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Gaurav Sundararaman - Advances in Enterprise Storage Systems and techniques - Interop Mumbai 2009

Gaurav Sundararaman - Advances in Enterprise Storage Systems and techniques - Interop Mumbai 2009



Vendors are trying to solve technical challenges, create new value, and stimulate adoption. There has been an increased interest with respect in adopting emerging technologies. The area of enterprise ...

Vendors are trying to solve technical challenges, create new value, and stimulate adoption. There has been an increased interest with respect in adopting emerging technologies. The area of enterprise storage gets more robust with every new innovation. This presentation will provide enterprise users a prioritized ranking of the most beneficial enterprise storage technologies, which enterprises can directly adopt in the near future.



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    Gaurav Sundararaman - Advances in Enterprise Storage Systems and techniques - Interop Mumbai 2009 Gaurav Sundararaman - Advances in Enterprise Storage Systems and techniques - Interop Mumbai 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • Advances in Enterprise Storage Systems and Techniques Gaurav Sundararaman Research Analyst, Technical Insights Frost & Sullivan 7th October,2009
    • Indian Storage Market - Revenue Forecast Source: Frost and Sullivan With the current market at approximately 48 petabyte, demands from unstructured data, email, digitization of paper content, and implementation of different applications drive the market and create a strong demand for storage. 3
    • Current Investment Opportunity It is Likely to remain in the fray due to the cost benefits it offers. DAS Small Enterprises are likely to benefit the most. Enhance and bring in new storage features such as online backup, SaaS archiving, and replication. Technology can reduce power consumption by 60-70 % by enabling Virtualization optimal utilization of server resources. It is anticipated to be the ideal replacement as a low-cost performance iSCSI SAN alternative to Fiber Channel-based (FC) SAN’s. 4
    • PESTLE – INDIAN STORAGE MARKET The incumbent Congress-led coalition has thrown the market open for high amount Political of investments in the storage domain. With a stable political scenario, India is likely to climb back to its pre-crisis growth rates. R & D is expected to flourish. With recession receding and India’s population touching 1.16 billion, our country is Economic conducive to growth. The Indian economy is likely to grow at 6 percent between 2009 and 2010 and 7 percent between 2010 and 2011 as the new government is expected to unveil new pro-growth measures. With the diverse culture we possess and the possibility of Reverse Brain Drain, Social India has a significant edge over its fierce competitor China. The storage market of India caters to a gamut of industries ranging from the middle class to the upper class. The contribution of the storage sector towards the gross domestic product (GDP) Technical has increased significantly over the last decade. With the second largest pool of software engineers and growing investments, India shows huge potential during its transition from an outsourcing hub to a knowledge centre. The problem of standards and certifications have been hampering the Storage Legal sector. India is lacking in Certified solutions to make deployment easier. Certification programs need to be implemented. Unlike the West, India does not possess the urge to be environmentally friendly. Environm Going green is still a marketing gimmick in India. We are behind most countries ental in this regard and it could be partly due to lack of innovations and policies towards saving energy. 5
    • Drivers – Storage Technology Lower Storage Storage Costs Management Storage Management Business Green IT Performance Continuity and optimization Disaster Recovery 6
    • Challenges- Storage Technology Complexity Poor Standards ROI Realization Migration Issues Customization 7
    • Vendor-Customer Mapping Key Storage Issues Key Storage Issues Key Purchase Criteria Key Purchase Criteria Unmanaged Growth Quick to Install Unmanaged Growth Quick to Install High Storage Needs Easy to Manage High Storage Needs Easy to Manage Limited Backup Inexpensive Limited Backup Inexpensive Skills of Management Skills of Management Scalability Scalability Solution Offerings Solution Offerings Plug and Play Plug and Play Scalable Storage Scalable Storage Entry Level SAN Entry Level SAN Strong Backup Strong Backup 8
    • Game Breakers 9
    • Best Practices- Value Innovation UNCONTESTED Solid State Storage Green Storage Data-De-Duplication VALUE INNOVATION Server Virtualization Cloud Computing Contention Levels CONTESTED Intensity 10
    • Solid State Storage Devices Faster data access and response times when compared to HDDs (1: 200) Benefits Allows more concurrent users Low power consumption and low heat dissipation, thereby lowering cooling needs More expensive than HDD Challenges Storage capacities of SSD lower than HDD Solid state storage is better primarily for read operations as performance Current Use Solid state storage devices are likely to be implemented at various Future points in the data path rather than being restricted to disks. Use As the prices of solid state storage devices reduce, the industry is going to witness more hybrid systems that leverage solid state devices for their faster performance 11
