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Best answer-v1-1

  1. 1. QID Question Traps Best Approach The interviewer’s intention is to know you better and probably the answer to this question can lead to the next question. So it is very important that you frame this answer keeping in mind the requirement of the interviewer. You must give the interviewer exactly what he/she is looking for in you. The key to a nice answer for Mostly interviews begin with Can you please tell me this question is to match the qualification / skill set you have to what the this question. Unprepared something about yourself interviewer is looking for. In other words you must sell what the buyer is buying. Candidates normally start of so that I am able to This is the single most important strategy for any interviews. Read and understand from what’s there in the CV andQ001 understand more about the job description carefully. This will help you map your skill set / qualifications keep rambling till they find you apart from what with the job on offer. Avoid giving a generalized gyan about the industry or the themselves cornered or information you have company and how you fit in. You should be focused to the profile on offer. Fit in revealing something that was already provided to us? some accomplishments or something you are proud about in this answer itself. If not necessary. possible sequence the achievements based on their significance. For example: if you have won a national level event make sure that you mention it in the first minute itself rather than keeping it for the end and the interviewer moving on to the next question before you reach the end. It is important that you know what the interviewer / employer is looking for. If you This is a tricky question and have researched well on what they are looking for then you have an advantage candidates are mostly over other candidates because you can give them better reasons for selecting you. Can you please give us unprepared for this one. If you The interviewer wants to be convinced in his own mind before you will be hired.Q002 some reasons for why pause for a long time or So you need to plant the idea in his mind that you are a perfect candidate for this we should I hire you? stammer you have messed up job. Look your qualities are what they were looking for!! Understand the here requirement of the Job on offer and follow each with a reason why you meet that requirement so well and you are in. This question look very You should have a list of strengths to highlight minimum four numbers. You should innocent but it is the time to do also have, examples, which explains each strength, an example chosen from your the balancing act. While most recent and most impressive achievements. While talking about your strength highlighting the strengths you highlight it with an accomplishment of yours, so the interviewer will know about Can you please briefly should not come across as an your accomplishment and then the next question would move on to the state what are your Arrogant person and while accomplishment details. In case of weaknesses too much of honesty would lead toQ003 strengths and talking about the weakness you elimination. What candidates tend to do mostly is to disguise a strength as a weaknesses? should not talk too much Any weakness. However this is clear to the interviewer and some of them find it plain admission of a weakness or irritating and may bluntly ask you to be frank. You can avoid this by describing fault will earn you an “A” for what you like most and like least, making sure that what your likes matches up honesty, but an “F” for the with the most important qualification for success in the position, and what you like interview. least is not essential, this approach is better than confessing a weakness. The interviewer wants to know how much you know about what you are getting into. If you Research the company well, know about their future plans (The best place to find Can you make us haven’t done your research this is in the management decision and analysis section of the annual report), read understand, in few about the firm you are applying the annual report well, know how the company has fared in the past few year andQ004 sentences, why do you for a job then it is a big turn off also read articles about the company in the news media. It would be highly want to work at our for the interviewers. But if you advisable to speak to someone working at that firm to get a better idea of the work company? have done in-depth research culture and how you would fit in the greater scheme of things. then you will definitely make a great impression. The interviewer basically wants to check if you are comfortable in your own skin The interviewers would want to and whether you can express yourself without feeling insecure or nervous. It What do you think is see if you are somewhat comes when one knows ones strengths as well as faults, and accepts them to the difference between practical in your approach and improve one. Example: If you have the courage to say that you don’t know answerQ005 confidence and over have your head over shoulders. to certain question and don’t beat around the bush then that shows you are not confidence? Can you Don’t just blurt out any insecure and you are confident enough to accept the lack of knowledge ( one or give an example. example. max two question is fine, a “no” for everything means you need to search a new job) You approach to this answer should be to highlight examples where you managed : The interviewer probably just to finish the work earlier than expected by using a shortcut or rather smart work. wants to check if you are those Example: For Projects you had created basic templates which could be used for kind of people who always find What do you think is any new project with some minor modification and hence you were able to save a shortcuts for everything, the difference between lot of time. Then you can highlight examples where in you put in a lot of hard work. Shortcuts are good but in longQ006 hard work and smart Example: Initially when you landed up with a new project you work hard and went run such people are unable to work? Can you give an that extra mile to create templates or listed down all the activities in detail so that take a longer route and go that example. in future you would be able to use the same format for similar projects and save extra mile to complete a task. time. Such example would highlight that you have worked hard with an aim to SO BEWARE how you project improve efficiency in future (Thus you can highlight the right mix of hard work and yourself in this answer. smart work in the same example)
