IAO - Accreditation for schools.


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If you are running a school and looking to get accredited by IAO, this presentation will explain in detail about why you should get accredited, what are the benefits and all about International Accreditation Organization.

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IAO - Accreditation for schools.

  1. 1. Accreditation forSchoolswww.iao.orgINTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATIONORGANIZATION
  2. 2. Accreditation is a formalrecognition of competenceto perform specific tasks. Itprovides a means foridentifying conformance tointernationally recognizedstandards. This is calledbenchmarking quality in the21st century.INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATIONORGANIZATION
  3. 3. www.iao.orgMISSION OF IAO“The mission of IAO is to establish, preserve and promote thefinest quality standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst forinformation, training and networking to educational institutes,professionals, students & corporations.”
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTSAbout IAOAn OverviewFoundation PhilosophyGlobal ChaptersEvaluation CommissionStrategic AlliancesMemberships040507081010Accreditation for SchoolsBenefits to SchoolsAccreditation Services1212Points Profile SystemOrganizational ManagementAcademic ManagementInstitutional PerformanceAccreditation ProcessOrientationApplication FormsCandidacy StatusFull AccreditationIAO’s Accreditation Metrics and Process141414141516161616
  5. 5. ABOUT IAOBenchmarking InternationalAccreditation Standards Globally
  6. 6. www.iao.org04IAO is an international quality assurance agency, working to improveoperating standards of Schools all over the world. With its global networkof experts, IAO grants accreditation to Educational Institutions,Corporations, Professionals and Qualified Individuals.AN OVERVIEWNeed ForInternational AccreditationAccreditation and quality assurance are essentialfactors that complete the organizational ecosystem.Regional accreditation bodies have dutifully evaluatedorganizations on a regional scale and granted themPrimary Accreditation. However, the rapid growth ofglobalization calls for a global entity which can evaluateorganizations against internationally proven standardsof quality and grant an internationally recognizedSecondary Accreditation to an enterprise. IAO has beenworking with a diverse team of experts from differentwalks of life to create standards that are both regionallyand internationally recognized and accepted.IAO provides international accreditation to theorganizations to serve as secondary accreditation,enhance the entitys regional accreditation and assuresstakeholders that the programs, policies andprocedures of the organization are on a par withinternational standards. IAOs InternationalAccreditation represents an institution’s commitment toproviding a quality education and an enabling,learning-oriented environment to students.IAO’sInternational AccreditationConsumers of today need assurance about theirchoices; whether it is a student selecting a school,deciding to enter into a business agreement withanother, or individuals looking for professionaldevelopment opportunities. At IAO we seek topromote high standards of quality in schols practicesthrough an ongoing process of accreditation.IAO provides accreditation to the following globally:UniversitiesInstitutesSchoolsCorporationsProfessionalsStudents
  7. 7. IAO provides international accreditation to the schools to serve assecondary accreditation, enhance the entitys regional accreditation andassures stakeholders that the program, policies and procedures of theschools are up to the international standards of quality. IAOs InternationalAccreditation represents an entitys commitment to delivering quality whichis on a par with the global standards.www.iao.org05IAOs Points Profile SystemIAO grants international accreditation through a uniqueand patented Points Profile System that is developedby organizing the best global organizational practices inone place in collaboration with regional accreditationbodies. IAOs Point Profile System works as generalbasis of evaluation for any organization/individualregardless of their origin to supplement their regionalaccreditation and provide an additional internationalaccreditation. The Points Profile System is a dynamicand evolving system that is continually updated in orderto cater new developments in the academic andprofessional quarters.ProfileIAO owes its success to its strong network ofexperts and accreditation professionals serving inover 180 countries. IAO has also collaborated withregional accreditation bodies to supplement theirstrict accreditation methods. IAO is an expert instandardizing organizational practices internationallyand accrediting organizations and individuals fromacademic and professional sectors. IAOs first-rateservices are also recognized by different globalaccreditation associations.
