Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide to Drive Meaningful Sales


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The emergence of Big Data, Social Selling and Content Marketing has changed the way B2B marketing is done. Marketing and sales must work closer together than ever before to drive meaningful and measurable results. This resource is meant to help you understand the B2B marketing and sales landscape so you can identify the right strategies and tactics for your organization.

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Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide to Drive Meaningful Sales

  1. 1. THE ULTIMATE B2B Marketing Guide TO DRIVE MEANINGFUL SALES RESULTS The emergence of Big Data, Social Selling and Content Marketing has changed the way B2B marketing is done. Marketing and sales must work closer together than ever before to drive meaningful and measurable results. This resource is meant to help you understand the B2B marketing and sales landscape so you can identify the right strategies and tactics for your organization. Feel free to share, tweet, and even save it for a friend. Enjoy. AWARENESS BUILDING Content STRONG Facebook Twitter SlideShare Thousands of presentations are shared daily on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Building a quality deck will give your brand a chance to build awareness. YouTube Phone B2B brands should create videos that give demos of your product, walkthroughs and tutorials. The best practice for YouTube is uploading an explainer video that communicates your value in a compelling way. 90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them. - TMG Custom Media 90% People still open email and still respond. Email campaigns and outreach are a great way to get on a leads radar. Sharing quality content with customers, prospects and partners is a great use case for establishing brand awareness with Twitter. LinkedIn LinkedIn Use LinkedIn to connect with potential prospects and share brand content. You can also use LinkedIn to generate awareness by targeting potential prospects through their advertising network. Email Cold calling has been on life support for the last 10 years. People are screening calls and are less receptive to cold calls than ever before. 35% POOR MODERATE B2B marketers can leverage quality content to cut through the noise and stand out. Blogs, webinars, ebooks and infographics are all types of content that can drive new visitors and drive awareness. Professionals use Facebook and are aware of the content they come across on their newsfeed. Through retargeting and unique quality content, Facebook can increase B2B brand awareness. 35% of Sales Professionals say cold calling is less effective now than just 3 years ago - Introhive Social Selling Report LEAD GENERATING STRONG Quality content wins. If you create or share a video that your audience sees value in, you increase your chances of generating potential leads. Content SlideShare YouTube It’s important that B2B marketers ensure that there are call to actions on their content to drive inbound leads. Ebooks, Webinars and Whitepapers are some of the highest lead generation tactics for B2B. Using a Premium Slideshare account, businesses have the opportunity to add a “Get In Touch” button at the bottom of each deck. This ultimately gives the brands a chance to capture emails for potential leads. MODERATE Twitter Email If you offer value, people will sign up for emails from your brand. It’s a best practice for B2B marketers to implement initiatives focused on content & newsletter subscriptions to generate qualified email lists. Twitter cards and promoted tweets have given us a new opportunity to leverage Twitter as a lead generation source. Thousands of users use Twitter monthly to find recommendations on products and service providers. LinkedIn Buying lists of phone numbers and calling them day in and day out is a bad idea. The best lead generation strategy via the phone is a conversation with a real connection and asking for an intro or referral. 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands. - BrainShark 61% While content can be shared on Facebook, it’s rare to find quality B2B leads who reach out using Facebook. Sharing content with a focus on lead generation is best practice for using Facebook for B2B. POOR The best practice for lead generation on LinkedIn is demonstrating expertise through content and your profile. Engage in groups, discussions and one on one engagement to identify opportunities for new business. Facebook Phone SlideShare receives over 60 million visits and 120 million page views - every month. 120 million LEAD NURTURING STRONG LinkedIn Twitter LinkedIn is great for one on one interaction with prospects and leads. Through a premium account, you have the ability to nurture an unlimited number of leads through one on one interactions via InMail. Twitter is a great channel for sellers to engage with potential prospects and existing clients. It’s a great way to share content that reinforces your value proposition and a great tool for developing strong relationships. Email Phone While it’s true that we’re moving to a more digital world, email and messages have yet to replace the power of a conversation. A phone call is often the most effective way to ensure a message is clearly delivered and received. Email campaigns act as a great way to communicate with potential prospects as they go through the buying process. Email is also great for checking in on prospects, sharing sensitive information, case studies and more. MODERATE Facebook Content Content assets can be used by your sales team to communicate your brands value to potential prospects through social media and email. Case studies can be highly valuable content for a sales team looking to nurture leads. Sales professionals who have connected to potential prospects on Facebook have an opportunity to interact in a more personal way. It’s easier to remember names, birthdays and events with Facebook. SlideShare YouTube YouTube videos are typically found through discovery. Video assets can be used as a reason to email a potential prospect but beyond that, there are few lead nurturing opportunities via YouTube. 51% of Twitter users follow companies and organizations on social networks - Edison 51% 41% POOR Using Slideshare as a channel to arm your sales team with content to use in follow ups and email campaigns is a common practice in B2B. 41% of all B2B companies that use Facebook for marketing acquire new clients through the network. - Hubspot SALES GENERATING STRONG LinkedIn LinkedIn is a key asset to any sales professional looking to schedule demos or calls to discuss their product. It’s a match made in heaven for any B2B professional. Email Every year, million dollar deals are agreed to over email. It’s a tool that most professionals use to share relevant documents, proposals and agreements. It’s an important part of sales that isn’t going anywhere. MODERATE POOR SlideShare Videos can help strengthen your pitch and get the prospect in the door but will rarely be able to sell the prospect in full. YouTube can play a role in the early stages of the funnel but rarely drives the actual sale. Twitter It’s challenging to close a deal on Twitter in the B2B space due to limited engagement opportunities. Twitter can act as a starting point in the funnel but is rarely a place for B2B sales. 38% The only thing better than a sales engagement happening over the phone is a sales engagement happening in person. Phone conversations are still one the most powerful ways to close a deal in B2B industries. YouTube Facebook It’s very challenging to close a deal on Facebook in the B2B space. As professionals continue to view Facebook as a tool for their personal life, Facebook is rarely used as a tool for closing a deal. Phone LinkedIn’s user base now stands at more than 259 million people and counting, up 38 percent year over year. - LinkedIn Annual Report Slideshare can be used as a tool to deliver demos and help facilitate the actual sales process. It’s rare that the transaction process will happen on Slideshare but it can play a key role in your sales tool kit. Content Content rarely drives the direct sale of a product in B2B but can play a role in the sales process. 60% 60% of marketers believe email marketing produces positive ROI - Marketing Sherpa. Wondering how you can leverage these B2B marketing and sales insights to take your social selling practices to the next level? Find out more at: www.introhive.com