  2. 2. If the job profile demand work on the weekends say that you are aware of the workload and you are open to it. Also add that your family understand the work If you change that expression pressure / demand in such a profile and they are fine with it since you derive great on your face and you can are in satisfaction from this work. Otherwise you can ask about what is the general trouble. There are constraints working style here? How do the best people in the firm work? Depending on the How do you feel about for working in weekends but answer honestly admit where you see yourself in the scheme of things. If thoseQ007 working nights and hold back and think about a extra hours are not comfortable for you admit it, but phrase it positively. Example: I weekends? smart way or putting it across know the work hours are demanding but I would adapt smarter approach and work to the interviewer rather than harder on the week days to help ensure weekends can be less hectic in terms of just blurting out “ NO WAY “. work load. You could also come up with options like you would like to work from home on weekends this would ensure that you are around your family on weekends without compromising on work. Everybody wins!!! You are going to give some example here but make sure it is believable. Also the interviewers may want to check on what you define as pressure, so ensure that you Can you work under really come up with the right pressure? If yes, can you situational examples from your Highlight examples from your life where you strived to meet your goals underQ008 quote an example from life. Example: having to interact severe pressure. your past experience. with a CEO is not a pressure but having to present a 100 Million Dollar proposal to CEO the next day is definitely a pressure situation when you were informed about it by your boss just a day prior. Find out where you would have to relocate (If you are relocating from Mumbai to Are you willing to Think before you answer this Zurich or New York or Hawaii think about it ) the best approach is find out and then relocate or travel? If no, one. A flat NO is not a good respond. If there’s no problem say so heartily. If there are constraints you canQ009 can you please state the option; it may just shut the either let the panel know about it politely and let them know that you would be reason. door. willing to relocate for the right opportunity ( This is just to keep the back door open) This approach would probably help generate a more enticing offer from the firm. Recruiters are looking at your While answering about the short term goals you should be more focused on the focus on career, how you plan learning aspects and the desire to gel in to the company (Highlight some unique to achieve it and the alignment What are your short- factors of the firm here). The long term goals should be your vision how you plan with company objectives. Any term and long-term to contribute to the company, these are nothing but the career goals which should dishonest attempt will beQ010 goals? How will your job relate to the position being offered or business units objectives and even better if it caught since your short terms with us help you to is in line with the overall vision of the company. The key here is to highlight how goals and long term goals may achieve those? your career planning is aligned to what the firm has to offer. The more focused be totally divergent and you are and employer-centered you are about your goals, higher the chances of getting in for a long session of cross the through the interview. grilling. The interviewers want to know The most diplomatic answer that works here is that you would be motivated by what are the key factors makes opportunity for personal growth, Prestige of working at a top post or a top firm, What motivates you to you happy about what you are recognition for your efforts , generating new ideas everyday ( especially inQ011 do a good job? doing and they want to make Consulting) and sense of achievement working for the best etc . These points can sure its in line with firms be clubbed with some examples in life where these factors were the primary thought. factors that motivated you to do your job better than expected. It is very important to know about the culture of the organization you are applying for. Try to align your personality style with the management style required for the What makes you post you are applying. A complete study about the company would help you angry? Can you quote an You shouldn’t come across as understand these factors better and prepare well drafted answers for such trickyQ012 incident from the past to a hot tempered person. questions. In case you are not able to come up with something appropriate for this demonstrate the same. question you can fall back on clichéd answer like I get angry when I come across people who pull their own weight, who are negative, people who lie, who cause team rift etc. Interviewers are looking for any out of box solution you have offered to resolve a problem. Give me an example of Don’t quote anything from a your creativity, if Give an example of the way you resolved a problem with your efforts and how you distant past that would meanQ013 possible, something got a team to bring out the best in the process. Examples from academic life you haven’t done anything related to the job you are where you took a new approach to solve a problem can also be highlighted. creative for quite some time, interviewed for. look for something you have done recently in the academic field or in the previous job.
