Social Intranet Design Strategies: Putting People First


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Social Intranet Design Strategies presented by Intranet Connections CEO Carolyn Douglas at the 19th Annual Intranets for Internal Communications, Vancouver, BC

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Social Intranet Design Strategies: Putting People First

  1. 1. Topics We’ll Discuss Creating the Intranet Experience / Ambience Your Intranet Front Door Build Culture and Ensure Engagement A Fat Intranet: How to Avoid the Excess Weight Repeat Business: The End Goal for Intranet Success@carolyndouglas Carolyn Douglas |
  2. 2. “Just get rid ofthe crappystuff and focuson the goodstuff” Steve Jobs
  3. 3. Early Days of Design Circa 1998 web site design
  4. 4. Design 2011We’ve come a longway in web designand enhancedusabilityModern designMUST make itsway onto ourintranets
  5. 5. Creating the Experience Sanafir is a popular restaurant in Vancouver on Granville Street What tone and perception does this image convey? What do you think the ambience would be at Sanafir? What kind of experience do you think you would have?
  6. 6. Creating the ExperienceBright | Modern | RelaxedPunches of Color
  7. 7. Creating the Experience • Create AmbienceAmbience • Set the Tone • Put People First Aesthetics Matter • ModernPerception • Easy to Use • Valuable
  8. 8. Good Design can EngageMake it easy Embed externalfor employees tools that helpto find the employeesinformation theyneed Use a pop of color to focus attention on key elements Ask for feedback and opinionsUse professionalgraphics that donot distract frominformation
  9. 9. It’s HOW you use the Intranet It’s not the technology It is HOW you choose to use it that makes the difference Think About Your Design 1. professional: no clipart 2. when in doubt: go white 3. choose 3 main colors 4. consistent = ease of use 5. reflect company culture 6. put people first
  10. 10. You have designed around building an experience Now to Your Intranet Front Door ... aka the Home Page 1. What do you want employees to see? 2. How do you want them to feel? 3. Where do you want them to go?@carolyndouglas Carolyn Douglas |
  11. 11. Your Intranet Front Door1 •Engage2 •Inform3 •Secret Ingredient
  12. 12. Engage and InformFind People and Info Interact with People and Info Push Content Relevant & Timely Current & Quality Intranet Personalize / Pull Content Content Feeds, Bookmarks Alerts, Subscriptions, Widgets Information
  13. 13. Secret Ingredient: PeopleAn Award Winning IntranetEmployees submit photos thatare shown in backgroundEmployees can weigh inthrough polls, ratings andcomments from the FrontDoorPhotos of co-workersFun, interesting, creativeGood images, visualGood labels “Wikilumbia”Your Intranet should be about PEOPLE; your company is made up of PEOPLE
  14. 14. A Good Front Door Will ... Feature People  Learn about the people: employee spotlights  Tell stories about customers and good service  Interview employees, share success stories Engage and Inform  Provide polls, embed videos, slideshows  Quick links to popular content and tools  Inform employees: news, articles, blogs
  15. 15. Consistent Navigation Good navigation Simple + Consistent Think like an employee Short labels Get creative Make it easy Make it obvious Use engaging terms Take the time to *think* like an employee Make it easy for them, logical, obvious Get fun, get creative, get engaging Short labels, not too many options Don’t overwhelm, simple-simple-simple
  16. 16. Gateway to Killer Apps Put your “killer apps” front and center in your navigation #1 Killer App? Rich Social Profiles aka Employee Directory Finding People / Contact Info Finding People with Knowledge Finding People with Similar InterestsVisual + Clean + Simple Navigation Finding People with Skill SetsMake it easy to find & interact with people .... and now SHARING with those PPL
  17. 17. You’ve got your employees through the Front Door, what now? What are your goals for the intranet? What consistent thread is going to bind the user experience? Culture and engagement top of mind@carolyndouglas Carolyn Douglas |
  18. 18. Culture and Engagement Use your intranet to support and build upon your corporate culture
  19. 19. Good Branding Bonnier’s intranet is visual with an emphasis on people. The site is branded to their corporate identity. Many intranet elements are incorporated and similar to their public-facing web sites
  20. 20. Good Design Bonnier’s Intranet has a similar design aesthetic to their public-facing web site
  21. 21. Culture and EngagementThe glue that binds agood user experience1. Aesthetics2. Consistency3. Culture / People4. EngagementInvolve executives. Askthem to contribute andhave a presence onyour intranet. Ask themto engage and share
  22. 22. Keeping your Intranet Skinny Focus on a clear purpose Communicate that purpose Delegate content review to publishers Set & enforce deletion guidelines Clean up clutter with Archived content Front door = relevant, timely, interesting Feedback: survey your employees Stats: know your popular areas
  23. 23. Repeat Business and Word of Mouth! Your end goal Recap in creating the intranet experience with good design 1. Set the tone, build ambience, good design can engage 2. Feature people on your Intranet Front Door 3. Build your design around people; company culture and engagement 4. Keep the intranet skinny and focused@carolyndouglas Carolyn Douglas |
  24. 24. Intranet Design Resources 30-more-ways-to-a-better-intranet-012817.php managers-guidebook-on-intranet-redesign-projects/Intranet Connections: Build on Culture with our Social IntranetSoftware Intranet Connections combinesm business tools and social sharing to offer easy to use intranet software