  8. 8. IAO conducts school’s assessments and evaluationsbased on a unique Points Profile System that focuses onimproving the quality standards by providing specificrecommendations.Foundation Philosophywww.iao.orgBefore IAO was formed, there was no true globalaccreditation body to accredit academic &businessservice providers and students & professionals despitesubstantial expansion in these sectors in recent years.GESFWA (Global Education Support Forum for WorkingAdults) took the initiative and formed IAO to promotethe educational standards for students & institutionsworldwide. IAO was created with the aim of expandingGESFWA’s outreach by providing required systems andsolutions so that more and more institutions, schools,professionals and students endorse quality educationalstandards.IAO’s accreditation is aimed at promoting reputableorganizational practices, while safeguarding consumerinterests and corporate objectives. It ensures anadequate level of structural integrity and quality ofproduct and/or service.06IAO’s accreditation approach isfocused on improving organizationalstandards by providing specificrecommendations based on a uniquePoints Profile System. The approachdifferentiates itself from other QualityAssurance Practices based on:Borderless approach through globalrepresentativesPoints score instead of Pass/FailFull recommendation report to improveeducational standards010203
  9. 9. IAO holds presence in more than 180 countriesJordanLebanonSyriaGermanyItalyEgyptDubaiSaudia ArabiaOman IndiaSingaporeMalaysiaPhilippinesNorth AmericaSouth America07IAO has presence in over 25 countries to accomplish its missionof standardizing and promoting organizational quality assurancestandards worldwide.IAO’s chapters aim to establish and strengthen quality standardsin academic and corporate sectors in different regions across theglobe. IAO has native experts in its team who are well aware ofthe dynamics of the regional practices and possess thenecessary expertise and knowledge to enhance the existingorganizational quality assurance standards.The chapters are also responsible for organizing seminars,workshops and events that facilitate IAO in serving organizationsand other stakeholders in a specific region.Following are a few regions where our chapters are located:Global Chapterswww.iao.org
  10. 10. Dr. Somaratne is a highlydistinguished member of IAO.He has vast experience incommunity development and currently servesas Additional Project Director (ProgrammeManagement) Community Development andLivelihood Improvement Project, Gemidiriya,Sri Lanka. He is a noted public speaker whohas delivered lectures and presentations onagricultural economy when he was working asAdvocacy and Programme Policy Manager atOxfam Australia. He has also published bookson contract farming potential and problems inSri Lankan agriculture.www.iao.org08For each international chapter, IAO inducts native educational andaccreditation experts in the team who are well aware of the dynamics oftheir countrys academic and corporate sectors and possess thenecessary expertise and knowledge to serve their people.EVALUATION COMMISSIONDr W.G.SomaratneDr. Ameer Ali is a distinguishedmember of IAO. He serves asChairperson and Assistant professorin the Department of Computer Science andEngineering (CSE), East West University. He isvaluable to the Organization for his extensiveteaching experience and in-depth research in thefield of Information Technology.Dr. Ameer AliDr.Gerges’s valuable work experience has made himone of the most reliable and treasured IAO members.A civil engineer by profession, his valuableexperience in water resources and environmental engineering hashelped him attain managerial positions at Dar Al Handshah Shairand Partners, Parsons International Limited and Beiswenger Hochand Associates. He is also teaching water resources engineeringand project management courses at the University of Balamand andat the Lebanese American University.Najib Nicolas GergesDr. Dika hasobtained Ph.D.in InternationalRelations and is serving as aprofessor in the AgriculturalUniversity of Tirana. She alsohas exceptional language skillsand brings value to IAO throughher worldwide network of peersworking to enhance the qualityof education.Dr. Ines DikaBrent M. Tabor isa financial expertand possesses rich experiencein the fields of accounting andfinance. Currently pursuing aPhD at North Central University,AZ, Brent M. Tabor has addedimmense value to the cause ofIAO.Brent M.Tabor