  3. 3. If you say a specific answer like “Long and plan to retire here” etc it sounds artificial or probably you my look One ideal answer I came across was “It is mutual benefit and sense of relationship desperate for a job. How long would you that keeps us going. As long as either of two is there Ill happily commitment for Interviewers wants to checkQ014 expect to work for us if your organization.” Such an answer keeps it open ended and shows that you your commitment but not at the hired for this role? would work till you enjoy it and if not you will move on and this shows that you are cost of your confidence / confident about your skills. honesty. They may also be concerned that in long run you may grow dissatisfied and leave. You can always say rather than over qualified you are fully qualified. There should Interviewer wants to check be specific reasons why you are working at a post that would require far less Are you not whether you feel yourself to be qualification than you currently have. Most common reasons are you are looking toQ015 overqualified for this overqualified and you may find add balance in your life and you would want some more flexibility in your job. You position? it difficult to gel well with the should also have a proper answer ready to why you have lowered your salary team. expectations. This harmless question is You must be able to convince the interviewer that the company’s offering is actually a ploy by expert attractive to you and you must highlight the reasons why you find this to be in your In a few sentences can interviewer who thinks you can ideal job list. This question arises since the interviewer is concerned that you are you describe your ideal get e better offer elsewhere. HeQ016 compromising from your current position and in future you may wander off to some company, location and wants to check if the candidate other company. Here your answer should be drafted in a manner to assuage the job. is indeed looking for something interviewer that this firm has all the qualities that you are looking for and you will that would offer better than the be happy with what the company is offering. current position at hand. Position yourself are a desired candidate not only for this firm but generally in the job market. Describe the possibilities you have and why you are looking to join this The interviewer is out to find What are your career firm (Talk about Responsibility, challenge etc) Also mention that you do haveQ017 out how much are you willing to options right now? offers coming in from other firms similar to what you desire. Do this in light touch bend. How desperate are you? too much overacting will result in you coming across as manipulative and a sly person. Interviewer is checking on your This question should be a platform for you to highlight what are your best points / clarity about your role and how qualities and how you plan to effectively use it for this firm. You should talk about Explain how you would you will contribute for the how you will effectively contribute to meet the expectations of the organization andQ018 be an asset to this organization in the long run . how you will go that extra mile to achieve organization goals. In short you must organization? Also he is checking your highlight what you bring to the table and how you plan to use it effectively for enthusiasm in being an active organization wellbeing and growth. contributor. It’s OK to exaggerate how often you participate, a little bit, but if you make up an interest just to impress the boss, it could spell trouble in the future. Made up Be honest. .Knowing about the job, the company, and maybe even some of the interests often turn out to be What are your outside interests of those in charge can help frame this answer. The purpose of theQ019 the passion of the interviewer interests? question is to determine if you’re a well rounded individual. It’s OK if your hobbies or boss and can lead to some aren’t the same as the interviewer or the boss. But if you learn you share some sticky situations. Trying to ride interests, now is the time to exploit that. a horse, or sky dive, or run 10 miles when you’ve never done those things is the first step to disaster. This is very tricky. Please avoid First Ill analyse what type of problem is that if its not a major issue and it doesnt Would you lie for the saying that you will go to any affects clients and our company in future and its for good cause then Ill lie. If I feelQ020 company? extend to uphold companys it will affect our company reputation in mere future then Ill make them clear about interest. the problem and will make them understand. Good answers will contain an individual that inspired something about you that is perfect for the job. For example: “No person inspired me more than my college Avoid famous historical figures, economics mentor, Dr. John Smith. With his help I was able to receive hands on Who has inspired youQ021 celebrities, and unimpressive training in applying economic theories, and his instruction has easily fueled my in your life and why? individuals. passion for the industry.” This answer basically picks a respectable figure, shows why they inspired you and also integrates reasons that you are fit for the job. Use mentors, teachers, researchers, and family if they have relevance to the industry. Again, center the answer around your positive attributes and traits. Be prepared What was the toughest Please don’t confuse your with a good example, explaining why the decision was difficult, the process you decision you ever had to personla decisions with followed in reaching it, the courageous or effective way you carried it out and the make? Will you change professional decisions. Also ifQ022 beneficial results. Eg: At my last job I found out that one of my coworkers was your decision if you get you are not careful you might doing something unethical while at work. It was a very difficult decision but I had to another chance? If yes, tip off the interviewer with a report him. I knew his actions was hurting the company and I had to choose the why? negative quality of yours. company over another employee.
