Sales 2.0 Panel Presentation


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Sales 2.0 Panel Presentation

  1. 1. Relationships MatterRob Begg, VP Marketing @rbegg
  2. 2. Relationships Rule. It’s been core to sales since the beginning. We hire for it. We train for it. We buy tools to manage it.Relationships Matter.
  3. 3. Relationships Create: Competitive Differentiation In competitive industries with closely positioned product, price and customer experience, relationships matter. Expanded Markets Your addressable market isn’t who you could sell to it’s who you can reach. Higher Rep Productivity Less time spent prospecting and more time with qualified connections means better sales results. Better Results Use existing strong relationships to focus the buying journey on decisions.Relationships Matter.
  4. 4. We Invest Heavily Social CRM Data HiringRelationships Matter.
  5. 5. But is it working?Relationships Matter.
  6. 6. With all of the channels of connection is selling getting easier? Does social REALLY make an impact for sales? How are businesses managing and hiring for this?Relationships Matter.
  7. 7. So we asked people like you. Introhive commissioned a survey of: • Sales and Sales Managers • In companies of over 250 employees • All B2B • Some field and some inside • Throughout the stages of their career The survey was done by in February 2013Relationships Matter.
  8. 8. Explored 6 Themes Compared to How has social three years media affected your How has social ago, how effective ability to find new media affected your would you say cold prospects and sales productivity? calling is now? potential buyers? How does your What are the most What are the organization important sources most valuable currently manage you rely on to characteristics the value of research new when you are relationships with prospects and considering a new those outside of customers. sales hire? your organization?Relationships Matter.
  9. 9. Cold Calling Is Still Dead. believe cold calling is less 35% effective now than it was 3 years ago.Relationships Matter.
  10. 10. Cold Calling Is Still Dead. said it was neither 29% more nor less effective than 3 years.Relationships Matter.
  11. 11. Cold Calling Is Still Dead. said it hasn’t 64% improved.Relationships Matter.
  12. 12. And some don’t know. didn’t know if it was 64% effective or not. Seriously.Relationships Matter.
  13. 13. What about social media? of respondents said that social media has had no 55% effect on their sales efforts at all.Relationships Matter.
  14. 14. What about social media? of our respondents said social media has had 77% no effect on the speed at which they close deals.Relationships Matter.
  15. 15. What about social research? Less than 15% said they bothered with LinkedIn and only about 6% said they looked a company up on Twitter.Relationships Matter.
  16. 16. So where are they going? 47% of sales professionals told us they talked to fellow employees. 31% said they were talking to friends and family as one of their most important sources.Relationships Matter.
  17. 17. What about technology to manage relationships? just use CRM. 75% That’s good!Relationships Matter.
  18. 18. And it matters when they hire. 67% of respondents said a potential hire’s existing relationships were an important or very important consideration in the hiring process.Relationships Matter.
  19. 19. So what are the takeaways? At best prospecting is stagnant and worse it’s dead. Social has huge promise but results and adoption in sales needs improvement. We turn to colleagues and friends for introductions and intelligence. • But we only manage it via CRM. We want connected reps.Relationships Matter.
  20. 20. We believe in a Relationship Revolution Organizations will unlock relationships. Turn a sea of data intro warm introductions and real insight. Uncover and map the relationships with customers. Discover true indicators of customer success and opportunity. Hire and reward based on connectedness. Proactively hire for relationship coverage and include the whole company. Arm sales with tools that solve these problems. Bring together CRM, social and data to understand relationships.Relationships Matter.
  21. 21. We’d Love to Connect LinkedIn – Introhive Twitter – @Introhive Facebook – Introhive Email – Request a Demo - Matter.