  11. 11. www.iao.org09EVALUATION COMMISSIONDr. Friedrich Schneider is FullProfessor of Economics atJohannes Kepler University ofLinz, Austria. He obtained his PhD in Economicsfrom the University of Konstanz and has sinceheld numerous visiting and honorary positions ata number of universities. He was Dean of SocialScience and Economics and Vice President ofForeign Affairs at Johannes Kepler University ofLinz and President of the Austrian EconomicAssociation. He has also been consultant tonumerous organizations including the Brussels EUCommission. He has published extensively invarious economic journals. He brings value to IAOthrough his extensive worldwide experience ineducation and research.Dr. Friedrich SchneiderMrs. AmbiliPuthusseri hasobtained herMaster’s degree in computerapplication and has alsocompleted many certificationprograms that havesharpened her technicalskills. She is a verypassionate and hardworkingindividual of IAO.Ambili P.KXiaofeng Hu has obtained his Ph.D degree fromShanghai Jiao Tong University and his research interestslies in simulation, planning, scheduling and managementof manufacturing systems (including assembly lines, project shops,hybrid flowshops, re-entrant manufacturing lines and hospitals). Hehas conducted various research projects and published numerouspapers. Currently he serves as a lecturer in the Computer IntegratedManufacturing Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Hewas also granted SMC Excellent Young Faculty Award in 2009 andOutstanding Supervisor of Undergraduate in 2010 by Shanghai JiaoTong University.Xiaofeng HuMarta is aconsultancy andtraining enthusiastwith a masters degree inarchaeology. She has been anacademic achiever and has won asix-month scholarship with theUniversity of Tuscia. She has alsoworked with world-renownedprofessors and industryprofessionals at different trainingprograms and seminars.Marta ZugaroDr. Mohammed Aldashtbrings value to the IAOthrough his interests in the and parallelcomputing, evolutionary computing,optimization and prediction problems inhigh performance computing. He hasalso published various works in the fieldof computer sciences and has alsoconducted a research project inIntelligent Algorithms for Prediction andOptimization in Heterogeneous Clustersat the Palestine University. He hasobtained his Ph. D. from the Universityof Granada and now serves as the Deanfor College of Admin. Sciences andInformatics in Palestine PolytechnicUniversity.Dr. MohammedAldasht
  12. 12. www.iao.org10IAO has collaborated with distinguished regional accreditation bodies to supplement their strict accreditationmethods using its Points Profile System, supported by the latest technology to establish, preserve and promote thefinest quality assurance standards worldwide.IAO collaborates with different Quality Assurance agencies to formulate plans for improving the operational standardsin organizations to help them discover their competitive potential among regional and international peers. Theobjective of this exercise is to enhance operating standards to international levels.IAO’s Points Profile System will also encourage professionals and academics to improve their profiles and help themachieve their career goals. IAOs accreditation will provide an international platform for sharing information,technology and resources on quality assurance standards and good practices. This will also result in a uniqueprofessional development opportunity.Currently, the following associations are partners with IAO:STRATEGIC ALLIANCESIn pursuit of its mission to increase the global qualitystandards for academic and business corporationsand individuals, IAO has formed associations withinternational bodies that work towards enhancingsuch standards worldwide.MEMBERSHIPSGESFWAGlobal Education Support Forumfor Working AdultsInternational EducationAccreditation Commission
  13. 13. ACCREDITATIONSERVICESSetting International QualityStandards for Schools Worldwide
  14. 14. www.iao.org12IAO is an entity entrusted with the responsibility of providing qualityassurance to educational institutions, business corporations, professionalsand qualified individuals.IAO ACCREDITATION SERVICESAccreditation forSchoolsIAO offers international accreditation to schoolsimparting elementry to secondary education through itsPoints Profile System.IAO’s international accreditation for schools ensuresthat the institution is operating as per the criteria andstandards of quality education and is meeting thebenchmark set by the IAO.IAOs accreditation is recognized as a symbol of qualityand being associated with IAO. The faculty andadministration of our accredited schools, incollaboration with IAO’s specialized consultants,constantly review and improve the school’s curriculaand educational standards.Benefits to the SchoolMentioned below are some of the benefits you canenjoy as soon as you are granted IAO’saccreditation:International Accreditation with RegionalRecognitionInternational Benchmark in Education StandardsInternational Promotion & Access to IAOsPublicationsProfessional Development OpportunityIAOs Full Accreditation Certificate & SealContinuous Improvement of your EducationalStandardsWhat will you get upon Full Accreditation?
