Paul Serrano - WAN Optimization: Accelerating Applications and Your Business - Interop Mumbai 2009


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WAN Optimization for application delivery acceleration

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Paul Serrano - WAN Optimization: Accelerating Applications and Your Business - Interop Mumbai 2009

  1. 1. WAN Optimization Accelerating Applications and your Business Paul Serrano Senior Director Marketing, APJ
  2. 2. Unbelievable IT. 2
  3. 3. Agenda  Who is Riverbed  What is WAN Optimization • Not compression, not caching but a whole new way of thinking and doing business  Why is WAN Optimization important to today’s CIO ?  How does it work • Technology & Customer case studies  Steelhead Mobile - Extending WAN optimization to Mobile users  Cascade – Application Visibility  Product demonstration
  4. 4. Who is Riverbed?  A profitable public technology company  Trusted by over 6,500 enterprise customers  Over 90,000 appliances deployed worldwide with over 100,00 SHM Riverbed is the IT infrastructureRiverbed 54% of the Global 100 already rely on performance company for networks, applications and storage.  Global 24 x 7networks, applicationsoperations for follow-the-sun support and and storage.  $333 million in annual revenue  $268 million in cash; no debt  Recent acquisition of Mazu - Application Performance Mgmt  Over 1,000 employees, headquartered in San Francisco
  5. 5. The 3 Great Challenges of Networking  Connectivity • Get Data from point A to point B WAN • Wireline, Wireless, Remote Access • Protocols : TCP, UDP  Security • Firewalls, VPNs, IDP etc  UTM • Protocols : IPSec, SSL, etc.  Acceleration • Eliminate the constraints of Distance and Bandwidth • Make data available - to anyone, anywhere - FAST  BUT - we want to do this without decreasing SECURITY
  6. 6. What WAN Optimization is – in a nutshell “Makes 3000 miles feel like 30 feet” BRANCH OFFICE WAN DATA CENTER MOBILE WORKERS  accelerate applications to branch offices and mobile workers  cut bandwidth use by 60 – 95%  grow your business by eliminating the constraints of distance & bandwidth
  7. 7. Why Do We Need WAN Acceleration / Optimization Typical LAN Typical Throughput Application Throughput @ 1.5 Mbps 100ms RTT File Sharing • Windows (CIFS) 40 Mbps CAD/CAM, < 1 Mbps • Unix/Linux (NFS) 86 Mbps MS-Office • Exchange (MAPI) 25 Mbps < 0.5 Mbps Email • Domino/Notes 34 Mbps < 1.5 Mbps Web • HTTP • Intranet 72 Mbps WAN throughput < 1.5 Mbps • ERP is <1% of LAN FTP 89 Mbps < 1.5 Mpbs • SnapMirror 89 Mbps Backup & Replication < 1.5 Mbps • MS Backup 55 Mbps Software Distribution • SMS 60 Mbps < 1 Mbps • MS-SQL 30 Mbps Database < 0.5 Mbps • Oracle SQL 30 Mbps
  8. 8. Three Problems, Three solutions ….. and Monitoring USERS NETWORK DATA CENTER Data DE-DUPLICATE the Data Data OPTIMIZE the TCP Transport Protocol PROXY chatty software applications Automated Application Performance Monitoring
  9. 9. 9 Riverbed’s Products Central Management Console Steelhead Appliances - 13 Models Steelhead Mobile Controller Interceptor – for Clustering & Steelhead Mobile PC Client Load Balancing
  10. 10. The net result – it ALL runs much faster Application Performance Boost
  11. 11. 11 Why is WAN Optimization important - to Today’s CIO?
  12. 12. How can you drive an order of magnitude improvement? Improvement in The WAN IT Effectiveness Optimization Requirements Effect Replication/DR BW Reduction Improvement in Demands Collaboration IT Effectiveness Virtualization Widening Gap Web Apps Green IT Consolidation Budgets
  13. 13. Riverbed multiplies the business value of your key initiatives Key Initiative Immediate Riverbed Impact Consolidation Reduce IT infrastructure and boost performance Virtualization Move virtual images quickly and easily BC & DR Radically reduce RTO and RPO Telco Costs Cut WAN traffic by 90% - keep WAN costs flat Global Collaboration Share complex info in real time - across the globe Mobility / VDI Enable LAN-like performance anywhere Security Keep data more secure in fewer places
  14. 14. WAN Optimization has tangible, fast payback Return on Investment of Riverbed Steelhead Products Calculated by IDC, 2007, per $20,000 invested IT Staff Savings, $661.00 IT Efficiency, $4,848.00 Bandw idth Savings, $8,369.00 7.3 Month Payback period on average Hardw are/Softw are Savings, $38,139.00 User Productivity, $102,741.00 3 Year Return vs. Investment in Riverbed Steelhead Products Savings across Investment ▪Hardware ▪Software 3 Year Return ▪Bandwidth ▪Staff $- $20 $40 $60 $80 $100 Dollars (Thousands) $120 $140 $160 $180 ▪Productivity