  4. 4. If you are serious about starting your venture immediately then Your answer should convey how long term commitment to the company will be please don’t look for a job now. beneficial for your venture plans. If a significant experience in the company can Have you considered Similarly if you have not help you start your venture then employer might see it as a positive sign as thisQ023 starting your own seriously thought about what means you will be open to work diligently and learn more during the time you business? you want to do in your venture spent with the company. But be aware that not everyone might appreciate your it is better to say that you have honesty. considered this. The best way to handle this job interview question is to provide an accepted definition of success and then support this with good examples of your success. Avoid referring to completion of One of the well-accepted definitions of success is goal attainment. Achieving a your routine responsibilities as challenging goal or set of goals would be considered success by most people. It is How do you define success as most will consider important to relate your job interview answer in some way to the position you are success and how do you only exceeding theQ024 interviewing for. Measurable and specific examples of success are more measure up to your own expectations as successful. convincing. Eg: "Success means the achievement of a challenging and definition? Never quote a win-lose measurable goal that I have set for myself or that has been delegated to me. In my incident, rather try to quote a previous position I had specific sales targets to meet every quarter. I set myself win-win situation. the goal of been up on my monthly targets by 5 percent. I managed to exceed my quarterly targets by 8 percent on average. That, for me, was success!" There are many ways to answer this question but your focus must be on showing that youd intend to make constructive use of your time. Eg:Thats a very interesting question. I assume youre meaning a sufficiently large sum of money that Id be financially independent for life? Initially, I think Id take a bit of a career Dont by any means feel If you won $10 million break and perhaps go travelling for a while, not least to give myself some thinking obliged to say that youd stopQ025 lottery, would you still time and time to adjust to my new circumstances. After that, I think I would working, at least not work? certainly continue working to a degree but Id probably aim to work on a not-for- completely. profit basis, for example volunteer work for a charity. And Id certainly aim for a better work-life balance. I have many hobbies such as playing the piano which I would appreciate having more time to be able to indulge. Im also very keen to learn Spanish. I think Id certainly find many ways to occupy my time productively. The recruiter will look for Describe your first encounter or a recent encounter with the company or its evidence of genuine interest products and services. What would be particularly motivating to you about working and more than just surface there as opposed to working the same type of job in a different company? Eg: "I Tell me something research on the company. served as an intern to a restaurant analyst last summer, so I followed all the steak-Q026 about our company. Reciting the annual report isnt house chains closely. What youve done especially well is focus on a limited menu likely to impress most with great consistency among locations; the business traveler trusts your product recruiters, but feedback from anywhere in the U.S. Im particularly interested in your real-estate finance group customers and employees will. and expansion plans." Make sure you are realistic and honest about your salary expectations. Do your homework, take some time to research salaries, and find out what similar positions A loaded question. A nasty little are paying in your area. Eg: I understand that positions similar to this one pay in game that you will probably the range of $X to $Z in our region. With my experience, I would like to receive lose if you answer first. Just something in the range of $Y to $Z. I would like to be compensated fairly for my How much salary do because you earned X amountQ027 experience and flexibility. The research Ive done indicates that positions like this you expect? at your last job, doesnt mean one pay $X to $Z, and something in that range would be acceptable to me as a that the part time position you starting salary. Another strategy is not to answer it. Instead, say something like, are applying for will Thats a tough question. Can you tell me the range for this position? In most compensate at the same rate. cases, the interviewer, taken off guard, will tell you. If not, say that it can depend on the details of the job. Then give a wide range. To prepare for this go-to question in the interviewer arsenal, you need to think about potential responses way before stepping foot in the recruiters office. And Dont say something totally just like a resume, youll need to tailor your answer to the employer youre unrelated like you see yourself interviewing with. Generally, its safe to assume interviewers are looking for a Where do you see climbing the corporate ladder broad answer, but one that clearly demonstrates your ambitions. Interviewers wantQ028 yourself five years from when interviewing with a small to see that you can plan ahead, visualize potential career paths, and most now? nonprofit. Also stay clear of importantly, that your goals match the goals of the company and position you are musings on your future: interviewing for. Since a "good" answer to this question really depends on the industry and position, its more helpful to pinpoint the answers you should stay away from.
