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codeBeamer: Agile ALM & Collaboration Solution
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codeBeamer: Agile ALM & Collaboration Solution


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Process & Quality Improvement with DVCS for the Integration of Software Development …

Process & Quality Improvement with DVCS for the Integration of Software Development

Presentation by Intland Software at "embedded world 2011" in Nuremberg

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  • 1. Process Optimization and Quality Improvement with Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) for the Integration of Software Development embedded world 2011, Nuremberg Janos Koppany / Michael Lukas Intland Software © 2011 Intland Software 1
  • 2. Intland & Vision• Intland Software is leading provider of enterprise-class Agile ALM & collaboration solutions that boost productivity of development and business projects.• Intland’s headquarter is located in Stuttgart. © 2011 Intland Software 2
  • 3. codeBeamer - Agile ALM codeBeamer development methods: V-Model ,Agile, Scrum © 2011 Intland Software 3
  • 4. Agenda• The Problems with centralized Systems• Why using DVCS?• Centralized vs. distributed VCS• Processes in DVCS• Deployment infrastructure with DVCS• Summary• LIVE DEMO © 2011 Intland Software 4
  • 5. The Problems with centralized Systems• Bandwidth between continents (i.e. Asia and EU )• Slow Update, Sync.• Merge is …• Offline working/ commit © 2011 Intland Software 5
  • 6. Thinking on the old “Centralized” Way StatusStatusStatus Dokumente Dokumente Dokumentecheck reportreport Mails Test Dokumente Mails Reqs.Report Mails plan Test Reqs.Report plan Excel Test Reqs. plan Excel Status Report report Status Dokumente Reqs. check Dokumente Status Dokumente Excel Status report check Test Excel Mails Dokumente Dokumente plan Dokumente Dokumente Mails © 2011 Intland Software 6
  • 7. The World is flat, Distributed development © 2011 Intland Software 7
  • 8. Distributed vs. Centralized VCS © 2009 Intland Software, Sebastien Auvray 8
  • 9. Centralized Version Control, Subversion, CVS, CC, … Shared Repository developer developer developer © 2011 Intland Software 9
  • 10. Decentralized Process Workflow Example developer developer Release public public repository developer developer Integration local local manager © 2009 Intland Software 10
  • 11. Example: Automotive electronic supply-chain workflow Automotive Release electronic repository untrusted-•open-source repository compliance check•code review navi subsystem break subsystem Sub- Sub- Sub- Sub- contractor contractor contractor contractor © 2009 Intland Software 11
  • 12. Summary – Why DVCS• Online/Offline working• Processes improvment• Fast local operations• Higher quality• Results: – More robust for distributed teams – Fine-grained commits – Searchable history – Branching and merging is a natural task © 2011 Intland Software 12
  • 13. Example: ALM deployment with Git/Mercurial, EclipsecodeBeamer integrated services for issue/task/incident tracking, continuous integration, testing,release management, baselines, search, code review , source and binary managementVMWARE8 CPU | 32 GB RAM•Windows / Linux•Apache, Git/Mercurial-Oracle/MySQL RDBMS•codeBeamer Chicago Seoul Tokyo VMWARE 2 CPU | 16 GB RAM Windows / Linux GiT/Mercurial Disk: •100 GB for Git/Mercurial •100 GB Disk for Oracle (issues, Developer: attachments, history) Windows/Linux •2 TB for documents, 2 GB RAM binaries Windows / Linux GiT/Mercurial eGit/MercurialEclipse Eclipse © 2011 Intland Software 13
  • 14. Eclipse IDE Integration © 2011 Intland Software 14
  • 15. codeBeamer Web UI © 2011 Intland Software 15
  • 16. Thank you! Thank you for your attention! If you need further information please visit our homepage: HgEclipse: Eclipse Studio: © 2011 Intland Software 16