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Raj Shah - The 1 Watt Green PC - Interop Mumbai 2009
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Raj Shah - The 1 Watt Green PC - Interop Mumbai 2009


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There are over a billion personal computers around the world. A typical PC uses over 110 watts of electricity and generates 10 kg of e-waste at the end of its short 3-5 year life. The overall impact …

There are over a billion personal computers around the world. A typical PC uses over 110 watts of electricity and generates 10 kg of e-waste at the end of its short 3-5 year life. The overall impact is a massive output of greenhouse gases and hundreds of tons of toxic e-waste. Green computing will not succeed until PCs are more efficiently utilized. Virtual desktop technology enables a single PC to be shared by as many as 30 users. These $70 virtual desktops use just 1 watt of electricity, weigh 100 grams, and have and a 10-year useful life. Imagine a 98% reduction in electricity and a 99% reduction in e-waste. This is already a reality at tens of thousands of schools, governments and businesses, who are saving money and meeting green computing goals.

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  • 1. The 1 Watt Green PC: Reduce Electricity and E-Waste by 90% INTEROP Mumbai 8th October 2009 Time: 3:30pm
  • 2. India’s Energy Gap Forces New Thinking Energy gap continues …IT industry focuses on to widen …. datacenter efficiency ‘India’s power generation capacity 68% below target in FY09’ Wall Street Journal 27/5/09 But there are 20x more PCs than Servers! 2
  • 3. How Much Electricity Does a PC Consume? Old P3 Class Modern PC 200 Watts or more 110 Watts or more So why is this a BIG deal?? 3
  • 4. Because There are Nearly a Billion PCs in the World! 4
  • 5. The Impact of a so many PCs on the Environment Consume > 20,000 MW of electricity 5
  • 6. The Impact of So Many PCs on the Environment Generate 1.8 million metric tons of e-Waste 6
  • 7. The Impact of So Many PCs on the Environment Emit 118 Million Metric tons of CO2 emissions/year 7
  • 8. Impact of PC Growth in India TODAY: • 36 million PCs* • About 30 people per 1 PC ratio IN 10 YEARS: • 100 million PCs • About 12:1 ratio IMPACT • ~ 2,000MW of Electricity needed • 5 -7 power stations just to power the PCs! * Source IDC Data Q1 2009 8
  • 9. Is there a better way? 9
  • 10. Desktops are Now Mainframes 10
  • 11. The NComputing Approach Maximize your investment in PCs by sharing Up to 11 users on a low-cost desktop their excess power with many users for as little Hundreds as $70 each. a server of users on 11
  • 12. The 1 Watt Virtual Desktop 15 Million Daily Users Rs. 2,500 to 3,500 12
  • 13. How It NComputing Virtual Desktops Work NComputing vSpace NComputing access desktop virtualization devices are small, software creates virtual silent, energy-efficient, NComputing User reliable, and very independent desktops eXtension Protocol inexpensive. inside one Windows or (UXP) delivers an Linux PC. efficient, secure, multimedia interface. 13
  • 14. 11 Users on the NComputing X550 $364 (Rs. 17,000) Dell Vostro 200 Core2 Duo 2.4GHz, 1G RAM, 80GB HDD (CPU at 65% of capacity) 11 users Multimedia Office productivity Presentations Internet Electricity (including PC & monitors) 241 watts total 22 watts per user! 14
  • 15. 31 Users on the NComputing L-series • $500 server – Dell Inspiron 530 Intel 2.4GHz Quad (Q6600) core, 500GB HDD, 3GB Memory • 31 users running • CPU usage at 63% of capacity • Memory usage: 1.95 GB of 3GB RAM • 25 Watts per user INCLUDING the monitor and server 15
  • 16. Greenest Computing on Earth Cut Electricity 90% – Only use 1 to 5 watts of electricity (compared to 110 watts for PCs) – Radically cut electricity costs and carbon footprint – Lower heat generation means cooler work area No Obsolescence – Solid state device has 10 year life and no moving parts to fail – Only one PC to replace/upgrade and many users benefit Reduce e-waste – NComputing devices only weigh 100 grams (compared to 10 kg for PCs) 16
  • 17. Deployed All Over the World 17
  • 18. Won Many Prestigious Awards 18
  • 19. Impact on Global Education Thailand Turkey Philippines Ghana Korea India Japan Taiwan Brazil Korea China Malaysia 19
  • 20. Bring Computing to 1.8 Million Students in India CHALLENGE • Bring low-cost, low energy computing to 5,000 schools • No reliable electricity SOLUTION • Deployed 50,000 NComputing seats in 4 just months • Small generator to power 1,000 watt lab (all computing/light/fan) RESULTS • 1.8 Million students gained computer access • $2M on NComputing saved $20M in power and support 20
  • 21. First Carbon Neutral Computing Lab – Canada CHALLENGE Engage students around “living green” Student Idea: Turn computer lab “green” SOLUTION Replace old 28 PCs with a 4 EnergyStar PCs Install 24 NComputing virtual desktops Plant 100 trees as carbon offsets RESULTS First carbon-neutral computer lab in Canada “This is about changing “This is about changing Electricity and emissions cut 90% the way we think” the way we think” Award from the Canadian Govt. - -Gordon Campbell Gordon Campbell British Columbia Premier British Columbia Premier 21
  • 22. Impact on Commercial/SME/Govt 100s corporates 100s hospitals 100s colleges 100s retailers 100s govt. orgns 1000s iCafes 1000s business 22
  • 23. Carrefour – Distribution Centers The largest hypermarket in the world turns to NComputing for reliability. CHALLENGE • Global retailer • Reliable low-cost back-office computing in rugged retail distribution center environment. SOLUTION • NComputing L-series connected to PCs located in all Asian Distribution Centers RESULTS • >50% savings compared to dedicated PCs • Unprecedented reliability • Fewer service calls • Higher worker productivity 23
  • 24. ECOBANK – Branch Banking Largest regional bank in West & Central Africa automates on a budget. CHALLENGE • Retail branch banking with limited or no PC support at the branches. SOLUTION • 7,000 NComputing X-series terminals sharing 700 local PCs RESULTS • High reliability • Fewer trouble calls • Extreme cost savings 24
  • 25. Obama-Biden ’08 Campaign Offices Rapid-response campaign requires rapid-response technology. CHALLENGE • Strong need for low cost and rapid deployment in field offices • Immediate out-of-the-box turn-key productivity SOLUTION • Over 1,000 NComputing seats at 80 field offices • 7 station X300 PCs pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux RESULTS • Fast setup, rock-solid reliable operation, lowest cost per seat possible • Systems now donated to needy schools 25
  • 26. Potential Impact on Environment 26
  • 27. Summary • Environmental/Energy Impact of PCs is HUGE • Virtual Desktop Technology is – Proven (15 million users) – Low Cost (Rs. 2,500) – Ultra Efficient (1 Watt) – Easy to Deploy (5,000 schools in 3 months) Business, Government, Schools Can All Benefit AND Save the Environment! 27
  • 28. Thank You Q&A 28
  • 29. For More Information Please Visit: Contacts: Suresh Kumar India Manager Raj Shah CMO 29