  5. 5. You don’t want to overdo However, you also don’t want to be negative, and you don’t want to be critical. pleasing the interviewer. The Interviewers have egos too, and even a slight criticism can harm your interview. interviewer is expecting you to The best way to answer is to pick out qualities of the interview and compliment mess up. They expect you to them, keeping the focus away from “you are perfect” and instead on “you do this, On a scale of one to say “You’re the bees knees” this, and this really well.” Eg: “It’s clear that every question you ask has a purpose,Q029 ten, rate me as an and hope that by sucking up which tells me that it is important to you that the interview is productive. You have interviewer. you get the job. They’ve also asked some very in depth questions which tells me that your interviews often interviewed many candidates. lead to the hiring of capable candidates with excellent job experience, something Do you really think candidates that I can appreciate as an applicant, knowing that my coworkers will be ever say anything bad? competent workers". Focus on the aspects of the interviewer that are good, but don’t focus on the interviewer as a person, or the interview as an entity (such as, “this interview has gone well”). If you do that, your answer will be very good. If you have any questions for us please Say something which will show that you are genuinely interested in the position on record it now. OurQ030 Never ignore this question. offer and that you are not attending the interview just because you need a job representative will get in urgently. touch with you with the answers. Please recommend Stay of books which are any book to us. Please controversial. You don’t want to mention how the book Talk about books which will reflect your qualities which will make you suitable forQ031 end up in an argument with the impacted you personally the job. interviewer. Don’t name books and why others should you have not read. read it You should be truthful in your responses; but that doesnt mean that you should Tell us about 3 things Money should not be among make anything too obvious. Qualities like perseverence and respect for others areQ032 that you value most in the 3 things. some which vevry employee will look for. If you don’t have any values consider your life and why? this as your wake up call. Be careful to have an explanation for your role model choice. If you just say that your When interviewers ask this question, their intent is to learn something about you role model is golfing superstar through your answer. In other words, whom you admire says something about Tiger Woods but offer no Tell us who is your role you. No matter whom you choose as a hero, be sure to know enough about him orQ033 explanation, you arent sharing model and why? her to explain what specific quality you want to emulate. Also, know that persons much about yourself. The shortcomings (and how he or she doesnt let it interfere with success) since you judges wont know if Tiger is may be asked about that as a follow-up question. your role model because hes a good golfer, a Stanford graduate or something else. Here are sample interview answers which you can edit to fit your personal experiences and background: Don’t do obvious self -praise. Tell us how would your My thesis adviser told me that I was the most tenacious student researcher sheQ034 Also as much as possible best friend describe you? had ever worked with. avoiding cooking up something. My friends often tell me that they wish they were as organized as I am. I think they would tell you that Im a hard worker, and that I work well on a team. In your opinion which Dont give an unprepared are the two incidents answer. You are expected toQ035 which have most Quote incidents which have been significant in the countrys growth. sufficiently informed about impacted India’s growth about your country. and why? This question is use to gather information on what kind of person you are. It definitely Definitely give a well rounded answer that includes your hobbies or interests as looks bad when people answer How do you spend well as PRODUCTIVE uses of time like giving back to the community, spendingQ036 the question with vague your leisure time? time with family, or learning another language. This question is use to gather answers or unproductive information on what kind of person you are. interests like playing playstation, sleeping, watching tv, clubbing, or hanging out. Describe one situation If you cannot quote an apt where you had to lead a example then it can lead to Give an example of the how you lead a team to accomplish something whichQ037 group and you were undermining your qualification couldnt have been possible without your leadership skills. successful? for a leadership position.
