total Quality Management, Reliability Engineering; Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLC, Wonderware, GE Proficy Plant Applications and Historian, Computer Networking, Computer Virtualization; Interests: Family (wife and two children), playing golf and basketball, gardening