    • Cloud Computing Increasingly distributed workforce and increased collaboration require Benefits constant exchange of data, facilitated by cloud storage. Suitable for enterprises looking at cutting down on capital expenditure but still wanting to facilitate their growing data needs. For large enterprises with huge computing and networking needs, it is important to validate the total cost of ownership over a period of time. Challenges Security of hosted data is a continuous concern for most enterprises. As enterprises host important business data on the cloud storage, reliability of the system is a concern. Current Use Storage in a cloud is likely to attract large amount of IT spend going Future ahead, reflecting a shift from the traditional box model to the on-demand Use service model. It is not suitable for all data types and is hence, not seen as a replacement to the traditional systems. 12
    • Green Storage High capacity disk drive Server Virtualization reduces watts per terabyte. Thin Provisioning Improves storage utilization by 80 % and eliminates the need to dedicate storage on a per- application basis. De-Duplication Optimized performance is performed both inside and outside the data path. SSD Frequently accessed data can be placed on faster solid state storage and others on comparatively slower, less expensive HDD, thereby, increasing the performance and reducing the overall storage costs. 13
    • Future Trends – 3 Year Roadmap Source: Frost and Sullivan 14
    • Frost & Sullivan We Accelerate Growth
    • Who is Frost & Sullivan The Growth Consulting Company • Founded in 1961 • Over 1,700 Consultants / Analysts across 31 global locations • 10,000+ clients worldwide including emerging companies, the global 1000, and the investment community • Offer the exclusive Growth System including: Growth Partnership Services, Growth Consulting and Growth Team Membership • Developers of the Growth Excellence Matrix – industry leading growth positioning tool for corporate executives • Developers of T.E.A.M. Methodology, proprietary process to ensure that clients receive a 360o perspective of technology, markets and growth opportunities 16
    • What Makes Us Unique Exclusively Actively engaged in identifying, researching and developing opportunities, Focused on growth models and strategies that enable clients to accelerate growth Growth Cover the broadest spectrum of markets and technologies to provide Industry clients with the ability to look outside the box and discover new and Breadth innovative ideas Global 32 global offices ensure that clients receive global coverage and Perspective perspective based on regional expertise Continuous Continuously monitoring markets, technologies, careers, and geographies Monitoring for growth opportunities Proprietary T.E.A.M.TM Methodology integrates all 6 critical research 360° methodologies to significantly enhance the accuracy of decision making Perspective and lower the risk of implementing growth strategies Work closely with the clients’ Growth Teams – helping them generate new Trusted growth initiatives and leverage all of Frost & Sullivan assets to accelerate Partner their growth 17
    • How We Support the CEO’s Growth Team • PhDs and MBAs; extensive Our Global experience in market and Your Team Team industry analyses Market Analysts • Skilled Consultants develop Board of Directors and deliver growth Economic Analysts strategies and CEO/President Technology Analysts implementation plans CFO/Investors/Finance Financial Analysts Marketing Management Growth Consultants • Familiarity and ability to Best Practices Analysts connect with all levels of a Product Marketing Research Management client’s organization Business Development Growth Thought Leaders Business Strategy & Planning • Market and technology Client Value Enhancement experts across a broad Competitive Intelligence Corporate Communication range of industries Research & Development Best Practices Trainers t Sales Management Event Management • Possess long-standing Best Practices relationships with key Market Research Marketing industry participants Events • Experience identifying key growth opportunities 18
    • What Does Technical Insights Do? Provides intelligence on developments in the labs poised for fastest growth. Identifies emerging trends before they are obvious. Spots companies that may become technology giants. Follows technology trends as they shape future markets. 19
    • Why Partner with Technical Insights? Expert analysis, latest trends New ideas from diverse disciplines you can apply to your own business Cutting-edge, primary information Access to key players behind the technology with full contact information Inside information on key developments Licensing, partnering, investment, and business opportunities. 20
    • Questions & Suggestions THANK YOU Email: s.gaurav@frost.com Tel: 9840817345 21