  15. 15. Ensuring Highest QualityStandards through our UniquePoints Profile SystemIAO’S ACCREDITATIONMETRICS AND PROCESS
  16. 16. www.iao.org14IAO’s accreditation is conferred by rigorously evaluating all applicantsthrough the unique patented evaluation process, known as Points ProfileSystem, based on the best global practices in quality assurance.IAO ACCREDITATION METRICSPoints Profile SystemAs per the Points Profile system, certain points are assigned to every answer submitted in the application form,which are then rated to calculate a final score for each category. A visit of IAO’s Evaluation Commission is alsoconducted for a physical evaluation of the school. These scores are put together to form a matrix that measuresthe quality of the applicant school from different angles. This Points Profile System is intelligently designed todetect strengths and weaknesses against the international standards. The final matrix gives the overall picture ofthe applicants quality and standards and also makes recommendations to improve performance in different areas.Organizational Managementdeals with factors pertainingto the school’s overallmanagement. These factorsinclude the structure of theschool, time of existence ofthe school, existence of adefined vision, ethicalpractices, research &scholarships, marketing, etc.OrganizationalManagementThe academic managementof a school is based onfactors such as the qualityand relevance of thesubjects, admission policies,flexible hours, faculty, etc.AcademicManagementIAO evaluates schoolperformance based on theperformance of the school’salumni, standard certificationsof the school, and the numberof accreditations possessedby the school.SchoolPerformance01 02 03
  17. 17. www.iao.org15The steps to our accreditation process are described below. These stepsare a guide to learning more about IAO’s accreditation.ACCREDITATION PROCESSFull AccreditationFull AccreditationStep 1Signup to provide your basic detailsat IAO & start your accreditationprocessFill in your accreditationapplication online, offlineor through consultantStep 2Step 3Provide documents tovalidate the informationyou submitted earlier inyour applicationStep 4Candidacy status makes yourinstitute eligible for Full Accreditation.You will receive Points Profile Score,a Letter & IAOs website listingsStep 5IAO commission memberswill visit your schoolto validate the documents& information you submittedStep 6After visit, your schoolwill be eligible for FullAccreditation alongwith final PointsProfile Score,certificate, seal &more benefitsStep 7IAO’s consultant will workregularly in improving yourPoints Profile Score throughrecommendationsNow2-3DaysLifeLong1-2 Days1Day1-10DaysBefore30thDaySignUpVisitCandidacyApplicationDocumentsAccreditationFullImprovementContinuousPROCESS
  18. 18. www.iao.org16Step 1: (Now)SignupThe first step is to signup with IAO and provide yourbasic info. This includes your personal profile andinstitutional info.Step 2: (2-3 Days)Application FormSchools are required to submit their details through theapplication form available on IAO’s website. The formcovers details like the school’s mission, and informationabout faculty/ employees, etc. For individuals, theforms require details such as their educational and workexperiences, any awards and recognitions, etc. This isreflective of the strengths and weaknesses of theinstitution as per accreditation standards.The form caneither be completed online through your account area,downloaded to be filled later or you can ask for aconsultant’s assistance to complete your form.Step 3: (1-2 Days)Validation DocumentsThe Organization is also required to submit certaindocuments for IAO to validate the information filled inthe accreditation application forms.Step 4: (1 Day)CandidacyOn the basis of all the submitted documentaryevidence through the detailed form and validationdocuments, the school is evaluated for candidacybased on IAO’s unique patented profiling system.The IAO will award the school with a Candidacyletter, provide unique points profile and providethem an opportunity to be listed on IAO’s website.Step 5: (1-10 Days)VisitThe last step to gain full accreditation is the visit ofIAO’s representative to the applicant Institution oroffice on a mutually agreed date. The IAO willevaluate school’s system for full accreditationthrough physical location and/or online provisionsystem, through student/employee involvementand through the IAOs proprietary variable.Step 6: (Before 30th Day)Full AccreditationStep 7: (Life Long)Continuous ImprovementFull accreditation will be awarded and the finalpoints profile© will be granted to the applicantinstitution based on IAO’s evaluator(s’) visit andassessment. Once the schools receives fullaccreditation, they can communicate the status ontheir website and can also use it for reference inofficial documents and files. Also, the printedcertificates with IAO’s official seal will be shippedto the provided official address.Once fully accredited your journey with IAO won’tend here. Our members will be working with youon a regular basis as to how you can thestandards of your school through our continuousimprovement process.ACCREDITATION PROCESS
  19. 19. Contact IAOContact Office:IAO, 10685-BHazelhurst Dr. #11524Houston, TX 77043, USAPhone: 1-866-2768-IAO (426)Email: contact@iao.orgWebsite: http://iao.orgINTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATIONORGANIZATION