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THE WAYS WE COMMUNICATE with others say a lot about the types of

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What Your Mobile Communication Style Says About You


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What does your mobile communication style say about you? Find out if you’re a Networker, Texter, Emailer or Caller.

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What Your Mobile Communication Style Says About You

  1. 1. WHAT YOUR Mobile Communication Style SAYS ABOUT YOU THE WAYS WE COMMUNICATE with others say a lot about the types of people we are. Some crave immediate responses, while others prefer a slower pace. Now that 91% of American adults own mobile phones, we have even more ways to connect than ever before. Everyone has a preferred method of communication—from email to social media to good ol’ fashioned calling. What does your communication style say about you? start! The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. NO I talk better than I write. Technology’s greatest feat is the myriad ways I can avoid having to talk to anyone in person. YES NO YES YES I’m secretly relieved when I call someone and get voicemail. I make a list of things to discuss prior to making calls. YES NO NO NO Checking in with friends throughout the day staves off boredom. YES The best thing about my phone is the flexibility to respond to email when I want. NO I decide what to post based on the amount of ‘LIKES’ I think I’ll get. YES Email? That’s what Facebook is for. YES NO NO YES NO NO YES I get most of my news through social media. NO YES NO My Facebook is linked to my Instagram, which is linked to my Twitter, which is linked to my Pinterest. YES In-person interactions are so much deeper. NO # ! YES THE Networker YOU’RE ON THE GO. No YOU’RE THE SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTERFLY. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, it’s always better with friends. You always make sure everyone knows it, whether it's that great restaurant you just have to recommend, or the noisy neighbor you’re hoping sees your post and turns down the music (or invites you to the party). Learn more at demandforce.com/mobile ! @ TEXTER time 2 talk. You g2g b4 you’re caught up in a lengthy convo. You’re active and don’t want to miss a beat, but luckily those thumbs of yours keep you connected to your BFFs 24/7. If only Siri could keep up. NO YES YES T H E Email is still the easiest way to share photos and files. NO YES 140 characters is too short, and email takes too long. Seeing unread emails gives me anxiety. The Caller YOU’RE AN OLD SOUL. You are someone who finds great satisfaction in hearing another human voice on the other end of the phone. You crave more personal connections with others and aren’t afraid to make your voice heard when necessary. THE EMAILER YOU’RE A WORKER BEE. You haven’t yet figured out how to fit your entire desk into your pocket, but you’ll settle for the smartphone. Good enough for now. You’re all business, all the time...aside from that hilarious video that just went viral that your contact list just has to see. (Juggling puppies, where do they come up with this stuff?!)