Designing a Seamless Web to Mobile Experience (Abridged)


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SXSWi presentation: Designing a Seamless Web to Mobile Experience

Full description of session at SXSWi:
Clearly more and more consumers and small businesses are making the move to mobile to help manage their day to day lives. With that migration comes the demand – and expectation – for seamless utility between their Web and mobile experiences. Rather than having services live separate lives via their desktop or Web applications, customers are looking for instant gratification in an end to end experience independent of what device they’re using to access their information. The problem? No one is providing this seamless experience yet – and if they are, it is not meeting customer expectations. We will explore the ways that companies can and are making the successful translation of Web to mobile and how that will result in customer delight and uptake of new mobile services across the market.

Omar Green
Director, Strategic Mobile Initiatives

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Designing a Seamless Web to Mobile Experience (Abridged)

  1. Designing a Seamless Web to Mobile Experience omar green director, strategic mobile initiatives @madfu @intuitinc #liquidux
  2. who am i?entrepreneur geek inventor MIT grad filmmaker thinker developer poet toy lover strategist i’m not a designer
  3. who do i work for?
  4. Transforming 50M Lives
  5. Our Mobile Apps Address Real ProblemsGet Paid Check my File my taxes Acquire balance customers
  6. If UX as a domain focuses on the experiential,subjective, affective, and meaningful componentsof product development and human-computerinteraction, then Liquid Experience considersthese things from a “fluid” cross-platform, cross-context perspective.defined
  7. “I can use this solution at my desktop, and itfeels right there, but I can also switch to use iton my handset, or on my tablet, or with my TVor in my car and it feels right there too.”in the ideal…
  8. First Principles smarter-than-me software cool new stuff! (i didn’t know i could do) picking up… where I left offeverything everywhere, right-sized
  9. 10
  10. 11
  11. Context
  12. In the broadest sense, CONTEXT represents thecircumstances around which a user expressesbehavior, captured digitally. It can encompassgeo-spatial, temporal, emotional, cognitive, andother domains, so long as the domain lends itselfto electronic monitoring and data capture.defined
  13. A “Mobile” Context
  14. A “Tablet” Context?
  15. And What Context Is This?
  16. Some Context Questions• Who are you (in general)? Who are you, now?• Where are you and who are you with?• What are you doing? What did you just do?• What are your responsibilities?• What device are you using?• How much money do you have?• What do you need?• May I interrupt you?
  17. Expectations Summary• Take me somewhere, on an • Enable me to connect, to adventure share my best, most profound experiences• Go beyond my human limits, transform me into the best • Help me get the things that I me want/need• Help me right the wrongs • Become a part of me, extend done to me my reach, but don’t take away my control• Allow me to discover, understand and fulfill my • Become an integral part of destiny my space, look after me, protect me, but don’t take• Help me to see and to do the away my control impossible • Inspire me, challenge me, call me to action
  18. How
  19. First Principles1. build an iceberg2. stop writing code; start watching people3. “get” context4. design/build tools to flex your services5. get to work6. build smarter services
  21. distill ‘site’ into ‘service’
  23. Customer Driven Innovation
  24. • for each device/surface, understand the contexts – be specific• understand how context may dictate the flow between devices• “meaning” is as important as task completion or simplicity“GET” CONTEXT
  25. Starting questions• What contexts are appropriate/inappropriate for completing this task/workflow? Does my user agree?• What are the stakes? What does it mean to initiate/complete this task in this context? What does it mean to be frustrated by it?• What sorts of things would I need to know to anticipate the next context/task?• Could I use the data from one context in a new one? How?
  26. your tool box is empty…fill itDESIGN/BUILD TOOLS TO“FLEX” SERVICES
  27. Language/dialect flexibilityMobile Offering • • Cultural specificityMatrix Global Attributes • Region-specific UX • Heterogeneous profile/usage data (aggregated) • Local legal & tax compliance • Privacy • In-country business acumen • Local channels • Always present • Multi-national scalability &Mobile Levers • Billable defensibility • Communication • Local infrastructure constraints • Connected • Indigenous talent/innovation • Context-aware • Global reach • Authenticity Marketplaces / Decks • Affiliate • • Collaboration Measurability / Target-ability • Business model disruption • • Financial Interdependency Media Creation • Revenue re-distribution • • Gaming Mechanics Personal • Co-branded / Rev-share • • Immediacy • Free / Advertising / Ad. Delivery / • Measurability/Target-ability Search Media (broad / narrow / micro Revenue Models • • Addressable base • Free/attach/lift - casting) Corporate Levers • Billing relationship • Freemium • Network effects Brand equity License Fee Social Levers • • • Peer / class effects • CDI / D4D • One time license (on/off deck) • Presence • Channels • Reseller bounty • Real-time information • Customer Data • Rev-share (on/off deck) • Self-expression • Desktop integration • Service consumption • Compose-ability • Domain expertise (+IP) • Subscription /MRR • Shared Meaning / Affinity • Openness / Platform • Transaction-based • Status / Real-Time Info • Payments • Virtual-goods / services • Transparency • Services • White label license • UGC29 • Virality
  28. • 100 cards• each with a different perspective with which to challenge your thinking• pick 5 at random• adapt the questions to your specific problems/contexts
  29. Mobile Experimentation Platform
  30. design/build -> launch -> iterate -> fail -> learn ->repeat……across multiple devices……and don’t simplify too early…GET TO WORK
  31. •embed context awareness into your solutions•enable a dynamic user experienceBUILD SMARTER SERVICES
  32. A Final Word “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and then afterwards, our tools shape us.” - Marshall McLuhan
  33. Thanks!