  15. 15. Show Me How it Works!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. 16. Data Streamlining (SDR) “De-dupes” WAN Data Overview of the WARM PASS (2nd time data is seen) Data Data SDR WAN WAN SDR An arbitrarily large An arbitrarily large amount of data can amount of data can Data 65-98% Reduction in Data be represented by be represented by across the WAN one reference. one reference.
  17. 17. Customer Results  Customer: • Citigroup • Global bank and financial institution.  Environment: • 4,000 branches worldwide • Data protection mandate -- backup tapes were lost by tape storage vendor  Problem: NetApp SnapMirror Replication • Eliminate the deployment of branch office servers • Ensure consistent application performance in any location With Steelhead More than 6X  Solution: Without Steelhead faster • NetApp SnapMirror backup -- 22.65 hrs to 3.43 hrs 0 5 10 15 20 25 • Up to 99% data reduction on SnapMirror replication Hours • Oracle backups completed 5x faster “Riverbed was the only vendor who was even capable of integrating their product into our complex environment. We selected Riverbed based on their leading performance, superior manageability, high security and very high responsiveness.” - Network Architect
  18. 18. TCP Window Effect – Transport Issues Large File 64Mb Data 64Mb to be Sent 64K chunks Acknowledgements WAN With unlimited bandwidth and 100ms latency the data transfer might take 60-100 seconds Data Center due to the TCP based round trips Remote Office
  19. 19. Transport Streamlining Overcomes TCP Limitations Large File 64Mb Proxy TCP 64Mb to be Sent Terminate Terminate TCP TCP WAN Make TCP Window Bigger 32KB to 100KB+ Data Center Remote Office The data transfer would take only 4 seconds due to the reduced TCP based round trips
  20. 20. Filling the Pipe with HSTCP and MXTCP MX-TCP High-Speed TCP Regular TCP Bandwidth / Throughput Time HS-TCP MX-TCP  Avoids slow start penalty  Uses 100% of its allocated bandwidth  Continues to back off in congestion  No slowdown due to loss or congestion  Maintains “friendly” characteristics of TCP  Uses QoS bandwidth limits to set sending rate
  21. 21. A customer study on the US Navy Second Fleet  Background • Operations for the USS IWO JIMA • C/X/Ku Band satellite with 530-740ms latency • Wanted to improve the performance of applications while at sea for greater productivity  Results Transfer of PST file “Our ship staff can now communicate and collaborate in real time with our ground staff.” Bandwidth Utilization - LT. Matt Morneault, CTO US Navy (Average utilization over a 3 month period) (retired)
  22. 22. Application Streamlining Overcomes “Chattiness” The net effect is 65‐98% reduction in WAN round trips! Request Optimized WAN Transfer WAN DATA CENTER BRANCH OFFICE Steelhead completes  Steelhead completes  transaction locally transaction locally RiOS Provides Application Optimization modules for: CIFS, NFS, MAPI, HTTP(S), Lotus Notes, Oracle 11i, SSL and SQL
  23. 23. Steelhead Mobile WAN Optimization for mobile, remote and/or small sites
  24. 24. Steelhead Mobile Client  WAN optimization for desktops and laptops  Comparable features and function to the appliance  Boost productivity of your mobile workforce  Client UI features: • Performance Stats • Minimal Configurations • Support
  25. 25. Steelhead Mobile – Deployment and Operation Steelhead Mobile  Controller Mobile Users WAN or Internet Steelhead Appliance Home Users VPN DMZ DATA CENTER 1. Steelhead Mobile Controller deployed in the data center 2. Client establishes a WAN/VPN connection as they usually do 3. Once connected, Steelhead Mobile first gets policy and license from the Controller Small Branch Offices 4. Steelhead Mobile then connects to the Steelhead appliance & begins accelerating data transfers
  26. 26. 26 Riverbed Services Platform (RSP)
  27. 27. Riverbed Services Platform  Branch in a Box  VMware platform Virtualized environment  Windows server available  Up to five VMDKs • Windows (DNS, DHCP, AD, Printing) • Security • Streaming • Monitoring RSP VMDK VMDK VMDK VMDK VMDK Steelhead Appliance
  28. 28. Summary WAN Optimization, by eliminating distance as a factor, will:  Enable IT projects such as • Consolidation, Virtualization • Cloud Computing • Software as a Services (SaaS) • Disaster Recover • Replication/Back up • more  Increase productivity within Call Centers, Support centers, Interactive Apps  Significantly Reduce Bandwidth costs  Provide application visibility to KNOW how well the business is running
  29. 29. Thank you for your time.