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Inttelix FRS based Time Attendance System

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Inttelix OnTime

  1. 1. General Overview • Time & Attendance for a large distributed enterprises is not a simple matter. • There are geographical separation of sites, multiple offices, difference Business Rules and Policies at different locations, Complex Payroll Calculations, etc. • The more complexity, the more struggle to standardize and bring control to total operation and convenience to its employees • In absence of proper system & controls, buddy punching, clock-padding, manipulation in working hours, etc. take place.
  2. 2. A good Time & Attend System can • Time and Attendance System discovers truth! • System provide the convenience to pay even at hourly terms • Allow clocking-in the employees as well tracking the employees • Reporting on employee attendance and monitoring shifts and department with accuracy • Can stop Buddy punching and timing-manipulations • Reduce human errors and access real-time accurate information • Can meet your company’s payroll criteria • Detailed reports can be generated in few seconds • Employee disputes over pay can be eliminated • Provides valuable services to employees and management & employee/employer interests protected
  3. 3. Face Recognition Technology Face Recognition Humans mostly use faces to recognize individuals. Advances in computing capability now enables similar recognition automatically. Early face recognition algorithms used simple geometric models, but the recognition process has now matured into a science of sophisticated mathematical representations and matching processes. Major developments have propelled face recognition technology into the spotlight. Face recognition can be used for both verification (1:1), and Identification (1:N) applications. Face Template The heart of the facial recognition system is the Local Feature Analysis (LFA) algorithm. This is the mathematical technique the system uses to encode faces. The system maps the face and creates a "template", a unique numerical ID for that face. Once the system has stored a "template", it can compare it to the thousands or millions of "templates" stored in a database.
  4. 4. Identification vs. Verification Face Recognition Technology Verification (1:1, one-to-one) - The process of determining a person's identity by performing matches against one biometric template that is located upon known ID. 1:1 verification usually uses tokens like: Card, code, or any other key based indexing. Identification (1:N, one-to-many) - The process of determining a person's identity by performing matches against multiple biometric templates. Identification systems are designed to determine identity based solely on biometric information. There are two types of identification systems: positive identification and negative identification. Our advanced applications allow our customer full control over recognition method. We support both 1:1 (verification) an 1:N (identification) methods. Performance Recommended minimal image size 640 x 480 pixels Multiple faces detection time (using 640 x 480 image) 0.07 sec. Single face processing time (after detecting all faces) 0.13 sec. Matching speed 100,000 faces/sec. Maximum database size unlimited
  5. 5. Why Choose Face Recognition over other Biometrics? • • Face Recognition Technology It is non-intrusive and requires no physical interaction on behalf of the user It is accurate and allows for high enrolment and verification rates • It does not require an expert to interpret the comparisons • It can use your existing hardware infrastructure – existing cameras and image capture devices will work smoothly • You can use existing images without having to reenrol every user (For ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, etc.) • It is the ONLY biometric that allows you to perform passive identification in a one-to-many environment (e.g. Identifying a terrorist in a busy airport terminal)
  6. 6. Face Recognition Process Flow
  7. 7. • FRS OnTime is a Time & Attendance System based on Face Recognition Technology, specially designed to provide irrefutable personal identification / verification • It uses pre-configured & optimized hardware & software to enroll and verify employees, store their Face records, keep logs, real-time images and interface with other application & systems • FRS OnTime provides enhanced security & superior speed • Employee IN & OUT logs are stored in professional database and this reduces the manual drudgery of Data Entry, Register maintenance and monthly requirement of Punch Cards for conventional Time Clocks to a minimum
  8. 8. KEY FEATURES  Visual view of video input  Visual view of face detection  History / Enrolled / Suspects view  Voice alerts during system operation  Easy to use graphic interface  Fast and accurate Face verification  No scope for proxy/buddy punching  Proper logs of Attendance Data  Integrate with other HRMS/Payroll/ERPs
  9. 9. APPLICATION FEATURES  Facial Recognition customizable engine  Generic video interface  Real time facial detection & matching  Enhanced matching mechanism  Adjustable image processing  User Management / Time Zones  Time Attendance feature (multiple In / Out)  Access Control feature  Log Browser including with real-time image  User Privacy mode - no image savings (optional)  Data can be exported to any file formats  Support MS-SQL, MySQL & Oracle DB
  10. 10. SOFWARE INTERFACE Facial Recognition - Adjustable Attributes • • • • • • Matching threshold (determines similarity level of matching) Ageing templates (to train the system) Matching attempts duration (if matching requires more time) IOD (Inter Ocular Distance – distance between the camera and face) Liveliness check (to check live face) Real time Image storing (optional)
  11. 11. FRS SYSTEM OPTIONS AVAILABLE Stand-Alone System FRS Device + Magnetic Card Reader FRS Device + Code Panel FRS Device + RFID Reader FRS Stand Alone Device
  15. 15. System Requirement 1. Hardware a) FRS Box – which comprises of: i) Camera iii) LCD Display iv) Single Channel DVS v) Buzzer & LED Indicators vi) Power adapter & cables b) Entry Level PC with Window 7 Prof. 2. Software FRS Application with necessary user licenses
  16. 16. Inttelix® Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an organization focuses on Face Recognition Systems & Biometric Technologies. Inttelix® specializes in Face Recognition Algorithms, Biometric Hardware, Software Research & Development, OEM and ODM supplies. Inttelix® is headquartered in India and has subsidiary company in Brazil. We have marketing and support offices in Delhi & Mumbai and have presence across India & Middle-East through our Resellers Network 57A, Race Course Road, Coimbatore - 641 018 Tamil Nadu, India Phone : +91 422 2220845, 2221539 Presence In : Ahmadabad | Baroda | Chennai | Mumbai | New Delhi Overseas : Brazil | Hong Kong | U.S.A