  6. 6. These are the most basic questions during an interview but also the trickiest ones, as you stand to be eliminated from Instead of trying to build reasons in the air, just say, "It’s a career move," without consideration, with a poorly Why did you resign going into the specifics. Always resort to the truth as its best to base the answerQ038 conceived response.Whether from your previous job? on real reasons, putting a positive spin on it. So how you deal with it depends on you leave on your own will or how you have resolved it with yourself first. Also the answer should inlined have been fired, you have to withyour immedieate and long term goal. answer and tailor your response to meet this particular situation. After my job was terminated, I made a conscious decision not to jump on the first A tough question if you’ve been opportunities to come along. In my life, I’ve found out that you can always turn a Why have you been on the beach a long time. You negative into a positive If you try hard enough. This is what I determined to do. IQ039 out of work so long? don’t want to seem like decided to take whatever time I needed to think through what I do best, what I damaged goods. most want to do, where I’d like to do it…and then identify those companies that could offer such an opportunity First, before you even get to the interview stage, you should try to minimize your image as job hopper. If there are several entries on your resume of less than one year, consider eliminating the less important ones. Perhaps you can specify the Your interviewer fears you may time you spent at previous positions in rounded years not in months and years. If leave this position quickly, as Why have you had so you have had jobs in different industries or several positions in a short period, you have others. He’sQ040 many jobs in your describe the positives that you were learning new skills, following different career concerned you may be career? paths, and travelling overseas etc. Refer to the experience you gained in past jobs unstable, or a “problem person” that relates to the position under discussion. Someone who has held jobs for who can’t get along with others. lengthy periods is usually viewed as valuable. The prospective employer will want insight into your motivations for longevity with previous positions and employers. You should be able to give a very positive response to this Question. Begin by emphasizing the extremely positive feedback youve gotten throughout your career and (if its true) that your performance reviews have been uniformly This is a tough question excellent. Of course, no one is perfect and you always welcome suggestions on because its a more clever and how to improve your performance. Then, give an example of a not-too-damaging subtle way to get you to admit learning experience from early in your career and relate the ways this lesson has to a weakness. You cant since helped you. This demonstrates that you learned from the experience and the dodge it by pretending youve lesson is now one of the strongest breastplates in your suit of armor.If you are never been criticized. pressed for a criticism from a recent position, choose something fairly trivial that in Tell me about a Everybody has been. Yet it can no way is essential to your successful performance. Add that youve learned fromQ041 situation when your work be quite damaging to start this, too, and over the past several years/months, its no longer an area of concern was criticized. admitting potential faults and because you now make it a regular practice to.etc. Another way to answer this failures that youd just as soon question would be to describe your intention to broaden your master of an area of leave buried. This question is growing importance in your field. For example, this might be a computer program also intended to probe how well youve been meaning to sit down and learn. a new management technique youve you accept criticism and read about.or perhaps attending a seminar on some cutting-edge branch of your direction. profession. Again, the key is to focus on something not essential to your brilliant performance but which adds yet another dimension to your already impressive knowledge base Describer a situation that didnt suffer because of you but from external conditions beyond your control. This is no time for true For example, describe the disappointment you felt with a test campaign, new Could you have doneQ042 confessions of major or even product launch, merger, etc., which looked promising at first, but led to better in your last job? minor problems underwhelming results. "I wish we could have known at the start what we later found out (about the economy turning, the marketplace changing, etc.), but since we couldnt, we just had to go for it. And we did learn from it. You have never allowed yourself to grow bored with a job and you can’t understand it when others let themselves fall into that rut. Eg: “Perhaps I’ve been You give a very memorable fortunate, but that I’ve never found myself bored with any job I have ever held. I’ve Tell me about the most description of a very boring job. always enjoyed hard work. As with actors who feel there are no small parts, I alsoQ043 boring job you have ever Result? You become believe that in every company or department there are exciting challenges and had. associated with this boring job intriguing problems crying out for energetic and enthusiastic solutions. If you’re in the interviewer’s mind. bored, it’s probably because you’re not challenging yourself to tackle those problems right under your nose.” If youre trying to keep your job Express your concern that youd like to keep your job search private, but that in search private, this is the last time, it will be perfectly okay. May I contact your thing you want. But if you dont Example: "My present employer is not aware of my job search and, for obviousQ044 present employer for a cooperate, wont you seem as reasons; Id prefer to keep it that way. Id be most appreciative if we kept our reference? if youre trying to hide discussion confidential right now. Of course, when we both agree the time is right, something? then by all means you should contact them. Im very proud of my record there
