Introhive overview presentation


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Introhive is the relationship capital platform. We unlock the connections and relationships within a company to help sales. This results in better introductions and more meetings, not just more contacts.

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Introhive overview presentation

  1. 1. Relationships MatterPresented by Rob Begg
  2. 2. Relationship Capital A company’s single most valuable asset • It’s your competitive advantage. • It’s your true addressable market. • It’s how sales and loyalty happen.Relationships Matter.
  3. 3. Unlocking It Is Hard Unmanaged asset • Lives in siloes of people and systems • No enterprise view Lots of contacts but no context • Who really knows who? It’s closely guarded • Employees want privacyRelationships Matter.
  4. 4. Introhive – The Relationship Capital Platform Unlock the relationships in your organization • Turn contacts, email, social and CRM data intro warm introductions Uncovers and maps the best relationships • Who’s closest, who’s most connected, who’s doing the most connections. Secure and private for users • Users control introductions, contacts protected. Complements and improves CRM, social selling and sales training • SaaS, mobile first and integratedRelationships Matter.
  5. 5. Who uses Introhive? Sales Marketing Managers HRRelationships Matter.
  6. 6. Introhive For Sales Leverage the relationships throughout the enterprise • Sales, marketing and beyond Get introductions not contacts • Reduce low value cold calling time Focus efforts on the closest contacts • Shorter close times Map accounts and build intelligenceRelationships Matter.
  7. 7. Introhive for Sales Leaders Understand and use your team and company’s relationship capital. • Higher rep productivity and faster close rates Map accounts and understand strengths and opportunities. • Align resources to connected accounts Reinforce sales training and methodology with tools. • Better ROI on training and results Understand and coach • Who are the best reps, most connected.Relationships Matter.
  8. 8. Everyone Is In Sales Engage the enterprise in growing business • Incent and reward for introductions • Align with reward programs Put control in the hands of users • Control who they intro and when • Keep connections private until introduction madeRelationships Matter.
  9. 9. How It WorksRelationships Matter.
  10. 10. Getting Started With IntrohiveRelationships Matter.
  11. 11. Unlocking Your Relationships Leverage relationship capital tools • How are you using Linkedin, CRM, Collaboration Tools? Build On Sales Hiring and Training • Are relationships leveraged and how are they trained? Understand your reachable market • You have targets but who can you reach?Relationships Matter.
  12. 12. About Introhive Solid Foundations • Proven team in sales and marketing technology • Well funded (Fortify, Growthworks, NBIF) Strong Technical Approach • SaaS, Mobile and Integrated Great Customer Traction • Launch customers moving to stage 2Relationships Matter.