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codeBeamer Requirements Management / Product Info



Learn about our new product version within the codeBeamer portfolio: codeBeamer Requirements Management!

Learn about our new product version within the codeBeamer portfolio: codeBeamer Requirements Management!

Join our launch at OOP 2012 in Munich, January 24-26!



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codeBeamer Requirements Management / Product Info Document Transcript

  • 1. CodeBeamer Requirements Management ! Agile Requirements Management • 100% Web based • Suspect Links • Word & Wiki Authoring • Advanced Collaboration Services • Baselines and Versioning • Integration with Word and Excel • Process Enforcement • Release Management • Requirement Traceability • Dashboards • Requirement Workflows© 2012 Intland Software.Sales: (EU) +49-711-67400677, (US) 1-866-468-5210
  • 2. CodeBeamer Requirements ManagementOverviewCodeBeamer Requirements Management(CodeBeamer RM) is an extension of Intland’s award-winning ALM that manages the complete requirementslifecycle, including authoring, workflow, review, andchange management by providing full traceability toensure audit compliance.With CodeBeamer RM you can manage the full requirement lifecycle:analysis, gathering and defining requirements, planning projectmilestones, development, testing, and deployment. CodeBeamer RMoffers web-based collaboration to communicate requirements with all itsusers: customers, analysts, managers, developers and testers.Unlike other vendors’ requirement management products,CodeBeamer RM is not an information silo;it significantly increases productivity by integratingwith the CodeBeamer ALM system. © 2012 Intland Software. Sales: (EU) +49-711-67400677, (US) 1-866-468-5210
  • 3. CodeBeamer Requirements ManagementMajor FeaturesDocument ViewDocument View is a fully WYSWYG editor thatenables authoring requirements in a familiar Word likedocument view (in addition to the usual grid andhierarchical views). You can edit your requirementdocuments by dragging and dropping images,screenshots, and diagrams right into the text. In thetree view, you can simply reorganize the requirementhierarchy by creating, editing, deleting and moving thetree nodes.Wiki Authoring ofRequirementsWiki authoring of requirements is a straight-forwardway to collaborate and create requirements. You canstart by importing existing MS Word documents into awiki page. You can then use the WYSWYG editor toreview the content and collaborate with your teammembers to get the best version possible. When youidentify a requirement described in the text, you cangenerate a new requirement from the selected text witha single click. And the newly generated requirementitem will keep a persistent back link to the original text. © 2012 Intland Software. Sales: (EU) +49-711-67400677, (US) 1-866-468-5210
  • 4. CodeBeamer Requirements ManagementBaselines and VersioningBaselines and Versioning allows you to tag a set ofrequirements in a specific revision, creating a staticsnapshot of a specific point in time. Previously createdbaselines can be reviewed, restored, and compared toeach other any time later.Requirement Traceability Suspect LinksRequirement Traceability visualizes the relationships Suspect Links automatically indicate changes onof requirements, making them easier to digest. requirements that may affect other artifacts, thusRequirements can trace (link) to other requirements, as indicating which ones may need to be reviewed.well as to other artifacts (like their test cases, tasksgenerated from them, code written to satisfy them, andso on). © 2012 Intland Software. Sales: (EU) +49-711-67400677, (US) 1-866-468-5210
  • 5. CodeBeamer Requirements ManagementAdvanced Collaboration Process EnforcementServices Process Enforcement between requirements, tasks, test cases, and other artifacts, protects your projectAdvanced Collaboration Services helps your daily quality and schedule; it does it by restricting featurework with customizable subscriptions, email and test plan development work until the relevantnotifications, activity streams and RSS feeds. You will requirements have reached the appropriate status.never miss any relevant update, guaranteed.Requirement WorkflowsRequirement Workflows ensures that only authorizedpersonnel can change or add requirements, and thatthose requirements are implemented and testedcorrectly. © 2012 Intland Software. Sales: (EU) +49-711-67400677, (US) 1-866-468-5210
  • 6. CodeBeamer Requirements ManagementRelease ManagementRelease Management enables planning your releases(milestones, versions) and monitoring your progress toachieve your desired release schedule.Integration with Word andExcelIntegration with Word and Excel enables easy dataexchange with Microsoft Office. You can import existingdocuments and spreadsheets, and export yourrequirements in those same file formats.DashboardsDashboards provide an instant aggregated view of theproject status for managers, decision makers, and allother users. © 2012 Intland Software. Sales: (EU) +49-711-67400677, (US) 1-866-468-5210
  • 7. CodeBeamer Requirements ManagementRequirements ManagementFeature listDocument-like Authoring ✓Database-like Authoring ✓100% Web-based Interface ✓MS Word Import / Export ✓MS Excel Import / Export ✓Wiki with Workflows ✓Document Management with Workflows ✓Requirement Workflows ✓Requirement Templates ✓Electronic Signatures ✓Custom Links ✓Requirement Change Management ✓Baselines ✓Tracking ✓Test Case Management ✓Cross Project Filters & Reports ✓Proven Scalability for 1000+ users. Oracle & MySQL support. ✓Upgrade to ALM with Subversion, Git, Mercurial ✓Upgrade to ITIL SLA Management ✓© 2012 Intland Software.Sales: (EU) +49-711-67400677, (US) 1-866-468-5210