  7. 7. If you are in fact a workaholic and you sense this company would like that, say you You don?t want to give a are a confirmed workaholic, that you often work nights and weekends. Your family specific number. Make it to low, How many hours a accepts this because it makes you fulfilled. If you are not a workaholic say you and you may not measure up.Q045 week does you normally have always worked hard and put in long hours. It goes with the territory. In one Too high, and you?ll forever work? sense, its hard to keep track of the hours because your work is a labor of love, feel guilty about sneaking out you enjoy nothing more than solving problems. So you are almost always thinking the door at 5:15. about your work, including times when you are home. Being unprepared or citing an This is an easy question if you are prepared. Have a recent example ready that What was the toughest example from so early in your demonstrates either a quality most important to the job at hand or a quality that isQ046 challenge you have ever life that it doesn?t score many always in demand, such as leadership, initiative, managerial skill, persuasiveness, faced? points for you at this stage of courage, persistence, intelligence, etc. your career. Your interviewer fears you may leave this position quickly, as First, before you even get to the interview stage, you should try to minimize your Have you been absent you have others. Hes image as job hopper. If there are several entries on your resume of less than oneQ047 from work more than a concerned you may be year, consider eliminating the less important ones. Perhaps you can specify the few days before? unstable, or a "problem person" time you spent at previous positions in rounded years not in months and years. who cant get along with others. Avoid dwelling on the What changes would Remain positive and discuss things you enjoy and have an aptitude for. Illustrate limitations of your last job as you maketo the role what you do particularly well and want to do more of in your next position.Q048 they might question your being offered if you join Conclude by focusing on the new experiences you are seeking in your career. capabilities in getting what you us? Your response should correspond closely to the position you are applying for. want. You are having much experience in this field and you might take many decision What would you say to This is another question that according to different situations. so this decision also may be right according to your boss if he is crazy pits two values, in this caseQ049 you. same time i feel that it may cause severe consequences. If u feel that my about an idea, but you loyalty and honesty, against attitude is good in this criteria u can consider my solution. anyway taking decision think it stinks? one another. is yours. You are generally quite happy with your career progress. Maybe, if you had known something earlier in life (impossible to know at the time, such as the booming This is another variation on the growth in a branch in your industry or the corporate downsizing that would phase question, ?If you could, how out your last job), you might have moved in a certain direction sooner. But all Can you tell us how would you live your life over?? things considered, you take responsibility for where you are, how you have gottenQ050 could you have improved Remember, you?re not going there, where you are going and you harbor no regrets. If you have worked many your career progress? to fall for any such invitations to years for the same company, this is an opportunity to hit it out of the park. One of rewrite person history. You the fasted ways to get ahead in a career is to quit a job for one with better pay. Do can?t win if you do. this enough times and you are making top dollar. Your answer should be, "I suppose I could have quit to find a better paying position, but since Id always been well compensated, I was never tempted." Remember the rule: Never be negative. Stress only the good points, no matter Skillfull interviewers sometimes Tell me honestly about how charmingly youre invited to be critical. Your interviewer doesnt care a whit make it almost irresistible to the strong and weak about your previous boss. He wants to find out how loyal and positive you are, andQ051 open up and air a little dirty points of your previous whether youll criticize him behind his back if pressed to do so by someone in this laundry from your previous boss. own company. This question is your opportunity to demonstrate your loyalty to position. those you work with. Answer this question by detailing your accomplishments using true examples. Be Do you think you brief and specific in your answer illustrating the positive results of your work. The Anything other than a yes canQ052 worked your best in your interviewer is interested in how well suited you are to the job. What do you do lead to further questions. last job? particularly well and want to do more of in your next position? Conclude by focusing on the new experiences youre seeking in your career. This question isnt as aggressive as it sounds. It Help him see the qualifications that only you can offer. Eg: "In general, I think its a represents the interviewers Why should I hire you good policy to hire from within - to look outside probably means youre not own dilemma over this from the outside when I completely comfortable choosing someone from inside. Naturally, you want thisQ053 common problem. Hes could promote someone department to be as strong as it possibly can be, so you want the strongest probably leaning toward you from within? candidate. I feel that I can fill that bill because (then recap your strongest already and for reassurance, qualifications that match up with his greatest needs)." wants to hear what you have to say on the matter.